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Securitee Blanket Vial Protection

Securitee Blanket Vial Protection

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Securitee Blanket Vial Protection.

  • Enables a more safe and secure grip on vial, No requirement to get rid of vial when filling a syringe
  • Lightweight and comfy to hold, Colors make it simple to find
  • Easy insertion & elimination of vial, Recyclable
  • Assists secure vial if dropped
  • Offered in various sizes & colors

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Securitee Blanket Vial Protection.
Size: Tall|Color: RedSecuritee Blanket makes it simpler and more comfy to grip a vial by increasing the area without including excess weight or bulk. Securitee Blanket is readily available in 2 sizes so despite the kind of insulin you utilize, there is a sleeve that will fit your vial. Securitee Blanket is best for daily usage and practical for travel. You will be impressed just how much more protect you will feel. The Brief Sleeve fits Humulin, Humalog, Novolin and Novolog, TheTall Sleeve fits Lantus, Apidra and Levimer. Both are readily available in royal blue, hot pink and lime green.? Enables a more safe and secure grip on vial? Lightweight and comfy to hold? Easy insertion & elimination of vial? Assists secure vial if dropped? Offered in various sizes & colors? No requirement to get rid of vial when filling a syringe? Reusable? Colors make it simple to find? Provides assurance

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Securitee Blanket Vial Protection.

Question Question 1

For Vetsulin (Pet Insulin) Would We Required The Brief Size Or The Tall Size?

High size

Question Question 2

What Are The Dimensions Of This Product?

we have 2 1/4 high and 1 inch large. Inside measurement 3/4 inch. Fits insulin vial completely, comfortably. When it strikes the ground, the bottle remains within.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Securitee Blanket Vial Protection, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This worked out completely for us, however not for the factors that this product was initially created for. What we did was to place the closed cell foam sleeve into an old-styled black push-cap 35 mm movie container body. We marked the sleeve about 1/4 inch below the top of the movie container body. Then we eliminated the sleeve and cut the sleeve horizontally throughout the sleeve, leaving a long piece and a brief piece. The long piece was cut along the axis and we gradually cut off pieces till it fit will inside the container body. It now holds vials completely. For the brief piece of sleeve, we sufficed along the long axis so that we might flatten itout At that point, we cut out a circular piece of foam sleeve to fit the within part of the container cap. As soon as we had the cap insert part of the sleeve effectively cut to size, we then glued it to the within location of the container cap utilizing very glue gel. Overall work time around 5 minutes, and now we have the best injection medication vial travel device that will keep the vial secured and in the dark while costing next to absolutely nothing. Keep in mind: this is now open source, and if somebody efforts to copyright this style understand that this is thought about to be “prior art”.

This product is a lifesaver for us. Our feline is on lantus and it has to do with $300 a vial without insurance coverage. We are continuously taking the bottle in and out of the refrigerator and we have a ceramic tile flooring. We broke a bottle of novolin as soon as which was just $25 to change however we can t pay for to change a vial of lantus. We have actually currently dropped it as soon as because we purchased this and no damage. Such a smal financial investment to secure such an essential product.

We are so grateful that we bought this product. When our child was very first diagnsed with t1d we broke our very first bottle of insulin the extremely first month. We started investigating options so that would never ever occur once again. We found this insulin coozie and bought it. It has actually been 3 years utilizing this coozie and we can not inform you how grateful we are for a product that will keep her insulin safe. We keep her insulin in the coozie in the insulin box which has actually kept it safe in every day utilize together with holiday journeys. We constantly feel great that the insulin is safe in this coozie. We have actually evaluated it out utilizing empty bottles of insulin by dropping in the sink and it does it’s task. We extremely advise this product to all insulin users.

Our spouse od ‘d on his novalog a couple times when he implied to take levimir due to the fact that the vials are so comparable. We got this for him when he changed to lantis, and he keeps it by his restroom sink far from his novalog and does not need to fret about the vial breaking if it falls with all the kids around our home. Now we do not need to stress as much.

We wear t understand the number of bottle oh insulin we have actually dropped. At $50 a whack. This is such an excellent concept. We are simply sorry we didn’t google in the past. Big fits vetsulin completely.

A fantastic method to secure insulin bottles without the large insulin sets you find in other places. We like to keep our 2 insulin bottles and syringes in an adorable little zippered bag and these are best. We would extremely advise these.

This blankets are so extremely good to place on your insulin bottles. They secure it and make it simpler to hold.

This is great to have in case you drop the bottle.

We chuckled when we initially saw this and as quickly as we dropped our cat’s vial of extremely pricey insulin, we came and purchased this. We make sure grateful we have one now (the vial didn’t break when we dropped it). It’s good not to need to touch something so cold when we get out his insulin. Thanks. Fantastic concept.

Exceptional little sleeves. An easy yet extremely efficient concept. Now we are not very anxious about dropping our vials of insulin on our tile floorings. We utilize the pink one for our lady pet macy’s insulin and a red one for our insulin.

After dropping one insulin vial in the sink and breaking it, we believed it ‘d be an excellent concept to get amongthese It works like an appeal, and makes it simple to inform at a glimpse which of the 2 sort of insulin we have actually gotten. We simply need to make certain we pull the bottle out now and then to see just how much is left.

This is a should have for insulin.

This little man conserves our insulin bottles from breaking all the time. We appear to have a practice of doping them on tough floorings frequently. We extremely advise this if you are taking a trip.

Fantastic suitable for vetsulin vial in the “tall” size, and we are grateful for the included protection versus drops.

We bring numerous of these in our insulin bad to secure our insulin pens and vials.

Fantastic protection for our diabetic feline’s insulin. We do not need to fret about the disgusting breaking if dropped any longer.

Exceptional safeguards the insulin vial completely.

Functions as expected to/ have actually dropped vial a number of times with it on/ no issue.

Perfect size for little insulin bottle.

Functions as anticipated. Some vials cost $500 each. You do not wish to drop it and shatter that quantity of cash.

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