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Extra-Wide Sock Company Extra-Wide Medical Crew (Mid-Calf) Socks for Men

Extra-Wide Sock Company Extra-Wide Medical Crew (Mid-Calf) Socks for Men

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Extra-Wide Sock Company Extra-Wide Medical Crew (Mid-Calf) Socks for Men.

  • 91% Cotton 7% Nylon 2% Spandex
  • 3 Set of Bonus Wide Medical Crew (Mid-Calf) Socks
  • Goes on simple, keeps up
  • Microban antimicrobial innovation assists avoid the development of smell triggering germs
  • Toe Joint is created to be endured the outdoors for individuals with diabetes

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Extra-Wide Sock Company Extra-Wide Medical Crew (Mid-Calf) Socks for Men.
Color: White|Size: Big Green Label Bonus Wide Medical Crew socks are Mid-Calf socks that are made for large feet and/or inflamed ankles or legs. This Bonus Wide (mid-calf) sock is definitely non-binding. They are unisex and made for both men and ladies. These socks are not just used for medical factors, in reality a a great deal of consumers just have really large feet and ankles. For those with larger feet who are tired of squeezing into tight, uneasy socks, Bonus Wide Medical Crew (Mid-Calf) Socks are fantastic. They are large in the foot, ankle and leg, extending to 25 inches at the calf. They go on simple and keep up, while not cutting off flow. They have an inverted toe joint (joint on the exterior of sock) for a seam-free feel. For individuals with Diabetes the toe joint is created to be on the exterior of the sock. Will slip quickly over casts and Unna boots for included security. This Medical Sock can be found in 4 colors; White, Black, Navy, and Tan. The labels are color coded. Heaven Label (Design #4850 series) fits Females s Shoe Sizes 6.5 9.5 and Men s Shoe Sizes 8-11 approximately 6E. The Gray Label (Design #5850 series) fits Females s Shoe Sizes 10 – 13 and Men s Shoe Sizes 8.5 11.5 approximately 6E. The Green Label (Design #6950 series) fits Females s Shoe Sizes 13.5 + and Men s Shoe Sizes 12 – 16 approximately 6E. Please describe image for a size chart. Bonus Wide Medical Socks been available in 2 variations (Bonus Wide Medical Quarter (Anklet), and Bonus Wide Medical Crew (Mid-Calf). This sock is a thicker athletic sock weight product, and has Microban antimicrobial innovation which assists to avoid the development of smell triggering germs. The socks can be found in a pre-pack of 3 sets. Happily made in the U.S.A. of 91% Cotton, 7% Nylon, 2% Spandex. Maker wash warm with like colors. Usage non-chlorine bleach when required. Topple dry low heat.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Extra-Wide Sock Company Extra-Wide Medical Crew (Mid-Calf) Socks for Men.

Question Question 1

Our Sibling Requirements Wide Socks Like These, However Doesn’T Like ThickSocks Are These Socks Really Thick?

These socks are not thick at all however not as this as a gown sock. our sibling too does not like thick socks and appears to enjoy these this is our 2nd order in the past few months.

Question Question 2

For A Size 11 Mens – Better To Get The 8-11 Or The 11-16?

8-11, since they accidently sent us 8-11 when we asked for 11-16 and our size 13 feet had no difficulty sloding into them at all.

Question Question 3

Does The Bundle Contain 1 Set Or 3?

we just got 1 and called however got no reaction. They are really comfy and not binding however we found $2299 for 1 set as pricey

Question Question 4

Are These Socks Soft And Stretchy?We Have Arthritis In Our Feet And Requirement Socks That Do Not Put Any Presure On Swollen, Sore Joints.?

we find the extra-wide socks to be soft, a little bit thick, and really stretchy.I, too, have swelling from time-to-time in feet, ankles, and lower legs, and these socks do not trigger any binding whatsoever.

Question Question 5

Where Are These Socks Produced?

The ones we got were made in Elk Grove Town, Illinois. By the method they were way too little, even if it statedExtra-Wide We asked about returning them, however were rejected.

Question Question 6

Are These Socks Thick?We Want A Thin Sock That Will Fit.If The Socks Are Thick Than Our Shoes Won’T Fit.Are These Equivalent To A Trouser Sock?

They are much thicker than a trouser sock.

Question Question 7

Can Ladies Use These Too??

we do not see why not. They are thick and relaxing in the foot location however comfy for feet that tend to swell.From the ankle up they have a weave that is generous in the method it accommodates inflamed ankles and calves. The sizing is tailored towards the male foot so when bought take notice of the sizing if bought for a we do not see why not. They are thick and relaxing in the foot location however comfy for feet that tend to swell.From the ankle up they have a weave that is generous in the method it accommodates inflamed ankles and calves. The sizing is tailored towards the male foot so when bought take notice of the sizing if bought for a female.we constantly purchase them for our hubby so we have actually never ever taken notice of whether they have sizes smaller sized than men’s 11-16 we hope this is useful.

Question Question 8

Are The Soles Cushioned Or Thin?

cushioned however have bumpy joints

Question Question 9

What Color Are These Socks, They Look Light Light Green As Marketed?

These socks are white. These are the only socks our hubby will use.

Question Question 10

Are These Socks Over The Calf?

These are “crew” socks.From the flooring, increasing your leg, they will turn up 10- 12 inches depending upon your build.If you desire much shorter socks that remain below the calf, you are looking for “quarter socks.” Quarter socks come simply above the ankle.

Question Question 11

Exists A Larger Bundle Than 3?

Unfornately, we just provide 3 sets at this time.

Question Question 12

What Does 6E Wide Mean?

While we do not understand what the E implies, we can inform you that 6 large does offer a higher degree of stretch, with less compression.Having purchased 6 set of these, we are rather happy with them as they do extend up over the calf with not a great deal of compression and stopping of blood circulation.

Question Question 13

Do We Required To Wash Be Fore Using? Do They Bleed The Color? We Are Getting The Black? Can They Be Used In The Summertime?

Barb, we would advise cleaning them prior to using in cold water with comparable colors. The color fades a little in time however we do not believe they’ll bleed. They are medium in weight, yes you can use them in summer season. Hope this assists.

Question Question 14

Do These Show up Over The Calf, Like Knee Highs?

they resemble routine crew socks – they come near the mid/lower calf

Question Question 15

When We Buy These Socks Do They Have A Plan?

There are 3 (3) sets of separately identified socks that are packaged within a plastic bag to keep the 3 sets together for sale/shipment.

Question Question 16

Is This Priced For 3Pair?

Yes, it is

Question Question 17

Do You Have An Athletic Sock That Will Fit A Size 17 Eee?Our Hubby Is 6′ 9″ With Big Feet And Calves.?

No we do not sorry. talk to.

Question Question 18

Will These Make Our Feet Hot?

They did not make mine hot and we are delicate to hot feet.we would state that we wear t consider them compression socks as they wear t actually have any compression aspect.

Question Question 19

Do You Believe These Socks Would Be Great To Fit Over A Leg/Ankle Cast?

we purchased them for that function. we fractured our fibula 7 weeks back and had actually a fiberglass cast above our knee. we required something to use over the cast to keep our toes warm and the cast tidy when we went outside. These worked completely for that. we needed to use them inside out nevertheless to conceal the joint so the sock would not l we purchased them for that function. we fractured our fibula 7 weeks back and had actually a fiberglass cast above our knee. we required something to use over the cast to keep our toes warm and the cast tidy when we went outside. These worked completely for that. we needed to use them inside out nevertheless to conceal the joint so the sock would not look insideout we had the fiberglass cast eliminated a week back and we were offered a strolling boot however we are still not permitted to bear weight. The socks even fit over the strolling boot with some trouble, however it is possible. we likewise use them on their own without the boot since our foot and ankle are still really inflamed and it’s tough to get routine socks on. we are bought another set today since we like them a lot. The product is really comfy.

Question Question 20

Our 84 Old Daddy Has Horrible Arthritis & Has Problem Placing OnSocks He’S Not A Huge Male 190 Pound And 5′ 9″; Will These Be Too Loose On Him?

They might be however our papa enjoys them and hisfoot physician stated they are fantastic for feet. Buy one set of they are best buymore our papa will never ever use any other socks. our papa is 97 and weighs 155

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Extra-Wide Sock Company Extra-Wide Medical Crew (Mid-Calf) Socks for Men, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is our second purchase. After hubby attempted the very first set and specified that there were no locations of pressure and they keep up well we boughtmore He just recently broke his foot in numerous locations (4 months ago) it still swells to two times its size daily. The socks that have recover or arch assistance with varying pressure trouble him anyhow and have actually intensified in the swelling foot. These keep up on his slim little chicken leg and size 12 foot and stretch significantly for the damaged one with total convenience in both feet. We extremely advise them. We attempted them and we are going to buy some for ourself in a smaller sized size. We like getting house from work and not having the “sock ring” around our ankle to we can use a gown to go out or simply not have that darn band around our leg all night.

Kindly sized, great knit. No joint around leading – left no imprint in skin. Likewise, the toe joint is on the outdoors to minimize concerns there. Our step-father has lymphedema and his feet and ankles sweel a good deal often. These are the very best socks we have found, bar none. We included a liquid fabric product on the bottom to make them no-skid. Perfect. The socks clean well. If they are too huge, you can clean in really warm water and dry effectively on high heat to diminish them a bit. We will just buy these socks now.

We are diabetic and have difficulty with swelling below our knees. The swelling is not hugh as some experience however it’s such that it requires to be attended to now and in the future. We have actually purchased a number of socks in the in 2015 approximately and all appear to be “just not right” for us. These diabetic socks an area on. We believed they may be a little too huge nevertheless once we attempted them on we were happily stunned, they fit.

Finest socks you can get, specifically for individuals that have diabetes or swelling legs, really comfy.

We purchased these socks for our diabetic hubby who has actually toes cut off on both feet. Because his amputations his feet and ankles are really inflamed attempting to compensate for his missing out on toes. He likewise maintains a great deal of fluid in his legs. These socks are really simple to stretch out to overcome his large feet and ankles. We simply want you might get more than 3 couple with this cost. We will keep purchasing however since they are great, comfy socks and our hubby hasn’t had any problems with them. They likewise have actually held up effectively in the washer & clothes dryer. Update 10/ 9/19 these socks have actually now ended up being so extended out with consistent cleaning and our other halves constant edema. They wear t hold up on the calf and constantly drop the leg. They are likewise so thin that holes emerged after a few months of wear. While he liked them in the starting they did not last 6 months and we needed to toss themout At this time will not redeem.

These are best for centers who has one really fluffy misshapen foot that routine diabetic socks will not fit. Bought 2 packs of these 2 years back and just just recently did we need to toss a few away since he used out the tops, however that was with consistent using and cleaning of 12 socks. For that alone we would provide 5 however they’re likewise antimicrobial and have actually inverted toe joints which is great. The color held up actually well too. You would not think the abuse these socks took. Just want the foot was a bit cushier however then most likely would not last as long.

We purchased these socks for our mother. Little. Her feet and calf to ankle sell and we have actually needed to divide the leg band on other socks. These socks are soft and appear well made, we would advise if your feet swell significantly, however possibly lower leg and ankle not as much? they appear elastic, however the foot is substantial, the ankle part not in proportion, if that makes good sense. We attempted one one over another sock and the foot part was still way too huge. So, if you genuinely have large inflamed feet we actually believe they are excellent. However it states inflamed ankle and lower leg and they simply wear t appear proportionately accommodating.

Lovely, soft, substantial socks that make our lymphadema feet delighted. We have phase 2 lymphedema and our feet are quite substantial. These socks are plenty huge for our feet yet do not move or slip down. The cuffs are snug without biting into our legs and we enjoy that the joint is on the exterior. Even prior to we had lymphedema, we consistently turned our socks inside-out so we would not have the toe joint annoying our toes, how great that these socks currently conserve us the difficulty. They clean perfectly and we have actually run them through the clothes dryer without any shrinking when we have not had time to hang them outside. We have actually been using them routinely for a few months now and they are holding up effectively. One aspect that included in our choice to buy these socks – we asked a question here on about the socks and the seller responded rapidly and with preciseinformation That tipped it in their favor and we have actually not been dissatisfied with our purchases. We are totally in love with these socks, in reality this last order was our 2nd order and we plan to buymore We have the blended sets (black, blue and brown) and the 3 sets of blue. Next we will be purchasing the white. As long as they keep making these socks, they’ll have a devoted customer. Pros: rooour – stretch perfectly over our inflamed feet and anklessoft. (soft as 100% cotton socks) beautiful cuffs that do not go into our calvestoe joints on the outsidedon’t slip or move downplenty huge enough for those people with lymphedema or very inflamed feet and anklesperfect weight – thin adequate to use with shoes however still have great deals of cushioncons: minimal colors – we would enjoy to see some brilliant or pastel optionsthey are little expensive (however hold up well for the cost).

What is who has charcot foot. It’s a defect where all of your bones and your’ collapse. Subscript louis regular socks do not fit these fit fantastic. He was so thrilled to have some socks to place on with his brand-new unique made shoes. They’re a little expensive however hey how do you put worth on something when they assist someone to stroll again?we have not had them enough time to choose how long lasting they are. Simply really delighted that he can now stroll once again.

We are going through total decongestive treatment for main lymphedema in both legs. The bandaging is rather thick, and we use them for a number of days prior to the therapist alters them. Due to the fact that of this, we require to keep the plasters tidy and dry. You would believe that it would be simple to find a huge, fat, large knee sock to cover a cast or medical dressing. No, it’s not. These are the only socks we can find that will quickly review our foot, ankle and lower leg while using plasters. Our lower leg, with plasters, steps 23 inches and these socks quickly extend to fit.

If you have large feet and lower legs, and have actually been having issues with socks simply being undersized, these are for you. We simply bought a 2nd plan, however they are on the thin side. If you have cold feet, you’ll require ankle socks under or over.

Fits well, holds over our calf with very little binding and no obvious ankle compression. In our experience, these transcend to wigwam since the latter socks tend to bind around the ankles and are too brief, especially after cleaning. We have actually bought the additional large socks two times so far.

We have actually acquired the white, black and various packs of these socks and am really satisfied with them. They are the only ones that we have found that appear very well made, are comfy, are over the calf and honestly, we can get our inflamed feet into without a battle. They are costly compared to the other socks offered here on however we believe they deserve the extra expense. A lot so in reality that we here to oredr more.

We have actually got edema in our legs, and we have actually been attempting a range of socks to reduce the binding and discomfort of the flexible. These are the very best and most comfy we havefound Unlike some, the ribbing is genuinely non-binding over it’s entire length, and yet they still keep up. We do not understand how; magic, sky hooks, something. They might be a little softer, however we have actually absolutely used even worse there too. We will be purchasing more.

We purchased the range pack of the extra-wide medical (diabetic) socks for our dad’s diabetic and very inflamed feet. Pops enjoys these socks. We have actually acquired another brand name previously this year however needed to pay shipping & handling for just 2 sets. With. Com, we purchased him these socks and something else to make the $25 00 limitation for complimentary s & h. We prepare to acquire 2 more sets quickly. We advise this product for all individuals with this condition. We likewise enjoy. Com’s website and their subscribe & conserve program. We have the ability to ship products to our senior moms and dads so that they can prevent shopping all over for tough to find speciality products and bring sturdy products at their age.

These are fan preferred with our 90 years of age papa who has a little swelling in his legs. We attempted less costly large fit socks however they left fuzz all over the location. These are high quality. We have actually gotten a 2nd set. They’re so comfy. It’s all papa wishes to use.

Our hubby is a huge person and these socks are the very best he has actually ever had. They are extremely comfy, non binding and clean well. We purchased one plan of 3 set of black to see if these were “it”. They were. We have actually considering that purchased white and navy and will be getting him some more for christmas. We have actually attempted gold toe brand name in the big/tall department. And he might not get them on without a good deal of trouble. These are best in every method, and they will be the only socks we buy for him from now on. Buy these, you will not be sorry.

We bought these for our papa who has diabetes and an ankle problem. Our mother had actually taken a look at the routine retailers to find some however wasn’t effective in her search. Our papa enjoys these socks and will not use any other brand name now. They are soft, elastic, large and wick the wetness from the foot well. They are likewise cooler than routine socks throughout hot summer seasons. He has the white ones also and uses them every day. The order was processed in a prompt way and cushion the sock supplies assists keep our papa comfy. We will keep him equipped in this product.

We purchased these for our cousin who has diabetes. They were excellent quality, however they were likewise large enough. We have actually attempted purchasing others and they weren’t really large despite the fact that they declared to be. We will buy these for him from now on.

We just got one set of socks rather of 3 as marketed. We paid $25 00 dollars. We are uncertain what occur to the other 2 sets. Our hubby enjoys these socks. The calves are big enough. We hope they can repair the issue.

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