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PumpCases Designer Insulin Pump Case with NiteIze S-Clip

PumpCases Designer Insulin Pump Case with NiteIze S-Clip

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of PumpCases Designer Insulin Pump Case with NiteIze S-Clip.

  • Fabric-wrapped neoprene case with NiteIze S-clip
  • Insulation without included bulk
  • Safeguards your insulin pump and screen from scratches and little drops
  • Case patterns are designed to fit 3D prints of each noted insulin pump or CGM
  • Care: Please hand-wash and ordinary flat to dry

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More Info:

Here are some more information on PumpCases Designer Insulin Pump Case with NiteIze S-Clip.
Size: t: slim|Color: Starburst W/ Clip This is a neoprene insulin pump case produced the Medtronic 530 G, 630 G, 630 G, or 670 G, Tandem Diabetes t: slim or t: flex, Animas Ping or Ambiance, and AccuChek Combination Insulin Pump, along with Dexcom G4 or G6 CGM. The pump slides in and out easily, so you have access to your pump’s functions. Neoprene includes little bulk and is denims pocket-friendly, supplying defense from scratches and little drops.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on PumpCases Designer Insulin Pump Case with NiteIze S-Clip.

Question Question 1

What Are The Dimensions Of The Case In Inches?

Mine has to do with 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 Fits our T: Flex completely

Question Question 2

Is This Case Made In America?

It is made in America (Visalia, CA). Thanks for asking.

Question Question 3

Has Anybody Found A Tandem Pump Case That Has A Spring-Loaded Clip? If So Please PostLink The Other Type Are Too Rough On Our Linen Trousers. Thanks.?

Not that we understand of.

Question Question 4

Will The T: Slim Case Fit The X2?

we utilize the t: slim X2. It fits completely. Thanks for asking.

Question Question 5

Is This Case Waterproof?

No, the pump case provides no water protection.It does nevertheless offer defense from bumps and drops.

Question Question 6

Does This Case Keep The Pump Cool?

Up until now on our t-flex it does. we are on our 2nd case and like them

Question Question 7

How Does The Clip Work?

The black “s” clip opens so that you can hook it to a belt. we utilized mine for a number of weeks however did not like the swinging movement from our belt and it now resides in a drawer.

Question Question 8

Is The T: Flex Vertical Dim Determined With Or Without The Case It Was Shipped In?

PumpCases fit is developed to fit your insulin pump naked, in its natural state sans case. It would be difficult for us to forecast every users case choices + make our case fit over the user s case. Thanks for understanding.

Question Question 9

What Pouch Size Should We Order If Iwant To Be Able To Utilize This With Either Our T-Slim Or Dexcom G6?

The Dexcom g6 is the bigger of the 2 cases. It won t be really tight or protected when utilized to hold a t: slim, however, and the t: slim case will be too little to hold a Dexcom g6. we highly suggest bought both sizes.

Question Question 10

Will This Case Fit The Dexcom G6 With A Rubber Case On The Dexcom?

No. These cases are patterned to fit 3D prints of the picked design of insulin pump or CGM. It is difficult to forecast a pattern size for a case (which business’s case?) within a case.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on PumpCases Designer Insulin Pump Case with NiteIze S-Clip, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Gotten this the other day so we are still attempting itout Up until now it works ideal. We simply want you might get it in bit bigger so that you can utilize the phone case also that you can acquire. That method if we drop it we will have something to secure it. Material is great and thick velcro up until now is truly strong. For us being a lady the metal clip is a little too big. However we can change that out on our own. We are really pleased with the purchase.

The case is certainly made well. The hook is great due to the fact that it closes and provides a quite firm grip on practically any clothes. The only thing we want to see holds true made a bit larger to keep the tough case on. Too little to do that.

Thank you a lot. We absouletly like our dexcom g6 designer case.

Thank you for the trendy case for our cgm. Our g5 did not have a case, and it is looking quite rough. We like the material and will happily be utilizing it.

A little too little.

Extremely simple to put our pump in. Can connect anything.

We truly, truly like this case. It’s little enough even to suit our tightest pockets, and the carabiner clip permits us to connect it to any piece of clothes when pockets remain in lack. It hangs on to belt loops, the bottom hem of underclothing, the waistband of sweatpants – whatever you’re using, this will assist it work. We can even conceal the case adequately in our bra as required for using gowns. The color will fade quite rapidly with everyday usage; we have actually been utilizing mine about a month, and it’s beginning to handle a run down blue shade. The product is cotton and the colors are so light that this was unavoidable, however it’s total such a handy product that we can’t grumble.

We truly like this product. It’s made well and works terrific. There is just one thing we want was various. The loop that the clip is connected to is too long and for that reason it permits the pump to swing a lot when your walking. However that’s something we can repair. That’s the only factor for the 4 stars rather of 5. We would still suggest it.

For those of you questioning, the receiver does fit inside this with the rubber case that it comes with on it. Not rather along with when the rubber case isn’t on it, however it does fit. This case works well for us when we take strolls with our pet dog, and we do not wish to put it in a pocket. The only thing we want it had is a clear window so we can see the screen, however the material is quite and it appears quite long lasting.

We needed to take our tslim out of its clip case to utilize it however the fit is terrific. Our household can quickly access our pump to do a website modification or bolus for us if we can t do it ourself. We are preparing to have significant surgical treatment and desired them to be able to access our pump if we were out of it on discomfort medications. We can clip it to our t-shirt for gain access to.

Good versatile case – clip from a belt loop, bring in your pocket or connect a lanyard and use around your neck. The neoprene case is long lasting and simple to tidy.

Great product, simply a discomfort to find an excellent lanyard or pendant to connect pump & pump case to. We ought to have prepared out how to hang it around our neck.

Extremely, effectively made. Fits our pump completely. The only thing we want it had was a clear vinyl front so we wouldn t constantly need to take our pump out of the case when we are bolusing, adjusting it, or simply inspecting our sugars.

Our child enjoys this she alter them out to match her attire.

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