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Vial Safe Insulin Vial Protective Case Fits All Brands

Vial Safe Insulin Vial Protective Case Fits All Brands

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Here are a few main benefits of Vial Safe Insulin Vial Protective Case Fits All Brands.

  • SHORT fits Humalog, Humulin, Novolog, Levimer, Novolin, Vetsulin, Fiasp, NovoRapid
  • TALL fits Lantus, Apidra & Admelog
  • Super light-weight, re-useable, avoids shattering, best for travel
  • Open leading permits SIMPLE needle insertion WITHOUT getting rid of from protective case
  • View label & contents of vial at all times

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Why Vial Safe? Mishap Defense Ingenious style significantly lowers the possibility of shattering and damage while still permitting simple needle insertion and vial material presence all without needing to eliminate insulin from Vial Safe protector. The Perfect Option Fits all 10 mL insulin brands and vial sizes. Light-weight, hypo-allergenic and recyclable with an easy-on, easy-off style. Super Lightweight. Fits all 10 mL vials. Multiple-use. Protect, comfy grip. Take it all over No more stressing over vial damage while on-the-go. Vial Safe will safeguard your insulin whether it s being included your handbag or jet-setted to a far land. Perfect for Pets No more stressing over Rover s tail knocking his insulin out of your hands. Vial Safe fits Vetsulin and all other insulin brands utilized for pets and felines. Read more Fits all 10 mL vials of Admelog, Apidra, Fiasp, Humalog, Humulin, Lantus, Levimer, Novolin, Novolog, NovoRapid, Vetsulin Offers comfy gripReuseableLasts foreverView label & contents of vial at all timesHypo-allergenicProtects versus unexpected dropsSuper lightweightGreat for family pet insulinOpen leading enables simple needle insertion

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Exists A Case For The Humalin U-500 20 Ml Vial?

not in this set

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Vial Safe Insulin Vial Protective Case Fits All Brands, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We were really delighted to get these protective cases to utilize on our child’s insulin bottles. We like that they are lightweight and clear so we can see just how much insulin is staying. We were really dissatisfied when we recognized her medtronic tank will not fit over the bottle with the protective case on it. She needs to eliminate the case prior to connecting the tank. This it the only factor it didn’t get 5 stars. Keep this in mind when acquiring due to the fact that we didn’t think of it when although we have actually been filling our tanks like that for 10 years. This is a terrific product however not practical for pump users.

We simply got this the other day and have not had a possibility to check itout However we enjoy it currently. We have rubber sleeves for our stainless-steel water bottles and they certainly safeguard our bottle. This is basically the exact same thing for our insulin vial. We have actually broken a vial when and am really mindful ever since. This protective case puts our mind at ease. We will check it and upgrade.

These are fantastic. We broke our canine s brand name brand-new novolin vial that just had actually one dosage taken out of it. Aggravating. So, we purchased these (due to the fact that we are awkward and can t pay for to keep breaking complete insulin vials). They fit the vial completely. We are not gutsy adequate to drop it from a high range, however we dropped it from about 2 feet onto our counter tops and the vial bounced. These are fantastic and everybody needs to have them if you re dealing with these small little vials.

These silicone protectors are actually paradise sent out. Due to the fact that of diabetic neuropathy, we are frequently dropping things. Envision the loss of $ from a damaged vial of insulin. Or, even worse, image your canine lapping up insulin from the flooring. It would certainly be lethal. We are so happy to have actually gotten these vial covers in excellent condition and they fit completely. We provided the bounce test on the table. Absolutely work. Thank you.

We have a diabetic pomeranian, and need to provide 2 injections a day. We dropped the vial a few weeks ago spilling “money” all over the flooring. We needed to go buy a brand-new vail rapidly. Looking into a method to avoid this in the future, we encountered this product and acquired it instantly. We had not had it on more than a week when we dropped the vial once again on our kitchen area flooring, however the result was soooo various. The vial endured the fall thank goodness. We advise this product.

We simply wish to state thank you. Thank you for making a product to end the insulin vial damages. The case is made very well. It goes on quickly and this is an outright need to have for all diabetics out there. We extremely advise this to everybody.

Up until now, extremely duper. We had no concept such a thing existed. Did you understand insulin binds to plastic? that s (one factor) insulin is bottled in glass containers. We have 2 diabetic felines. We continuously feared dropping their insulin while we roll it. This product makes rolling the insulin a lot easier, it is far more sticky in our hands and if we do drop it. It s fine. What a blessing. Thank you.

Bies far finest product we have actually ever acquired. We purchased this for our relative who s a type one diabetic. She brings her insulin vial incase of anything, she s broken a few vials and it s a headache. However this right here deserves every cent.

Extremely delighted to have found this product. We get extremely frustrated that as a diabetic we even need to buy all these extra devices for our medical materials, however when we do, we are very grateful for when they work. And this does.

Spouse demanded getting this and she enjoys it. Personally we do not see the huge offer however it does assist in case of a fall it will safeguard the bottle so it is an extra assurance to have and it is simple to place and utilize. A bit costly for a piece of rubber however what can you do.

Well made and a need to for all who have actually dropped an insulin bottle and needed to buy another. Would be good if the bottom was a little stiffer so the bottle would stand more firmly.

Whenever you buy a vial of insulin you take the danger of squandering your cash by breaking it. Not just do you squander your cash however then you squander your time getting the drug store to fill up the order, however you put on t have enough refills so you call the physicians workplace and it s a hoopla. For a poor $15 you can prevent all that.

We are actually delighted with this product. We certainly trust that our insulin are safeguarded and put on t fret about crushing/breaking them as much. This is a terrific find.

Major life saver we prepare to buy more we provided one to our kid’s school for his insulin simply incase. However we have actually dropped with this on it and no damage occurred.

Our other half is d t1d and his vials are our life. Super safe and useful. Love it.

A should have and worth the expense. As a type 1 diabetic we utilize these to guarantee our liquid gold does not break if we drop it. We extremely advise investing the cash for this product.

This is best for our pets vetsulin. It is a very well fitting, thick silicone cover, so it safeguards and insulin vial splendidly. We would certainly advise this product to anyone that utilizes insulin.

Precisely what we required, fits fantastic now we put on t fret about breaking our pets insulin bottle.

Insulin is too pricey to waist. These actually worked for usthey deserve it.

These are really protective and we compose on them if it s quick or wtite on themslow acting insulin.

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