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Handpresso Travel Case

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Handpresso Travel Case.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Made from thermoformed EVA (Extreme Vibration Attenuation)
  • Offered with adjustable strap that determines 1 foot 10 inches long
  • Light, strong, and compact
  • Procedures 3 by 9-1/2 by 4-3/4 inches

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More Info:

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The Handpresso Case safeguards your Handpresso Wild anywhere you go. It hugs your Handpresso in its thermoformed EVA (Extreme Vibration Attenuation) and is brought likewise to the method you would bring your cam, with an adjustable strap which is likewise detachable. At its longest, the strap determines 1 foot 10 inches long from shoulder to case, and at its quickest 11.5 inches. It has extra cushioning around the spout for additional security and a zipper up seal to assure the case s contents are constantly safe.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Handpresso Travel Case.

Question Question 1

Does The Case Have Space For Both The Filter And The Pod Adaptor?Thanks?

we utilize 2 filters so we can make double shot in much shorter time and it is irritating that there is no space for anything other than the handpresso with just a filter or the adaptor however not both.

Question Question 2

Delivering Time To Queensland?

Hi it takes in between 4-7 working days.

Our Insights:

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The bring case is an excellent addition to our handpresso. We have found that it holds the espresso maker, a ziploc baggie with a few ese pods, andthere’s just one catch: the tsa does not understand that it is a case holding an espresso maker. So it offers us unlimited difficulty. We have actually constantly been provided some sorrow by the tsa for taking a trip with our handpresso. However it’s never ever been a genuine stumbling block when we travel with it case-less, since the representative merely pulls out the maker, admire it a little, and after that puts it back. However with the case on board that is all obscured. Perhaps they’re worried it’s holding a bizarrely-shaped weapon or something. We needed to supply a real presentation for an asking representative in hartford in order to keep our espresso maker with me. Likewise of note is that the zipper is definitely dreadful. It can’t be simple making a zipper follow an odd track like this, however the area on the case where the zipper requires to curve outside about 85 degrees is an extremely challenging location to continue the pull.

We have a handlresso that features a case that houses demitasse cups, napkins, spoons, and a thermo container. Too large for our journeys and needed something that would secure our handpresso in our continue bags. Perfecto.

Do not leave house (with your handpresso) without it.

We purchased the handpresso as a present for our partner’s birthday last spring. The important things is fantastic. It is quick and simple and makes better espresso than his daddy’s big counter top maker. The only issue was that it was a little un-portable in package it featured. We acquired this case and the only issue with our preferred thing was fixed. It is quickly loaded now and is still safeguarded.

Quick shipment, great things. Constantly coffee time.

Exceptional case for your handpresso. We do suggest it.

Great to keep you handpresso securely.

Finest inteligent case ever. It freaked us out a little when we initially opened the ziper of it. It’s method to curved. It type of does not look like is going to work. However you find out how to handle it. The product has rather great quality. We more than happy with our purchase.

The soft case safeguards the handpresso effectively.

Well worth the getting to keep your handpresso safe throughout your journeys, however bare in mind if you have a sense of homer like a teen (like ourself) the shape of the case will make you laughter the very first time you leer at it.

Great case, fits well, safeguards well. The only thing we would do in a different way is to broaden the case to hold 2 handpresso polycarbonate cups too.

Fantastic security for the portable espresso maker. It is extremely strong and has thick lining, and the zipper is quite strong. The case is extremely resilient. We extremely suggest this product.


Product is an excellent fit and keeps whatever safe and secure. It does make the product large however it is perfectly safeguarded.

We purchased the handpresso, so we require something to secure it. This is the one case, great quality discrete and rather required.

Handpresso travel case looks great and handpresso fits inside it effectively. The only thing which wants to us troublesome is a ~100 degrees angle in between a long part of the case and its rounded part. This angle is too little for zip and makes it tough to open and close the case. Even from the start, zipper was not closed effectively. Hence, we expect, it will not last a lot.

Great case.

Extremely great. Thank you.


We have an amusing story about our handpresso that begins at gate security at mccarren worldwide and ends with us attempting to describe to some tsa why we require to bring an extra o-ring. Nevertheless, rather than bring that into this evaluation, let us simply state that when we purchase a replacement for our taken handpresso, we will most likely hand down the case. We suggest, it currently looks like some type of area age peener pump. Why on the planet put it in a rifle case? with balls? why not slap a biohazard sign on the side while you’re at it?.

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