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Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Test Strips

Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Test Strips

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Test Strips.

  • Brand Name New, Factory-sealed. Unboxed. For Usage with the Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Display.
  • No Coding Needed. Just a little sample needed – 1.5 microliters. 10 2nd test time. Unlike urine test strips, these strips are separately foil-wrapped to assist safeguard from air, wetness and contamination.
  • Precision. Perfect for screening and keeping the ketogenic diet plan in the house.
  • Much more precise than less expensive urine test strips which do not test for beta-hydroxybutyrate.
  • 100 percent Genuine Blood Ketone Test Strips for Diabetic and Ketogenic Diet plan utilize with the Precision Xtra Ketone Meter. Please note these test strips will not deal with the Precision Neo Blood Ketone Meter.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Test Strips.
30 brand-new, factory-sealed Abbott lot 75001 Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Test Strips suitable with the PrecisionXtra The expiration dates are at least 3 months later on than purchase date. Unboxed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Test Strips.

Question Question 1

The Ketomojo Load Expires Within 30 Days Even If You Just Utilize And Open The Very First Load Due To The Fact That It Has A Code To Lock. Does This Work The Very Same Method?

Excellent question, unlike the ketomojo test strip the Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Test Strips are codeless, this indicates that you will not be time minimal to utilize the batch of strips within 30 days, and if you buy from Ketone Provider Labs the expiration dates are currentlyJULY/2019 Thanks for your question.

Question Question 2

Are They Currently Ended? “The Expiration Date Is At Least 11/30/2017. Unboxed”?

Great question. When you buy from us (Ketosis Screening), you can be sure that the expiration dates are lots of months after your purchase date.

Question Question 3

Will These Test Strips Deal With The Precision Neo Display?

we reside in Canada and have a precision neo ketone display and they operate in it.

Question Question 4

What Is The Present Expiration Date Please?

The ones we simply got end 3-31-2019

Question Question 5

What Is The Present Expiration Date Being Sold Since 3/18/19?

Mine end 3-31-2020

Question Question 6

What Are The Upgraded Expiration Dates On These If We Order October 2019?

Please understand that you order these Ketone Strips monthly; our last order which got here the other day, do not expireuntil July 31,2020 we have actually never ever gotten strips near expiration; we test day-to-day and depend upon the quality of this product.

Question Question 7

Can You Utilize These With The Fora6 Link Meter?

No you can not.

Question Question 8

“Product Description” States -Strips Expiration Date Is At Least 11/30/2017 If Not Right Please Repair. What Is The Expiration Date?

10/31/2018 or later on from J&X. Thank you and yes we require to get this fixed.Lexi

Question Question 9

What Is The Present Expiration Date?

Naturally the expiration date would differ with time of purchase. our last order was on November 15, 2017 and our strips are set to end on December 31, 2018

Question Question 10

Kaiser Drug Store Is Informing United States That A Person Strip Will Read Both Glucose And Ketones. Is That Real?

Notthese Just buy these if you require ketone measurements. They are generally an order of magnitude more costly than glucose strips: $0.50 compared to ~$ 5 for these.

Question Question 11

Our Meter Doesn’T Pull The Lot Number Up, We Idea These Didn’T Requirement To Be Adjusted? Please Assist Currently Squandered One Strip.?

Ensure meter is off. Place strip. Lot # needs to appear. If you didn’t put blood on strip it need to not be lost. If lot number does not appear check batteries. If battery works you will require to connect with Abbott for a replacement meter or seller of meter. Hope that assists.

Question Question 12

Can We Utilize For Freestyle Libre?

No, just with PrecisionXtra Thanks for the question.Lexi

Question Question 13

If We Order Today – What Will Be The Expiration Date On Them?

The expiration date on mine are usually about a year out from the day we get them.The strips we got last month have a 2020 expiration date.

Question Question 14

Do They Deal With Freestyle Libre?

These were created by Abbott Diabetes Care Ltd. to deal with the Precision Xtra device.we would recommend inspecting their site for more information.

Question Question 15

Do These Unboxed Strips Feature The Little Plastic Calibration Piece For The Lot Being Bought? Thanks?

No, our display or these strips did not need extra coding.

Question Question 16

Will These Deal With The Keto Mojo Ketone Blood Display?

No they are just helpful for the meter they are created for.

Question Question 17

What Is The Expiration Date For These Strips?

No more question’s Please

Question Question 18

Our Freestyle Precision Neo Meter Is From Canada.Will These Strips Work?Our Current Strips Are Dispersed By Abbot, Canada.?

If we are not incorrect this meter determines just insulin (glucose) and not ketone?Otherwise, all Abbott meters that determine ketone level would work with all Abbott blood ketone test strips.

Question Question 19

Today Is February 3, 2019 – What Is The Present Expiration Date If Bought Now?

All we can inform you is that our last purchase was on Nov. 16, 2018 and the expiration dates on the strips were Sept. 30, 2019.

Question Question 20

If We Buy This Why Do We See That The Expiration Date States A Minimum Of 11/2017 When That’S Next Month?

If you buy from BaceLabs date is 6/30/2018 orbetter Noting requirements to be updated.BaceLabs

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Test Strips, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Our child is a type 1 diabetic. We require to test her ketones when ever she is ill or if her blood sugar level is really high. She s 5 and it s difficult to get her to pee specifically if she s ill so we chose this meter up at the drug store and needed to oreder these strips from. Our insurance coverage wouldn t cover either of them. We think they re not worried that ketones can establish quickly in a little kid and can send her into dka requiring hospitalization and can been life threatening. So we are left purchasing these lifesaving strips on rather of paying $60 for 10 strips at the drug store. Anyways they came covered in bubble wrap and we were worried the knotches cut into the foil wrapper implied they were in some way bootleg. We attempted one and it didn’t work. We attempted another and the very same outcome. The meter didn’t switch on. We were actually upset and submitted a return claim. We though we would offer it one one more attempt prior to returning. This time we jammed the strip into the meter and it worked. Our other meter that we utilize to test blood glucose is really fragile. So we were carefully attempting to insert these strips and we think that s simply not how this meter runs. You should powerfully press them in. We have actually utilized nearly all of them currently as we went through a bout of stomach influenza and we needed to test her ketones every 4 hours. They all worked fine. Purchasing more for our next round of disease- sure do want our insurance coverage would actually cover these lifesaving strips.

Upgraded ranking is 4. We had the ability to get test worths for the premier strips and they test within control worths. They are still lower than km results, however given that we are doing anti-cancer restorative keto, we will utilize the premier. We have actually had no malfunctioning strips. Likewise expiration dates have actually neen 6-8 months in the future. We have actually reordered. Shipment has actually been prompt and total. At ~ $1 per strip on par with km. We had actually been utilizing a ketomojo for a few months. We are utilizing the keto diet plan as part of our cancer treatment procedure, so desired the very best precision. The abbot precision xtra is expected to be the “gold standard” so we purchased one. As part of that we acquired these test strips. Regrettably they are available in a plastic sleeve & absence one essential product. They do not consist of the lot # with the 3 anticipated test worths for the strips utilizing control options, so we can’t validate the precision. We found this out the difficult method after we purchased the test option from abbot and the guidelines stated to see package for the anticipated test worths. As an fyi, the xtra is evaluating 0. 5 to 1. 0 lower than the keto mojo. E. G. The km will test at state 1. 2 and the xtra reads 0. 4. We are keto adjusted and our food logs reveal no factor we would be out of ketosis. As an fyi, the km test option suggests that the km system remains in the appropriate test variety, so working properly. Surprisingly when we put the km test option on xtra test strip it evaluated a complete point below the km preparing. What offers? is it the test strips? or is it the meter? we have no chance of understanding. We require to understand what’s working & what is precise. We will be asking for the seller change the precision xtra system and most likely shot returning these unused strips.

So thankful to have this product. We would offer this 5 stars other than for the cost. You require to test day-to-day for some time if it s essential to you to actually remain in a dietary state of ketosis. If you re just doing a low carbohydrate diet plan you will not require to test your blood. Your test strips and display should work. Will buy this once again.

We didn’t comprehend how these were expected to work so after getting mistakes e-7 as soon as and e-3 two times and nearly quiting, we chose to do one more attempt with a bigger drop of blood and a various method. Formerly we were getting a drop out and jamming it into the strip, continuing it. This is not the method. Simply hardly touch the drop’s edge to the white part of the strip and you’ll see it draw into the strip and beep. Now that we have this down, we like these and they’re a good offer at under $1 each presently. The precision xtra meter is likewise excellent and deals withthese We are utilizing a delica with #33 lancets and they work quite well (and do not injured at all), however it may be better to opt for a #30 due to the fact that of the quantity of blood required. We needed to turn the wheel on the delica all the method to 7 to get enough for this. Ymmv, however it will deal with practice.

We have not compared outcomes to an expert tester, however they appear to be really precise. We have actually never ever had an issue with either the ketone or glucose strips – works whenever/ never ever any mistakes, however we make certain we do not flex the strips. The ketone strips need simply a bit more blood than the glucose ones, however still not quite. Likewise, it takes about 8 seconds to calculate the arise from the keto test – about 4 seconds for the glucose ones. We utilize the really small 000 lancets and am still able to test our glucose & then our keto without re-stabbing our finger – simply get the strips prepared ahead of time and do the glucose one initially.

These test strips are costly, however they appear to offer us the most precise and constant ketone readings. They are simple to utilize and simple to place into the precision additional glucose/ketone meter. The private plans are notched so that you can open the package to expose completion that enters into the meter and after that manage the covering when you are prepared to take the blood collection. Extremely little blood is required – in truth we can do the glucose and ketone measurements with a single prick, even with altering the strips from glucose to ketone strips.

These ketone blood test strips got here rapidly and have an expiration date about a year away. Our one issue was that the expiration date would not be far enough out– however that issue was groundless. These strips are the very best cost we might fine and are well covered and work well 99% of the time (we have had a really unusual mistake message and needed to squander a strip, however our company believe that occurs with all meters and all strips on event).

This is the very first time we have actually ever utilized a product like this. We felt the strips were covered well and made from excellent quality product. They worded as explained. We have actually checked out that keto strips require more blood than glucose strips, however the strip absorbed our blood fast and simple. The only thing we would state is that these were not in a box of any sort, like if you purchased them from a shop. They simply came bundled in bubble wrap. On reflection that appears a little strange, however might be typical.

We have actually been through a number of orders of these without even one bad strip. Procedure your ketones very first thing in the early morning, when they are constantly least expensive, to make certain you do not dip below 0. 5 (out of dietary ketosis).

The system appears to produce constant outcomes, and we like it general. Those test strips are tough to eliminate from their private foil sleeves. We most likely simply do not understand the technique to it and need to turn to scissors. However do not go cutting a lot of strips from their packages so regarding have them prepared to utilize. Direct exposure to air most likely ruins them, otherwise they would not be packaged so firmly. Our order got here on 6/1/19 The expiration date on the strips is 4/30/20 Ensure you have a huge sufficient drop of fingerstick blood. If you do not you’ll squander a $1. 00 strip. That’s not so bad; the last time we purchased them we paid $4. 00 each. At that cost the meter was just drawn from its case on unique events.

Products as explained and in ideal condition. Came in a cushioned envelope, inside a zipper baggie – intact. All sealed. Don t fret, this is generally done to keep shipping expenses down, that likewise keeps rates down for the purchaser. Expiration date over one year away. Utilized with the medisense precision xtra blood sugar and ketone display. Utilized strips previous number of days and worked completely. Will buy once again.

Had a problem when we initially acquired these test strips back in april2019 The business reached out and dealt with us to deal with the concern we had. It appeared our display was malfunctioning and could not read their ketone strips however still check out the glucose test strips. Changed the display and the ketone strips work ideal.

They work as explained. Simply make certain you get enough blood to enter the right end. Kinda costly, however we just utilize one each week approximately th see if we are still in ketosis. They’re simple to open however well sealed to guarantee they’re safe and prepared to utilize.

These work as explained. We have actually had no problems with them utilizing the precision xtra. These are fantastic for tracking our ketones on our diet plan.

Perfect for tracking our blood ketone levels, and we understand that ~ 1/strip is a lot better than bhb strips have actually remained in the past. The greatest disadvantage is it needs a good sized blood drop, and if you do not offer the strip enough it returns a mistake. It’s a genuine equipment mill to need to toss a strip due to the fact that insufficient blood ruined the strip.

They do precisely what they are expected too. We like that we have the ability to utilize them and understand that we are getting a precise ketons level everytime. Failure is the cost. At a dollar a piece it can be really costly to examine routinely. We have actually purchased 4 times in the last 2 month and with each order we have actually had atleat 4 in each pack checked out mistake when screening. Would not mind if the cost wasnt so high.

These are fantastic however the 90 strip pack from another seller is a much better offer and you can even subscribe and conserve. If you do not wish to acquired that lots of simultaneously, these are certainly the very best offer on for the 30 pack.

Being on the keto way of lives is understood how essential it is to keep track our ketones and our body responses to various nutrients, to then have the ability to take the very best choice when needing to selected what to take in to remain in keto or understood all the work that will require to return to ketothe cost is ideal for what it is, really delighted with this test strips.

We have actually purchased these 3 times. We are addicted to ketones and these offer us our day-to-day repair. We have actually never ever had an issue with these strips and trust the outcomes. This is a lot for an excellent product.

These are fantastic. Fit our meter and all remained in date. Now if they simply weren t so darn costly. Still the very best cost anywhere we have found.

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