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Silky Toes Women's Diabetic Premium Soft Non Binding Cotton Dress Socks

Silky Toes Women’s Diabetic Premium Soft Non Binding Cotton Dress Socks

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Silky Toes Women’s Diabetic Premium Soft Non Binding Cotton Dress Socks.

  • NON- BINDING TOP – Silky Toes Women’s Cotton Diabetic Socks carefully complies with your feet without squeezing or limiting blood flow.
  • WETNESS WICKING. It takes in wetness effectively and manages the body temperature level. The cotton is anti- bacterial and anti- fungal keeping your feet fresh, odor-free and healthy all the time.
  • SMOOTH BUILDING – Smooth toe decreases the threat of infection, foot pressure, or blisters and keep your feet comfy all the time.
  • SUPREME CONVENIENCE – 80% combed cotton, 10% Nylon, 10% Spandex. soft breathable cotton is ensured to offer supreme convenience.
  • DON’T COMPROMISE ON CHARM – Large variety of fundamental dress colors to match your closet.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Silky Toes Women’s Diabetic Premium Soft Non Binding Cotton Dress Socks.
Read more Soft, non-binding does not limit flow Ultra smooth toe joint for delicate feet Wetness managemant keeps socks dry Oder control homes keeps socks fresh Cushioned footbed offers additional defense Unwinded, contoured suitable for all – day convenience Read more SilkyToes is onproducts that promote healthy feet and legs. All SilkyToes socks are knit with the greatest quality fibers and technical functions that take full advantage of convenience and alleivates discomfort triggered by Diabetes, Leg Tiredness, Swelling, Blisters, and Dry Skin. Readmore


Here are afewfrequentlyaskedquestions andanswers onSilkyToesWomen’sDiabeticPremiumSoftNonBindingCottonDressSocks

QuestionQuestion 1

SilkyToes Why Are A Lot Of Favorite?

(***************** )we think that suggests it is an excellent sock.

QuestionQuestion 2

It Is Anya Issue For United States?

Do not comprehend question.

(**************** )Question 3

Comfy And Remains In Location?(******************** )

Yes, extremely.

Question Question 4

Does Size 9-11 Fit Womens Shoe Size 6?

our guess that size 9-11 would be too huge for a size 6.

Question Question 5

How Far Up On The Leg Do These Socks Come?

On our leg. The sock tackles one inch under our knee.

Question Question 6

We Are Searching For Socks With 18-25 Mmhg Pressure.Do These Qualify?

we actually do not understand however they do not increase extremely high up on your leg so the pressure would just be on the bottom of your leg.

Question Question 7

Is The Base Of The Toe Narrow, Or Wide?

It’s relatively large

Question Question 8

How Can You List This As Diabetic Socks With The Elastic String That Cuts Into Your Leg On Top?

while we didn’t list these socks, we did purchasea 3 pack and we find them rather comfy. we do not have diabetes however we too do not like socks that cut into our legs. we are sorry you did not like these however we make certain the seller or might help you.

Question Question 9

What Does 3/6 Pk. Mean?We Are Not Dumb However We Can’T Figure This Out.?

If you scroll throughout the sock color selector, some of the descriptions in the little pop-up window states some sets are of 6 sets and some sets are of 3 pairs.It appears that the majority of the sets of 6 are of all one color and sets of 3 are blended colors.

Question Question 10

Do These Sock Stay Up Or Do Thy Fall To The Ankle When Strolling?

Our guess is it depends upon high huge (thick) your leg is.On our relative, they slowly fall down.Actually, not however much gradually.Wethink if she would acquire 20 or 30 pounds it may fix the issue.

Question Question 11

How To Find Out If You Required A Large Size?

The sizing is generous with these socks.They stretch well for our large size feet.

Question Question 12

We Use A Size 9 Shoe However We Have A Wide Calf And Requirement A Queen Size. Which Size Sock Do We Required?

We would recommend a size 10-13 or queen size (13-15). Thank you.

Question Question 13

We Use An 8 1/2 Females’S Shoe.What Size Do We Required To Purchase?

we are not sure.we use a 10 lady’s shoe and we got the one that stated 10-13

Question Question 14

Do These Socks Go To Size 11 1/2?

Description states 9-11, however my own are actually a bit “rooour” and we use an 11, so we will wager you would be fine.

Question Question 15

How Wide Are The Tops These Socks? Will Queen Size Fit A Big Calf?

our socks are plus size.we can’t use routine size socks, since the top is too tight.The tops of these and the rest of the sock is elastic.

Question Question 16

Are These Toes Appropriately Formed Around The Foot Or Are The Toes Simply Whacked Straight Throughout With Swellings On Each Side Of The Toes? (Shoes)?

The toes are formed around the foot.

Question Question 17

Our Diabetic Mom In Law Who Remains In A Helped Living Center. Can Anybody Inform United States If These Socks Ok Cleaned And Dried In Clothes dryer?

we bought some for our mom and they clean and dry simply great.

Question Question 18

Female S Size 9 Shoe Size To Purchase?

10 – 13 worked well for us and we are females’s shoe size 9 1/2 to 10

Question Question 19

What S The Percent Of Cotton That They Re Made From?

Socks are not binding however a little frustrating as they wear t keep up. Unsure of the cotton percent.

Question Question 20

We Have A Female, 9-Wide Shoe Size, What Size Would Fit Me?

A basic size 9 would still suit a size 9-11 however if your foot is large we believe you need to attempt 10-13

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Silky Toes Women’s Diabetic Premium Soft Non Binding Cotton Dress Socks, these may be helpful for better understanding.

At last comfy socks that are long enough above the ankle. We are not worried about toe joints although these socks are built to be irritation-free as promoted. What is particularly attractive is their height up our calf so we do not appear like a dufus when our denims increase as when sitting. The fiber is undoubtedly soft and the vertically ribbed calf part is nonbinding on our rather substantial legs. In the past we have actually purchased socks that appear like they’re adequately high just to see them get here appearing like kids’s shoes in reality. These socks are produced grownups. We use females’s size 8 shoes and the medium (not big) size socks fit well; we would evaluate they will likewise work for individuals with much bigger feet than mine, and for individuals with rather smaller sized feet than mine. We likewise value the extremely high cotton material. The socks are simply the best consistency. Not lightweight, seethrough thin nor shoe-stretchingly thick. We prepare to buy more of these in the future.

Bought these for mommy who has diabetes and neuropathy, particularly for the smooth toe. In general they appear to be comfy for her. Dissatisfied that the toe has something like a joint at the end of the toes and each side of the toe has the additional threads that produce a “lump” of product, which we actually didn’t desire for her as others assist her dress every day. We will keep them however will continue to search for socks without those additional threads by the little and huge toes. In mommy’s words, “they’re not smooth near our toes. “.

These socks are extremely comfy. We are not diabetic, however we dislike toe joints. No matter what you do, the joint constantly works its method around into the most uncomfortable position. These socks have no joints, are extremely soft, and were excellent to use.

Our feet remain in princess feet paradise. Our feet can’t endure appears,,, it makes the location of the foot the appear is on burn in discomfort after an instant. We have no pain with these socks. Likewise, the band at the top does not bind. It has a great even flexible charge. Extremely comfy. They make a great moderate to thin sock. Now to find out if this business makes a similar thicker sock.

Remarkable soft socks. We are not diabetic however am choosy about our socks being soft and non-binding. These clean well too. Simply as sofft after cleaning and drying. Quality product.

These socks are excellent since they fit. We have a drawer filled with socks purchased in the “correct size” that fit like kid’s socks. We were uncertain whether to buy the size 9-11 or the bigger size since of our previous experience with tight socks. Purchased the 9-11 and they are great. We use an 8 1/2 dress shoe and and 9 1/2 athletic shoe with socks.

We are not diabetic however do have big calves. Routine socks bind our lower leg. These are excellent. They remain in location without any binding.

Feels excellent, not too tight, however they do diminish a little when put in the clothes dryer on low heat. Not an issue for us.

The socks are extremely comfy and soft, however. Identifying them as “diabetic” is a bit deceptive, since they still have that terrible, way-too-tight, restricting flexible thread at the top. Anybody with diabetes or a propensity to have inflamed ankles would still have issues with using them. Although it is reasonably simple to fix this issue by eliminating the flexible (actually a number of hairs) by choosing them loose with a dull needle & then pulling them out, one should not need to do this in order to get the assuredbenefits There is no factor to put flexible threads in the top, they keep up simply great without it. That stated, they are extremely good socks as soon as repaired, with an excellent length. Do dream they can be found in more colors though.

Acquired the size 10-13 and these are best for our females’s 11 foot size. Initially, it appeared the socks would be too long and the heel would be up towards our ankle, however after using for a number of hours, the knitted material sort of gotten used to our foot and whatever was great. These have adequate lycra in them to keep up and do not bind our ankles (although we do not have bigger ankles) and they’re best for taking a trip for long car/plane flights when your feet/ankles tend to get a bit puffy. A huge plus is that these hold true team length and not too brief. The socks have a tight, great knit and are best for dress shoes, or shoes that have a close fit. We would not suggest them for athletic shoes– you ‘d require a bulkier, cushiony sock for those.

Simply a few fast notes on the silky toes cotton dress socks we bought for the vacations. We confess, we have not used the socks, however, after all, they’re not for us. However our child, a physiotherapist, swears by them for their professional building and construction and convenience. She believes the world of this business and particularly asked for these socks as her christmas present. Understanding her, she investigated the business and revealed appreciation for their product, and, understanding how careful she is, we have every self-confidence that the socks will be precisely what she anticipates. We extremely suggest the business and its products.

These socks have actually minimized a great deal of the discomfort in our feet due to medical problems. The 2 possible issues we see with them is they are not smooth nevertheless for some factor the joint does not trouble our feet like other sock joints do. They likewise do not keep up on our legs like we were hoping however when they move down it up until now has actually not been a problem, we are not pulling our socks up all the time. We simply leave them and they’re not annoying. They are lightweight however not thin like some of the knee socks we have actually had. We do prepare to buy more.

This purchase was an enjoyable surprise. We have problem with fitting a ladies’s size eleven with wiggle space in the toe. These fit well. The mid-calf length is best for pants. Although we have big calves they appeared to fit great and were non-binding. The product is light-weight and extremely comfy. We just removed one star since the calf did roll down a bit with activity. That might be simply me, nevertheless. We are tough to fit. In general a terrific purchase. We purchased the queen size and will be buying more.

We bought these socks on the guidance of a pal. Well, she is now our friend. Haha simply joking she constantly was our friend. However we can’t rave about these socks enough. We are diabetic and have extreme neuropathy in our feet and legs. We never ever used socks since they would bind up on our toes and considering that our toes are numb the majority of the time, it was a risk to our flow. We likewise swell a lot in our feet and lower legs, these socks do not cut into our skin from being too tight yet they remain where we put them. We purchased a size bigger thinking we would remove the too tight binding straight off. We didn’t require to do that considering that they are extremely generous in the toe. In some way they figured out how to make the sock remain tight adequate to sit tight however not bind. They ticked every box for us. They are extremely soft, comfy, do not bind and do not cut into our legs. We are going to ordermore We have a number of so-called “diabetic socks” in our drawer that did not provide on their guarantees, these did. Since next week we are clearing our sock drawer into the garbage and will fill up with these socks.

We do not have diabetes, however do get pressure marks and hoped these would fix the issue. Sadly, while they are gentler than routine socks, they still leave a pressure mark. Obviously, we hold fluid. We did what another person recommended and cut the extremely leading flexible and they are now great.

When we initially got these socks we actually liked them. The tops wear t leave big indents on our leg however yet keep up pretty good. We bought the black socks and use them about one a week, so the picture we are connecting has actually been cleaned roughly 20 times. It didn’t take near that numerous cleaning for them to have a white line on them. They are bit much heavier sock and not actually a dress sock, so that might be great for your requirements.

They do not keep up completely, however then, they do not ‘warp’ our legs like sausage rings. The assistance in these appears to be vertical, that makes the distinction. They are extremely comfy. Dream they were a bit longer, like knee socks. We purchased another set of them. They clean rather well.

The silky toes diabetic premium soft non-binding cotton dress sock ware efficiently without any pinching or tightness. The color was okay, however want it was a darker, midnight blue. Back to the socks: we have actually been using them for a few days and wish to grab them no matter what we are using however we can’t do that. Possibly we will search for this sock in other colors however they are comfirtable and excellent using. Thanks silky toes.

We use a size 12 shoe & have issues discovering socks enough time, while we are not a diabetic, these socks fit our huge feet. We like the no toe joint and the colors. Our one problem is that the blue set established a little hole at the heel gusset after simply a few wearings, sort of an odd location – the side of the foot. That s the factor for 4 rather of 5 stars.

We have actually been trying to find socks that do not bind and still keep up. Up until now these appear to be doing simply that. These are comfy and light-weight. They work well for slip on or loafer type shoes. These are not heavy adequate to do well with athletic shoes, nevertheless. We are extremely happy up until now.

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