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Nova Diabetes Care Nova Max Plus Ketone Test Strips

Nova Diabetes Care Nova Max Plus Ketone Test Strips

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Exp Date: 7/31/2014

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Question Question 1

How Frequently Do You Need To Look for Ketone Tracking?

That’s completely as much as you and/or your physician. we do not utilize it with a medical professional’s guidance bc we are not ill. we utilize it to assist monitor our level of keto-adaptation bc we are on a ketogenic diet plan. However your physician will inform you how frequently to keep an eye on if you’re doing it under a medical professional’s care.

Question Question 2

Can We Utilize The Accuracy Xtra Blood Ketone Test Strips With The Nova Max Plus?

Required to contact maker or a drug store.

Question Question 3

We Have An Accuracy Meter Can You Utilize The Nova Max Ketone Strips With It?

No. You would need to acquire Accuracy xtra ketone test strips or a Nova max ketone/glucose meter.

Question Question 4

Does This Deal With Keto Mojo?

we do not believe so. However to be sure, you can call the Keto Mojo folks to ask.

Question Question 5

Is Anybody Else Having A Great Deal Of Mistake Readings From These Keto Strips?

No, we have actually just had 1 mistake reading out of around 50 strips. Make certain you adjust the tester properly, then ensure you put adequate blood in strip.The strip will check out as “LO” if your reading is below 0.1. This is a regular reading.

Question Question 6

2014 Expiration???

we are brand-new to utilizing ketone test strips.All our ketone strips have not expired.so we actually can t address this question.

Question Question 7

Does The Novamax Plus Readings Show Numericaly? Ive Read That Is States Lo Or High?

It has a mathematical readout. we have actually had mine for some time and it just show lo one time, otherwise constantly a mathematical reading.

Question Question 8

We Got The Double Accuracy Xtra (Glucose And Ketone) And Would Like To Know If Its Compatible?

These DONOT deal with the Accuracy Xtra gadget. we own both gadgets.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Nova Diabetes Care Nova Max Plus Ketone Test Strips, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We desired the readings to monitor our low carbohydrate diet plan. There’s just 2 gadgets that determine blood ketones in the house. The other gadget’s test strips are more than two times as costly. Those do determine lower levels, whereas the nova sure max does not offer measurementsbelow 5, rather it simply checks out lo. Nevertheless, our objective is to remain in between 1 and 4 on the readings and this gadget does a terrific task of that and expenses less half as much to run the test, which at about $2. 20 per test is plenty costly enough. To prevent mistake messages you need to do things in the appropriate order. Take the strip out and put it in the gadget. Make certain completion with the 3 little black dots is not in the gadget, since that’s completion that draws up the blood. The 3 black dots must be dealing with up. The other end enters into the gadget. Now that the strip is correctly placed, press the button which switches on the gadget. Put it down and puncture your finger with the lancet and capture out a 1/8 of an inch blood drop. Get the gadget which you have actually currently switched on and have actually currently placed the strip. Now touch completion with the 3 black dots into the center of the blood drop. The blood will hurry up 3 dots totally, then the gadget begins counting below 10 to 1 at which time you’ll get your reading (about 10 seconds). You’ll get a mistake message if you collect the blood on the strip prior to placing the strip, it should currently remain in the gadget with the gadget switched on prior to touching the strip to the blood. You likewise require a drop huge enough to permit the blood to succeed of the 3 black dots. If your drop was too little you get a mistake. Mine works so well, we believe the grievances should be because of the users not following these actions. We hope this assists others. We were a bit hesitant to order due to the fact that some of the evaluations stated there were lots of tests that stopped working or provided mistake codes. Out of our 12 tests up until now, we just lost one reading which was due to the fact that we didn’t make the blood drop rather huge enough that we drew from. We have actually gotten really comfy with the gadget now and am exceptionally happy with it. One time we placed a test strip and got a mistake message, we just eliminated it and reinserted it and it worked fine. Get a good blood drop, which is simple for us, about an 1/8 of inch or a little smaller sized, then touch completion of the test strip to the drop and it draws the blood up like a vacuum and you can see it take a trip over the 1/4 inch of the screening location in a flash. The meter then begins a 10 2nd countdown, after which you get the reading. We likewise monitor our blood sugar and simply pull out the ketone strip and place the glucose strip and utilize what remains of the blood drop to do that test too. The ketone test utilizes a little more blood than the glucose test and expense 4 times as much each, so do the ketone test initially to guarantee there suffices blood, so you do not lose the strip. Do not press the strip on the skin as much as the blood drop, simply touch the drop with the strip about midway up the drop and once again, it draws the blood up like a vacuum and in 10 seconds you have the reading. We do not comprehend the customers who state they are getting stopped working or lost tests. When placing the strip into the meter hold it near where it goes into the meter and you’ll feel the little bit of resistance as the strip goes into the real receiver that links the gold plated metal on the test strip to the reader. What we are stating is, when you put the strip into the meter, there’s no resistance for a 1/4 inch or two, when the strip seems like it’s bottomed out, then hold the strip near the meter, so it does not flex, and offer it a small push and you’ll feel it lock into the receiver. Then the meter reveals a blood drop sign and you understand it’s seated and prepared for you to put the test strip into the blood drop. So long as you ensure the drop is big enough (not difficult to do), this is really simple, quick, precise and less than half the expense of the other system. Due to the fact that our objective is to remain no less than 1, the truth this gadget does not determinebelow 5 is not a concern for us, due to the fact that if it’s that low, we have a lot of carbohydrates in our diet plan and it’s our task to repair that. We are doing a great task on the diet plan and our readings are regularly in between 1. 9 and 3. 6 depending upon the last time we consumed and just how much workout we are getting. We likewise like it keeps in memory the last 400 readings the gadget has actually taken, consisting of the date, time and whether it was a glucose sample or a ketone sample. That method you can get the reading now so you’ll understand, then return later on and simply struck the back button and return as lots of as 400 readings if you desired, then get in the information into a log or spreadsheet with the date and time later on. For somebody major about keeping an eye on a really low carbohydrate diet plan like we are on, this gadget is the very best and least costly offered. We having actually been combating our weight all our life and low carbohydrate is the only method we have the ability to keep a healthy weight without being hungary, like we were on low calorie, slim. Our high blood pressure has actually gone from 138/88, which is borderline medication level, down to 111/70, which is much better than even what medical professionals pursue (120/80). We likewise do an hour a day of quite extreme cardio, including 20 minutes on a running kind of maker, 20 minutes on a stationary bicycle and 20 minutes on a treadmill walking 10 minutes in reverse up a 6 degree slope and 5 minutes in each instructions lunging sideways to the forward movement of the treadmill. The treadmill workouts are working the opposite sides of the muscles in the other 40 minutes of the cardio. We like dividing the regular into 20 minutes of various cardio, due to the fact that a number of years back, we got a carpal tunnel syndrome from doing something too long. Passing the workout information along due to the fact that workout is substantial in supporting your insulin and high blood pressure, in addition to, for somebody like us who can’t endure carbohydrates, getting all however non starchy veggie carbohydrates out of our diet plan. We have actually handled to lose 100 pounds and get all our blood chemistry in much better shape than any other time in our life at the ripe aging of54 Update 2-19-2014 we are still utilizing the gadget and have actually reordered strips numerous times. It still works excellent. Simply ensure you follow the actions we composed above.

Although we did get no outcome on a few of our early tests, we believe it was due to the fact that we went directly onto our finger with the test strip, therefore requiring the absorbant end of the strip versus the skin sort of plugged up the blood from increasing all the method. The enhanced approach is to sort of scrape the blood drop at an angle, like you would shovel snow off the driveway. As soon as we got that method going, it worked whenever. We just purchased one box, so 10 attempts there, and the set had 2 complimentary ones. Once our interest was handled about if our vlc diet plan got us into dietary ketosis, we have actually not purchased any more strips, because the rate is kinda high for pleasing our interest.

The most affordable strips for usasuring ketones we might find. They work whenever as long as you put adequate blood in the strip quick enough. Our only problem is that they aren’t more affordable, however reasonably remarkable innovation for the rate. We are utilizing them for monitoring our ketogenic diet plan in addition to the nova max ketone tester. It appears that in order to get to the wanted series of 1-3, the variables that enable this are: reduce carbohydrates to below about 50 grams daily, keep protein to no more than around 100 grams daily, comprise the distinction with great fats (cream, olive oil, coconut oil) and workout to avoid muscle breakdown (resulting in gluconeogenesis).

We bought these ketone strips to monitor our ketone levels as part of our low carbohydrate strategy. These strips are really cool. As soon as you puncture your finger, you touch the blood drop to the top of the strip and it draws it up. We had a few incidents when we initially discovered to utilize them (mainly not getting adequate blood on the strip), however after we mastered it, no issues. We opened the 2nd bottle of strips and 4 out of the 5 didn’t work (mistake messages on our tracking gadget). We were not delighted, however we are going to presume that we simply got a bad batch of strips. We did order more strips and will keep utilizing them unless we continue to have more issues.

There is a discovering curve to utilizing these strips. Initially, get the drop of blood prepared. Then plug in the strip to the meter and instantly get the drop of blood on the strip. We have just had one incorrect reading because we have actually been utilizing these keto strips. To keep the expense down, we just utilize the test as soon as a week. We likewise found that you get greater readings later on in the day. Rather than morning. No grievances and the expense is better than other products.

This product actually works well with their maker “the nova max. ” simple to utilize and the outcomes are rapidly seen. Hoping that the rate of these blood ketone strips as they are quite costly. Excellent if you are doing the n= 1 dietary blood screening for low carbohydrate diet plans.

Procedures well. We checked versus other brand name. Just off by. 2 lower. So we like these for rate and advise this brand name to friends and family rather of greater priced one. All test strips have actually worked.

Strips are costly.

We have actually been utilizing these strips to monitor our dietary ketosis. We have actually not had any issues at all. The user requires to manage the strips with care, place them at the correct angle, usage adequate blood, and prevent strip/skin contact when screening. These are the least costly strips we have found however still typical $3 each, so being carful and utilizing adequate blood ought to be a no-brainier. The only criticism is that the strips we got were not separately covered as explained. Each box consisted of 2 round plastic containers each with 5 strips. The containers look like movie containers (keep in mind those?). The guidelines state that as soon as the cylinder is opened, the strips must be utilized within 3 months. That’s not an issue due to the fact that we test two times a week. The genuine issue is that the plastic cylinder does not fit inside the case for the nova max tester. That makes it a bit of an inconvenience to shop and bring the set when we are far from house.

Worked simply as anticipated. We saw some examines that specified more than half of the strips didn’t work. We just got 2 strips that had a mistake and our company believe it was due to the fact that we didn’t use enough of a sample. We do this in addition to screening our blood glucose, and we discovered really rapidly, if we wished to utilize both samples from one needle prick we should do the ketone test initially as it requires a bigger sample than the glucose strip.

Determine the ketones in your blood. More precise than pee-ing on the sticks.

Great for discovering ketone levels. Easy to utilize.

These are excellent assisting us to be sure we remain in ketosis. Simply want they were more affordable then we would have the ability to inspect more frequently to see which foods knock us out of ketosis.

We have actually never ever had any problems with these test strips. We have re bought sometimes and never ever had an issue with bad batches. We have had a couple mistake checks out however they occur prior to we include our blood to the test stick so we simply get rid of and re insert the strips and after that it works fine.

Like rate.

Too costly. The rate builds up. We alternate these with ketone strips for urine which are much more economical albeit not as precise.

We have actually never ever needed to test our ketones, so this is brand-new to me. Kinda shocked just 5 test strips in each container. However, we are brand-new to this.

Simply what we require to contribute to our keto way of life plus not too costly and constantly fast shipping.

Costly however precise.

Finest rate for ketone strips we have actually seen.

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