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Yomandamor Mens Bamboo Diabetic Over The Calf Socks

Yomandamor Mens Bamboo Diabetic Over The Calf Socks

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Yomandamor Mens Bamboo Diabetic Over The Calf Socks.

  • 70% bamboo + 30% elastane product for the finest fit and convenience;
  • Smooth toe, non annoying smooth toe joint; Matches for all season
  • Micromesh and breathing hole: the sock can breathe and release the sweat completely
  • With non-binding top, lower the danger of infection, foot pressure and blistering. Better for blood circulation
  • Matches for those who have high need for convenience, specifically specific individuals like diabetes and the senior

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Yomandamor Mens Bamboo Diabetic Over The Calf Socks.
FRAGILE LIFE BEGINS WITH YOUR FEET. SIZE & STRUCTURE Sock Size: 10-13( Fits males’s shoe size: 7-12 )70% Bamboo, 30% Elastane Read more Super Soft Bamboo Fiber Unlike other materials, bamboo socks are comfy in all various kinds of temperature levels, keeps your feet warm throughout winter season and cool throughout summer season. Wetness Wicking These socks made from Natural Bamboo Fiber which offers exceptional air blood circulation, take in the wetness far from your feet and lowering the danger of fungal infections. Smooth Toe Really smooth toe, gets rid of large toe joint, lower the danger of infection, foot pressure, blistering. Non-binding Leading Stay-up efficiency convenience top.Suits for those who have high need for convenience, specifically specific individuals like diabetes and the senior. Read more PERFECT FOR YOUR EVERY MINUTE Yomandamor diabetic socks made from natural materials that are advised for circulatory conditions of feet and varicose veins. These socks have tuly smooth toe and non-binding top to lower the danger of infection, foot pressure and blistering, aid prevent constraint and pressure hotspots, enhancing blood flow in the legs.They are perfect for diabetics. BEST FOR YOUR EVERY MINUTE If you find that official socks are too tight for you.If you typically fret about the red marks on your feet.Yomandamor diabetic socks are a perfect service for fragile and delicate feet. Attempt our socks now and get instantaneous relief. BEST FOR YOUR EVERY MINUTE Yomandamor socks are knit with the greatest quality fibers and technical functions that make the most of convenience and alleivates discomfort triggered by Leg Tiredness, Swelling, Blisters, and Dry Skin.They can likewise be practical for those recuperating from a damaged leg and non-diabetics with water retention problems.It’s the clever option for health. BEST FOR YOUR EVERY MINUTE Yomandamor diabetic socks ideal for daily wear. Whether you’re dealing with the workday, working out, or relaxing in your home, our bamboo gown socks will supply the supreme convenience. It’s ideal socks for anybody who likes ultra soft socks. Diabetic Individuals Delicate Skin For Security Daily Use HOW TO TAKE CARE OF THIS SOCKS? Device Wash Warm Do Not Bleach Tumble Dry Low Do Not Iron Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Yomandamor Mens Bamboo Diabetic Over The Calf Socks.

Question Question 1

Simply Wondering If The Socks Are Thick?We Deal With Our Feet All The Time And We Required Them To Last.?

They are the density of routine socks and really soft.we purchased them for our sweetheart who is likewise on his feet all the time and hasn’t had a problem.They aren’t too hot either.They work well for him.

Question Question 2

Do The Socks Keep Ones Feet Warm In The Winter?

We reside in Vegas so the temperature level is moderate enough that keeping warm is not a concern. Nevertheless, our spouse does take a trip for work and would not suggest the socks for Minnesota orWisconsin weather.But for milder temperature levels, these socks are excellent. They have actually held their flexibility throughout numerous washes and wearings. We reside in Vegas so the temperature level is moderate enough that keeping warm is not a concern. Nevertheless, our spouse does take a trip for work and would not suggest the socks for Minnesota orWisconsin weather.But for milder temperature levels, these socks are excellent. They have actually held their flexibility throughout numerous washes and wearings.However, the other socks by this brand name have actually not held up as well.By mid afternoon, the socks fall downand are not holding up in addition to this set. We have actually attempted numerous brand names and this one is the finest so far.Hope this response assists you.

Question Question 3

Does This 4-Pack Contain 4 Person Socks Or 4 Pairs Of Socks( 8 Person Socks)?

4 sets of socks, we extremely suggest them

Question Question 4

Where Is The Product Made Or Made? Thanks.?

You would need to call the seller or production we think

Question Question 5

Requirement Socks Larger Than 10-13?

we find these really soft yet stretchy.we do not understand about bigger ones.

Question Question 6

Where Can We See Colors????

we put on t understand if there are colors. we use dark fit as our regular clothes, so the black constantly fits me. we are repeat customer due to the fact that these sock are more comfy (believe soft wool mix) than any others we have actually used.

Question Question 7

These State Over The Calf However Search In Team In The Picture.Are They Truly Over The Calf/ Knee High?

They are over the calf. our spouse is 6ft 3in and they pertain to his knee. He likes these socks. They are really comfy and healthy extremely well.

Question Question 8

What Mm, Hg?

we simply purchased 4 set about a month back and our relative cleaned the very first set and they had a hole in them after the cleaning, they may be diabetic socks however really tight on the tops and the products is to thin, we tossed them all in the trash

Question Question 9

Will These Socks Fit Our Size 8 Feet, And Are They Knee (Not Team) High Non Compression Socks?

These are knee high and non compression socks.Very comfy and simple wearing.we wear a 9 1/2 shoe and have no issues size smart.

Question Question 10

Do The 10-13 Size Stretch To Fit Extremely Inflamed Feet?

our spouse has actually had no issue with them extending over his feet.

Question Question 11

What Colors Are Readily Available Yomandamor Mens Bamboo Diabetic Over The Calf Socks?

we are sorry however we do not understand the response to your question.we purchased black over-the-calf socks and they are without a doubt the very best socks that we have actually ever owned.

Question Question 12

Got This As Gift.They Odor Horrid.Have Attempted Cleaning Numerous Times, However They Still Odor Terrible.Any Recommendations?

we have actually not had that problem.we have actually cleaned mine and did not sustain any issues either.Suggest you call producer.

Question Question 13

We Use A Size 10 Female’S Shoe, Smaller sized Than Guy’S Sizes.Might We Have the ability to Diminish These Socks (Guy’S Sizes10-13) So They Will Fit Our Foot.??

we likewise use a size 10 lady’s shoe and they fit us perfectly.They do not diminish after being cleaned either.Love these socks.

Question Question 14

How Big Can Your Calf Area Be To Utilize These Socks?

The socks are excellent to operate in and the top of the sock strikes you simply under the knee and we hope that assists

Question Question 15

Can You Get The White In Over-The-Calf?

Yes.Mine are white.

Question Question 16

Does The Leading Expand Well, Requirement It To Be A Great 8 Inch Size?

we are plus size individual and they fit our legs well.we can use them over the calf and they remain in location.

Question Question 17

Can These Be Bought In Womens Size?

we believe they are simply males’s size, however we have big feet, so they work well for us.

Question Question 18

Is 10-13 Greatest Size? We Use A 14 Shoe. Thanks?

The size chart does not surpass13 our spouse uses a size 12 and has additional toe space.The socks, nevertheless, are elastic and may accommodate a14 However be gotten ready for no or little toe room.Width of foot requires to be thought about, likewise.

Question Question 19

We Desired The White In Over-The-Calf, However When We Put Them In The Cart, It States They Are Team Socks.?

we believed they just had black over-the-calf socks.we have a few pair.White would be great.

Question Question 20

Got This As Gift.They Odor Horrid.Have Attempted Cleaning Numerous Times, However They Still Odor Terrible.Any Recommendations?

we didn’t discover a bad odor with mine.They are great and keep your feet cozy warm yest wick sweating in warmer weather condition.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Yomandamor Mens Bamboo Diabetic Over The Calf Socks, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Wow, we have lastly found socks that our spouse can use conveniently. He has inflamed ankles, and desires a soft, attractive black sock, that increases over the calf, does not drop, and isn’t a compression sock. These socks are great looking. They are simple to get on, due to the fact that they are so elastic. They are comfy to use all the time, and they do not cut off his blood circulation. You can see from our image that the socks are dark black for the part of your leg that may reveal under long trousers, such as when you cross your legs, and after that the socks are clear for the remainder of the method up. Our spouse truly likes them, and we have actually purchased and attempted numerous, numerous other socks. According to the size chart, these socks are expected to fit shoe sizes 6 to 12 -1/ 2. That’s a great deal of freedom. Our spouse usually uses an 8 in 6e width. These fit completely, due to the fact that they are so elastic. We simply purchasedmore Yay.

Background: we have charcot-marie-tooth illness aka cmt, the most typically acquired neurological issue. It’s called for the 3 french physicians who found it. Cmt is defined by sluggish peripheral nerve signals & when nerve signals decrease they end up being weak & the muscles that the signals are attempting to inform what to do get complicated signals. This triggers them to get weak & atrophy. The even more a muscle is from the brain, the even worse the weakening/atrophying. When we stroll, our feet drop directly down & while we can prevent them tripping by raising our hips, this uses the hip joints out & is really strenuous. So we get to use these definitely fantastic & really comfy pieces of plastic called ankle foot orthosis with dorsal help, afos for brief. We found the plastic rubbing versus our calves really annoying & then rather by mishap in the mid 1990 s, we found an over the calf sock that entirely covered our calf & was so high that we might fold it down over the afos & hold them in location. Happiness. Pure happiness. We purchased 14 set, a 2 week supply & they were all we used. Every few years, they would begin to use out & we would buy another 2 week supply. Catastrophe: last time they began using out, we purchased the precise very same brand/size. While the name & the logo design equaled, they were incredibly tight & not high sufficient to arrive of our afos. We do not understand what occurred, however they were unwearable. Success: we found these & they work. We can stroll once again.

We are not diabetic, however we are really fussy about socks. Due to a free condition, our body tends to swell throughout the day (specifically around the joints). This makes purchasing socks really hard on it’s own, however we likewise have truly huge grapefruit calves to boot. We like our calves, however they are tough to gown. Anyhow, these socks are both very stretchy and exceptionally soft. Like angora soft. Banana fiber is, imo, better than silk. So breathable (and our feet can truly sweat), so soft, so comfortable. No binding, rubbing, our feet remain dry however not ashy. Extremely suggest these socks to anybody with delicate legs, huge calves, or arthritis/ edema. They’re likewise really great and comfortable for the winter season.

Our experiences with bamboo socks over a years or more, is that they generally are rather well made or improperly made, which quality is really tough to determine without cleaning and using a minimum of a number of times. Likewise, rates vary extensively, and are bad signs of quality. These socks were a great experience based upon both quality and cost. Possibly the japanese origin has a lot to do with this. We have actually attempted a minimum of a lots bamboo rayon sock products over 5 years. These are the peak. Cost, toughness, low allergy. Waffle-knit high calf to keep it cool and non-compressive, and low stink. Terrific piece of clothes.

We like them. We were trying to find some over-the-calf socks that would keep up. We placed on a set as quickly as they showed up and have actually been using them all the time without them dropping an inch. Wait. Let’s take them off to see if there are any compression lines on our skin. No. Wow. There is no indication that we have actually been using anything. That’s an initially. The majority of the other over-the-calf socks that we are utilized to leave the tops of our calves with product impressions and red marks. Truthfully, these socks are incredible. And they are so comfy. You actually can not feel them on your legs. Undoubtedly we were stressed over the quality for the cost, however they appear ideal to me. In reality, for 4 set, these are genuine deal.

We are not exactly sure if we have actually composed an evaluation of these prior to however if so, it is worthy of doing so once again. These are excellent socks. We have large legs and it’s hard to find comfy socks when we use fits. They tend to settle at the ankle or are too tight that they cut into our legs. These are ideal. They have simply enough get that they keep up all the time and they do not cut into our leg. In reality the very first number of times using them we kept examining to make certain they had not fallen due to the fact that they were so comfy. They are large which is excellent for using with fits. And they last well, nevertheless we cut our toe nails and raise a little odd edge on our huge tow and it wound up producing a hole. However that is less of a criticism of the sock and more a get up call that we require to be more cautious in cutting our nails. These are excellent socks.

These bamboo socks fit better than any of the 3 other brand names that we have actually attempted (some of which, rather than assisting our blood circulation, appeared figured out to shut it off entirely. ). They are snug without being tight — tight sufficient to stop our feet from swelling, which is what we purchased them for. 2 disadvantages, one a little more crucial than other. We want that their colors weren t restricted to black and white — brown or green, to choose brown shoes, would be great. A rather more severe issue is that they get holes/runs if they re snagged on something. We find ourself highlighting with our females good friends, who ve been handling these issues for years. It s obviously an issue shown compression socks of various brand names. As the holes/runs remain in the calf and not the foot, we are prepared not to fret excessive over the problem. Suggested, with the small caution.

Pro:1: quality feel2: fit over calf and kept up. Con:1: these socks over an amount of time they would turn the recover part of the sock 180 degree to the front and after that triggered pain in ankle. We needed to keep taking them off every few hours and putting them back on. 2: we use socks to bed. They are tight fitting throughout the day, which is great. However during the night if your feet, ankle and legs even swell a bit they ended up being incredibly uneasy. Once again we can not blame the sock itself. Keep in mind:1: we do not understand the toughness in duplicated cleaning. Conclusion: we are truly dissatisfied withthese We can not blame the sock itself so we did not rate them lower than we would have if they would have worked. Our main problem is they kept turning on us and triggering discomfort in ankles. And we might not use them to bed so we stopped utilizing them after a day.

Appears a bit ridiculous to be thrilled about socks, however we are so really pleased to have found the ideal socks for our 70 years of age feet. We attempted dr. Sholes, walmart, macy s, physician recommended and found absolutely nothing that didn’t bind and pinch, were too brief, too large, or bad fitting with the heel at our ankle, slipping down. We opened the well packaged sets and observed the high quality and softness. We pulled them on & it was pure high-end. They are the very first set that were long enough to use with trousers and even a long skirt. They do not bind and have excellent stretch. We will be purchasing these once again. The cost was so affordable for such high quality. We extremely suggest these socks for anybody worn out inflamed ankles and feet. At long last. Thank you, you made our day??.

We like the length of these socks, we like the product of these socks, we like the dynamic black color of these socks. We like the reality that we believe we can get them on and off with one hand, yet they are not baggy at all, like some diabetic socks we have actually seen. We are having shoulder surgical treatment quickly, so one hand is very important today. The material is both elastic and elegant, not like athletic socks. The just issue with these socks is the product packaging. They are covered firmly in nontransparent plastic, and although we were attempting to be really cautious in opening them, we nicked and destroyed) the leading sock with our scissors. Clear plastic or a less firmly covered product would fix this genuine issue.

With increasing age, we have actually fought with small swelling in the ankles and ‘diabetic socks’ (compression socks) were advised to us by our physician. We attempted a couple of various set a year approximately back and they were too tight or something. We wound up utilizing no socks for a couple weeks prior to we browsed online and chose to attemptthese We have found these “yomandamor mens bamboo diabetic over the calf socks” to be incredibly comfy. A lot so that we use them to bed occasionally. Possibly thought about by some to be ‘thin’, however they are absolutely soft, and they carefully ‘hug’ our calf. We understand this sounds silly, however when we use these, we have actually a restored ‘spring in our action’ that has actually been missing out on for a few years. We can not promote how warm they may be in winter season environment.

Our spouse has really muscular legs and numerous socks do not fit around his calf without leaving imprints. These are really elastic and they keep up without cutting off his blood circulation.

We do not have diabetes. We have big calves and like to use boots. For some factor in the last number of years, over the calf socks appeared to get extremely tight on the calves or developed with low-cost material so they stop. These docks do neither. They bend where they need to bend. Are light and fairly thin, however wick sweat away. In other words, they are excellent socks for people with big calves who use boots and desire socks that will not cut off blood circulation or stop after 2 uses. We purchased a 2nd order after attempting them for a few days. Extremely advised.

We have actually attempted numerous socks marketed for diabetics, however they have actually constantly been unacceptable, previously. In addition to inflamed feet and ankles from diabetes, we have actually constantly had large calves. We might never ever get socks which keep up without restricting our blood-flow and producing pain and pitting. The style of these socks is innovative for resolving this issue. The majority of the sock is our preferred material: soft, hard, breathable, anti-bacterial bamboo. However the top few inches are made from this incredible “elastane,” which has a really loose, cool, and highly-elastic weave which sits tight without binding. Issue fixed. Discusses our huge calves quickly. Looks great, feels great, all the time. We purchased 12 set. Thank you, yomandamoor.

Our podiatric doctor recommended compression socks, so after some research we arrived on these, and we believe we stumbled onto the ideal sock. We are size 10 broad shoe and a little big in the calf. The socks pertain to simply below our knee, and they do not sag one millimeter. Ever. We have actually taken a number of actions to treat our feet, so we can’t state for sure the socks treated me, however considering that we began using them we have actually had no issue with swelling feet. We have actually reordered the very same socks a number of times.

These socks are fantastic. Not too tight and not too heavy for warm weather condition. The material is soft as can be. We put them on as quickly as they showed up. We are lady however some females’s knee high diabetic socks are low sufficient and tight at the top, these are ideal. They likewise fit over our injury dressing. We might need to reorder so we have a fresh set every day. Do they be available in jazzy colors too?.

We are not diabetic and was trying to find boot socks. These are more gown sock type. They are comfy and tend to remain in location. Main grievance is they are not truly thick. We work 12 hour shifts and the majority of that time is on our feet in boots. Thicker boot cut socks tend to keep our feet from harming. These work for everyday type socks.

We acquired these socks for our spouse and he likes them. We were trying to find compression socks for him, however not just were compression too costly, however really hard to place on. The reality that these socks were made from bamboo was a plus so our spouse stated he would attempt them. He isn’t diabetic however required them for swelling due to nerve damage. Not just are these socks soft, however they get back at softer after cleaning. They hold their shape, do not buckle and remain where you put them. They come simply under our spouse’s knee. The sock is simply a bit thicker in the foot location as much as the ankle, however not by much. They are breathable and his shoes go on really quickly. He stated these are the very best socks he’s every used and you do not need to spend a lot to buy them.

The finest socks we have actually ever used. Considering that our very first order, we have actually re-ordered two times. These are our go to socks. They are comfy and non- binding at the top – like the majority of knee high socks. We have big, muscular legs and have actually constantly had difficulty with over the calf socks cutting into our leg and leaving a constraint mark or ring. Notthese And they keep up. Love them. Desire we had actually found these quicker.

We are female, 5’10” and use10 5 aaa shoes. Purchasing socks has actually constantly been hard. Obviously in the sock world, females never ever use over a size 9. We purchased these anticipating them to possibly be a little loose– however they are so flexible that they fit our feet completely and conveniently while actually extending totally knee-high. Fantastic socks.

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