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Insta-Glucose Liquid Diet Supplement

Insta-Glucose Liquid Diet Supplement

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Insta-Glucose Liquid Diet Supplement.

  • 24 grams of glucose
  • Convenient, prepared to utilize
  • Easy to swallow
  • Pleasant cherry taste

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Insta-Glucose Liquid Diet Supplement.
Size: 3 Count24 grams of glucose

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Insta-Glucose Liquid Diet Supplement.

Question Question 1

Do You Find These Efficient For Super Lows?

Easy to utilize when somebody is extremely low and combative. Not as quickly as liquid sugar aka coca soda and so on however in a pinch there efficient within 10-15 minutes.

Question Question 2

Do These Expire?If So, What Is The Service life?

They reveal an expiration date on the back of the bundle. we purchased these about 6 months back and they have an expiration date of 05/2017 we wager they have a 3 year plus service life.

Question Question 3

Is It Clear?

No it is a red color. However will assist to bring blood levels up relatively fast for a insulin depend diabetic whose sugar levels are low. (50-70)

Question Question 4

Does Each Tube Contain 24 Mg Of Carbohydrates Or Is That The Amount Of All 3 Tubes?

Each tube consists of 24 grams of carbs. Overall is 72 grams for 3 tubes.

Question Question 5

If We Don’T Usage The Total Tube, Does It Has An Easy Cover To Close To Make Sure That The Remainder of the Gel Is Not Harmed?

it does have a simple cover however, personally, we would not wish to seal and utilize later.we just useas needed and we utilize everything.

Question Question 6

Are These Gluten Free?

we simply checked out the components on television and there is no reference of Gluten what so ever.

Question Question 7

What Is The Expiration Date Or The Service Life Of Your Current Stock?

the expiration date is 01/2019 Hope that assists.

Question Question 8

Did We Order Glucose Gel?

Yes, it s a gel that you squeeze into the mouth, however it liquifies quicker and raises the sugar level.

Question Question 9

We Required To Order 100 Loads However Date On Noting States Expiration Is 09/19 Is That Right As We Can’T Purchase Expired Product? Please Recommend Asap.?

You require 300 tubes of glucose (100 loads x 3/pack)? Personally, we would not be reluctant to utilize the product for even a number of years after the noted expiration date– it’s simply sugar. What is the mentioned expiration YEAR on your product? Some individuals fidget utilizing products post-expiration. we are not, if the product and in You require 300 tubes of glucose (100 loads x 3/pack)? Personally, we would not be reluctant to utilize the product for even a number of years after the noted expiration date– it’s simply sugar. What is the mentioned expiration YEAR on your product? Some individuals fidget utilizing products post-expiration. we are not, if the product and components are not especially shelf-unstable.

Question Question 10

Does Anybody Know How These Act In Elevation? (Aircraft Flights)?

Worked fine in an pressurized airplane at 39 K feet, still worked when we depresurized and still worked when we struck the ground so we would state yup, they act completely well at elevation, throughout a relatively fast good and a subsequent usage.

Question Question 11

Why Can They Not Be Closed After Opening? This Is Rather Lame.?

Truthfully we have found the dosage to be simply enough for a hypo episode. Never ever required to close it after.

Question Question 12

Exists Any Potassium In This?

No.The components are liquid glucose (mix of dextrose, dextrin, and maltose), cleansed water, synthetic cherry taste, methylparaben, potassium sorbate, salt benzoate, propylparaben and FD&C red #2. we extremely advise it.

Question Question 13

Is This Gel Clear?

pink however it works well.we can not open bottles any longer due to handinjuryBut we can open this,

Question Question 14

Why Doesregularcoca-Colawork Much Faster And Better Than This Things?

we drop exceptionally low n the insta-glucose works fantastic for us we can’t respond to the question about coke soda it never ever worked quickly for m e.we are diabetic for 47 yrs n we enjoy Insta-Glucose Liquid

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Insta-Glucose Liquid Diet Supplement, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Our 19 years of age type 1 diabetic had a scary minute on our method back from a hot day at the zoo where she all of a sudden ended up being delirious, then her eye sight went fuzzy and on the edge of a seizure. Because identified at age 11, she has had a few seizure episodes in the early past, however handles it well and just low blood sugar level the past few years that she can feel beginning and treated with sugar tablets. So when this took place, all she and we had were sugar tablets so informed her to chew up and hold under her tongue understanding that it would not be as quick serving as a gel, tube cake icing, a soda water, and so on. It truly worried us if she had actually been driving her capability to open and chew sugar tablets in time, which are one by one and just about 4 grams a tablet. She required something truly quickly. So we found these, much easier to open that cake icing tubes, they have a massive 24 grams and she keeps 2 in her automobile and all of us bring one with us. Not for the everyday lows, sugar tabs or powders work for those and cheaper, however for those genuine emergency situations and she will require to act quickly. For those of you with youngsters and type 1, offer these to your school bus motorist, instructors, and so on (obviously your school nurse must have a glycogen set also. )type 1 diabetes is a dreadful illness and it alters the guidelines on us when it wishes to, similar to our journey back from the zoo. Finest dreams and health to all you households impacted by type 1 like ours.

This things resembles gold. Our partner has type 1 diabetes and we have actually had the ability to get him out of low blood glucose seizures with this things. We were offered a tube by an emergency medical technician who needed to come assistance when our partner was hypoglycemic. It is quick acting and simple to utilize. We extremely advise.

This is an outright life conserving product if somebody you enjoy has diabetes. Throughout our loved ones’ last diabetic coma, the extremely kind and educated emergency medical technician workers informed us about this when we experienced severe trouble attempting to present orange juice to our relative rapidly. We picked this brand name as it has a pointy nozzle that can be administered rapidly and effectively at the side of the individual’s mouth throughout a diabetic episode, specifically if the individual’s teeth are clenched throughout a coma episode.

This gel is fantastic. Would not advise it for routine everyday blood glucose upkeep however when you require to fix a low blood glucose level rapidly and quickly, we are so grateful to have this product. Require it 3 times now and each time it worked effectively. Thank you.

Our sweetheart is a diabetic and we purchased these as an emergency situation back up when she declines take any liquids in or sweet and so on. These are lot much easier to utilize in a pinch when somebody is withstanding to arrive sugar back up. We just needed to utilize them when and they appeared to work decently quickly from kicking and withstanding sugar consumption to calmer low blood glucose in about 5-8 minutes.

It does the work however we want they simplify to open caps and in some cases we require just half of it however we can t due to the fact that the cap is not made to cover it once it s open it remains open.

This gel is precisely what the medical professional bought for diabetic emergency situations. While we attempt to deal with approaching lows (anticipated by setting the cgm’s low alert at 100) in a healthy method whenever possible (apple juice, raisins, banana), this gel is simple to bring, slips into a pocket, and is at times the very best method to deal with an emergency situation. Super quickly. It has never ever let us down. 22 years and counting.

Can’t state sufficient about this product. Actually conserved our hubby’s life. It’s fantastic due to the fact that even if they are not responsive you can simply squeeze it in their mouth along the cheek and it gets taken in. Love this things.

We enjoy this for our type 1 diabetes. We buy numerous packs at a time and keep them all over. They constantly assist us when our sugar is going quickly low; we keep one in our cars and truck, our bag, and our space. The only drawback is if you take the entire thing, it will make your sugar spike truly high later on, which is anticipated. We want they made them in smaller sized sizes or had the a top that you can close. It would be more hassle-free to be able to simply utilize a bit and conserve the rest for another time if you do not require the entire quantity.

These might actually be a life saver. Have had type 1 diabetes for over 40 years so we have actually attempted various products of this type and this without a doubt works the very best and fastest keep these all over your home and in the cars and truck and in our bag in some cases it takes more than one.

Well, appeared, not ended, good cost. Bout it. Can’t evaluate it without losing it so up until somebody’s sugar tanks this evaluation will need to do, however this is a well recognized brand name, so we make certain it will hold up simply fine.

Recently, our 15 years of age child with diabetes was house alone, when her blood glucose dropped all of a sudden to the 20’s. She was too unsteady to get juice in her mouth, however thankfully, she had the ability to get insta-glucose in. She required the 24 carbohydrates. Cake gel is less and the top needs to be cut off which is not hassle-free. We do want the top had the ability to be returned on. However we are permanently grateful for this product. We have them all over.

Cost has actually increased from 5$ to 15$ in a brief duration. Business appears to utilize this as a revenue center not as a tool to stop hypoglycemic occasions.

Being a diabetic over 50 years. Our hubby utilizes them for when we have a low sugar episode, specifically in the evening while we are sleeping.

When we got the insta-glucose sticks they were out of the plans. The product packaging was not glued all right to consist of televisions. We weren t delighted that they were rattling around loose with the other products we acquired. The product itself works effectively for a low sugar response and is portable. Our kid likes them better than glucose tablets.

This is a life or death product sometimes for us to have. Our hubby is an insulin reliant diabetic and we are exceptionally hypoglycemic, so we credit this product with conserving us both a number of times.

Our hubby is a diabetic and our pharmacist suggested this, fantastic to utilize when taking a trip.

This is what our business has in our emergency situation sets and it truly does work exceptionally if your sugar levels have actually dropped for any factor. Begun sensation better within minutes.

No diabetic must lack. Our only problem is we do not require to utilize the whole tube sometimes and there utilize to be a brand name that offered the glucose in a tube with a screw cap. We have actually browsed and can’t find them. We do not understand about other individuals however making it taste great matters. Cherry is a great taste and these are fantastic. Consume well, workout and do not leave house without one. Ha, ha.

Finest alternative to enhance blood glucose in a rush.

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