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TeeHee Viscose from Bamboo Diabetic Sports Cushion Crew Assorted Multi Pair Pack

TeeHee Viscose from Bamboo Diabetic Sports Cushion Crew Assorted Multi Pair Pack

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of TeeHee Viscose from Bamboo Diabetic Sports Cushion Crew Assorted Multi Pair Pack.

  • TeeHee Viscose from Bamboo Diabetic Crew Socks 3-Pack
  • Quality Assurance: Contact us for any issues you may experience and we will do all we can to assist!
  • Signature Viscose from Bamboo Yarn – Non-binding leading, soft, smooth, and keeps up and on.
  • Sizing Standards: Sock Size 9-11/ Shoe size 6-9, Sock Size 10-13/ Shoe size 7-10
  • Device wash warm. Usage just non-chlorine bleach when required. Topple dry low.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on TeeHee Viscose from Bamboo Diabetic Sports Cushion Crew Assorted Multi Pair Pack.
Our socks are crafted to deal with diabetes-related signs, leg tiredness, swelling, and dry skin. They are built with yarns and convenience functions that help in reducing foot inflammation and pressure on the legs. Made by Viscose fromBamboo Sizing Standards: Sock Size 9-11/ Shoe size 6-9, Sock Size 10-13/ Shoe size 7-10

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on TeeHee Viscose from Bamboo Diabetic Sports Cushion Crew Assorted Multi Pair Pack.

Question Question 1

Do The Toes Have Joints?

Yes.we do not see when we use them however toe joint is firm when we feel with hands.Also, the grey part is fuzzy inside and the arch location a little bit of compression.The leading part is a loose weave however it does have a band around the top.we find most banded socks an issue however this band is less constrictive than most. Yes.we do not see when we use them however toe joint is firm when we feel with hands.Also, the grey part is fuzzy inside and the arch location a little bit of compression.The leading part is a loose weave however it does have a band around the top.we find most banded socks an issue however this band is less constrictive than most. we are 65 249 pound, reasonably bigger calves, and we find them comfortable.we have soft feet and have issues with a lot of socks that have bands in the leading leaving damages in our flesh.These are not ideal however aren’t bad.If your shoes fit comfortably these may be an issue vecause these are thicker in thegray areas.Personally, we have narrow feet, can never ever get shoes fit appropriately, and these actually assist that.

Question Question 2

What’S The Distinction In between The 9-11 Size And 9-12? The Sizing In The Listing Is Really Complicated To Follow.?

Hey Sorry for confusion. 9-12 is typo. 9-11 is proper size for females.

Question Question 3

Do The Colors Bleed, Specifically The Red?

No they do not bleed.The socks are actually comfy.

Question Question 4

Do These Socks Have A Cushioned Bottom?

Revealing 1-2 of 2 answers Yes. Correct. These socks have cushion bottom. TeeHeeSocks

Question Question 5

What % Of Bamboo & % Of Cotton?

They are 80% Viscose from Bamboo; 17% Polyester; 03% Spandex.

Question Question 6

Are These Socks Genuine Thin?

The socks are not too thin; the bottom is cushioned and the top is unwinded, which permits a great deal of stretch.

Question Question 7

Will These Socks Stay Up And Not Drop?

Have Actually not had an issue at all with them moving down. Definitely enjoy the socks.

Question Question 8

We Use A Size 6 Ladies’S Shoe.Are The Sock Sizes For Usn Or Women?

we use males s size 11.5 shoes and we put on t believe we would desire these any bigger.If you use females s size 6 shoes these socks would have the arch assistance at your heel and the heel assistance up your ankle

Question Question 9

In The Fundamental Pack, 7 Socks Are Revealed Rather Of 6. What Colors Are Actually In It?

our order consisted of 6 – navy blue, white, red, beige, black, gray.we love these socks.

Question Question 10

Do These Exist In Ladies’S Size 6?


Question Question 11

We Use A Womens Size 10 Shoe, Should We Get Get Sock Size 9-11 Or Sock Size 10-13?

we use a size 10 shoe and got the 9-11 socks and for us they’re ideal.

Question Question 12

Which Colors Are Made In The U.S.A.?

It’s not noted ?? Mine are great darkish tan. we can’t keep in mind if others are readily available, sorry. we will state they are extremely comfy.

Question Question 13

Do These Socks Remain In Location?

Definitely. These socks do not ride down. They remain in location and the flexible does not use down or stretch. Really comfy.

Question Question 14

1). Do These Have A Cotton-Like Product?( We Do Recognize Its Bamboo) 2). Will It Select Up/Absorb Other Colors If Cleaned With {Other-Colored} Products?

yes. It imitates cotton. It is simply softer and tactile. The color does not alter or spread out. If possible, we advise cleaning at low temperature levels. Thank You.

Question Question 15

Where Are Theses Socks Made?

There is not a tag on the socks to suggest where they are made.You would need to ask the OEM

Question Question 16

Hiya? We Are Trying to find A More Slickery/Nylon Sock That Would Slip Quickly Into Shoes & Not Block Like Cotton Does On Me, Are These Like Slicker-Ish?

No, these sock are not “slickerish” at all and they are thicker than nylon similar to routine white cotton socks.

Question Question 17

Are These No Longer Readily Available In Black?

we simply purchased in black, we ought to get them quickly.

Question Question 18

Why Exists A Distinction In Quality From The Navy To The Black.The Black Are MuchBetter They Have Arch Assistance And Are Taller??

do not understand why the navy or taupe are various from the black however the black are much better.

Question Question 19

Do These Socks Gather ‘Tablets’ Genuine Bad When Cleaned? (We Notification Some Socks Do More Than Others)?

No, we have actually not seen any “pill” collection when these socks are cleaned.

Question Question 20

Are The Black Ones The Like The Color Pack? You Can T Inform By The Images.?

we didn’t get the all black however the color ones and white with color are exceptional. we use my own daily we extremely advise them for softness convenience and we have actually cleaned them a number of times and they hold up fantastic.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on TeeHee Viscose from Bamboo Diabetic Sports Cushion Crew Assorted Multi Pair Pack, these may be helpful for better understanding.

It has to do with time. So sick of just having black, gray, white, or tan socks to select from even if we have delicate feet that swell in some cases. Colors aside, these are wonderful socks – whether you require diabetic socks or not. We have actually attempted numerous brand names & kinds of diabetic socks that assured the world. Disliked the majority of them. These provide whatever you desire in a sock. And in a diabetic sock. Plus they’re quite. The tops are incredibly elastic, show up over our calves – and remain there without dropping or leaving a ring in our leg. The soles are padded at the balls of feet, heel, and there. Is a mild quantity of arch assistance. The toes have no joints and the length is ideal for our female’s size 9b foot – and in some way still ideal when it swells to a 10 w. They should call these magic socks. We are getting a 2nd pack to set up for later on. We use socks throughout the day in the house without shoes so.

Socks are such a little thing. That is, unless you have neuropathy. Then they end up being essential. These are some of the softest and most non-binding socks we have actually acquired. Outstanding buy and worth.

These are by far our brand-new preferred socks. We have actually a good sized arch and the arch assistance in these are amazing. Finest arch assistance we have actually ever seen. Likewise they will hug the most narrow foot, tiniest of ankles and the best foot, and bigger ankles. Really flexible. We understand they are developed for diabetics however trust us you do not need to have inflamed or agonizing feet to use these fantastic socks. We have a little ankle and still have problems with other brand names from various business that are alway too tight on our ankle, however after finding these gems we no longer need to fret about them being too tight any longer. These are definitely ideal. They fit tight on a little ankle and the very same on an inflamed ankle due to the fact that of the fantastic stretch and offer they have. We swear its like magic. After finding these amazing socks we will never ever by any other brand name. We lastly found the ideal quality socks. Not just are they completely made with extremely high quality products, they look cool. The styles on these socks are actually great. Various and incredible. This is our very first time leaving an evaluation and we are so delighted, pleased and pleased with these wonderful socks we simply needed to inform you men simply how fantastic these are. Just guidance we can offer which is sort of essential, is to purchase one measure due to the fact that they run a little small. We are size 9 however needed to go up one size. However seriously folks that’s not a huge offer. These socks are magic. 2 huge thumbs up.

These socks are fantastic. Non binding, regarding not cut off flow or leave imprints in our legs. Perfect for the diabetic foot and leg, and quite too. We enjoy the additional cushioning at the toe and heel also.

These must not be called diabetes socks – they really are for everybody. We can’t beleive how comfy these socks are. We are not diabetic, however we have actually seen that other routine weave socks leave the compression ring around our leg for hours after we take them off, so we attemptedthese They are excellent. They’re holding up well under cleaning device conditions and – did we point out how comfy they are? we would buy them once again. In reality, we will most likely buy them once again quickly, in black and other colors. (we were not spent for this evaluation, and we purchased them on our own penny).

* upgrade. 8/5/19 after using and cleaning the very first plan of socks we acquired, we were so pleased we purchased 2 more plans. These are definitely wonderful quality and exceptionally comfy beyond our wildest expectations. Simply gotten the plan of socks today. We are diabetic and suffer from diabetic neuropathy. Put a pair on and could not think how comfy they are. We required to travel to costco that night which constantly indicates great deals of strolling on concrete floorings. Once again, our feet felt better than they have in years. We specifically delighted in the additional cushioning around the toes and heel. Your feet will thank you for putting them in these socks.

These socks are by far the very best purchase we have actually made on. We were going to wait to examine this till later on today, however we are so satisfied with these socks. The bamboo material is so soft. The cushioning on the ball of the foot and the heel is simply ideal, and the arch assistance band makes them evenbetter We used them to bed and our feet were comfortable and warm. Nevertheless, the genuine factor we acquired these is due to the fact that we had actually established a corn on among our toes from the joint on our old socks constantly rubbing on our toe. So uneasy and agonizing, we feared placing on our work boots and going to work. Well we figured today we were putting these socks to the test. Today, we completed our early morning garbage pull in 45 minutes for the 3-floor structure we are the custodian of. This job averages us an hour an 15 minutes. Our feet are comfy, our toe is not in burning discomfort. We are not diabetic, however our mommy is, and we concerned like her socks, so we recognize with how diabetic socks feel. However diabetic or not, these are exceptional socks. We are going to be getting a couple more packs and pitching our old carhartt socks.

We like the socks, they fit quite well although do not keep up along with we would hoped. Our only grievance is we want the “wildly colorful” part wasn’t concealed. We purchased them due to the fact that they are the only vibrant diabetic socks we have found anywhere. Nevertheless, the prettier part is on the toe and heel, otherwise when using them it simply appears like you have on red or blue or gray socks. We would like them to be a bit bolder with the colors. However in general, they’re respectable and relatively comfy.

Our boy has sensory problems and socks that are tight and binding around the ankle trouble him quite. We changed him into diabetic socks however he still desired enjoyable, dynamic colors to use. These socks have fantastic color choices and are made with quality. The ankle location is loose enough not to be binding however not dropping either. The foot part is perfectly cushioned and has a great band around the arch that is not tight either. He likes these socks. We will absolutely be purchased more.

We would read about bamboo as material for many years and constantly found it appealing (bamboo is among our preferred plants given that youth however we weren’t sure it would make a terrific material). Never ever had a possibility to actually feel it, however, and we do not like to buy unknowns, even if there’s a terrific return policy. Needing to send out things back is a trouble and a half. However we lastly purchased some bamboo underclothing and was an instant transform. Chose that from then on if we required to change something which something was made with bamboo, we would buy the bamboo variation. Required brand-new shoes for work, and desired something that would go perfectly with gowns or trousers. Selected a pair of tuks, for which we would require “crew socks” (so the shoes would be all-day comfy and our slim ankles would not mess up the appearance when using gowns). A lot of crew socks appear to be tight around the ankles and legs, however like a loose bag around our feet. Dislike those socks and was hoping these bamboo socks would hug our foot. They do. These socks are exceptionally soft. Seems like we are covering our foot in cashmere. They fit “like a glove” and are so comfy we want we had a complete bodysuit for winter season jammies. We enjoy the method they look with our brand-new shoes, too. The ankle-to-leg part is thick however not too thick. We will be using them for deal with our brand-new shoes and for have fun with our tennis shoes. Bamboo will likewise keep foot sweat at bay and our shoes in excellent shape. Love love love these socks. And they’re going to look so adorable with our bamboo gowns. 10/10 we * will * buy once again.

Omg, we enjoy, enjoy, enjoy these socks. We acquired them initially for our grandma, who had a tough time placing on her socks. She chooses crew socks to keep her legs warm, so while not diabetic, required something a little looser. These socks are soooooo soft and were do simple for her to place on. She uses them brought up, and they appeared to keep up simply great although they are looser than regular socks. And so far, they clean magnificently. Still incredibly soft and ideal. We found ourself getting envious and purchased some for us. Then we revealed them to our sis, and needed to offer her a number of pair. Now we need to ordermore Our only problems are that not all colors are readily available prime, and they are rather plain. We desire this product with a cool trouser sock style. If they looked cooler, we would just buy these socks. Permanently.

We purchased these due to the fact that they looked comfortable and we use socks around our home a lot. They are fantastic for that. The sole is a bit thicker so they are extremely comfy to stroll in. We have had them about a month and have actually cleaned them a couple times. The socks are holding up extremely well. We are not a diabetic however these would be exceptional diabetic socks. They do not bind at all. If you require thick socks and you desire some enjoyable color choices, buy these.

We have actually attempted all type of diabetic socks and the majority of them do not measure up to their guarantee. They are normally either too binding triggering indents in our legs or too loose and do not keep up after simply a few washings. These socks strike the ideal balance in non-binding style and convenience. We were a bit reluctant in the beginning due to the fact that of the colors, however after we got them we actually found we delighted in that element also. If you are diabetic, you can’t fail with these socks. We will absolutely be purchased more.

Tight knit through the foot with a thicker bottom. From the ankle up you have actually got a looser weave that perfectly hugs the leg without moving down. This is a big problem for us as we have bigger legs. We do not seem like the compression is cutting into us at all. However wow, are these soft. We do not require a diabetes sock, however they seemed like an excellent concept for our scenario. Really comfy and they do not move down on me. We would purchase them once again. They do require to remain in the clothes dryer a little longer than thinner socks; approximately as long as a thick towel.

These are the most comfy diabetic socks that we have actually ever acquired. We were at first fretted that the density at the top of the sock would be binding however was happily shocked that it does not. The socks keep up and the cushioning on the bottom of the foot feels fantastic.

We are not diabetic, however we desired some comfy socks that have excellent cushion on the soles and do not strangle our calves. These fit the costs, or rather, our feet, completely. They’re soft, comfortable, reliable, and look sufficient to use to work. They’re likewise quite cool and breathable. We needed to do a great deal of outside strolling today in some crazy heat and humidity and while our t-shirt got sticky and our face felt sunburned, our feet were still comfy. They have actually cleaned well, no shrinking or pilling. Extremely suggested whether you’re diabetic or not and you simply desire some comfy socks.

We enjoy these socks. We are relatively high (5’11”) with relatively huge feet (size 11), and these fit incredibly. Our legs are beautiful average– not ultra thin, however not heavy either. We use these socks with our workout shoes. They are too thick in the sole for the majority of our other shoes. If we wished to use socks with them, we would need to prepare that and buy a larger size. However they’re exceptional with both sets of our exercise shoes, which are various brand names. They are bit warm for summer season usage. Otherwise we have definitely no problems. We have actually been using them for a variety of months, therefore far no holes or other indications of extreme wear. And they have the very same stretchiness and texture as they did when brand name brand-new.

Oh our goodness. We remain in love; our feet in paradise. We do not have diabetes, no neuropathy, just fat calves. Years ago we found that diabetic socks fit well, without the undesirable ring of imprint. However in time the socks have actually gotten thinner, and remained boring. Which was so discouraging. We didnt wish to suffer for design over convenience. Anyhow, time for more socks and we relied on to compare rates. And foundthese We stopped taking a look at rate instantly. We put a pair on today. And sighed in joy. Other than the incredibly soft bamboo, the cushioning on the sole made our feet dance in joy. It isn’t frustrating like in some cases socks that appear like this are. Perfect porportion. This is no real encouraging sole (running/hiking) however for sportswear these socks rock. Them remaining in a 6 pack is an included perk – we have a pair for almost every day of the week. Now to find maybe knee socks like them.

We actually enjoy the feel of these socks. Nevertheless, after using one pair simply one time, our huge toe went through the material and developed a little hole that we will need to darn if we wish to use them once again. Up until now all the other sets in the plan have actually not been an issue however we will need to see how they clean up. Love that they do not bind around our ankles and calves however have adequate flexible to keep up and they do not roll down. We will not attempt more till we understand that the hole in the sock was a one sock thing, so we can’t advise yet.

We are not diabetic however have actually constantly had problems with socks being too tight, cutting off flow to our feet and leaving agonizing imprints in our calves. These teehee socks lack question the most comfy socks we have found (and think me, we have actually attempted * numerous * various brand names). We use a ladies’s size 7 1/2 shoe and the size 9-11 sock fit us rather well. We have actually given that purchased some of the solid-color variations likewise which are likewise terrific. Extremely suggested if you’re trying to find socks that keep up however do not bind.

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