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Frio Extra Small Cooling Wallets

Frio Extra Small Cooling Wallets

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Frio Extra Small Cooling Wallets.

Question Question 1

We Wished To Keep Our Glaucoma Eye Drops In This In The Heat Of Our Automobile. They Can’T Get Too Col D Or Hot -56 To 86 Degrees. How Cold Does This Get?

If you are going to keep it in a hot automobile, this pouch would not serve you well.we have actually attempted to keep medications cool in this in an aircraft and was not impressed.It will keep it simply cooler that the ambient temperature for a brief time.

Question Question 2

What Are The Dimensions Of The Inner Case?

roughly 5″ x 5″; we have had mine for numerous years, and utilize it anytime we take a trip

Question Question 3

We Would Require To Recycle Every 2 Day For Parts Of Our Trip.Can It Be Recycled That Rapidly?

yes. simply re-soak in water for a 5-10 minutes. depending upon whether it requires it. ours keeps insulin cool for approximately a week

Question Question 4

Will This Extra Small Case Hold Auvi Q?

Do not understand what auvi q is= sorry

Question Question 5

Does This Pass Airport Screening? United States And International?

yes, require prescriptions contents in cooling bag.

Our Insights:

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We have actually attempted numerous products to keep our insulin cool while taking a trip. Every other product stopped working to keep our insulin cool for 24 hours. With this product our insulin was just 1 degree warmer than when we put it in the pouch 24 hours previously. Every other product has actually dissatisfied. This product is fairly priced, however more significantly, it provides.

Really simple to utilize when you master it. Outstanding for travel. Extremely advise.

These work fantastic. We ve utilized them for insulin- taking a trip by aircraft and automobile. Tsa was no issue and they remained cool exterior in heat. Certainly advise.

This little bag has whatever you can possibly imagine and is the very best thing for cooled medications. We would not wish to do without it. Thanks.

We keep our canines insulin in this when we take a trip and it absolutely remains cold.

This works fantastic at keeping our insulin cool. If you require something to keep your medications cool, we extremely advise it.

Outstanding. We were extremely delighted with the manner in which it worked. We currently advised it to among our buddies who was on the journey with me.

This cooler will not keep your medication fridge cold. It is not developed for it. It is developed to keep medication at safe space temperature level, so you can leave it out in the automobile, or bring it to the beach, and so on. It is extremely helpful for this particular function. We put our child’s insulin vial in the frio cooler throughout warm months and after that we do not need to stress over her bag being left out in the heat and her insulin spoiling. This size is ideal for a vial or more and a number of syringes. It’s been our experience that we do not need to re-immerse it in water as typically as advised, it lasts a long time specifically when not exposed to severe heat on routine basis.

We require something for our thyroid medications that require to be cooled when we went on a cruise. This worked fantastic. It remained cool all week and we are extremely delighted with it.

We utilized it to bring tablets that require to be kept cold and it worked completely. We got it damp the night prior to we left and it remained cold for 4-5 days prior to it returned to crystals. We brought it in our bag, and it didn’t leakage water on anything. We were worried about surviving the tsa checkpoint, however they didn’t even question it. It was a flight within U.S.A., we hope it’s that simple worldwide.

Love this product, actually purchased another one. Functions best for insulin reliant individuals who take a trip, small to fit on bag, does not leakage or drip and remains cold for days, simple to rechange, and complimentary simply utilizes cold water.

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