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Silky Toes Men's Diabetic Non Binding Cotton Dress Socks

Silky Toes Men’s Diabetic Non Binding Cotton Dress Socks, Multi Colors

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Silky Toes Men’s Diabetic Non Binding Cotton Dress Socks, Multi Colors.

  • NON- BINDING TOP – Carefully complies with your feet without squeezing or limiting blood flow.
  • WETNESS WICKING. It takes in wetness effectively and manages the body temperature level. The cotton is anti- bacterial and anti- fungal keeping your feet fresh, odor-free and healthy all the time.
  • SMOOTH BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION – Smooth toe decreases the danger of infection, foot pressure, or blisters and keep your feet comfy all the time.
  • SUPREME CONVENIENCE- 80% combed cotton, 10% Nylon, 10% Spandex. Super soft breathable cotton is ensured to offer supreme convenience.
  • DON’T COMPROMISE ON APPEAL- Large selection of standard dress colors to match your closet.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Silky Toes Men’s Diabetic Non Binding Cotton Dress Socks, Multi Colors.
Keep healthy and keep going. Silky Toes socks are best for diabetics and those with blood circulation concerns. These guys’s diabetic socks are skillfully built with a soft, non-binding top that carefully complies with your legs and will not limit blood circulation. Wetness management innovation works strongly to keep feet dry and anti-odor residential or commercial properties keep feet feeling fresh. Silky Toes diabetic socks are made with exceptional products for the finest fit and convenience and a smooth toe joint to decrease inflammation. Fits guys’s shoe size 6-15 We offer them in pack of 3 sets per pack or 6 sets per pack.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Silky Toes Men’s Diabetic Non Binding Cotton Dress Socks, Multi Colors.

Question Question 1

Why Exists A Disparity In Products?Main Description States 80% Cotton However Product Description Says.The Socks Are Cotton Free.?

Thank you a lot for pointing that out to us. The socks are certainly 80% cotton, has actually published the incorrect description to this product. We will have this fixed instantly.

Question Question 2

Do They Stay Up?

Yes, they keep up without binding.we have actually had other socks that felt excellent, however slipped down.These are best for convenience, non-binding and they keep up.

Question Question 3

What Length Is Mid-Calf? Longer Than Team Socks ??

They come near mid calf of our other half, they keep up and are comfy.

Question Question 4

Do They Can Be Found In Brown?All We Find Is Tan.?

Regrettably these are not offered in brown yet. However remain tuned. They will be offered in the future

Question Question 5

What Is The Material Material (E.G. 80% Cotton/20% Spandex)?

It is 80% combed cotton, 10% Nylon, 10% Spandex.

Question Question 6

Are They Relatively Thin?


Question Question 7

To Mfr: We Liked The 2X In These, Today You Just Deal King 15-17 Is The King 15-17 The Like The 2X?

It’s one size smaller sized. We intend to generate the 2x after the summer season.

Question Question 8

Are These Socks Mid-Calf?

Yes, they are mid-calf. Yes, they are mid-calf. Thanks

Question Question 9

Are These Socks Great For Men Who Have Extremely Wide Feet?

Yes, the socks are not binding at all so they can conveniently fit even broad feet. You can attempt the Economy size which is size 15-17

Question Question 10

Where Are These Socks Made?

we are not precisely favorable, however our company believe China It is practically difficult to see native land on supplierproducts we would choose to buy regional appears practically difficult

Question Question 11

Exists A Sizing Chart For Usn That Can Be Seen?

Thank you for seeing that the size chart is missing out on. Here you have the sizes: Thank you for seeing that the size chart is missing out on. Here you have the sizes: We will publish it on the listing today. Size 9-11 fits shoe size 4.5-7.5 Size 10-13 fits shoe size 8-12

Question Question 12

Would The Economy Size (Size 15-17) Socks Fit A Foot About Size 16.5-175?

This size might work for you.our other half has RA and he needs to buy bigger sizes than his foot size.we truly can not respond to due to his health problem. Sorry.

Question Question 13

There Appears To Be Confusion Over Sizes.In Guys’S Socks, What Would Fit A Size 12 In Shoes. A 13-15 Or The King 15-17 Xl?

Size 12 guys shoes would be a 10-13 or if you desire it to be looser, take a 13-15 The size chart belongs to the images in the images gallery.

Question Question 14

Would The Economy Size (Size 15-17) Socks Fit A Foot About Size 16.5-175?

we put on t believe so

Question Question 15

Do The Tan Socks Appear Lighter Or Darker Than What Is Shown Here On?

The color is as portrayed.

Question Question 16

Are The Sizes Socks Or Shoe Sizes. We Use A Male S Size 8 With Extremely High Instep. What Would Be The Correct Size To Order?

Sock sizes are connected with shoe sizes. our other half uses a shoe size 14 EEE. we order these socks in size 13-15

Question Question 17

If You Purchase A 6Pk, Would This Offer You An Overall Of 12 Socks?

Yes, 6 sets provides you 12 socks.

Question Question 18

How Do We Get A Refund?

Go through your account. Through the customer assistance group or the web-app. You will be offered with a shipping label. You have some numerous weeks to get your product delivered back.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Silky Toes Men’s Diabetic Non Binding Cotton Dress Socks, Multi Colors, these may be helpful for better understanding.

These are the very best so called “diabetic socks” we have actually ever had. We are actually not diabetic simply do not like socks which leaves unsightly ring around our legs. These are our 3rd so called “diabetic socks” and they are way the very best. The following things is difficult to find:1/ the product is extremely enjoyable. It feels more like cotton2/ the socks are high enough to cover our legs when we are sitting and we are 6′ 2″ 3/ they hold up quite wellhere are 2 things we do not like: a/ the style and color choicesb/ the rate is quite highover all we are certainly going to buy more.

Our other half has extremely broad (5e) and a size 12 feet. He has extreme neuropathy which is so unpleasant that he can’t bare for anything to touch his feet. He stated these are soft, light-weight and as comfy as he can possible stand. Thank you.

It’s tough to find dress quality diabetic socks, and even more tough to find them in colors. We are not diabetic, however we have big calves and a lot of socks bind and hurt. These are comfy even when used all night, and they match our clothing. We mean to re-order in the future.

They are noted as dress socks. They are truly ankle socks. Size runs little. We were called by customer support after our preliminary one star evaluation. Obviously the size 9-11 socks are for shoe measure to 7. 5. We were sent out another pack in the 10-13 size, and am extremely delighted with the socks. They are comfy and we have actually not had a problem with the top of the socks triggering imprints on our legs. And the customer support was exceptional.

The foot fits, material is great, however the calf location is tight. We purchased one size bigger hoping the calf would be larger, however it was still too tight. If we increase bigger, we hesitate the foot would be too huge and the heel would wind up on our calf. The business did reimburse our cash, so the customer service was excellent. If your calves aren’t inflamed or bigger, you would like these socks.

Our other half has bad blood circulation and is diabetic and extremely persistent. He enjoys these socks. They do not leave any marks on his legs and do not aggravate his toes. We enjoy them for that and we will be purchasing more.

We enjoy the socks so they get 5 star. We do not enjoy the business. Business attempting to press clients into composing them a “first-class evaluation” bug us in the base-case. You desire us to put in the time to evaluate, what is our benefit? this, nevertheless, went even more. They were asking us to evaluate the very same day we got the socks. They were provided at around 5: 00 pm. We are not going to alter socks at that time of day simply to leave an evaluation. Besides, we would wish to use more than one set prior to examining. We have because, however prior to using all the socks, been called yet once again and though we can’t find it, we believe we have had 2 more contacts. These are socks individuals. What else ought to we state. They fit. The cover our feet. They go inside our shoes. They smell a bit when we take them off. What else exists to state?.

Comfy and remains in location.

Good light-weight socks that fit well. Extremely soft and comfy. They do not have much of any cushioning and are thin product, if that matters to you, both for what they are they are excellent. They are provided in a better variety of sizes than most, they fit better than numerous “diabetic” socks (the socks do not need insulin) as others are frequently so loose they plunge quickly and slide of, quickly. Excellent for warm to heat. No defects or problems. We would suggest them to a good friend.

When we got these, we observed that they were thinner than anticipated. Nevertheless, after cleaning them and using them on a number of celebrations, we are pleased with them. They would be satisfying for spring, summer season up until late october. Quality appears excellent.

This is our 3rd order of these socks. We were very doubtful to order these in the beginning as our other half required black dress socks that come near below the knee (his choice) and keep up all the time without binding marks or tightness. Likewise he uses a size 15 shoe in additional broad. It’s a difficult product to find however these worked well. We will be purchasing more and keeping them in stock. They are thin, cool, elastic. They keep there shape and flexibility wash after wash. They have actually not faded.

We are particular when it pertains to our clothes. We have actually actually distributed clothing that have actually had extremely little wear due to the fact that they do not fit well. These socks are universal, however fit exceptionally well. We are diabetic and we require non-binding socks. These are simply that. We extremely suggest them to all who yearn for a great fit and extraordinary worth.

Excellent socks. Our big feet [size 14] are at times tough to acquire the appropriate lightweight socks. These socks fit great. No ring around the ankle when you take them off after a long day of work. Extremely comfy. Gon na buy some more.

We got the socks recently and have actually been using them daily. They are the very best we have actually used yet. We use a size 13 so we acquired the size 13 to 15 socks and they fit excellent. No tight sock ring on our legs at the end of the day which our other non-binding socks didn’t avoid. You’ll enjoy these socks.

We were searching for something thin, soft and non binding. These are still a little tighter than what we like. They leave marks on our legs however they are excusable, they are thin and soft. In general they are the very best socks ive attempted. This was our 2nd order and we will buy once again.

We acquired these socks as a present for somebody who uses a shoe size14 Although they do not have diabetes, they have a problem on one big toe arising from a surgical treatment failed. They stated the socks were excellent and extremely comfy. We are extremely delighted that we picked these socks and simply acquired 2 extra batches of 3 each in 2 other colors.

Well, just how much can somebody state about socks. They fit well. Are extremely soft, and stretch enough to be comfy. We like the color (black). They are quite thick product, so your toes will not poke through them quickly. Long lasting, yes that the very best word. They are resilient, soft, and comfortable.

We have big calves and it’s tough for us to find a great set of trouser socks that do not cut off the blood circulation in our legs. That’s when we thought about attempting diabetic socks. These are best and silky toes makes them an excellent choice of colors. We definitely enjoy these socks.

Bought these for our other half who is not diabetic however has extremely delicate feet. These socks have no joints and no cushioning on the bottom which most socks have and these locations are where he has one of the most level of sensitivity. The socks are exceptionally comfy and can be used all the time without any grievances. Absolutely will buy once again.

Do not generally use “over the calf” socks, and do not keep in mind if these were promoted as such, however we truly like the fit and they keep up better than what we generally use. Purchasing more today.

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