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SumacLife Hard Shell Protective Case for Diabetic Organizer Carrying Case

SumacLife Hard Shell Protective Case for Diabetic Organizer Carrying Case

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SumacLife Hard Shell Protective Case for Diabetic Organizer Carrying Case.

  • Hard Shell Interior safeguards the contens from breaking or spilling and soaks up external effects
  • Integrated Mesh Pocket enables you to keep numerous products inside stress-free
  • 2 integrated in security straps hold down large products from moving
  • Microfiber internal liner supplies a scratch complimentary enviornment
  • Consist of a carbiner inside so you might connect your carbineer to anything strap you desire

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More Info:

Here are some more information on SumacLife Hard Shell Protective Case for Diabetic Organizer Carrying Case.
Color: Black Developed to be little, compact, and quickly available, our Sumaclife Protective Case Cover for Diabetic Packages is the best buddy to keep your Blood sugar Displays, Insulin Injectors, Lancets, Test Strips and other diabetic devices you might require. Developed with 2 flexible straps to protect large displays down, you ll never ever require to stress over your displays or test strips moving. Likewise integrated in is a stain mesh pocket which quickly protects your lancets, cotton bud, plasters, or any little products in location throughout transit. With its hard shell case and microfiber scratch complimentary interior, this case will protect your diabetic insulin injectors, display, and all your devices with ease!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SumacLife Hard Shell Protective Case for Diabetic Organizer Carrying Case.

Question Question 1

What Are The Dimensions Of This Case?

The within measurements are 4″ x 6.25″ The outdoors measurements are 5″ x 7″

Question Question 2

Have A Hard Effect Plastic Case, Made In Switzerland. Holds 2 Vials Of Insulin And 2 Syringes Witbh Secure Slots For Each. No Eliminating The Vials To Lo?

we do not believe this case will hole what you require to.Mine holds a little meter, test strips, and a insulin syringe, a record book, and wipes.

Question Question 3

What Is The Measurement In Between The Internal Elastic Straps?

Hello There Frank, the range in between the internal bands is 3 and 1/2 inches.Hope this helps.If and when this case ever requires replacement, we will certainly re-order this one.

Question Question 4

Will The Case Fit Well In A Pocket For Easy Carrying?

It might not fit in a pocket however will suit the little pocket of a knapsack or in a purse.It resembles 7″ long 5″ broad and 1.5″ deep.

Question Question 5

Will This Hold Glucometer Test Strips Lancets And Alcohol Pads?

this case will hold glucometer test strips lancets and alcohol pads. The interior of this case determines around 6 inches by 3.5 inches by 1 inch

Question Question 6

Will This Case Hold 2 Standard Syringes, 2 Vials Of Solu-Cortef In The Boxes (Step: 2.75″ X 1.25″ X 1.25″), A Few Alcohol Wipes & Maybe A Few Tablets?

Absolutely, our sweetheart (who we purchased this for) can fit 2 standard syringes, 2 vials of insulin his meter and a bottle of test strips and his pen. It isn’t a big case however it fits whatever he requires completely with out requiring anything to fit. He likes it.

Question Question 7

, May We Ask Where It Is Made? What Nation? Any Questions That Belongs Will Assistance.?

we are really sorry, however we put on t understand where it is made.we will inform you that it s the very best case we have actually ever had for holding all of our Diabetic needs.If or when this case needs to be changed, we will be purchasing the very same one.

Question Question 8

Can You Connect To A Belt?

The case does have a carabiner (a little spring packed hook) which might be connected to a belt 1 or smaller sized, this would have it hanging rather than strapped to the belt so yes it might be connected to a belt.

Question Question 9

Is This An Ice Bag Too?

No it is not an ice bag. we has a hard, protective cover with lining however no insulation.

Question Question 10

Is The Huge Enough To Hold The Toujeo Insulin Pen? Thanks.?

Yes, it will.we bring whatever that we require for our diabetic materials, consisting of 2 various insulin pens.we extremely advise this.

Question Question 11

Will This Case Hold Insulin Pens?

If you do not have a glucose meter it should fit

Question Question 12

Will This Hold An Omnipod Insulin Pump Pdm And Other Supirs Like Insulin, Bonus Pod?

we put an insulin pen, needles and alcohol pads in our case.

Question Question 13

Will This Case Hold An Omnipod And A Dexcom?

we put on t understand. we utilize my own to hold diabetic meter and insulin pen

Question Question 14

Can This Case Hold A Complimentary Design Libre Display?

Yes, we utilize this for our Freestyle Libre display. It’s likewise big enough to bring our insulin vials & needles.

Question Question 15

Any Person Utilizing This For Injectables Aside From Insulin? We Required It To Bring 2 Covered 6 Inch Syringes And 2 Vials Of Hydrocortisone.?

Case works well as we bring precisely the very same things

Question Question 16

Will It Fit An Accu Chek Compact Plus Meter?

we believe that it would fit. we purchased this for our good friend, and he fits whatever in this case. This is a good-sized case. He brings his meter, lancing gadget, test strips in their cylinder, 2 kinds of insulin and additional lancets and alcohol pads. This even leaves him additional space. He is really happy with this case.

Question Question 17

What Are The Dimensions Of This Case?

The approximate measurements of this case are 6.3 x 4 x 1.5 inches.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on SumacLife Hard Shell Protective Case for Diabetic Organizer Carrying Case, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We utilized this bag/box for its designated function of holding all our diabetes stuff. It is really tough of fantastic quality specifically for the modest rate. We like the hard sides. We put on t especially like the hokey hook and carabiner utilized for assaulting a strap. Other bags have big zipper pulls with huge holes in the ends utilized for connecting a strap. These appear to work muchbetter Our significant grievance nevertheless is the size. It is too brief by about an inch to hold every kind of insulin pens. Considering that it is billed as a diabetes things bag, appears like the designers would have ensured it sufficed sized to hold all of the readily available insulin options. We likewise personally want it had a few more color alternatives. We have actually been a type we diabetic for 45 years and am constantly looking for the best bag to hold all the things needed to function every day. This one is really close. Other than size and strap accessory approach.

We purchased this case for our child’s day-to-day diabetes materials. Area is tight, with simply sufficient space for his meter, test strips, lancet, extra battery, pen and pen needles. His insulin pen fits without the cover on it. We liked the case a lot that after his knapsack was taken, with case within, we purchased another.

We utilize this case to hold our emergency situation diabetes set. It has space for a blood sugar meter, a vial of test strips, a lancing gadget, a tube of 10 glucose tablets, a few loose lancets, cotton balls, and alcohol pads. The case has a mesh pocket on one side (for the smaller sized loose products) and a larger compartment with a rubber band on the other side. You can load your larger products (meter, lancing gadget, tube of glucose tablets, vial of test strips) in the larger compartment. Nevertheless, it needs a cautious plan in order to fit whatever. The larger products are hardly kept in location by a single rubber band. Nevertheless, because this is an emergency situation set, we do not anticipate to open it frequently, so we are not fretted excessive that the bigger products will fall off when we open the case. We utilize a various case (medport) for our daily diabetes set. The medport set has much more space, it can hold materials for a few days, and absolutely nothing falls off when you open it. Nevertheless, the medport set is much bigger.

First we want to thank the individual who addressed our question recently about utilizing this case for emergency situation hydrocortisone- you were right. All our fellow awe friends- this is the one. We got this 10 minutes earlier and fit the following: 2 vials of solu-cortef- 2 3ml syringes- 2 1ml tuberculin syringes- 6 extra needles- 10 chlorhexidine swabs- 1 tourniquet (we are np, we normally provide it iv)- little saggy one days oral medications- little baggy 10 hydrocortisone tablets and 2 prefilled lovenox syringes for yet another medical issue lol. We utilized little 1 by 1 inch squares of velcro on products for security- some adhered to lining firmly without the fuzzy side of the velcro. Lastly a case that doesn t inhabit all the square video footage of your bag. Our other case was fantastic however we actually needed to just buy particular bags or it wouldn t fit. We are delighted and safeguarded simultaneously. Diabetics- other than not being cooled it s best for you. We advise the velcro as your display may move and insulin is glass- and costly. Velcro expenses 2 dollars.

All our things fits. Accu-check aviva plus glucose meter. Test strips. Accu-check lancing gadget. 2 basaglar pens. Pen needles. Lancets. Alcohol swabs. Directions for uster. Great open idea enables versatility and optimizes usage of area. Perfect for us our pens are max size for it. Zippered pouch for lancets and needles would be good however we will find one someplace.

We purchased this to bring our migraine medications in, and we are quite pleased with it. It fits our syringes, vials, nasal sprays, powders, tablets, and alcohol cleans simply great. We do want the mesh pocket turned up a little bit greater, as our nasal sprays that we keep in it do not fit very comfortably, however that’s truly a small issue. (in the picture there are just 4 nasal sprays, however we have actually because included 2 more, so it holds even more than the picture reveals.) we like that it’s a hard case, so we do not need to stress over our syringes getting harmed or our vials breaking. It’s likewise a helpful size, so it fits perfectly in our small to medium sized bag. In general, we are quite pleased with this and would advise it to anybody who needs to bring vials and syringes around.

Exceptional case. Hard shell. Really rooour. Fits novolog flexpen, levemir injection pen, and lantus injection pen. There is area for saving additional nano needles, lancets, test strips, and bg meter. Perfect for our requirements.

We have actually been type 1 for 4 years, and this hard case is fantastic. It fits our tresiba u100 pen with the cap left on, novolin r vial, tester, strips, pricker, and 3 x 30 u syringes, and a folded 8. 5 x 11 record sheet with a little pencil (for recommendation, we utilize dr. Bernstein’s low-carb method). What we like most is that the hard walls keep our things from falling out when unzipped: really essential to us as we are constantly on the go. It’s not too huge or little – simply the ideal size – another huge benefit. We have actually utilized other cases, for example, a more costly leather one from the uk, however we choose this one, and it turns out that it’s a really affordable rate.

The rubber bands are bit too far apart, however holds our meter & a number of other products we require if going out & keeps them safeguarded from getting smashed in our bag.

Keep our libre glucometer, power cable and test strips all in the very same case. Durable hard shell.

Bought to safeguard work backup drive as it’s being carried in between workplace and off website. Hard enough to safeguard the drive. Not to large. Perfect size.

Satisfies our requirements however want it had a few zippered pockets or velcro compartments in side for little products. Needed to utilize a plastic bag for the pen needles.

Okay it holds to insulin pens a test set and test strips however doesn t have much additional space after that we want it was an inch larger.

It’s a little bit larger than we believed it would be however it has area to hold a few flexpens so that’s a plus. Terrific quality at an excellent rate.

Terrific case for diabetic meter and materials. Really long lasting. If you require a case this is the one to buy.

Durable hard case with space for all diabetic products. Epipens fit quickly.

Fits vials and a few points, the hard case keeps the vials safe.

This is a really tough case. It has lots of space for your medical syringes. Excellent worth for rate.

We utilize this for our glucometer and test strips. We have had it a while and it’s still in fantastic shape.

Tresiba pens fit completely and clip over among the 2 rubber bands on one side. Needles fit in zip up pouch on the other. It does not offer cooling however we do not need it. Makes an ideal carrying case.

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