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Smartview Accu Chek Smart View Test Strips

Smartview Accu Chek Smart View Test Strips

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  • Accu-Chek Smartview 50 Count Blood Sugar Test Strips for Diabetes Self-Monitoring

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Blood Sugar Test Strips

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Smartview Accu Chek Smart View Test Strips.

Question Question 1

What Is The Expiration Date, Please?

You asked this question on our 75 th birthday so this is a big day for us.The expiration date is found on the top of package of strips– generally a year. ormore It is likewise found on the bottle of strips after it is opened and you have actually gotten rid of box.Love this accu-chek brand name– simple for old woman like me.

Question Question 2

When Is The Expiration?

The expiration on our bottle of strips is 6/30/19

Question Question 3

If We Buy These In Feb 2017 When Would Be The Experation Date?

Whenever we have actually acquired these the expiration dates have actually been over one year.

Question Question 4

Do These Have No Coding?

Right, no coding. Simply put them in your meter, include a drop of blood which’s it. we are extremely happy with them. we have actually never ever had an issue with them.

Question Question 5

If We Order Today When Is The Expiration Date?

It is undecided. we have actually utilized a range of individuals and we had actually never ever gotten ended strips however possibly within a month of expiration. It has notmade a distinction in the precision of ournumbers.

Question Question 6

What Is The Expiration Date Of The Strips?

exp date is on the bottom of package.

Question Question 7

What Is The Expiration On Both Of These Strips?

we purchased 2 boxes of 50 strips each a number of months back, and the expiration date is 11/14 we constantly utilized to stress that packages would be old and end quickly after we purchased them, however this has actually not held true. Tit is generally 6 months ormore we have actually been extremely pleased with the test strips we have actually acquired through.

Question Question 8

What Is The Expiration Date If We Order It Today?


Question Question 9

What Expriation Date Can We Anticipate, Bought 22 Jun 2019?

Anticipate Nov. Of 2019 however will be more than likely later on than that. we have actually never ever had any issue with expiration or accuracy.Excellent product with great deal of cost savings.

Question Question 10

We Required To Buy 2 Load, What Is The Expire Date. Please Include The Month Too?

we got our newest order today, June 6,2014 The expiration date on both of these boxes is Sept. 30,2015 That is 1 year and practically 4 months.

Question Question 11

What Is The Expiration Date On These Strips?

It differs from seller to seller.IF bought from MEDxSURG, it will constantly be 12+ months dating.Currently (September 2015) the expiration date is December 2016.

Question Question 12

What Is Precise Expiration Mm/Yyyy For Existing Supply?We Have Simply Ordered This.?

we have no chance of understanding that.All we can state is that the ones we purchased will end on April 30,2015 a complete year after we purchased them.

Question Question 13

When Is The Exp. Date For This One?

You will not understand that date up until you order.we have found the expiration dates to be extremely accommodating – plenty long.

Question Question 14

We Brought The Product Two Times, One Was On Jun 2014, The Other Was On Apr2013 However The Gadget Does Not Check Out One Of The Most Current One. Why, Please?

It’s finest to contact Roche, the maker, at 1-800-858-8072

Question Question 15

If We Order Test Strips Today (08/15) What Will Be The Expiration Date Of Test Strips?

Expiration date is printed on the container and generally last about 90 days if you buy a box of50 It will take you approximately 11/15 we hope this assistance

Question Question 16

Can You Test On Alternate Websites Like The Arm Or Leg?


Question Question 17

What Is The Expiration Date With Month When We Order 100 Counts Now?

All expiration dates are at 9 -12 months when we get them. In some cases we even get an additional 10-15 strips as a”gift” The expression date is clearly on package strip container.

Question Question 18

Whats The Exp Date On Strips?

Hello Carmella, while we can’t promote other sellers, our strips need to be at least 6 months from expiration. Typically they’re a year or more, however it often depends upon how rapidly they offer. Hope that assists.

Question Question 19

If We Were To Order Today (9-14-15) Will The Test Strips Have At Least An Expiration Of 6 Months From Now? (3/2016)?

It differs from seller to seller.IF bought from MEDxSURG, it will constantly be 12+ months to expiration date.Currently, (September 2015), the expiration date is December 2016.

Question Question 20

If We Purchase It On 3/7/19, What Will Be The Expiration Date?

This question can not be responded to honestly as each dealership has their own inventory.You have not concept about the expiration date you will receive.The just alternative would be to get in touch with the seller and ask the question of them.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Smartview Accu Chek Smart View Test Strips, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We are practically out once again, possibly a week’s worth left. There has actually been one loser in package so we more than happy and will buy more.

A lot more affordable than purchasing nonprescription. We conserve great deals of cash.

We had actually changed to another brand name a few years back due to the fact that of rate however just recently returned to accuchek for it’s precision.

We find these test strips to be as great as acquiring them at the drug shop. Great expiration date (2015), factory fresh and work simply great. Significant retail chains charge over $60 00 for 50 and medicare pays the seller $40 00+, so this is a deal, in all methods. No surprise medical insurance coverage is through the roofing system when we can buy through at under $2500 Go figure.

Usage this brand name all the time. Gets the job done.

We got in touch with the seller prior to we purchased these and he made certain he sent out a box with expiration we were searching for.

These are outstanding and precise test strips. What’s more is the rate is extremely budget-friendly compared to the outrageous rates in b & m shops. These particular boxes wound up being a present for family members abroad where similar products are even more insanely priced.

Repeat customer, up until now the very best in the market, thanks.

If you are looking for accu chek smart view test strips 100 strips 2×50 pack with discount rate offer. This is the easiest rate for you. This is the cjeapsest we can find for individuals who need to spend for thier own screening product. Terrific worth and grewat buy.

Test strips generally will just deal with one design, they are not interchangeable. Individuals require to read what they are purchased. We have no issue, you simply require to buy the ideal product. You can not blame others for your mistake.

We will not buy our strips anywhere however here, we get two times the quantity for less than what walmart or anybody else sales them. We likewise like this system, does not utilize much blood and the multi clix pin we can hardly feel it.

Great product.

Terrific rate for the strips and quick shipment. Extremely please. Will buy once again when we require them.

We found acquiring this product and our lancets through to be more affordable than going through the medical supply business our insurance coverage strategy utilizes. Plus, the medical supply business no longer authorizes scripts for accu-check & desired us to change to a brand-new tester. We simply got this one. We like that we can buy our materials online it quicker & more affordable.

We had our doubts prior to acquiring, however we are delighted that we went through with it. My order information: offered by “the medical suppliers store” purchased 1/25/14 and gotten in mail 2/1/14 Exp. Date checks out 04/30/2015 (yes, over a year away) test strips checked fine with screening service and have actually finished the job. Least expensive we have found anywhere other than through insurance coverage with a rx.


Less than half rate of what we get them from our regional drug store with our insurance coverage strategy. Order was gotten in a lot quicker than we anticipated.

Usage these with our nano. Get the job done as meant.

Precisely as promoted. Functions with our nano meter. More than 6 months on expiration date. Requirements extremely little blood to procedure.

Provided as assured, thank you.

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