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KENDALL/COVIDIEN Container Sharps-A-Gator

KENDALL/COVIDIEN Container Sharps-A-Gator

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of KENDALL/COVIDIEN Container Sharps-A-Gator.

  • Horizontal entry cover
  • Locking cover
  • Plastic

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More Info:

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Clear, locking tops with horizontal load openings nestable containers conserve important storage area plastics and pigments are safe to autoclave or incinerate

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on KENDALL/COVIDIEN Container Sharps-A-Gator.

Question Question 1

Can You Get Rid Of A Trulicity Pen?How Big Is The Disposal Opening?

The opening is sufficient for TRULICITY

Question Question 2

Would This Container Hold Insulin Injector Pens Like Levimiror Trulicity?

we do not know.we usage insulin pump.The dispose of pieces are little.

Question Question 3

Will This Hold The Larger Self Injection Pens Like Epipen And A Bit Smaller sized Than That?

It holds our insulin injection pens. So, yes our company believe it will hold an epi pen or a bit smaller sized. Hope this assists.

Question Question 4

Does It Consist Of Shipping For Disposal Of The Sharps Container?

No, it does not consist of shipping. we would not understand where to deliver these containers. In our area, Florida, we close and lock the container, cover it with duct tape, label it dangerous biological waste, and deposit in our waste container for pickup.

Question Question 5

Where Do You Get Rid Of The Container When Complete?

There is a 800 number you call thats on the front or back of the container.

Question Question 6

Does The Cover Come Off So Numerous Needles Can Be Discarded In?

The sharps opening is huge enough to drop in a number of needles or syringes at a time without the requirement to remove the cover

Question Question 7

Will This Container Hold 6.5″ Auto-Injectors?

Yes. Put our insulin injectors in all of it the time.

Question Question 8

Will This Fit Trulicity Self Injection Pens? We Got Another Container & It Was Too Little. Couldn’T Return Considering that We Didn’T Understand Up until It Was Far too late?

Yes the opening is huge and can get rid of the pens.

Question Question 9

What Are The Dimensions Of This Product? Thanks.?

The approximate measurements of the container are 10″ L X 6″W X 6″ H

Question Question 10

We Administer Insulin To Our Diabetic Feline Two Times A Day Which Produces Great Deals Of Syringes. About The Number Of Little Syringes Will This Container Hold?

It’s a plus size container. we are diabetic and inject insulin 3 times a day.we normally re-order this container every 4-6 months.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on KENDALL/COVIDIEN Container Sharps-A-Gator, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This container is great and tough and is likewise an actually fantastic worth. Our needles fit actually well in the container and we make certain that package will last us a long period of time. It’s extremely rooour and has a lot of area for all sizes of needles. The ones we have in there now are 1 inch, 25 gauge needles, however we make certain other sizes would fit simply as well. Edit: after about 3 months of usage, we unintentionally closed the cover too tight and it locked. It took permanently to figure out, however we were lastly able to open the cover with a knife so that we might still utilize the container. We are unsure if it will lock once again now that we have actually re-opened it, however a minimum of it’s still functional. So, simply beware to not close the cover too tight up until you are prepared to discard of the container.

We are volunteer very first responder that runs a pov. We desired a box to toss utilized gloves into and this one works simply great. We make approximately 2 calls each week so this little box need to last a long period of time. Fits completely in a side pocket of our ford explorer’s freight location. Fair rate for the safe disposal of stained gloves.

Product is as explained. Big adequate to fit nor-epinepherine auto-injectors. There is definitely no security system whatsoever. We bought this so we didn’t need to label and tape food containers– we have the ability to get rid of this in our garbage where we live. Got precisely what we spent for, however we will need to keep this out of reach of our kids.

Altered insurance coverage and they no longer supplied a syringe container. Was not sure when we purchased this if it would fit our extremely fat simponi self injectors, they fit simply great with a lot of space to spare. This is an excellent size container that shops simply great as the syringes lay flat for better storage. This is not kid evidence up until you seal the moving door when filled. So if you have kids around, please put it up high so they can’t get to it, or buy one that is kid evidence.

Like size. It s huge enough to fit our self automobile injection pens. It s likewise big enough to get rid of epipens. Too large for travel.

When you have actually filled this container, you close the moving door on the leading and it locks closed. Like others have actually discussed, when we got our container, the door was closed. We needed to pry the complete of the container and usage tweezers to reverse the locking system. We question an older lady would have the ability to do this. Simply be prepared to use strength on this when you get it. The maker must work out more control in their qa department.

A nationwide chain drug store offered us this sized sharps container totally free, when we might not find any sharps container in their shop. We enjoyed to find the exact same size and design through. Our child needs to have about 4 injections each week of non-pharmaceutical compounds; this size lasts over a year. The opening for the “sharps” is open, so it must be kept out of reach from kids. Quick shipping from this business. Extremely pleased.

Great tough container. Does not use up a great deal of area and the horizontal opening is fantastic for dropping utilized syringes in. We utilize this in the house, not in a medical environment.

Perfect size for a years worth of insulin syringes.

The product is as advertized. We had a blood withdrawal class to teach and it served our function.

The product is as specified and shipment was quick. This container fits all of our b12 syringes which we had rather a few of. There is plenty space enough for more syringes and they will be kept securely now. It certainly works for our requirements.

Regrettably this container doesn t fit into regional collection bin.

Good sized sharps container. We have type 1 diabetes, and this works fantastic for our lancets, and syringes.

This is an excellent (practical) size of sharps container. It holds plenty, however isn’t obnoxiously huge. Great quality and rate too.

We bought the sharps-a-gator sharps container and it was precisely what we required. It is not kid evidence nor can you close it unless you will get rid of it. Make certain you buy this if you have a safe location for it from animals and kids. It is ideal for us.

Great for keeping our utilized pens up until prepared to get rid of complete container.


This container have amble area to put our utilized sharp needles and lancets.

Precisely what we required. Delivered rapidly. Will buy once again.

Container fulfills the requirements and expense efficient.

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