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SPIbelt Adult Diabetic Belt

SPIbelt Adult Diabetic Belt, No-Bounce Discreet Adjustable One Size, Expandable Pouch

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SPIbelt Adult Diabetic Belt, No-Bounce Discreet Adjustable One Size, Expandable Pouch.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • If you require to bring an insulin pump, SPIbelt is the most hassle-free one to utilize.
  • The pocket broadens to 6 x 3 x 2 inches to accommodate necessary products such as: Insulin Pumps, Blood Sugar Meters, Test Strips, Recognition, Syringes, Insulin Vials or Pens, and Fast-Acting Glucose.
  • Comfy no-bounce sports pouch with discrete enhanced opening. Usage as insulin pump belt or diabetes bag. Likewise works fantastic for earphones!
  • Soft flexible avoids chaffing. Durable buckle and building and construction for even the most active user. Expandable, safe and secure, low-profile pocket. Likewise broadens to hold phone, secrets, money, charge card and even a passport!

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More Info:

Here are some more information on SPIbelt Adult Diabetic Belt, No-Bounce Discreet Adjustable One Size, Expandable Pouch.
The Diabetic SPIbelt is the best product for people with medical requirements due to the fact that it is comfy enough for day-to-day wear and was developed to bring an insulin pump. Every Diabetic SPIbelt can firmly and easily accommodate cables and infusion tubing through an enhanced pass-through hole. The pass-through hole is put behind the pocket to permit tubing to feed through the trademarked pouch style. The pocket broadens to 6.5 ³ x 3 ³ x 2 ³ and fits waist size of 25 ³- 47 ³ to accommodate necessary products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SPIbelt Adult Diabetic Belt, No-Bounce Discreet Adjustable One Size, Expandable Pouch.

Question Question 1

Can It Be Utilized For Sleeping?

Yes, we have numerous clients that utilize this product while sleeping. The buckle is by the pocket to make sleeping comfy.

Question Question 2

Can You Purchase A Belt Extender?

Yes. Go to spibelt.com and you can buy the belt extender that will work with this belt.

Question Question 3

How Big Can It Stretch?

we utilize our spibelt for running. we put an iPhone 6 the secret to our truck in it. Everything fits quickly. I

Question Question 4

Will It Hold A T: Flex Insulin Pump With A 480 Ml Cartridge (That Makes It A Little Thicker)?

The product broadens a lot. we have actually had our Medtronic pump, iPhone and automobile type in mine.

Question Question 5

We Have A Good friend With A 50 Inch Waist.Can You Include The 12 Inch Extender To This Belt?

we have actually never ever seen the extender. Belt did not fit.

Question Question 6

Would It Work For Sleeping?

Yes it can as long as you are comfy with having it around your waist at while you sleep.This was among the main factor we acquired this due to the fact that we would get up with our pump hanging on the side of the bed.This keeps the pump protected to you throughout the night.

Question Question 7

Can This Be Utilized For Swimming?

Never ever utilized it for that function however we do not see why not. It dries extremely rapidly from sweaty karate exercises and the product appears like it would work well. Just thing we are uncertain about is the zipper. Main clip is plastic.

Question Question 8

Will This Size Hold An Iphone 5 And A Dexcom?

we have this size.It has great deals of space. we typically just bring our Insulin pump, however it might likewise hold our dexcom, or an iPhone.

Question Question 9

Will This Belt Deal With A Medtronic 670 G Pump?

Thanks for reachingout Yes the SPIbelt Diabetic belt will hold the Medtronic 670 G pump. Please let us understand if you have any otherquestions Thanks. SPIbelt Customer Service. (512) 394-6089

Question Question 10

Is This Big Enough To Conveniently Bring An Inhaler And A Spacer?

we are uncertain about a spacer?? However we bring our pump. the size of a big pager and it broadens a lot we have had type in it as well.we understand 100 percent the inhaler will fit most likely 2 inhalers we are simply uncertain what a spacer is??

Question Question 11

How Big Is The Opening For The Catheter? It Looks Too Little For The Clip To Travel through.?

Television needs to go thru the zipper closure, however what we did was make an extremely little hole in the joint, by getting rid of a few stitches, however it s not as safe and secure as we would like.The just thing we utilize it to put the insulin pump in for a fast shower.Pumps can get damp however very little and this works for that. Hope this was useful

Question Question 12

Can This Go Through Belt Loops?

Sorry however we never ever utilized it through belt loops.

Question Question 13

Could This Be Utilized On The Leg?

Fantastic question.We do have some clients that have the ability to utilize the Kid’s SPIbelt rather and twist around their leg.

Question Question 14

Can This Be Utilized With Cadd Ms3 Pump? Is The Hole Cable Hole Big Enough?

we are uncertain about that pump size. we have a T-slim insulin pump and there is a fair bit of additional space. As far as the hole, we do not utilize it. we simply put our pump in so the tube is closest to the zipper closure and after that zip it up the majority of the method. we have actually been utilizing this for many years,,, no issues.

Question Question 15

Is This Latex Free?

All of our products are latex-free. Nevertheless, our belts do consist of Dry Natural Rubber.

Question Question 16

Will This Hold An Epi Pen?

we do not understand how huge an epi pen is however a routine pen harmonizes additional area length wise.It does stretch some so would believe it would work simply great.

Question Question 17

Is This Insulated?

Uncertain what do you suggest by insulated, however it is not water-proof given that it primarily is made from lycra material and it has a little hole in the bag for the catheter.

Question Question 18

What Kind Of Buckle Does This Have – 2 Or 3 Prongs?

Fantastic question. The buckle has 3 prongs.

Question Question 19

Is This Washer Device Safe?

Yes this product is washer maker safe. we purchased one just recently for our diabetic boy and clean his regularly. Up until now it has actually been extremely long lasting. Hope this assists.

Question Question 20

Is This Water resistant?

Our Diabetic SPIbelts are not water resistant. We recommend describing the pump manufacture’s suggestions for keeping your pump safe in damp conditions.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on SPIbelt Adult Diabetic Belt, No-Bounce Discreet Adjustable One Size, Expandable Pouch, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We purchased the adult size for our 15 years of age child for her insulin pump. She likes it. She uses everything the time even to bed. She is extremely active and she states it sits tight and does not bounce around. She can change it extremely simple any place she desires and how tight she desires it: lower hip/waist or upper hip/waist location. It does not require belt loops to sit tight however the strap goes through belt loops. In any case it’s adjustable. It’s simple to pull the tubing through the opening of the pouch, and she likes how the tubing stays out of the method. She can fit both her insulin pump and dexcom receiver in it, which is truly great due to the fact that discovering a location for the receiver can be a discomfort. This pouch is extremely discreet and form fitting to the pump so it’s not large. We extremely suggest this to everybody. Specifically diabetics given that its difficult to find something that does not ride up, bounce all over, isn’t large, and whatever else.

If you are on the fence about getting this product. Do it. We were on the fence, however started. This purchase was for our very first insulin pump, and we were rating what we would require for it. We use this belt all the time. The hole in the back keeps your tubing from getting captured in zippers, and it’s so little it’s not visible under a t-shirt. Our medical professionals even asked us where we got it from, and we let them understand. We are from a town, and they had actually not seen anything like it in the past. Easy access to your pump, simple to sleep with it on, the slot in the back keeps your tubing safe. It’s an incredible product that we would offer 10 stars to if we could.:) so, on the fencers, get this. You’ll enjoy you did.

What we enjoy about the belt is the product and the adjustable waist band. It has a lot of space for our minimed 670 g insulin pump. We likewise have actually had the ability to use our summer season gowns and it be entirely hidden by simply putting it right under where the bra would end, and putting it in the center. It has actually made it much easier to sleep in the evening. We put it in the very same location similar to when we use our gowns the only distinction we use it over our t-shirt and we put it in the center, once again simply below where the bra ends. We likewise wished to see if the product extended enough to fit our iphone xr which does have a otter box on it and it fit no it will not hold both the pump and phone. Our dislike would need to be sadly where there is a opening for the tubing for our insulin pump it has currently started to decipher which is triggering an issue with fitting our tank (what holds our insulin) due to the strings getting stuck on it. The other dislike is the how the product is on the back on both corners. They are twisted which we presume the style is for bigger products that s how it permits it to broaden. Sadly it triggers the elastic waistband to twist while using it. That makes it uneasy when that occurs.

We like this belt and we have actually acquired 2 of them for our insulin pump. Nevertheless it it tight and after using all day our waist harms. We have 34 waist and we have this belt as huge as it can get. If you have more than a 34 waist we do not suggest due to the fact that it is tight on us and often quite uneasy. The pouch is not huge we can hold our medtronic pump and nomore If you wish to hold more you ll require a hip pack. We have actually swam with this on and it was great and we sleep with it on almost every night. We suggest this product (if you have a guys s waist of 34 or smaller sized).

Pretty clever device. Nevertheless, we use a 670 g with the clip still on it and it triggers the pump to not lay flat extremely well. Likewise, the button hole to move the tubing through has numerous threads that get captured in our shape clip and needle and the edges aren’t stitched that well for the anticipated usage, so the edges are currently getting torn. Otherwise, quite useful for strolls, the beach (we used it in the ocean no issue – forgot it was even there up until our pump vibrated to inform us it lost the sensing unit signal. ), the swimming pool, or being out and about. Needing to unzip it to examine our pump or bolus is a bit unhandy however to be anticipated with anything which holds the pump inside like that. This is our very first time in 25 years of pump-wearing that we have actually attempted something like this and we like it.

Been utilizing spibelts for the past 10 years for our pumps. Have had rather a few, in both diabetic & non-diabetic designs. Initially, these belts are fantastic for pump users. Attempted numerous other runners belts however constantly return to spwe due to the fact that of the quality. These will last a long period of time and feel fantastic to use every day. Other belts started breaking down within a month of day-to-day usage. There has actually been a small upgrade to the diabetic belt though. Both variations utilized to be similar other than for the pass-through hole for pump tubing. Just recently they moved the buckle from the center of your back in the back to the front left about 2 inches from the pouch on this variation. Appears much easier to control the clasp from the front, nevertheless it is now extremely uneasy to sleep with if you’re a side sleeper. Clasp digs in while we lay on our side so we are continuously changing it over night. This product would get 5 starts if not for the modification to the buckle positioning. Some might choose it, however beware if you sleep on your side while using this one.

We were leary about acquiring this belt upon checking out other bad evaluations however we need to state, we enjoy it. It looks flat on our stomach not to discuss it s entirely adjustable. Other belts we formerly acquired were one size without the alternative to change and showed a bulge with specific clothes. We actually appeared to have the starts of a puffy abdominal area. No more of that now. Considering that we have a little waist it made it hard to get the belts to fit properly either being too tight or too loose. Our pump fits within the little pouch which zips close keeping our pump from falling out while sleeping. Will buy once again when we require a brand-new one. Fantastic task people.

We purchased this for usage with our medtronic 670 g insulin pump. We believed it would be uneasy however we didn’t even observe we were using it – comparable to a flexible waist band in trousers. We are 5 5 and weigh 227 pounds and we didn’t believe the band was too tight however we did need to extend it as much as it would permit. The pump did suit the pouch however we often simply clip the pump to the band itself and it remains in location well like this too.

We are type one diabetic and we have actually attempted many running belts. We are extremely delighted about this one. Today is our first day using it however up until now we love it.

We generally purchased to to keep things out of our pockets while we are working and rock climbing. We were on the fence to buy this given that some folks stated it was too little. Yeah alright. We actually use a size 36 and it fits simply great. We can hold our phone( iphonex), our pump and our rileylink. We even have another 4 inches of change if we were a fatter individual. So to those of you stating it s too little, are lying to yourselves about what size your waist is. You got ta resemble a size 42?.? for this to not fit and even then, it s not like the band doesn t stretch. Anyways it fits all our crap and fits us similar to we desired.

We enjoy our belt for our pump. The color is stunning. We get a great deal of compliments on it. The pocket is simple to move our pump in and out of one handed, we do not find the requirement to zip it up all the time unless we have other things in the pocket then the pump too, and we enjoy the slot for the tubing to come out of in the corner to go to our website. It guides it out from the pump pouch to the website and keeps it untangled. We did need to buy the belt extender, and kid oh kid did it extend the girth of the belt. It absolutely fits now. We find that we are much better with this pump pouch than with the one we had that was simply made out of fabric and actually hung there. This one provides stability and remains in location. Not to discuss we can tighten up the belt and loosen it up if we require to still. We have a medtronic minimed 670 g.

Extremely confortable and tough. Pump suits it too an additional tubing.

For a long period of time we were searching for something that resembled and secure our insulin pump and had not found it and this led us to buy numerous products which was not completely pleased by how uneasy they were at bedtime to buy this product. We enjoy it due to the fact that it is extremely like specifically for sleeping we suggest it.

It works truly well to hold our insulin pump closer to our body while permitting us to carry out aerobics and dives. We have actually likewise attempted out putting our pump along our cellular phone and other products and though it holds simply great, the weight begins to feel with violent dives and sprints. Considering that we were just interested in no initial holders for the pump (minimed 640 g), we are beyond pleased with this purchase.

We use a insulin pump. We utilize the belt for when we are sleeping. Does what its expected to do. The belt itself flexible so it remains safe and secure. The material of the pouch quite thin. Uncertain the length of time it will last. We feel that its worth the $20 We will buy another one after this one uses out.

We enjoy this belt and utilize it daily. We just take it off when we shower. Extremely tough and long lasting. We are extremely active and it serves us extremely well, no matter the activity. Thanks for making an excellent product and having the capability to buy it utilizing.

Bought for our 9 years of age who utilizes a tslim insulin pump. The pump fits best. Had no difficulty threading the tubing through the hole. She had actually been utilizing a stomach band and likes this belt muchmore Belt remains in location and does not ride up or bounce around. It’s likewise more discreet and conceals well under her clothing. Just disadvantage is that it does not fit both her pump and iphone sixes. We believe it would fit the dexcom receiver in addition to the pump. Our spouse wound up purchased one for himself after attempting hers (he utilizes an animas).

We went to costa rica for numerous weeks and required to use this bandanna on our day-to-day drives on atv’s. This bandanna was cool in the hot and damp heat, stretch any comfy, and effectively secured our face/mouths from dirt. Extremely suggest.

Finest waist pouch on the marketplace for an insulin pump. Advised by a good friend and worth the appreciation she provided it. Love the little hole in the back for the tubing. Should have for anybody with an insulin pump.

It provides a fairly comfy alternative location to put ones pump and a few products; so no tubing programs. If there is an alarm, nevertheless, it isn’t our preferred area to recover from in strategy view due to the fact that we need to muss our clothes to do it.

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