Why Type 2 Diabetes Is On The Rise?

Why Type 2 Diabetes Is On The Rise

Type 2 diabetes refers to a situation when the pancreas do not generate enough insulin to manage sugar levels in the bloodstream or when the cells do not function properly leading to a rise in the glucose levels in the body.

Without proper medical care, type 2 diabetes may influence critical organs of the body thereby hindering their functions. Over the past few years, many people in the US have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and many studies show its prevalence among children.

Therefore, you may wonder why type 2 diabetes is on the rise and what may be done to control this rise. This article will provide you the reasons of the rise in type 2 diabetes.

Reasons of the Rise in Type 2 Diabetes

One of the most common causes of the rise in type 2 diabetes is the increase in obesity among children and adults in the country and according to a research 55% of type 2 diabetes cases result because of obesity. Typically, when you put on more weight, the body cannot process insulin and it stays in blood instead of being converted into energy.

Studies also suggest a relationship between type 2 diabetes and lifestyle and people with modest levels of alcohol consumption, healthy diet and regular workout show much lower diabetes incidence.

Other reasons include hypertension, increased cholesterol levels and chronic pancreatitis among others. In some people, the incidence of type 2 diabetes is because of hereditary reasons where immediate relatives such as parents have been diagnosed with this chronic disease.

Dealing with These Reasons

Most of the time, you can prevent type 2 diabetes by reducing the consumption of fats and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that a healthy lifestyle comprising of regular physical activity, aerobics exercise and proper nutrition with minimum glucose intake and maximum lean proteins and fruits and vegetables intake help in dealing with type 2 diabetes caused by obesity in specific. Also, the consumption of carbohydrates such as whole grains forces the body to work harder and generate a good energy source in the meanwhile.

Knowing the reasons to why type 2 diabetes is on the rise will definitely allow you to prevent the development of such a chronic disease via a healthy lifestyle.

Why Type 2 Diabetes Is On The Rise?

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