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How To Diagnose Diabetes?

How To Diagnose Diabetes

Diabetes is the major problem of many Americans today and throughout the world. This degenerative disease is also killing many lives and aspiration every year with its various complications.

Once you know that you have the symptoms of diabetes and you ask you’re in diagnosing diabetes, you will be set for a random of test. The first one is a glucose test. Glucose test must be done to know the sugar present in your body.

Moreover, you also need to answer several questions to help the doctor in getting your medical record. You will be asked if what diabetes medical symptoms guide you are experiencing or if you have done glucose test in years past.

To validate the doubt that you have diabetes, you need to have two glucose tests. Diabetic people have sugar content in their body of 140 mg/dl while regular people only have 90 mg/ dl. After this test, you will be informed about your sugar level condition to determine if you are a diabetic.

The second test that will be conducted during the diabetic diagnostic test is the tolerance test of oral glucose. It is required that during this test, the person will not eat or drink for eleven hours prior to the exam.

There will be sets of test. The first one, the doctor will draw blood sample from the patient and test it. After which, the patient required to drink water that contains a lot of sugar. The patient’s blood sample will be tested again after an hour to compare with the last one. For a series of 3 counts, the patient’s blood will be tested after an hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours.

A physician standard is that no person will be tested if he or she is smoking prior to the exam. This is done to ensure that the result of the test is reliable.

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