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FRIO Insulin Cooling Wallet Small

FRIO Insulin Cooling Wallet Small

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of FRIO Insulin Cooling Wallet Small.

  • Keeps insulin cool and safe in Summer season; insulates versus cold of Winter season
  • Refrigeration NOT needed
  • Merely trigger with cold water
  • Re-useable
  • Light & Compact

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More Info:

Here are some more information on FRIO Insulin Cooling Wallet Small.
Color: Red Frio’s keep insulin safe even in hot environments. Pick the product size that is ideal for you Small- Measurements: 140 mm x 150 mm (5.51 in x 5.90 in) Holds: a) 10 cartridges (1.5 ml or 3ml) OR b) 3 x 10 ml vials (bottles)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on FRIO Insulin Cooling Wallet Small.

Question Question 1

What Do You Finish with The Frio In An Aircraft If It Needs To Have Air?We Just Have 2 Vials Of Insulin What Size Do We Required? Does The Small One Work Too?

For 2 vials, the 4×6 is well-rounded finest. Larger will likewise work and last longer prior to requiring to be charged, however smaller sized will go dry quicker and might not last 24 hours. The Frio requires air to cool, however if the environment isn’t 80 or above you do not require to cool. If you take it into the cabin, location it anywhere it can br For 2 vials, the 4×6 is well-rounded finest. Larger will likewise work and last longer prior to requiring to be charged, however smaller sized will go dry quicker and might not last 24 hours. The Frio requires air to cool, however if the environment isn’t 80 or above you do not require to cool. If you take it into the cabin, location it anywhere it can breath, such as on top of a small carry-on in between or in front of your feet. If entering into the luggage hold, no requirement to cool since air temperature level at elevation is extremely cold. If it’s entering into baggage that will rest on a hot ramp prior to filling, simply bury it deep inside the travel suitcase and it will be safeguarded from temperature level modification enough time to enter into the luggage hold. we take my own to African nations where they last all the time if charged all night, and kept in the shade out of direct sunshine. Even in cooler temperature levels, direct sunshine can subdue the cooling result of the Frio. In cooler temperature levels it’s not needed that all surface areas of the Frio be exposed to air: one side is frequently adequate.

Question Question 2

Does This Feature The Water Resistant Liner?

Water resistant liners are not consisted of (other than for the pump wallet- they feature the pump wallet). They can be bought individually.

Question Question 3

What Is The Size Of This Small Frio Wallet?

The size of the small FRIO wallet, Internal Wallet Measurements: 5.5″ x 6″ (140 mm x 150 mm approx). Appropriate for bring: 10 x 3ml refill cartridges or The size of the small FRIO wallet, Internal Wallet Measurements: 5.5″ x 6″ (140 mm x 150 mm approx). Appropriate for bring: 10 x 3ml refill cartridges or15 x 1ml refill cartridges or3 x 10 ml insulin vials or2 x Innolet Injectors or3 x Eye-drop containers ora mix of the above

Question Question 4

Does This Case Fit Preloaded Pens?

the smaller sized case will not fit a preloaded pen. they are too wish for that. we utilized the smaller sized case to assist keep our insulin pump cool on summertime time outing.

Question Question 5

Is This A Great Size For One Vial And One Syringe Or Would Another Size Be Better? Excellent To Suit A Coat Pocket?

It is big enough.Any smaller sized size would fit one vial too.It is not the most practical method to bring insulin when heats is not a concern.It works at keeping insulin under 86 degrees in heat, however we are not using a coat when heat is an issue.

Question Question 6

Does This Fit Auvi-Q Injectors?

There is a detachable interliner (bag) that you take in water.if the injector the size of a insulin pen, you can save 2 pens.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on FRIO Insulin Cooling Wallet Small, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Present for us. We enjoy it. All you do is soak the liner in cold water for about 10-15 minutes. Keeps insulin cool for hours. No bags to freeze. Outstanding for travel. The majority of hotels will offer you a space with a frig for insulin.

Wasn t delighted in the beginning however we soaked it longer than recommended & it kept the auvi q at the best temperature all weekend while we were outdoor camping & out on our boat 2 days in a row. The pouch fits 2 auvi qs & a small bottle of zyrtec. We put them in a ziplock bag inside the pouch.

Simply returned from a 3 outing to nashville. This kept our insulin cold for all 3 days. Not freezing cold however simply enough. We suggest taking the back out of your baggage and eliminating them from the external case, we find it remained the coldest that method. This innovation is an outright lifesaver, actually. Thanks frio.

The frio cooling wallet is ezcellent. It keeps our insulin cool simply as explained. It’s simple to take a trip with, despite the fact that airport security. We extremely suggest this product for keeping your products cool. Fantastic worth for a fantastic rate.

We liked this product quite.

This cooling wallet is a best size, and takes a trip quickly. The cool temperature lasts a very long time, and the product is simple to utilize. Functions excellent for tourists who bring medication that requires refrigeration.

Keeps our insulin cool & well safeguarded, best for journeys (& more just recently losing power throughout typhoon sandy, we didn’t need to stress over losing our medications too).

Took a trip globally with insulin and this kept it cool through the 10+ hour flight in addition to throughout the hotel stay and back (hotel without any refrigerator). Desire we had actually paid closer attention to the size however a fantastic purchase however.

Simply took it on a 12 outing and it worked completely.

Fantastic concept.

We have the big one. This small one is the exact same as the big one other than a little smaller sized.

Shipment was quicker than we believed it’ll be. It just took about 3 days for us. It likewise features simple guidelines on how to trigger the wallet. Keep in mind: it remains cool by utilizing evaporation so do not pack it in your knapsack or handbag. Let it “breath. ” we extremely suggest this product.

This product works extremely well. Kept our diabetic medication cool for like 3-4 days on trip. Simply make certain if your flying to take it out and reveal security, the maker will go bananas.

These pouches are fantastic. They keep our insulin at the needed temperature level and we can simply toss them in our bag without concern. We are so delighted with this product.

Easy to utilize. Functions better than anticipated. Keeps insulin cool for a number of days.

Takes a looooong time to dryout Over a week. Otherwise, appeared to work as explained.

We have actually taken frio to developing nation to keep our insulin cool where ice or refrigeration is not a choice. Things to comprehend about the frio: 1) a frio works by vaporizing the water that remains in the absorbent product. As the water vaporizes, the heat from the contents is drawn out from the within. 2) to keep the evaporation procedure working, the frio should have direct exposure to air. This indicates to keep the frio where it can breathe. Think of that it is a pocket sized animal – do not put it in a book bag or pocket where it can’t get air flow. The mesh pockets of bookbags are excellent. Or, if can find a small drawstringed mesh pouch, you can clip the mesh pouch onto anything. 3) keep the frio wet. If you remain in a dry environment, the wetness gets drawn out quite fast. You will need to dip your frio in water as soon as every 1-2 days for ~10 minutes. 4) if temperature levels are above your mdeication’s temperature level limit, make certain to attempt to keep the frio shaded to assist it remain cool. And do not leave the pack in a closed cars and truck – utilize sound judgment. The frio isn’t for very temperature levels, however is practical in a lot of moderate environments. If you’re camping, an emergency situation cooling approach is to dig a hole deep enough to get a temperature level drop. Bury your medications in a sealed container.

We enjoy the frio, do not understand what we would do without it. We reside in tucson, arizona, where our summertime temperature levels are frequently over 100 degrees and cars and truck temperatures over120 We have actually been utilizing the frio to keep our insulin cool for a number of years, and it works excellent, constantly keeping our insulin cool to the touch (not fridge temperature, which isn’t needed, simply below 80 approximately. )the only problem we have is that it is a bit heavy to bring in our handbag, however that’s a small rate for having the ability to be specific that our insulin is still excellent. The only factor we require to change mine every number of years is either the cover has actually gotten unclean, or this time it wound up a bit mildew smelling, the very first time that’s taken place.

The cooling wallet was a life saver for taking a trip with our insulin. Tsa had no issues with the cooling envelope and it kept our insulin cool for all of our flights. Small enough to suit our handbag, this was a fantastic buy.

We are extremely please with the frio cooling wallet. It particularly assists throughout long flights and no where to put your insulin to keep it cool (notification we did not state cold). We merely damp it, put our insulin vials in it, slip it in the pouch and and ignore it up until we get to anywhere we are going to pull out our “medi-fridge” (which is likewise a fantastic product) from our travel suitcase. Does it keep whatever inside cold?no, it will not keep your products cold. It will keep your products cool. This thing is not a fridge. This product is produced brief journeys. We utilized mine for 12 hours at a time. We then re-wet it a little the next early morning and utilized it another 12 hours. However we personally believe it worked excellent and kept our insulin cool enough. Likewise, they call this a “cooling wallet” not a”freezing-bitter cold wallet” Does it last 45 hours like advertised?we have no concept. We didn’t utilize it this long. We utilized it for 12 hours, and after that by early morning it still appeared cool. However we still included a little water simply in case for the remainder of the day. And as soon as we are done utilizing it, we simply ignore it. Does the gel leak?you do see the gel coming through the mesh (or whatever material it is) a little. However it does not get on anything, it is non-toxic (we do not recommend you lick it or consume it. Its not an ice cream) and does not odor (if you enjoy smelling things). We understand when you hear “leak” you get frightened. Do not. The mesh resembles a sponge, you merely see it within the mesh, it never ever truly “seeps” out or anything. We would not even call it a leakage. Plus, the pouch that features this product assists. And as soon as this thing dries, the gel returns in and you no longer see it (amusing, advises us a of the blob). Does it last?we have actually had mine for 2 years and utilize it a lot. Valuable tips: make certain if you are taking a trip on an aircraft that you open your pouch prior to you get the security location so they can see in it. Likewise make certain to inform them it is a “cooling pouch” to keep your insulin (or whatever) cool. Then reveal them your prescription letter or insulin box with the prescription label on it. We understand the business states it lasts 45 hours. However it does not injured after about 12 hours to re-wet it a little. We do not imply soak it in water, we simply put it under the faucet and made it damp once again. We are not stating it does not last 45 hours, we are simply stating this appeared to assist me. Do not put it in a closed container. A great deal of individuals when they take a trip, like to put things in containers or zip-lock bags. This requires air to keep it cool. Without air, it will simply be a huge blob (gel) in a pouch. And we do not believe you wish to spend for a”frio big blob in a pouch” Hope we assisted individuals who had issues with this product and individuals who are considering buying this. We understand we liked t and it has actually assisted us out a lot.

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