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What Is Borderline Diabetes?

What Is Borderline Diabetes

Many people want to know, what is borderline diabetes? It can often be a very daunting thought if you have some of the signs of diabetes and you may find yourself getting confused and wondering if they will get the full blown insulin dependent diabetes.

You can try and search the internet and do your own research as to what is borderline diabetes. However, the best person to ask the question as to what is borderline diabetes is your local general practitioner. Your doctor may call, or refer to Borderline diabetes, as pre-diabetes.

Borderline diabetes is a common thing throughout modern society, mainly in the western world. It is basically due to the fact that in the western world we have so many comforts and contraptions that make our life very easy and this in turn has given us a sedentary lifestyle. It has also meant that a lot of people now have formed some very bad eating habits.

There has been a massive shift from people cooking homemade meals using fresh and healthy and natural ingredients to people eating highly processed high fat store bought meals that are full of fat and high in both sugar and salt.

This is a big reason as to why there has been an increase into the amount of people who perhaps have the condition of borderline diabetes.

It may also be the case that these days doctors’ have an increased awareness as to what is borderline diabetes, and therefore the doctors of today will now start to check for the signs of borderline diabetes and therefore it will lead to a lot more people being tested for and receiving the diagnosis of having pre-diabetes.

If your doctor does give the diagnoses of borderline diabetes or pre-diabetes, you should not panic and feel that all is doomed; in fact you really should stay positive. You should ask your doctor all kinds of questions you should start with what is borderline diabetes, and what does it mean.

Your doctor will be able to explain to you that just because you have the diagnosis; it does not necessarily mean that you will automatically end up with having to have insulin injections or ending up with the physical complications or symptoms of diabetes.

What it does mean is that you can start to make some important changes in your daily life and eating habits.

Your doctor will explain all about Borderline diabetics and how they have blood sugar readings that are higher than normal but are not high enough to be considered as having a diabetics’ reading. He or she will also explain some of the effects of having borderline diabetes.

Symptoms of borderline diabetes are not always aggressive and in fact they may even be mild and go undetected until it is too late and your borderline diabetes has become serious Type 2 diabetes. However, mild symptoms may be not always being the case and you may already have symptoms that are as severe as diabetes.

The signs of diabetes are perhaps having cuts or sores that do not seem to heal as quickly as they should, or becoming susceptible to yeast type infections, an extreme and continuous feeling of being very tired or fatigued, you may feel hungry, have an extreme and constant thirst, you can possible suffer from having mood swings, poor eye sight or even blurry eyesight you will possibly even have to urinate a lot more than usual as well.

Borderline diabetes or pre diabetes symptoms will not just appear suddenly. In fact they have a quiet way of being around and suddenly sneaking up on you. Chances are you live a fairly sedentary lifestyle with little or no exercise. You would probably also eat a poor diet regularly. Both of these things are big factors in borderline diabetes.

However, it is not too late, with only just being a borderline diabetic or Pre diabetes; you still have the chance to change your lifestyle and perhaps even reverse the effects of your sedentary lifestyle.

You can make some changes to the way you eat and add some exercise into your daily routine. If you happen to be overweight, the changes you make will possibly help you lose some of those extra kilos and make you start to feel better.

You should really make the change from highly processed high sugary foods to fresher and healthier options. Instead of buying processed grains or white bread you can simply swap the bread for whole meal bread that consist of whole grains.

Whole grains have a low glycaemia index and will release slowly into your blood stream so that you are not getting one big rush of it. It is also very important to start exercising, so try and add a thirty minute walk into your daily routine and you may never have to ask the question as to what is borderline diabetes?

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