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RockaDex Dexcom Silicone Protective Case

RockaDex Dexcom Silicone Protective Case

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Color: Green & Black MixDexcom Silicone Case to fit your G4 & G5 completely. Do not lose that costly gadget, with our great series of cases in 10 various colours. The silicone is a non slip and will stop the Dexcom from falling/slipping from your hands or from the table.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Does It Have Any Type of Clip? We Have Lost It More Times Than We Care To Count.?

The one we obtained from Dexcom has a clip. Bought a brand-new case from however it was a waste of cash since it does not confine the receiver and has no clip.

Question Question 2

Does It Have A Clip Or Someplace To Connect One? We Loose Mine So Frequently.?

No clip or anything.The silicone assists keep it in your pocket.It eliminates the “slipperyness” of the Dexcom receiver.

Question Question 3

Does This Fit The Touch G5 Dexcom Is Sending Now?

we are not knowledgeable about the Dexcom Touch G5, we just have the preliminary G5 receiver.we recommend you call Dexcom customer care and request the precise measurements of the Touch G5 receiver.FYI, having actually seen the brand-new G6 receiver, we do understand this silicone case will NOT fit/work on the G6.

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The silicon protective case was among really few offered for this dexcom receiver. The receiver is really slippery, no texture to guarantee a great grip when dealing with. This case absolutely fixes the issue, enabling a safe grip. We have actually not dropped the receiver when given that using the case (simple) and had actually dropped the essential tool a number of times prior. One little issue is that the receiver in the event is a little difficult to pull out of our pocket as the silicon sticks rather to material. This is a bearable issue for the advantage of not dropping the receiver.

We enjoy it for our child. It does provide more security and it assists with a better grip. Our child likes the color too.


The g5 sensing units with the receiver alert glucose levels louder than all the other cgm systems we have actually utilized. We have actually had type 1 diabetes 55 years.

Extremely pleased with this product.

Fits like an appeal.

Fits excellent and works excellent.

We enjoy it. Yet it is missing out on the hole for the usb plug. The 2nd image on the shop page. The image revealing all 10 color choices plainly reveals a hole there. So we are leaving a 4 star rather of a 5 star score.

Has actually secured our g5 many times. Terrific slim line style with simply sufficient security for our 10 years of age child.

Great mix of color and excellent fit. However takes longer to be provided as it is from out of the nation – australia, we believe. Looks precisely like the image on.

Fits well, and remains in location well. Well-molded and a fantastic range of colors.

We like the case however it is a little loose. It still easily keeps the dexcom in our pocket and does not enable it to slipout Shipment was sluggish.

Fits excellent, simple to utilize. Thank you.

Secures dexcom.

Love this. Regrettable we bought from the australia shop and not the us shop. We will understand better next time. Better than another brand name we had actually formerly bought.

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