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Prodigy Bundle Deal Savings Test Strips

Prodigy Bundle Deal Savings Test Strips

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Prodigy Bundle Deal Savings Test Strips.

  • 5 Boxes Of 50 Test Strips
  • No Coding needed
  • Functions with all Prodigy meters
  • Authorized for Alternate Website Evaluating (AST)
  • Capillary action makes screening simple

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Prodigy Bundle Deal Savings Test Strips.
Offered as 5 boxes of 50 test strips. The Prodigy “All-in-One” No Coding Test Strips indicates less actions and prevents the threat of incorrect outcomes triggered by coding mistakes. Just place the test strip into the test strip port on any prodigy glucose tracking system and the Prodigy meter instantly switches on and you are prepared to begin checking your glucose levels.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Prodigy Bundle Deal Savings Test Strips.

Question Question 1

What’S The Expiration Date For These Plans Of Test Strips?

Due to the fact that of our turnover of product, our strips sent out out today would be dated for Sept 2015

Question Question 2

Can These Be Utilized With Prodigy Preferred? Our Mommy Currently Utilizes Ref 72500 Strips?

The prodigy test strips work for the prodigy autocode glucose meter.

Question Question 3

Que Fecha De Vencimiento Tienen?

Regularmente 6 meses después de la compra.

Question Question 4

Description States “Combo Includes Pack Of 20 Prodigy No Coding Test Strips Bx/50” However The Picture Reveals Boxes Of 50Strips Does Anybody Have The Upc Code?

There are 50 strips in every box and the REF #52800 and the NDC/HRIC # 08484-0528-00 and D130730 -1 under an upc code are the only numbers we see on package. Hope it assists.

Question Question 5

What S The Expiration Date?

Expiration date ought to be on the outdoors container.

Question Question 6

We Wish To Know When Is The Expiration Date Of These?

December 2017.

Question Question 7

Que Fecha De Vencimiento Tienen?


Question Question 8

When Is The Expiration Date?

Our existing expiration is May 2019.

Question Question 9

If We Order Now, Feb 2018; What Is The Expiration Date? Thank You.?

Mine had to do with 10 – 12 monthsout we utilize 2 daily.

Question Question 10

We Desired Strips That Will End September 2020?

Mine ends in end of August 2020

Question Question 11

What Is The Expiration Date Of These Boxes We Are Taking a look at?

we are not exactly sure about packages you’re taking a look at, however packages we got had an expiration date approximately of a year later on, so we will have a year to utilize them.

Question Question 12

We Wish To Know When Is The Expiration Date Of These?

we had more than a year prior to mine ended when we bought our bundfle. we have actually given that bought a 2nd bundle with about the exact same expiration time.

Question Question 13

The Screen Handbook States Control Option For Calibration Hi And Lo.Indicates Features Strips However No Control Solutionthe 200 Strips With Screen?

If you purchase the test strips 5 boxes of 50 that’s all you get is the 5 boxes of test strips. You need to buy the control option different. If you purchase a meter often it includes control option.

Question Question 14

What Is The Present Expiration Date Of These Test Strips?

we purchased in January and the expiration date is June 11,2020 The very first time we purchased 250 strips and those ended June 15,2019 we had actually not thought of examining the expiration date, we generally just examine as soon as a day, so those didn’t end on me, however may be something to consider when you are purchased.

Question Question 15

Are They Ended?

no they are not expired.thedate is 03-16-19

Question Question 16

What Is The Expiration Date?

Our existing expiration date is June 2019.

Question Question 17

What Is The Present Expiration Date On Your Strips?

On this 5 pack bundle the expiration date was May 2021 on all boxes.

Question Question 18

What Is The Expiration Date Of The Strips?

The expiration date on all 5 boxes is Dec. 2020.

Question Question 19

Are 75300 Strips Ok In Prodigy No Code Meter?

we do not understand what you stated. It is better to ask this question to the seller.

Question Question 20

What Is The Expiration Date On These?

The strips we purchased were well over a year prior to expiration. we have actually purchased these prior to without any issues. Its a bargain.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Prodigy Bundle Deal Savings Test Strips, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Buy these as required. Method less expensive than the others. Expense low enough that we do not need to handle medicare’s untidy kinds. Nevertheless– we do not believe their reading as as constant, if the blood sample is too little, it states “not enough blood”, and you have actually lost the strip. Our old ones enabled more tome to put in more blood.

Like this meter as it speaks with you and the strips appear to be precise when examined versus the physician’s workplace.

Prodigy bundle deal savings 250 ct test strips is the very best ever deal you can get without utilizing the costly insurance coverage product. This is the really exact same product that you would make it through your insurance coverage however, without the high expense. We wanted we would understood offered this product years back, we would have conserve a bundle of cash. If we can acquire this product once again upon our next use, we will. The very best rate for an excellent product is up until now. Insurance coverage co-pay was $106 for both strips and lances with insurance coverage and $56 00 without insurance coverage plus complimentary quick shipping for both. Attempt it, you’ll enjoy it, the rate and deal we indicate.

They work terrific. They weren’t ended either and we are pleased with the rate.

The prodigy blood display is really precise and quick. No coding and really percentage of blood for required day-to-day check.

Our drug store desired $25 for one box of these glucose test strips – exact same brand name, exact same amount. We got 5 boxes for the exact same rate. Will buy more of these when these run out.

You need to the mathematics when purchasing wholesale and this deal breaks down to $6. 99 per 50 ct. A pack (sometimes even less when amozon lowers the rate). Remarkable compared to $30 at some other websites. The only other deal that came close was $9. 99 per pack not consisting of tax+ shipping, neither of which we needed to pay here. The products remained in beautiful condition and function perfectly. When purchasing this product we ensured the brand name and ref number matched what we currently utilize and compared it the photo to get it right for our meter and had no issues.

Terrific product at an excellent rate. Purchasing these test tabs wholesale is the only method to efficiently buy them, as soon as you end up being a constant and precise user of the prodigy blood sugar test set. Otherwise the systems will seem too costly.

From time to time we encounter a bundle sale like this one. We have various test meters and buy from appropriately with the lower rate we can find. We have medicare however given that the drug store charges dreadful rates to the insurance provider we chose to pay out of our pocket these costs to prevent reaching the donut hole quickly. We are retired with a low earnings however made that alternative rather of let medicare pay the drug store. We likewise buy test strips from walmart for $9. In this case for the prodigy meter we found 5 boxes here for a great rate which is more or less the worth we are paying at wmart. We like the prodigy meterbetter We will keep searching frequently to find another deal like this one.

We are diabetic and have actually been getting our screening strips from medicare, we were just enabled one screening strip daily, so irecently bought a brand-new meter and purchased the screening strips, so now we can test when we feel the requirement. Our order got here prompt and was a great rate. Thank you.

Buen precio.

When we were purchased our strips with our medical health insurance, we underwent many telephone call fromthem attempting to offer either an undesirable back brace and/or a knee brace. We enjoy this comfort by purchased our supply from.

They work well up until now with the meter you might conserve a little fortune. Will make future remarks as we utilize these strips.

In some cases we got odd readings with prodigy. We constantly had a back up meter to examine if the reading appeared off.

Baught for our in-laws will continue to purchase them.

Our buddy purchased these products prior to he went overseas.

They work terrific with our meter. Easy to utilize and get blood in them.

We enjoy this, the order is simple and fast. He opens the last and we order, then poof they are here and prepared for him to have. Luv it.

Ends over one year from purchase.

Excellent buy and this is our second time we are purchasing from them for our mom thank you quite.

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