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JOBST Sensifoot Closed Toe Knee Sock

JOBST Sensifoot Closed Toe Knee Sock, X-Large

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of JOBST Sensifoot Closed Toe Knee Sock, X-Large.

  • Non-irritating, smooth toe joint decreases pressure and inflammation on toes
  • Bonus cushioning in the foot, heel, and toe decreases friction and offers additional convenience and security
  • Acrylic multitier yarns wick away wetness to keep feet comfy and dry
  • Anti-bacterial, antifungal surface hinders development of germs to assist avoid smell

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More Info:

Here are some more information on JOBST Sensifoot Closed Toe Knee Sock, X-Large.
Color: White|Size: X-Large Flat, low profile toe joint decreases inflammation and pressure on toes. Acrylic cushioning decreases friction and offers cushioning for convenience. Acrylic yarn wicks away moisture to assist keep feet cool and dry. Antimicrobial surface assists avoid development of germs and fungis on the sock and assists remove smell. Non-constricting, moderate gradient compression assists avoid moving and bunching which can trigger pressure points versus the skin

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on JOBST Sensifoot Closed Toe Knee Sock, X-Large.

Question Question 1

Is This Simply For 1 Set?

Yes, they run 12-14 dollars per set. Worth every cent. Comfy, resilient, and encouraging. These socks conserved our legs.

Question Question 2

Is This Simply For 1 Set?

Thank you for your questions. These socks are offered in set. we hope you find this useful.

Question Question 3

Do They Can Be Found In A Double Xl?

They do not.

Question Question 4

Do These Can Be Found In Package Or Are They Simply Loose Socks Like In The Image?

In a box

Question Question 5

Exists Any Distinction In Material, Texture, & Density In Between Black & White Socks? Are Both Similarly Well Suited For Athletic Usage?

we do not feel that there is a distinction in between the 2 socks.Yes they benefit athletic usage. They are both a thicker sock which keep our feet from burning out too rapidly.

Question Question 6

Likewise, Is This A 15 To 18 Mm?


Question Question 7

How Do We Identify What Size We Required?

The back of the plan specifies order by shoe size. our other half uses a 10.5 shoe and we purchased him size big. The socks fit he well.Hope this assists.

Question Question 8

Are These Compression Tube? 8-15 Mm Hg?

Yes, these are 8-15 mmHg

Question Question 9

We Can’T Distinguish The Description Of The Medication. Size Is Brief Enough For A 5 Foot Woman.Thanks.Or, Got Any Other Suggestions?

we bought these for our other half and they are rather long most likely too wish for a 5 foot lady.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on JOBST Sensifoot Closed Toe Knee Sock, X-Large, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

These socks are most likely one size too huge for many, however being 6′ 4, the xl works out terrific for us. These are terrific socks, however they tend to break down much faster than many cotton socks. Holes normally begin about 6 months in, with a weekly cleaning and line dried. These are acrylic, so they tend to aggravate our skin sometimes, in spite of not disliking acrylic. They work well for our medical condition and keep our discomfort down, so in spite of not being effectively made (even with terrific care they stop working), they deserve the trouble. In general, we more than happy with these socks as they fit well and are far more comfy than other socks that remain in the very same classification.

These socks are better than marketed, and really great socks for the diabetic foot. Not just are they conscious the pressures of legs however after cleaning they get better and stay as made. That is a great quality, and crucial to keeping heat for cold legs particularly in the cold weather. Convenience for the individual who uses them is the outcome. Really great socks.

Long lasting, soft, very comfy. This simply what you require for your feet.

These are best for our high other half. They assist a lot to avoid foot swelling. His foot medical professional suggested these.

Terrific product.

Our mom has a condition in her leg from diabetes. So she has blood circulation problems. We bought this for her to see if she ‘d like it. Well, she sure did. She desiredmore We advise this for anybody with diabetes.

Order got here on time, properly and socks fit and clean well.

Too big however we will keep them.

This was the very best cost we might find. Excellent service, plan came quickly. These are our partners preferred socks to assist with his ankles swelling.

Not too tight for a diabetic. Simpler to place on and is available in navy color. Terrific socks for the diabetic.

Terrific moderate assistance socks for aching feet.

They go a little above the knee however they appear excellent quality. We would buy them once again.

Excellent cost. Fits goodies.

We have actually never ever had socks that are as comfy as these socks. A little expensive however the convenience deserves the money.

Comfy and worked terrific for our daddy.

Good fit. Great deals of additional cushion in the heels and the toes. Excellent fit on the calf. Excellent security for the feet.

They fit effectively. We have diabetes and have an inflammed location on our foot so the medical professional suggested them to me. Yes we would advise them to others.

These are terrific socks when you require some assistance. They appear like routine socks while offering you the assistance that is required on exhausted legs.

Biggest diabetic socks around.

Really comfy socks would buy once again.

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