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Yomandamor Men's Combed Cotton Diabetic Ankle Socks with Seamless Toe and Non-Binding Top

Yomandamor Men’s Combed Cotton Diabetic Ankle Socks with Seamless Toe and Non-Binding Top

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Yomandamor Men’s Combed Cotton Diabetic Ankle Socks with Seamless Toe and Non-Binding Top.

  • 80% combed cotton + 20% elastane, soft product for the finest fit;
  • These socks can be found in a ankle length; Sock Size: 10-13( Fits Men’s shoe size:7-12); Thin, ideal for Spring, Summer Season and Fall
  • Seamless toe removes large toe joint, minimize the danger of infection, foot pressure, blistering; Much more comfy and resilient than typical diabetic socks
  • The micromesh weave permits these socks to breath and wick away sweat completely
  • Non-binding loose fitting stay-up top and big broad calf wont limit blood circulation

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Yomandamor Men’s Combed Cotton Diabetic Ankle Socks with Seamless Toe and Non-Binding Top.
FRAGILE LIFE BEGINS WITH YOUR FEET. SIZE & STRUCTURE Sock Size: 10-13( Fits males’s shoe size: 7-12) 80% Combed Cotton, 20% Elastane Read more Super soft cotton mix Our socks made from premium cotton, which can keep your feet comfy and offer much-needed breathability throughout all-season wear. Wetness Wicking Powerful wetness wicking cotton fiber offer an unequaled dryness, which is incredibly comfy for everyday wear. Seamless Toe Really seamless toe, removes large toe joint, minimize the danger of infection, foot pressure, blistering. Non-binding Top Stay-up efficiency convenience top.Suits for those who have high need for convenience, particularly specific individuals like diabetes and the senior. Read more PERFECT FOR YOUR EVERY MINUTE Yomandamor diabetic socks made from natural materials that are advised for circulatory conditions of feet and varicose veins. These socks have really seamless toe and non-binding top to minimize the danger of infection, foot pressure and blistering, aid prevent constraint and pressure hotspots, enhancing blood flow in the legs.They are perfect for diabetics. IDEAL FOR YOUR EVERY MINUTE If you find that official socks are too tight for you.If you frequently stress over the red marks on your feet.Yomandamor diabetic socks are a perfect service for fragile and delicate feet. Attempt our socks now and get immediate relief. IDEAL FOR YOUR EVERY MINUTE Yomandamor socks are knit with the greatest quality fibers and technical functions that take full advantage of convenience and alleivates discomfort triggered by Leg Tiredness, Swelling, Blisters, and Dry Skin.They can likewise be useful for those recuperating from a damaged leg and non-diabetics with water retention problems.It’s the wise option for health. IDEAL FOR YOUR EVERY MINUTE Yomandamor diabetic socks ideal for daily wear. Whether you’re taking on the workday, working out, or relaxing in the house, our bamboo gown socks will offer the supreme convenience. It’s ideal socks for anybody who likes ultra soft socks. Diabetic Individuals Delicate Skin For Security Daily Use HOW TO TAKE CARE OF THIS SOCKS? Device Wash Warm Do Not Bleach Tumble Dry Low Do Not Iron Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Yomandamor Men’s Combed Cotton Diabetic Ankle Socks with Seamless Toe and Non-Binding Top.

Question Question 1

Is This Made In China?

The name “Ningbo Boda” on the package.That Googled to a business in Mainland China.we love these socks, the most comfortable ever.

Question Question 2

How Wide In Inches Throughout The Toe?

To be sincere, we can’t provide you specifics. we understand we use a 9 1) 2 broad shoes in ladies’s shoes and seemed like this would be huge, however it wasn’t. Was extremely tight because location.

Question Question 3

Is These Elastic On Foot Likewise For A Fat Foot?

yeap, quite elastic

Question Question 4

Will This Socks Fit An 8 Size Shoes? Thanks.?

well our socks number 10-13 feet ideal to us since we are 12 however the size 8 it is posible since they are extremely elastic. Si es posible.

Question Question 5

Do These Socks Get Tablets On Them?

we have actually been using them for a number of months. They have actually not pilled at all. Really comfy.

Question Question 6

Where Is This Made?

The majority of the world’s socks are made in the district of Datang in the city of Zhuji in Zhejiang Province.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Yomandamor Men’s Combed Cotton Diabetic Ankle Socks with Seamless Toe and Non-Binding Top, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We were trying to find a sock that would fit our foot that is extremely broad in both width, and broad in height too through the foot itself, and a strong, thick ankle. We are not diabetic, nevertheless have problem discovering any socks that fit without being too tight. We likewise am running, and hence certainly did not desire a thick sock or a polyesther sock that would not be breathable. When we got these, and held them up, they looked too long and we believed they would show up greater than anticipated on our ankle. Nevertheless, they fit ideal. Our search has actually ended for the ideal tan sock of this height. They breathe, they do not move down, they fit effectively, they do not lot up in the shoe. Really delighted. Next time we require socks, will be taking a look at yomandamor initially. As a side note, another sock we found that works excellent for our broad and broad foot is the”gentle grip loose wide top cushioned foot socks” We use those around your home. These terrific socks we use to school, and out running, and so on

Finding socks that will not cut ‘deep’ ridges into your ankles, triggering more discomfort & pain is beside difficult. Thankfully, along comes something like these and bingo, aaaaalll those issues disappear. These socks are extraordinary. They in some way ‘hold-up’, stretch, and ‘sit tight’,,, (and all those long-lost preferable things) without cutting into your ankles. These really are a convenience to use. (very first time we found socks efficient in this in a magnificent long period of time). “bravo” to the mfg.

We have arthritis in our toes and actually dislike a toe joint in our socks, so that is why we purchased these socks. To touch them, they feel soft however not especially unique, however when they are on your foot they are so soft and non-binding. If you’re going stocking-footed, they have a minor propensity to lose their shape or stretch out, however in shoes they are paradise.

The most comfy socks we have actually ever owned. Enough stretch to hold their fit, however cut kindly adequate to be totally non-binding (even for our big, broad foot and relatively big ankles) we are thinking about tossing out all our other socks and simply purchasing about 15 more sets of these.

We were hesitant about getting these socks as they are for individuals with diabetes that have inflamed ankles and that maintain water. We have rather big calves from years of playing soccer & lifting weights. The basic set of socks trigger imprints in our leg from the compression element and frequently cut off blood circulation in our lower leg making a long day unpleasant to state the least. Considering that we have actually attempted these socks we have actually acquired over 25 sets, they are really the response to looking great in a match and not needing to jeopardize convenience.

We believe these socks are terrific. They fit effectively and are smooth to the touch. The rate is sensible so we purchased 3 plans. For a diabetic they need to be non-binding and they are. Thank you for making such a great product.

These socks were acquired for our partner, who is having an issue with swelling in ankles and other socks were too unpleasant and likewise cutting off blood circulation. No issue with these socks we most likely will acquire more and we advise extremely.

We have actually been attempting a lot of various kinds of socks, as we wish to have just one kind for all of our work days. We are not diabetic, however these are extremely comfy trouser like socks.

Couldn t find ladies s extended size for our mom, so we acquired these rather. She could not be more delighted.

We have actually been trying to find socks that fit our inflamed feet and legs for over 4 years. They fit and feel excellent. Great rate. We bough another set of white “stretch” socks from somebody else, $10 for one set. One wash, they began unraveling. We purchased 6 set from these men and waited up until we cleaned them to evaluate. They fit, feel, and look the like prior to the wash. We purchased 6 more sets.

They call these diabetic socks. They must be called typical socks. The other socks, the “normal” socks -they must be called chokers. Or, if you choose longer name – constrictors. Or python socks. Or. You call it. We do not have diabetes, and we are questioning – if these socks benefit individuals with diabetes, why they would not be excellent the for individuals without diabetes?please, do not call these socks “diabetic socks” in the advertisements – it is much better to call them supreme convenience socks, since they are incredibly comfy to use all day.

We have a drawer filled with gown socks we have actually used one time, then we began cutting on top since they left grooves in our legs. We attempted yomandamor socks about a year ago and was extremely satisfied with the fit, convenience, and the capability to keep up all the time while strolling. So we purchased another set of 6 and they will be our go-to socks in the meantime on. We want they made service gown, calf, argyle design socks in multi styles and colors, so yomandamor might alter the video game in style, design, fit, and convenience. Really pleased.

All these years and we have not found anything better than these yomandamor socks for our partner. He isn’t diabetic however has a neurological special needs that impacts his legs and feet. These socks are simple for us to place on his feet and the stretch is terrific. They clean well and are excellent to enter practically no drying time. We would not even consider any other product since these are soooo reputable and soft. No factor to take a look at any other kind of sock.

These are actually outstanding socks – they are simple care, extremely comfy and appear to be resilient (up until now). They are priced somewhat greater than contending and more inexpensively made (or ill fitting) socks that we have actually acquired. These are well worth the little additional for the great quality and convenience that they offer. We prepare to by once again.

These are our preferred socks. We have bigger, broad feet and thick ankles and we have a tough time discovering socks that fit right. Prior to finding these socks we thought about acquiring diabetic socks despite the fact that we are not diabetic since we could not find socks that fit our ankles. These socks are so great and stretchy and do not trigger sock marks or swelling in our ankles like other socks do. They do not trigger our feet to sweat either. They hold up well over time and have actually kept their flexibility and type over lots of, lots of washes. We are extremely pleased with our purchase. We would extremely advise if you have bigger feet and ankles.

We have edema, so our legs swell. We have problem both with compression socks restricting around the ankle and with routine socks slipping down around the ankle. These actually keep up while not being tight around the ankle. Really comfy. We instantly purchased more.

These socks have actually minimized the discomfort our partner has actually been experiencing in his feet as an outcome of chemo treatments. Which we are delighted and believe is amazing however they simply put on t hold up through a lot of washings. May recommend utilizing a laundry bag as odd as that sounds for sock however we are so pleased that they have actually assisted even a little bit with the decrease of discomfort.

We use a ladies s size 10 wide-xwide and our feet and legs are constantly inflamed due to lymphedema. We had actually essentially quit on finding socks that fit and simply put on t wear socks. These socks are ideal for us and they fit without cutting into our leg. We will be purchased more.

Bought these for our daddy, he had knee surgical treatment and his ankle swelled. This are great, not too hot however they are thick, we actually searched for a thinner sock however thicker than a gown sock for our daddy, he does use gown shoes. After wash & dry they are all right, we believe for the rate they must hold their shape better, we will see after a few more cleans.

We acquired this product for our partner since routine socks cut off the blood circulation around his huge calves. He actually enjoys this product since the sock broadens with his inflamed feet. The product is elastic, comfy, and excellent quality. It would be even higher if they was available in a bigger size. Total pleased with product and purchase. Extremely advise.

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