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MaxiAids Prodigy Adjustable Depth Lancing Device

MaxiAids Prodigy Adjustable Depth Lancing Device

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on MaxiAids Prodigy Adjustable Depth Lancing Device.

Question Question 1

Will It Deal With Freestyle Lancets?

we do not understand with regard to freestyle however it deals with one touch lancets

Question Question 2

Will This Deal With Accuchek Multiclix Lancet Drums?

No it will not deal with it

Question Question 3

What Is The Length Of This Device?

roughly 3.5 inches.Don’ t actually look after it though as it is difficult to activate on celebrations.

Question Question 4

Will It Deal With Bd 33 G Lancets?

AFAIK all BD lancets have the exact same fit, despite needle gauge, so we do not comprehend the previous response that states it just deals with 28 g. In any case, we can verify that it absolutely does deal with BD 33 g. It simply does not work really well.with any lancets (see our evaluation).

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on MaxiAids Prodigy Adjustable Depth Lancing Device, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Pain-free and simple application.

This is a tough system that holds up to a great deal of screening. We like the method it is created making it simple to utilize.

This lancet is fantastic. Constantly utilize prodigy products, and they never ever stop working to do an excellent task. It’s fantastic to understand that even if we mistake and run out of test strips we can get more really rapidly from.

Long lasting, well made product.

Functions ok.

Whatever was gorgeous and delivery came quickly.


Love it.

We had a great deal of problem getting blood from our fingers till we acquired this. The one that featured our maker simply did not appear to do the technique it would not take adequate blood out even on the greatest setting. We have this on the most affordable setting so see yourself if you go to the greatest setting you re going to actually feel it. So examine the numbers on the top of it prior to you stick that thing into you on top number otherwise you ll be in discomfort from it. However that s the point it works. We like them bigger the smaller sized ones are not as simple to utilize and this resembles a pen so it s really basic. We have actually seen other evaluations it stated it s inexpensive it doesn t work let us discuss something to you we had pancreatitis all the unexpected we ended up being a diabetic after practically passing away in the health center. We have actually had our sugar is out of control for about a month now we have actually been checking our sugar often 10 and 12 times a day out of worry and simply to control to see what it appears like after we consume so we can figure out what works best. So we can inform you firsthand that we have actually abused this thing abused in the last month and absolutely nothing. If you re examining your sugar 1 to 3 times a day you ought to have no issue with thing lasting you permanently. And they re inexpensive to buy so if your brakes on us in a month we will buy another one since they re not costly. However it s not a low-cost product. We enjoy prodigy things the meter the strips which they re an excellent business. Much better than one touch the one that we received from our insurance provider stated zipped up in a black bag and we have actually got boxes of screening strips that we wear t usage since we choose prodigy.

Got the lancing in just days. Functions extremely well. We are likewise utilizing the prodlgy twist leading lancets with it. All we require in settings is the number 1 setting on pressure setting. Extremely well made.

We were expecting a twist on top, and this has it. Easy and simple to utilize, we are purchasing another for our “travel” package.

Not as simple to utilize as others we have.


Product got and working.

The factor is the shape of the head. Narrow near the pointer implies better consistency of penetration even if the angle is somewhat off. (we are lancing the * side * of the fingers, to reduce damage in the locations essential to touch sense, so it’s somewhat more hard to keep the angle. And we are lancing the side of a kid’s fingers, who may not be always totally still at the minute of lancing. )these aren’t always that rugged though. The button breaks. The modification system breaks. The spring usesout (you can change the depth to match the spring, naturally– till you’re doing complete depth.) it’s a non reusable product. Insurance coverage utilized to spend for these, then they changed to another brand name, however we are sticking to these and paying out of pocket.

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