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OneTouch Verio Control Solution

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  • OneTouch,Verio Control Solution, Mid
  • blood test strips
  • diabetes management
  • OneTouch

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75 tests per vial. Usage with OneTouch Verio Household of meters.Directions: Shop in between 41 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Dispose of 6 months after opening. Check out directions prior to utilizing this product. Dispose of 6 months after opening. Check out directions prior to utilizing this product.Ingredients: Level 3 Control Solution 0.12%: Viscosity-Adjusting Representative; Preservative; Dye; Buffer; Glucose in Water

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on OneTouch Verio Control Solution.

Question Question 1

What Is Distinction In Between Control Solution And Test Strips?

The solution is utilized to see if the glucose meter is precise. You utilize it on a test stripto validate the outcomes remain in a particular range.we utilize it when we get brand-new test stripsTest strips are utilized to determine the levels in your blood on a schedule suggested by the Medical professional.

Question Question 2

Where On Vial Can We Find What The Reading/Concentration Should Be? It Reads 122 However Im Uncertain If That Is Great Or Bad?

The Control Variety info must be on the test strip container, not the Control Solution vial.If you’re utilizing Level 3 (Mid) Control Solution, 122 is within variety.

Question Question 3

Pls Indicate Expiration Date Or Discard Date. Thnx?

The expiration for the bottle we bought July 2016 is January 2018 – more than appropriate time for usage. Open and utilize prior to the expiration – as soon as opened suggested usage is within 3 months (we dispose of after 2 months) as the solution will reduce in efficiency.

Question Question 4

How Do We Find Expiration Date Prior To Buying?

You should have the ability to findIt either on the bottle or on package butwhen you provide it it is great forone year

Question Question 5

Presuming This Process Determines That The Meter Is Not Precise How Is It Recalibrated?

It may simply indicate you got a faulty batch of test strips.That’s most likely why they suggest doing it when you open a brand-new vial.

Question Question 6

Can We Utilize This Solution To Verio Flex System?

we are not exactly sure. However on package it does state OneTouch Verio Household. we would ask a pharmacist.

Question Question 7

Required A Battery Charger For The One Touch Verio Meter How Or Where Can We Buy One?

You will require to call one touch client service to change it

Question Question 8

Can We Utilize This Solution To Verio Flex System?

Yes, you can utilize it on the flex system.

Question Question 9

Why Worldwide Isn’T This Consisted of In The Verio One Touch Package?

It was consisted of in mine, however it ended.

Question Question 10

Our Test Strips Have A Code ’25’ Can We Utilize This Solution? We Are Brand-new To This And Don’T Know What We Are Doing Please Assist We Have The Ultramini?

It must deal with Verio strips. Perhaps contact Verio.

Question Question 11

How Do We Utilize It?

Simple- shake it up, unscrew cover, put a drop in the cupped location on the top of the cover, suck some up with test strip in meter, checked out results.Always utilize with brand-new batch of test strips.Lasts about 6 months then get some more.

Question Question 12

Our Vial Of Test Strips States 126 -171 Does That Mean These “Mid” Strips Are Too “Low” For United States?? We Are So Baffled Why Is This So Challenging Please Assist?

Finest to have your Dror localpharmacistto describe

Question Question 13

What Is Expiration Date Of Above Product?

The control solution is goodtell the date on bottle dispose of after that and order nee

Question Question 14

Can We Utilize This Solution To Verio Flex System?

Yes. we have the Flex and the IQ and it deals with both. The distinction is just that the Flex does not offer you “control solution” on the display screen. we include that to the notes on the reading in the app so it’s taped when it’s the control solution.

Question Question 15

What Is The Rangefor Control?

The information sheet that features the Level 3 (Mid) Control solution states” Your result should fall within the range of results printed on the test strip vial you are using” Example: Level 3 (Mid) Control Variety 102-138 mg/dL. Level 4 (High) Control Variety 298-403 mg/dL

Question Question 16

Can We Utilize One Touch Ultra Control Solution On The One Touch Verio?

No. Per a call to one touch assistance recently.

Question Question 17

Where Is This Solution Produced?


Question Question 18

Can We Utilize This With Our Care Touch Meter?

On package it mentions it can be utilized with OneTouch Verio household of meters

Question Question 19

Which Control Solution Do We Buy, The Mid Or High Or Both?

Ask your medical professional.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on OneTouch Verio Control Solution, these may be helpful for better understanding.

The control solution is quickly utilized to do a glucometer test. Correct directions:1. Shake the bottle intensely for a minimum of 15 seconds. 2. On a tidy impermeable surface area location 2 drops of solution without letting the suggestion of the bottle touch the impermeable surface area. If utilizing side-access test strips you’ll wish to put the drops near the edge of the surface area so you can bring the test strip approximately the drop. 3. Do not utilize the very first drop. 4. Test utilizing the 2nd drop. 5. Compare to the variety printed on the side of the test-strip vial. It comes in handy that the solution is blue – simple to identify from blood. The bottle needs to be disposed of 6 months after opening. Just factor we didn’t offer it 5 star is the rate – $9. 45 is high compared to control options for other brand names. However you need to utilize the exact same brand name control solution and glucometer.

One touch contacted us to let us understand that you can call them to buy without any charge.

Functions as marketed. Check each brand-new great deal of glucose test strips to make sure precision for self-confidence in test outcomes. Well worth the cash.

Functions terrific to ensure your display is adjusted properly.

This was simply what we required to evaluate our meter and make sure that we were getting precise readings.

Expiration date over a complete year away. Great to be able to have a control solution that does not end simply a number of months later on.

We liked the truth we did not need to wait a month and will to find the low and high glucose levels.

Would believe it would be consisted of with meter.

Utilized it a number of times. Assisted to identify our meter was malfunctioning. Easy to utilize and understsnd.

As a medical individual we found this to be an excellent addition to our emergency situation bag that we made up to bring in our vehicle and on journeys.

Inspect blood sugar level strips.


Fantastic rate and showed up on time.

Precisely as marketed. We utilize it to evaluate each brand-new box of strips and it is as anticipated.

A needs to have.


Great product.

Fantastic rate.

Functions fine.


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