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Timesulin Pen Cap For Novo Nordisk FlexTouch

Timesulin Pen Cap For Novo Nordisk FlexTouch

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Boosts security. Prevent possibly harmful forgotten injections and unintentional double dosages. Lowers stress and anxiety. Timesulin constantly demonstrates how long because you took your last injection. It’s simple. No buttons to press, absolutely nothing to program and no modification in regular needed. The replacement cap that reveals individuals with diabetes just how much time has actually passed because their last insulin injection. Fits FlexTouch Designs: Levemir, NovoRapid. Insulin pen offered independently.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Timesulin Pen Cap For Novo Nordisk FlexTouch.

Question Question 1

Does This Fit Tresiba And Novo Quick?

It fits our tresiba

Question Question 2

Does It Deal With Basaglar Pens?

we do not understand. When you go to purchase it will reveal you a list of which brands the havewe dream it dealt with the Toujeo ones however it does not. They stated we’re gon na attempt to get some of those. we have one for our humalog and we truly like it and lasts for a very long time. It truly assists us keep in mind when was last one we did our shot.

Question Question 3

What Is A Pen Cap And How Does It Work?

The pen cap changes the cap on your non reusable pen.When the cap is on the timer is working informing you for how long it’s been because you had the cap off most likely to do an injection.When the cap is eliminated the timer resets.

Question Question 4

Exists A Cap For The Lilly Kwikpen: Humalog?


Question Question 5

Will This Fit On Fiasp Flextouch Pen By Novonordisk?

we would state that if your Fiasp cap fits on your Novolog/Levemir/Tresiba pen, then it would fit too.

Question Question 6

Does This Fir The Tresiba Pen?

Unsure. we have one for our novalog and one for tresiba. It must state on bundle.

Question Question 7

Do These Fit Kwik Pen Brand Name Humalog?

No.These are just for the Novolog and Nordisk brands.There is a Timesulin Pen Cap for Lilly KwikPen.Just look for this and it should be there.we hope this helps.by Timesulin

Question Question 8

Will This Fit Tresiba 100? We Understand That It Is Not Noted. Simply Wondering If Anybody Attempted.?

we are sorry we do not understand, we utilize it on Novolog Flexpen

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Perfect, if you have difficulty keeping in mind if you have or sanctuary t taken your injection. Super easy and not large.

Finest thing that’s occurred for diabetics in a very long time.

This is a fantastic little development and might be a life saver in assisting you understand if you took your shot. The only thing is that is not created with changeable batteries so it need to be changed when the batteries pass away however that is a little problem for such an important gadget. One issue exists is a date marked on bundle when you open it, which we presumed is the manufactured date, and mine was over 2 years of ages. Ideally that is not going to be a problem with the battery life? we purchase this from a 3rd celebration seller due to the fact that they had the very best rate (most likely got it at a deal rate due to the fact that it’s is old stock) and for a few dollars more we might have got the one offered by that most likely ensures the best stock. *** upgrade *** the switch inside that resets the timer ended up being flakey after 1 year of utilizing it despite the fact that we just utilize it as soon as a day so we knocked one begin of it. We still like what it does so got a brand-new one that will ideally last this time till the battery passes away?.

Excellent suggestion to see for how long because last injection, simple to utilize, really safe and secure tight fit over cartridge. We would buy this once again when the battery passes away. Would be great if it was decreased rate though.

After dealing with somebody from timesulin, we found out that we were not pressing the caps down hard adequate to get them to close so our very first evaluation was not precise. The timesulin pen caps do work. Being a diabetic that typically questions, “did we take our insulin yet?” or “why is our blood sugar so high?”, these are fantastic tool to have in our toolbox. Among the obstacles of being a diabetic is keeping in mind to take our insulin and bearing in mind that we did take it. All we require to do is take a look at the timer on the timesulin cap and we can see just how much time has actually expired because our last injection. We likewise value aspect innovations for dealing with me.

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