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ZEKE Men's Diabetic Socks

ZEKE Men’s Diabetic Socks, Loose Crew Fit For Better Circulation

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ZEKE Men’s Diabetic Socks, Loose Crew Fit For Better Circulation.

  • EASY TO REACH: if you find it difficult to reach or flex down you require these simple to pull on socks.
  • CONVENIENCE: Slips on simple over ankles, non-binding material – no more marks on legs from tight socks.
  • MULTI USAGE: Lightweight, these enhance blood circulation, and can be utilized by females throughout pregnancy too.
  • STRETCHY: Easy to go for dressing and springy to come back to fitting shape. Gets better for convenience fit.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made in the U.S.A., these cotton socks are device washable and can be topple dried on medium.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on ZEKE Men’s Diabetic Socks, Loose Crew Fit For Better Circulation.
12 Load of Male s Diabetic Convenience Socks with Non-Binding Leading and Crew Design: The tops of these cotton socks quickly extend over ankles for simple dressing and after that bounce back to fitting shape. The non-binding leading enables better blood circulation, needed to diabetics, or individuals with any leg circulatory issues or neuropathy. Product Includes: 12 Load Excellent Convenience Slips on Quickly Over Ankles Non-Binding Top Lightweight for Improved Blood Circulation Crew Design Material: 85% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 1/2% Elastic Size: 10-13 Made in the U.S.A. Maker Washable Can be Tumble Dried Available Colors: – Black – White The cotton mix wicks away wetness and vaporizes sweat, avoiding bacterial infections. This premium U.S.A. made product is created for diabetes & neuropathy patients, and those who are on their feet all the time. The cushioned sole and non-irritating toe joint avoids possible chaffing, rubbing and blistering. MULTI USAGE These guys s socks can likewise be used by pregnant females aiming to enhance the circulation and blood circulation in their legs for included convenience. They can likewise be practical for those recuperating from a damaged leg, non-diabetics with water retention issues, are somebody taking a long flight when feet normally inflate even with lots of washes and dries, these cotton socks are created to hold their shape with a mild type of stretch. Typically, elasticated socks can leave uneasy impressions in the legs. These socks, nevertheless, do not cut into you and are incredibly soft and comfy. This 10-13 sock size normally fits shoe sizes in between 7-11

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ZEKE Men’s Diabetic Socks, Loose Crew Fit For Better Circulation.

Question Question 1

Is The Pckage6 Soaks Or 6 Pairs Of Socks?

6 sets

Question Question 2

What Is The Portion Of Cotton?

85% cotton

Question Question 3

Are These 3/4?

we are uncertain what the “3/4” implies. we do find them comfy other than for some tightness on our inflamed legs.

Question Question 4

The Number Of Inches Throughout The Leading Of The Sock At The Ankle Part? Thanks?

3 1/2 in. At both the ankle part and the really top.Bought these for our other half who had inflamed legs/ankles due to CHF. He does not have diabetes. Felt these would be more comfy than the compression stockings thecardiologist desired him to use, which went into his legs. They are really comfy, well made, Sta 3 1/2 in. At both the ankle part and the really top.Bought these for our other half who had inflamed legs/ankles due to CHF. He does not have diabetes. Felt these would be more comfy than the compression stockings thecardiologist desired him to use, which went into his legs. They are really comfy, well made, Stay up and have stretch capability. At the next Dr. check out was informed they weren’t thick or tight enough for his issue. Repeat.he does not have diabetes. Hope they work well for you. (He still uses them and putblocks under the bed legs)

Question Question 5

Do They Have A Heavy Or Thick Sole?

No.Thin socks however great ones.

Question Question 6

Where Are They Made?

Seller’s page states U.S.A..

Question Question 7

Are These Socks A Thin Product Like Nylon.Or.Are These Socks. Thick Like Wool – Crew Socksare They Warm?

These socks are thick like crew socks however loose fitting. Extremely comfy. Great buy

Question Question 8

Do T His Zeke Socks Can Be Found In Ancle Design?

not yet we are dealing with it

Question Question 9

Do These Socks Have U.S.A. Stiched Into The Top Within The Socks In Red Thread?

No, they do not have U.S.A. sewed into the sock in red thread

Question Question 10

What Is The Product Of These Socks?

There is a band around 3 sets of the socks that states they are “Cotton Natural Blend.Also, they are made in the U.S.A.. Hope this assists

Question Question 11

Is That 12 Set Or 6 Set?

12 sets

Question Question 12

Does It Have Elastic?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ZEKE Men’s Diabetic Socks, Loose Crew Fit For Better Circulation, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We actually like these socks. Although we are diabetic, we do not have any circulation concerns, we are not obese, and so on. However, we dislike socks that are tight and go into our legs, so we believed we would attemptthese They are soft and really comfy. They keep up perfectly, although not rather in addition to routine socks would. Nevertheless, they are great. They do not simply drop or anything like that. If you do have issues with socks cutting off your circulation we are uncertain these are loose enough for you. They are better than routine socks because regard, however they do still have a stretch to them. For us they are simply what we were trying to find. Something sort of in between. We tossed out all of our old socks and bought more ofthese They do not appear like they will last as long as routine socks since they are rather thinner and the weave of the upper part is lighter, however they resembled brand-new after cleaning a few times.

Being to wed to a “tough guy”, it’s tough to enjoy what aging does to all of us. He established a severe toe injury that would not recover. Routine shoes can be restricting, so we pertained to our preferred “store”,, for assistance. We found these socks and bought a little pack to attempt themout Our other half discovers them so really comfy, the tops keep up without binding, and the rest of the sock is really soft and does not trigger any pain. We returned and purchased the bigger pack, so you may state that they are all that was promoted and more.

As a female born with less than slim legs, we have a hard time discovering socks that do not limit our legs. We likewise can’t endure socks tight on our toes on our size 8 feet, even xl females’s socks bug me. Gambled on these, and was appropriately amazed, both with cost and quality. Would certainly buy once again.

We have actually purchased numerous various sock brand names and found all inappropriate. Range from the heel to toe was too brief, flexible too tight, and sizes that provide just 6 to12 They crawled down into the shoes, inscribed our legs, and harm our toes. Had a supplier that used size 10 to 12 made in U.S.A.. Perfect fit. They cost more however fit. We wereted a lot more cash on socks we can’t use. The majority of our sock issues are fixed.

We are not a sock snob however, we have thick muscular calves and an extremely large foot. We have actually browsed years for socks that fit and feel comfy. We have actually invested hundreds on one time usage socks and discarded many “gift” socks that are simply too tight and uneasy. These socks work. They fit right, do not squeeze our feet or calves, and have actually held up well. We now own 12 set and this is our daily go to sock.

We are not diabetic however we like looser fitting socks however ones that keep up on our leg and are likewise not genuine thick and warm, and these are the socks. These held up to a 4 mile strolling trek today and were comfy, kept up on our legs, and dealt with the heat incredibly. We even acquired another pack so we will have them to use for some time. We use a size 13 w tennis shoe and acquired the 12-15 size socks and they fit best. Would certainly advise them.

A remarkable worth for socks that do not limit circulation and trigger varicose veins. We have actually been trying to find years for socks that do not cut off circulation. Every guys’s sock that we have actually acquired in the past 15 years, specifically after a wash/dry cycle, end up limiting circulation in our lower legs. That is really harmful. Male must understand this and alter their sock practices to diabetic socks like these.

We do not have diabetes however we still find routine socks restricting our ankles– a lot so that the flexible on the socks leave imprints on our ankles. We chose to provide these a shot. We are really pleased with the quality and convenience. They might attract a bigger market section if the diabetic element is not the primary function.

We purchased these for our other half since after his overall knee replacement it appeared that his socks constantly were too tight and cutting off circulation. We believed the diabetic socks would be the best option, and they were he enjoys the socks. He states they re not tight and they re not hot on his feet.

The most remarkable sock on the planet. If you got huge feet. Getthese We do not have diabetes however we got tired of socks mentioning that they fit 12 to 13 and when we lastly attempt them on. They fit tight. Not these children. As quickly as we slipped our foot onto this sock we might not think how great they felt and we were experiencing small socks for several years and years. We tossed out all our white socks and am now equipping withthese We are really delighted with this purchase.

These socks fit well and are great. The tops aren’t as flexible as we believed. Diabetics have some problem with swelling from time to time and it would assist if the tops were more stretchy. However we like them and we believe they are great buy.

We are diabetic with all the nasty neuralgia in our feet. However when we had a big toe’s nail got rid of, we started utilizing these to assist with plasters – and essentially fell for them as an essential product for clothes. We extremely advise these to anybody who has foot issues.

This is the 2nd time we have actually acquired these socks for our other half and child. Our other half has really large feet and constantly battled with routine socks. These go one so great and keep up without being tight. He enjoys them. Our child is a quadriplegic and we required socks that would not be restricting or tough to place on him. These are best for him too.

Acquired these for spouse, who is diabetic, he enjoys them. We like the method the toes fits nicely throughout the top of his foot. Have not re-worn a set that has actually been cleaned yet, however up until now, great product. Tops are easily ‘stretchy’ and keep up well. Does leave a little indent on his legs (he does have heavy lower legs).:-RRB- would certainly buy once again.

We attempted numerous diabetic socks we purchased on and various brand names from some significant shops. These are not best, however they’re the very best out there. They’re warm and comfy, however not terrific and keeping up the entire day. We are thinking no one can make a diabetic sock that keeps up however likewise be loose for great circulation at the exact same time?.

Our other half has problem with socks feeling too tight on his calves. These are really comfy for him, while still keeping up around his calves where they belong. He is really pleased with these, and we will be acquiringmore Additional perk: made in the U.S.A..

Our other half is not diabetic however clearly has bad circulation. Routine socks cut into his calves and warp them. We attempted out these diabetic socks and am so pleased. He’s a pleased camper now.

These socks are not simply for diabetics however for kids/teenagers who have sensory concerns. Since he was young our child would be really specific about his clothing e. G. This t-shirt feels strange, underclothing is too tight, and so on. For that reason we would constantly lose cash purchasing various clothing, underclothing, socks that he simply would not use. Now he is a teen and is still really specific about the feel of his clothing. He uses a size 10 shoe and lots of socks feel really tight so we googled comfy socks and found these gems. Our teenage child definitely enjoys these socks. He has no problems and has asked us to ordermore We will continue to buy these.

Bought these socks since we have diabetes. They are simply as explained. Easy on and do not cut into our legs our relative likewise enjoys them for the exact same factor. She disliked how other socks would leave imprints in her skin. Will be purchasing more of these.

We acquired these socks for our dad who is not diabetic however has concerns with swelling in his legs and feet. These socks fit completely. They’re not tight, really comfy. When he takes them off there’s no imprint on his legs.

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