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VIVI CAP Reusable Insulin Cooler Pen Cap |FDA Registered

VIVI CAP Reusable Insulin Cooler Pen Cap |FDA Registered

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of VIVI CAP Reusable Insulin Cooler Pen Cap|FDA Registered.

  • [ALARMING FACT] You can t discriminate in between great and ended insulin simply by looking and you can t inform if the insulin you utilize was harmed by temperature level. That may occur even in routine everyday usage.
  • This unique high tech Maintenance-Free pen cap is clinically shown to keep your insulin cool below 84.2 F (29 C) for a minimum of 12 hours even in a consistent ecological temperature level of 100 F (378 C), restores its capability instantly whenever the ambient temperature level gets below 78.8 F (26 C) and continue like that for several years, without ever require for upkeep
  • Severe hot or Severe cold, even in freezing cold temperature levels of -4 F (-20 C) the special thermal insulation of VIVI CAP1 was shown to keep the insulin from freezing!
  • TAKE IT ALL OVER QUICKLY: Your brand-new Pen-Cap Medication Cooler is little and light-weight, it even suits your pocket. Take it with you any place you go: at school, work or perhaps when you take a trip.
  • NO REQUIRED FOR REFRIGERATION OR WATER TO TRIGGER: VIVI CAP1 ALWAYS WORKS and will continue to work for several years. That makes it ideal for emergency situation sets! It includes a 1 1 YEAR NO-WORRY GUARANTEE.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on VIVI CAP Reusable Insulin Cooler Pen Cap|FDA Registered.
Handling your diabetes is difficult, particularly if you need to take insulin every day and keep it with you all over you go. Current research has actually revealed that insulin that isn t kept at the right temperature level can lose its efficiency. VIVI CAP 1 keeps your insulin at the advised safe temperature level at work and play, at school, running errands, or while taking a trip. Don t let your insulin lose its strength. THE OPTION: VIVI CAP1 VIVI CAP1 by TempraMed is a product of years ofresearch Our brand-new trademarked insulin cooler keeps your insulin below 84.2 F (29 C) so it is 100% reliable when you require it. Utilize it whenever, day or night, day after day. No upkeep it simply works. If utilized appropriately, VIVI CAP 1 will work for years. FDA Registered Little and Lightweight: just 2 oz (60 g)! Quickly suits your pocket, bag or bag. No battery to charge, no requirement to immerse in water, doesn t need refrigeration. Clinically confirmed. Read more Required aid selecting the right design? Follow these actions. 1) Examine your insulin pen name and insulin name. 2) Select the VIVI CAP1 design that fits your pen/insulin. 3) When you get your bundle in the house, validate you selected the best design. 4) Eliminate the cap from your insulin pen and place the pen into the VIVI CAP1. Carefully push up until you hear a click. That s it, you are utilizing the right design. 5) Utilize your insulin securely without any more concerns! VIVI CAP 1 has actually been clinically confirmed. It exceeds other techniques of preserving insulin cool, without needing upkeep. We make VIVI CAP 1 in various designs to fit various kinds of pens. Make certain to choose the right design for the size of your pen and medication. For NovoNordisk FlexPenFor Sanofi SoloStarFor Eli Lilly KwikPenFor NovoNordisk FlexTouchFor Multi Refillable PenPerfect suitable for the following insulin pensNovoRapid, Novolog, Victoza, LevemirLantus, ApidraHumalog, Humalog Mix, BasaglarNovoRapid, Levemir, Tresiba, FiaspNovoPen 4 & 5/Echo, Luxura, Luxura HD, Savvio, CliKSTAR

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on VIVI CAP Reusable Insulin Cooler Pen Cap|FDA Registered.

Question Question 1

Will This Deal With The Ozempic Pen?

No we’re sorry however we do not have an adaptor for Ozempic pen yet. We’ll have it quickly.

Question Question 2

Does This Fit Saxenda- Nova Nordisk Pens?

FlexPen is not utilized for Saxenda, nevertheless the Flextouch pen of Novo Nordisk resembles Saxenda pen. VIVwe CAP1 FlexTouch ASIN B0772 X7DBY might fit Saxenda pen.

Question Question 3

Can This Warmer Be Shared Among Other Individuals With Insulin, Or Exists A Germs Problem?

we do not see where it would be a problem. Its being saved in it. We constantly clean up completion prior to putting the needle on.

Question Question 4

Should Insulin Pen Be Cool To The Touch When Taken Out From Vivwe Cap Cooling Gadget?

It ought to be below 86 F which is the limitation temperature level for insulin in usage. This was confirmed by positioning temperature level sensing unit on the insulin and determining the temperature level. Cool to touch is subjective and depends upon your hand temperature level. In addition, injecting cold insulin is not advised when it comes to some it might be agonizing

Question Question 5

Which One Should We Get For A Novorapid Junior Refillable Pen?

We do not have a particular design for Novorapid Junior refilable pen. It’s possible that our routine design for refilable pen ASIN: B07 D75 BTHC supports it.

Question Question 6

Is This Lantus Pen 100 Systems Per Ml?

Mine is not however they make one for Lantau. we utilize humologkwikpen which is a various size.it should provide you a location to click for which kind of pen you utilize

Question Question 7

Does It Suitable For Novolog Pens?

Yes. this one fits to Novolog provided in FlexPen

Question Question 8

It’S Been Less Than A Year Considering That We Purchased It. The Lights Do Not Work. How Do We Get An As?

We are sorry to find out that. The product is under guarantee. While we make all efforts to gurenty quality products, the button may be pushed when in tight location, triggering the battery to run out of power and disable the lights, even if the gadget continue to work. Please send us your information and we will set up a repl We are sorry to find out that. The product is under guarantee. While we make all efforts to gurenty quality products, the button may be pushed when in tight location, triggering the battery to run out of power and disable the lights, even if the gadget continue to work. Please send us your information and we will set up a replacement.

Question Question 9

How Do You Tidy It If Dirt Or Dust Gets In?

You can clean up the outside and interior of VIVwe CAP1 by wipping it with a medical swab. While you clean up the interior, beware not to detach the internal temperature level sensing unit (appears like a small black dot inside ).

Question Question 10

Will Any Of These Deal With Vitoza Pens?

Not this design however VIVwe CAP1-FlexPen ASIN B075 P92 W56 fits to Victoza pen

Question Question 11

Can We Put In The Refrigerator, Or Do We Need to Take It Off And Change With The Initial Cap?

You do not need to put it in the refrigerator. Its adequate for ambient temperature level to be routine space temperature level for the product inside to”recharge” All you require to do is change initial pen cap with VIVwe CAP1, which’s it.Continue to utilize your insulin pen generally with VIVwe CAP1 as the pen cap and it will secure ins You do not need to put it in the refrigerator. Its adequate for ambient temperature level to be routine space temperature level for the product inside to”recharge” All you require to do is change initial pen cap with VIVwe CAP1, which’s it.Continue to utilize your insulin pen generally with VIVwe CAP1 as the pen cap and it will secure insulin in the pen from temperature level, everyday.

Question Question 12

Our Levemir Flextouch Pen Is Too Fat For It.Is There A Larger One?

Yes, VIVwe CAP1 FlexTouch ASIN B0772 X7DBY will fit it.

Question Question 13

Will This Work For Humalog Pens?

ASINB0772 SPP8J VIVwe CAP1for Eli Lilly KwikPenworks with Humalog pens

Question Question 14

Which One Works Inpen (Smart Insuline Pen)?

You should select the right type to match your insulin pen.Vivi cap has them noted when you order.Not acquainted with inpen (wise insulin pen). Recommend do a search with that “name.”

Question Question 15

Do We Need To Buy New One Every Year?

No. You have 1 year restricted end user warrenty, however the gadget works for several years.

Question Question 16

Will This Work For The Victoza Pen?


Question Question 17

Do You Ship This Product To Qatar??


Question Question 18

Can You Place Pen With Needle Attache?

While it is not recommended to leave the needle connected to the pen after injection, nost needles will suit.

Question Question 19

Does This Deal With Humalog 200 System Kwikpens?

Yes. VIVwe CAP1 KwikPen modelASIN: B0772 SPP8J, deals with Humalog 200 KwikPen.

Question Question 20

Is The Cap Expect To Fit On Tight?Mine Is Loose. If You Turn It Upside Down It Would Fall Off.?

tight ought to not fall off you ought to need to pull it off they alter insulators for various for each pin You need to buy the one that fits your insulin pin. They re all various

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on VIVI CAP Reusable Insulin Cooler Pen Cap|FDA Registered, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

0830 2018 given that we acquired this product for our papa 8 months ago for his journey to cancun, he has actually been utilizing it as his pen cap daily and when the pen is done, he simply takes a brand-new pen and locations vivwe cap on it rather of the cap that includes the pen- that s it. No stress over outdoors temperature level any longer since, and, he doesn t need to do anything unique for this, simply keeps the vivwe cap on every pen he utilizes. We likewise recognizes that even when the pen side is warm on touch, the insulin part, that s covered by vivwe cap, is not. To make certain the insulin remains in good condition he simply needs to press the button and observe the sign going green for few seconds. That simple. It s a really terrific product and, in truth, we simply purchased him a 2nd one for his additional pen. Little tip: make certain you hear a click when putting the vivi cap on. See the video. This is a remarkable product. Our papa just recently went on holiday in cancun, and this pen was a life saver. It kept his insulin safe and cool, even throughout the day journeys in +90 f temperature levels. It s simple to bring and offers you assurance on the top of being extremely easy to use and reliable. We are extremely delighted with this product, and would certainly advise it to any insulin-dependent individual.

We were hesitant about this insulin pen cap however got it anyhow due to the fact that we keep our pen in our diabetes things bag and was stressed the insulin might get warm. We put our pen in the cap, heard a little click and put it back in the bag. A few hours later on that night, we pulled the pen from the cap and it felt cool to the touch. It works and we definitely like it.

Essentially changes our pen s cap and keeps our pen in a cooler, consistent temperature level. Easy to bring in our bag and we like the truth that there is no requirement to do anything like changing a battery, charging and putting in the fridge over night.

We have actually studied the cooling bags and when we learnt more about this one, we were hesitant. The cooling bags did not work for us, is this one any various? well, the narrative is that it works. If you continue checking out, you ‘d find out why we state that. Initially we have actually determined the temperature level of the insulin with among these infrared thermometers. When it was 110 f outside the insulin was at 81 f. That’s below the limitation of 86 and it remained like that for hours. Second – absolutely nothing to do. No preparation required, merely plug and it will do the rest. Third- it’s little and we can leave the pen the on all the time, even in our pocket. If you check out their advertisement they state that the guarantee is for 1 year however the gadget works longer from what we have actually discovered with this innovation. Will most likely last for several years. So, if you desire something practical little that works, you have actually found it.

Our grandmother is old-fashioned however this was something that she got utilized to extremely rapidly. We had a household vacation and we didn’t understand if we’ll have a refrigerator to put her insulin pens. We did some research and found this pen cooler. It keeps it at the ideal temperature level and enables us to do walkings and kayaking and simply take it with us. Up until now it has actually been a true blessing for us, simply took her a few days to get utilized to it and they ought to enhance that and streamline it for older individuals a bit.

Terrific service for ‘on the go insulin. Our granny can take it anywhere without stressing over the temperature level. A need to have product if you re diabetic.

We got this little cooler for our diabetic dad and he states it s terrific, he can keep it in his pocket and never ever stress over his insulin spoiling.

This has actually been the very best product for us for when we need to take a trip and cant keep our insulin cooled. The innovation is incredible and it truly works well even when its hotout Would certainly advise.

Does what its expected to do. Keep insulin at space temperature, no matter heat & cold. Con: a bit over priced at $79 Just anticipated to last one year. Utilizes non exchangeable battery. Disappointment.

We go out to consume alot and its an inconvenience to take a bag with ice pacs and such to keep our partners insulin pen cool. We found this on and we are so delighted with it. It keeps the pen cool for about 12 hours and is simple to utilize. A lot smaller sized than bring around a bag. We can simply toss this in our bag side pocket and go. Love it.

We were a little hesitant, however we have actually had problem bring humalog pens with us for usage while taking a trip and consuming in dining establishments. However this innovation actually works to keep the insulin at a safe temperature level in our bag, without large and melting ice bag. It’s practical and compact. You can put the vivi cap over a pen needle for even more benefit. They are costly, yes, however just how much will an overheated insulin pen expense you? extremely advised.

This incredible gadget kept our insulin cool even throughout an august see to disney world.

Found this by opportunity and got it for our current holiday to hawaii. It worked completely keeping our insulin at safe space temperature level even when we were the whole day out at 90+ f. Didn t needed to trouble with ice bag that freeze our insulin so frequently. And when we weren t sure about the temperature level, we clicked a button on the gadget and got the green sign on for few seconds to inform us that we are great to go. Love it, simple and effective. We provide it a 5 star.

Really simple to utilize. No battery. Simply cap your insulin pen and you re helpful for 12 hours. Simply press button make certain the temperature level of the cover is great prior to topping your insulin pen.

We have asked our nursing teacher about this product. She s in truth utilizing it and extremely advise it. Simply change the pen cap with this one and you’re great to go, absolutely nothing else to do and the insulin is kept one’s cool. This can remain on your pen given that it is extremely little and does not take area.

Like it. Easy to utilize it and keeps our insulin cool and safe when taking a trip. Desire to understand durability of this product – to figure it out if for the rate deserved it.

Blows the trousers off the frio insulin coolers. No more mildew from a soaked container plus it weighs less. Now we wear t need to stress over messing up the within a bag or knapsack. We would purchase more as spares, however we wear t understand the length of time the battery would last.

We unintentionally left our bag with our 2 insulin pens in our vehicle. It was a bright day with temperature levels over 90 degrees. When we remembered it was currently there for little over 2 hours. We believed we would require to toss them away however fortunate for us we had the pen with the cap cooler. We evaluated it and saw green and it was safe to utilize. A bit expensive which’s why we dropped a star.

Si funciona para la insulina de mi hijo. Se mantiene fresca.

We have actually been a diabetic our entire life and the effort that it requires to bring around our insulin and make sure that it is kept at a safe temperature level can be a tough procedure. Our moms and dads just recently purchased us the my viv cap to make carrying our insulin a lot simpler to handle. We can now simply keep our insulin quickly in our pocket or work bag. Would extremely advise this product.

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