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  • 85/15 polyester/nylon mix
  • Device Washable
  • Given That Product is Bariatric its size is XXXL

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Extra-wide style for the bariatric client or those who have foot/ankle injury coverings Optimum tread protection lowers danger of slips and falls with skid-resistant tread 85/15 polyester/nylon mix supplies softness and breathability Comfort for clients and caretakers with allergic reactions; LATEX FREE Komfort Kuff? deals non-constricting, safe and secure fit Device Washable

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Pillow Paws BARIATRIC SLIPPER SOCK NON SKID large,.

Question Question 1

What Shoe Size Is A 3X Large Comparable To?

XXL is 10.5 plus shoe size. This size is the next level developed to go as huge as possible. You can see more size charts at PrincipleBusinessEnterprises.com

Question Question 2

Are These A Genuine 3Xxl In Size??

we see that you have 2 conflicting actions to your question about the Non-Skid Bariatric Slipper Socks. we do not understand the right meaning of a 3XXL sock, however can report that there is an XXXL Grownup Sock that we utilize. we use a Size 12 or 13 shoe and found these socks to fit well, even when our feet were inflamed. we thi we see that you have 2 conflicting actions to your question about the Non-Skid Bariatric Slipper Socks. we do not understand the right meaning of a 3XXL sock, however can report that there is an XXXL Grownup Sock that we utilize. we use a Size 12 or 13 shoe and found these socks to fit well, even when our feet were inflamed. we believe the factor of “fit” will be how severely one’s feet are inflamed. If you call the maker of the socks, Concept Service Enterprises in Dunbridge, OH at 800-367-1074, the ought to have the ability to supply a better response for you, particularly considering that you will likewise have the ability to explain the quantity of swelling in your feet.

Question Question 3

The Length Of Time Are They?How High Will They Show Up On The Leg?

They do come by the ankle a minimum of, however they are not long, would not come half method up the lower leg. It likewise depends upon just how much swelling there is.

Question Question 4

Hi We Purchased One 3 Pac Of These Blue No Slip Socks Coming Out Of The Healthcare Facility Next Weeping We Will Leave Theses Where You Dropped Them On The Side E?

What kind of question is that?

Question Question 5

It Appears like They Are Cushioned – How Thick Are They?

They are padded. Two times as thick as typical slipper socks. Warm with great non-slip bottoms. Useful for diabetics.

Question Question 6

Our Partner Has A Size 14 Wide Shoe.Would These Fit Him?

we have a 16 broad shoe and the socks fit fine.

Question Question 7

Are They Double Sided Tread?

These are single, simply the bottom. However inspect our shop for a lot of double sided alternatives. We likewise just recently presented a 360- degree tread all around the sock.Rebecca, These are single, simply the bottom. However inspect our shop for a lot of double sided alternatives. We likewise just recently presented a 360- degree tread all around the sock.Rebecca, our Medical Storage facility.

Question Question 8

Are These Socks Returnable If Not Satisfying?

If we remember, these socks were returnable in the time they reveal; nevertheless it appears all go back to are now NOT totally free, however it might be just particular products we have actually acquired.

Question Question 9

How Can We Orderxxl?

Order the red ones.Blue are 3xl. Order the red ones.Blue are 3xl. Tan are 3xl

Question Question 10

Will This Fit An Individual Wearning A Size 12 Shoe?

If you purchase a size 13 that will fit your foot easily and be large enough to do anything you require to do we use a size 14 and we are extremely pleased with the product they sent me.

Question Question 11

Exist 3 Set?

Yes, it is a deal for 3 sets. Rebecca, our Medical Storage facility.

Question Question 12

Would These Fit Over A Foot Cast For A 5 Years Of Age Kid?

The sock not extended would fit over a cast 10 inches in circumference.It appears that it might be extended to fit 12 inches around.

Question Question 13

We Just Recently Had Foot Surgical Treatment And Have A Boot On, The Floors In Our Home Are Slippy, Would This Sockfit Over Ourboot?

Most Likely not. Depending naturally on the size of the boot.If it is among the large plastic ones, it will definatelynot fit over that.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Pillow Paws BARIATRIC SLIPPER SOCK NON SKID large,, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We purchased these socks for our mom who went from a health center to assistant living. Her feet are inflamed. The medical facility socks were tight on her feet. She grumbled about them. And bhmedwear to the rescue. We acquired 6 for her. We got just 5 and we got in touch with bhmedwear. The customer care associate was wonderful and sent us the missing out on set. Our mother likes them. She states they are hot and comfy on her feet. They are rooour on her feet and the product utilized to make them are thicker than the medical facility socks. So we purchased 6 more for her. They are holding up extremely well. We were them inside out and line dry. We extremely advise these socks and we will continue to order more when she requires them. We are publishing a pic revealing the distinction in between the red xxl medical facility sock and the blue xxxl bhmedwear sock. We hope this assists.

Supplied a great base for our other half who is handicapped to stand when moving rather than socks that make him move. Since his one foot is constantly inflamed and he has long feet we had excellent problem discovering him socks with grippers- these are best.

The individual we got these for likes them. They are plenty huge and sized for large or inflamed feet. Even if they are too large, the socks will work due to the fact that they are tube socks. The rubberized nonskid part covers a large location, so they would fit numerous sizes– smaller sized feet would simply have a part of the nonskid part taking a trip up the back of the ankle. The individual we got them for uses a size 10-11 however has scar tissue and edema over the foot that needs a eee width shoe and make the majority of these type socks too little to pull over the instep we believe these would even fit a good friend with size 15 feet.

We had a good friend call us and asked us to search for socks that were non-slip for her father. He is presently in the retirement home rehabbing and his feet are bit inflamed and the slipper socks that they supply were too little. Did a little research found these on with excellent evaluations and descriptions on sizing and this worked well. His shoe size is a size 10 and someone stated they would correspond these 2 possibly a size 15 shoe. Which was best she desired something that was a bit huge due to the fact that of the swelling. Extremely12-29-18 we desired something with non slip and comfy not tight in any method. We kept in mind buying these for a good friend’s father. We simply polished our difficult wood floorings and was fretted we would slip with utilizing our fuzzy slipper socks. So o purchased them. Shown up as kept in mind and they are warm and have a terrific non stick bottom. They are bit huge however remain on our feet and the non slip is excellent. Extremely advise.

This is our 2nd set of these socks. We reside in michigan and warm toes are not simply a good thing however are requirement. The last set of these lasted us a number of years which is outstanding thinking about that michigan has 2 seasons. Winter season and august. So these socks get a great deal of wear. They are warm, comfy and look extremely elegant as we walk your home. Who does not enjoy blue socks? will continue to buy these as they use out.

Our other half has an injury on his heel that is heavily bandaged. Since of the injury he is expected to remain off it as much as possible. In some cases he leg swells. If that didn’t occur these would be best, however as a preventative measure we need to snip below the leading to ensure they do not hinder blood circulation. They aren’t truly tight, however we do not wish to take any possibilities. We have actually acquired other such socks that were simply to tight for him to use, so these are large enhancement.

These socks fit best. Our spouses feet and legs were extremely inflamed from severe kidney failure and the medical facility just had socks in xl that would not even review his feet. These xxxl socks not just fit, they were soft and comfy and kept him from slipping on the flooring.

We fidgeted due to the fact that some evaluations stated they were too little. We use a 13 shoe and we find these to be good and rooour. Excellent fit extremely comfortable out of the bundle.

We have a really bad back due to a stopped working back surgical treatment that made our discomfort 10 fold. (do not ever have lower back surgical treatment) long story short, we wound up falling forward when our leg provided out and broke our huge toe so bad that it needed pins & screws to set it in location. This sock was excellent prior to surgical treatment, when a routine sock was too tight and triggered more discomfort, this large (xxxl) sock was loose adequate to not trigger any discomfort. After our toe surgical treatment, our toe and foot was covered in a lot cushioning that this sock was the only thing that would fit over all the cushioning and gauze wrap. We need to use a huge black boot that increases to our knee to keep our toe from moving. While we remain in your home, the sock remains off. However when we go out in public, we put the sock over all the cushioning to keep it covered & tidy, then put the boot on over the sock. For this function, these socks work excellent. And for individuals stating that the rubber grip on the bottom comes off after cleaning them, attempt cleaning them in cold water rather of hot and do not put them in the clothes dryer. Let them air dry.

We delight in these socks quite. They are extremely comfy and do not constrain our foot and ankle. They are likewise non-slip. They are little loose and floppy (rather than tight) which is best for individuals with diabetes and inflamed ankles. They most likely would likewise benefit individuals with skin ulcers and neuro- muscular illness? impacting their feet and legs. Thanks, sbh.

These were for our other half. He fell and harmed his left foot. He likewise typically has inflamed feet. After the fall, both feet swelled evenmore Due to that and the discomfort he has actually not had the ability to utilize shoes. These were best, simply huge enough to fit his extremely inflamed feet and simply little enough that they did not fall off. We will be searching for these in a smaller sized size as the swelling has actually decreased a bit however inadequate for his feet to suit his shoes. We utilize them both in your home and when we goout The rubber bottoms truly assist him on the tile flooring.

These socks are excellent. We got something comparable in the medical facility. We liked the non-skid bottoms, plus the convenience. When we got house we found these on and have actually been purchasing them for a few years. These are better than the ones we got at the medical facility. We use a size16 additional broad shoe, plus we have periodic swelling issues, and these socks fit simply great. They do not increase our calf extremely far. This does not trouble me. The tops do not have a really tight band to assist therm keep up, however we do not truly have an issue with them slipping. We have blood circulation concerns anyhow, so we do not desire the too to be tight. We likewise use them when we use shoes due to the fact that they are so comfy, however we do not go numerous locations, so we hardly ever use shoes.

Big enough. The only socks we have found for real convenience when feet are inflamed. Will acquire once again. We are reluctant to inspect package that states “fit as expected” due to the fact that the point with these is that they are elastic and soft and will fit the method they’re required on the private day. If one day is much even worse than another for swelling, these will still broaden or contract to fit. The blue color is not dark, however still not odd or attractive for a sock color. Looks quite typical. Better than the yellows and purples that call attention to inflamed feet.

We got these for our brother-in-law who is house from rehabilitation for a damaged leg. He uses size 13 shoes and the routine medical facility socks are woefully insufficient. These fit him well and the non-slip gripper side is excellent on their wood and tile floorings. We purchased the blue and the bundle was of 3 sets. They clean and dry magnificently. We would purchase them once again.

This is best for us. Our shoe size 7 and our cast broad has to do with 5. 5″. These are so simple to place on. Gray sock is from a health center so you can see how this one has enough length, and broad. Likewise this one is truly great product( thick, soft, stretches) 3 sets are great cycle to clean for a week. Specifically we might cover our bloody cast plaster by it. I’s pleased to have this one prior to our surgical treatment. Extremely commanded product.

We have actually been searching for slipper socks for our diabetic bro that would fit his huge fat foot. He uses a size 12, and his foot swells a lot. These are best. They extend to accommodate his fred flintstone foot, and still goes 1/3 up his calf. Excellent cost, and do not seem extremely inexpensively made. There are greater quality ones, we make sure, however for the cost you can’t beat it. It would be good if there were multi-colors.

These socks are a lot better than the medical facility socks you get in the medical facility. Our other half has actually been ill & needs to use compression socks in your home due to the fact that of edema in his feet. His feet didn’t suit his slippers due to the fact that they were so inflamed. We got medical facility socks to put over then so he would not slip on the flooring however they used our so quickly. We found these on line & an so pleased we did. The product is much heavier & softer than the others and feel a lot better.

We acquired these for a member of the family who has lymphoma and can t fit any other kind of ill or shoe today. These have actually been useful. The foot and calf parts of the sock both are large enough.

Even If we have huge feet they call them bariatric?. Oh well, they’re comfy and have the little rubber grippy things on ’em. A lot thicker than typical ones too.

Our other half requires his legs covered in ace plasters due to the fact that of edema, and he s expected to use medical facility gripper socks over the plasters. These socks fit the expense perfectly. Our other half s tootsies are kept warm and relaxing, and the length of the sock provides him some assistance to mid-calf. We want they were a bit longer, however they re better (and longer) than anything else we have found.

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