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PumpCases Stretch Lace Garter for Insulin Pump

PumpCases Stretch Lace Garter for Insulin Pump

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of PumpCases Stretch Lace Garter for Insulin Pump.

  • New for 2019 lingerie-quality Stretch Lace
  • Non-slip
  • Breathable
  • Hot yet discreet
  • Care: Hand-wash & lay flat to dry

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More Info:

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Color: Light Nude|Size: S Fit: XS – thighs 16″-19″ S – thighs 17″-20″ M – thighs 19″ – 22″ Big – thighs 21″ – 24″ This is a semi-sheer stretch lace slip-on insulin pump pouch. The leg slip is really discreet, thin, and breathable. It remains in location with using flexible lined with non-slip silicone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on PumpCases Stretch Lace Garter for Insulin Pump.

Question Question 1

Will This Hold A Glock 43 For Conceal Carry?

The pocket is roughly 2.5″ wide inside dimensions. A Glock 43 handle is 4.25″ – a PumpCases garter will not work for your designated function. Thanks for asking.

Question Question 2

Will This Hold Both A T-Slim Pump And A Dexcom Cgm?

Yes. It’s really comfy to use and holds our pump completely. we have slim legs and all of it remain in place.Now I. An wear a gown once again’

Question Question 3

Does It Feel Secure?

To feeel protected we acquired 1 a size smaller sized than our normal to have it tighter

Question Question 4

We Have A Tandem Insulin Pump Would It Hold It Well?

Oh we ENJOY it, we use it daily day in the summertime due to the fact that we use gowns. we have a Tandem pump also and it fits perfect.Couldn t live without it.

Question Question 5

Does It Feel Secure?


Question Question 6

Will This Hold A Glock 43 For Conceal Carry?

we returned the product due to the fact that it was too tight where both joints were. we believe the lace would be too thin for your function

Question Question 7

Exactly What Are The Real Sizes? What Is An Xs, S, M, L?

The sizes are published in Product Description, about half-way down the listing. Thanks for asking.

Question Question 8

Will This Fit A Minimed Medtronic Insulin Pump? It has to do with 2X3/12 Inches.?

It will absolutely hold a Medtronic minimed pump, as it will hold their bigger 670 G pump w/o an issue. As for slippage kept in mind in a previous action, size figures out slippage. If your leg is determined prior to acquire and you acquire the proper size, it will not slip.

Question Question 9

Does It Feel Secure?

Method more protected than the Velcro strap Minimed makes.

Question Question 10

Wanting To Purchase 2017 Lingerie-Quality Black Stretch Lace Garter For Insulin Pump (Medium). Do You Have The Diameterin Inches Sizes?

PumpCases Medium garter ought to stretch to an optimum of 22″. Due to the handmade nature of our products, you may occasionally get +1″ Fit problems, if any, will be solved with little to no trouble to you.

Question Question 11

We Have An Infusion Cadd-Legacy 1Pump Will This Fit Our Pump?

The pocket is big enough that it must quickly fit any insulin pump you put in it. we have a Medtronic 630 G and we can fit our Dexcom CGMS receiver in the pocket with our pump.

Question Question 12

Is This Helpful For A Pump670 G?

That s the pump we have and own 2 of these underwear holders. Great alternative for skirts and gowns.

Question Question 13

Does It Feel Secure?

A size smaller sized than our normal feels moresecure

Question Question 14

Our Thigh Is 23 Inches Simply Laying The Tape On Our Leg Simply Touching And 22.5 Tight, Should We Order A Big? Likewise Do We Required To Represent Our Pump?

A size M will stretch to an optimum of 23″, which will be really tight – this works when dancing or holding big items like a phone. For a casual day at the workplace, a size L will offer more convenience for extended wear.

Question Question 15

Does This Pull On Or Wrap Around?

This is a pull-on design garter.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on PumpCases Stretch Lace Garter for Insulin Pump, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are so happy with this purchase. We purchased a little and we have 18″ thighs. It fits completely and comfy. Likewise trendy which is a plus. We are utilizing it for our animas vibe insulin pump and feel great it will be protected and safe. Likewise can be utilized to hold phone, cash or charge card if you wish to go purseless.

This worked so well to hold up a little medication pump for about 3 months then it lost its flexibility and now it battles to keep up. We followed all cleaning guidelines and did not washfrequently It s frustrating that it costs a lot and didn’t last long, however for ladies looking for a method to use gowns with a pump it s a should have.

Love love love this. This is the very best we have found anywhere. We had an old one from a real “pump” shop and it would constantly rub our skin off and trigger a great deal of discomfort. This one is very comfy, keeps up and holds our pump firmly. We like this.

We got our pump garter today and like the idea of having the ability to use our pump under gowns and even to bed and not need to fret about it walking around. With that stated, we would likewise need to point out that it s a little too huge and we purchased a little. Although we seem like it might slip it does have grip. We will upgrade our evaluation after we have actually used it a few times.

We are t1d and am using this for our wedding in 2 weeks. We have actually been using it with other gowns to check it out and we like it up until now. Our pump remains in and the garter doesn t slip. It s best for us.

This fits completely and looks actually attractive on. It fits our medtronic 670 g completely. It feels soooo terrific to be able to use something for our pump that makes us feel less like the bionic female. We want this was available in a naked and white so we might buy them to opt for more gowns.

Product is really comfy and we sleep with it on. Slips a little. We like it better than a thigh belt pump holder that we have that has a rubber belt. We believe we have some kind of allergic reaction to the rubber and it itches.

We like this thigh strap. A lot simpler to utilize than our old one, and remarkably comfy. The only thing we want it had is some light flexible at the top of the pocket so the pump does not slide out when we attempt to get out of our vehicle or another low seat.

Our insulin pump remained in location throughout the day for our unique event.

This is the most comfy holder for our insulin pump (so we can use a gown) that we believe we have actually acquired – and we have actually been a type we for 20+ years.

The garter uses the insulin pump simpler with a gown on.

Precisely what we required for skirts and gowns for our insulin pump.

This garter is well made and comfy.


This product worked actually well to hold our medtronic 670 g insulin pump. We had a tight gown on, and this remained on our leg the whole night. It was terrific. We didn’t need to hassle and understood our pump was going to sit tight.

We are matron of honor and we are utilizing it to keep our lipstick & phone convenient. It was a little huge for us. 130 pounds. So we simply included a fast stitch and it’s best.

Fits as anticipated and holds our t: slim completely.

The garter works terrific. We have delicate skin, so the lace is a little stiff and scratchy on our thigh. We still advise it, nevertheless.

Provided as marketed. Child now has more alternatives readily available to her.

Our child utilized this product in a wedding event. It worked out terrific.

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