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Eldoncard Blood Type Test (Complete Kit) - Air Sealed Envelope

Eldoncard Blood Type Test (Complete Kit) – Air Sealed Envelope, Safety Lancet, Micropipette, Cleansing Swab

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Eldoncard Blood Type Test (Full Package) – Air Sealed Envelope, Safety Lancet, Micropipette, Cleansing Swab.

  • Decide each ABO and Rh sort
  • Ends in minutes

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Eldoncard Blood Type Test (Full Package) – Air Sealed Envelope, Safety Lancet, Micropipette, Cleansing Swab.
Simple, Self-testing Blood Type Package – The whole lot you’ll want to uncover your blood sort and rhesus issue within the consolation of your individual house – ache free.This inexpensive package comes full with the whole lot you want, together with directions, finger lancet and alcohol prep, plastic applicator sticks and testing card. Performing the take a look at is straightforward. After first cleansing with the provided alcohol prep pad, the finger is lanced with the sterile disposable lancet. The hand is then turned downward and a drop of blood is positioned on high of every of the 4 sticks. The sticks are then utilized to the cardboard, and stirred for 2 minutes. The outcomes are then learn from the cardboard. Whole time to outcomes is much less than six minutes. Single use blood typing package (for instructional functions solely).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Eldoncard Blood Type Test (Full Package) – Air Sealed Envelope, Safety Lancet, Micropipette, Cleansing Swab.

Question Question 1

How A lot Does It Value To Have The Lab Test It?

That is an at house take a look at.You don’t ship this take a look at right into a lab.

Question Question 2

What Would The Outcomes Present Up As For Somebody Who Is Rh Null?

Sure, it measures blood sort together with rh issue

Question Question 3

We Did 2 Simply To Be Certain. The First One Confirmed A Detrimental. The Second A Optimistic. Is One More Certain Than The Different?

This testing package is junk. we had an identical drawback so to us the take a look at is simply plain inaccurate. our recommendation is to go to an actual blood lab and have it achieved proper. Good luck to you.

Question Question 4

How Many Assessments Are In Every Package?

One take a look at is available in every package.

Question Question 5

What Is The Puncture Depth For The Lancet?Is It 1.8Mm Or 2Mm?

we cant confirm the precise depth however Im assuming it’s the shallower depth. It wasnt sufficient to give you sufficient blood drops for the take a look at.

Question Question 6

We Take The Blood Thinner Xarelto, Can We Take This Test?We Test Our Blood Sugar With No Downside.?

You have to Four small blood drops to position onto the cardboard. Because you take a look at your blood sugar with no drawback we predict you need to be superb. we’re not sure concerning the remedy you take, however the take a look at is inexpensive and it’s best to give it a strive.

Question Question 7

Anybody Know If These Are Packaged With Expiration Dates?

Sure, the present expiration date as of in the present day’s date is February 2018. Thanks.

Question Question 8

Where Is This Made?

we’re not certain the place it s made however our outcomes got here again inconclusive. Unsure if that s widespread however it did not work for us

Question Question 9

Can You Use Blood From A Nostril Bleed?

we do not know why not.your blood is your blood whether or not it comes from a nostril bleed or a minimize finger.Nevertheless. .we aren’t any physician so we’ll simply say “we don’t know”.

Question Question 10

Does Anybody Have An Thought About How Typically You Get A False Optimistic On This Test?

To be direct, we haven t a clue about false outcomes. Donate blood and so they ll inform you. Order one other tester from a unique producer and get more knowledge factors.

Question Question 11

Do You Have To Use A Fingure Tip Can It Be A Prik From An Earlobe Or Any Where Else?

we had sort Iwe diabetes for 4 years and needed to take a look at as much as Eight occasions a day. Lance simply off the pad of your finger to the facet, the center or “expressive” finger of your non writing hand is nice, go in space between the bottom of the nail and the place the nail goes previous the short and turns right into a ‘free nail’. Drink a pint of w we had sort Iwe diabetes for 4 years and needed to take a look at as much as Eight occasions a day. Lance simply off the pad of your finger to the facet, the center or “expressive” finger of your non writing hand is nice, go in space between the bottom of the nail and the place the nail goes previous the short and turns right into a ‘free nail’. Drink a pint of water about 20 min earlier than hand. Being hydrated will enable you get bleed-so drink that water. Drink more in the event you’ve been exercising or really feel thirsty. Go to rest room AFTER you stick your self. Go possibly 1/8″ or .6-8mm below where the nail is on the side. Wipe with the alcohol first, let it dry then lance. Put a thumbnail about 1/16″ below or .4mm and put thumbpad down as effectively and push after a second or two if blood is not arising. A few light pushes ought to get you all of the blood you want. we sort a LOT and could not have fingertip pad tousled however the sides of the fingerpads had been good to get blood. If these are the bend over steel lancets you’ll BLEED throughout. our needlepoint tip lancets supplied with our blood sugar take a look at meter took more finesse. In case you are utilizing a lancet just like the latter, use a kind of as a substitute. Hitthe spot a few occasions very shut collectively if wanted as Four drops as a substitute of the standard one medium-to-giant wanted to your take a look at strip is rather a lot. (In case you are testing blood sugar at the very least a few occasions a day you may be an knowledgeable in getting bleed, however this shall be an extreme bleed particularly with 32-33 gauge lancets so determine appropriately)

Question Question 12

Whats The Distinction Between This Test And The Test For $19.99?

Unsure the distinction, however this one labored simply good for what we needed.

Question Question 13

Does This Product Really Works To Know Our Blood Type We Don’T Need Paid A Enormous Quantity Of Cash To Go In A Physician Simply To Know What Type Of Blood We Are?

Thanks to your query. It is a dependable, consumer pleasant option to receive your blood sort with out having to enter the physician. Have a terrific day.

Question Question 14

How Lengthy Does It Take For It To Dry?

a pair minutes, not lengthy. If an individual is on a blood thinner or takes a each day aspirin, the drying time goes to be longer – more towards the 5 minute mark however not over. usually a therapeutic vary is about 2-Three minutes. If somebody clots an excessive amount of (uncommon) this testing could be arduous to do b/c when you get the pattern, i a pair minutes, not lengthy. If an individual is on a blood thinner or takes a each day aspirin, the drying time goes to be longer – more towards the 5 minute mark however not over. usually a therapeutic vary is about 2-Three minutes. If somebody clots an excessive amount of (uncommon) this testing could be arduous to do b/c when you get the pattern, it is dried earlier than you may transfer quick sufficient to actually get it. Now for normal individuals it takes about 1 min or much less to dry. we hope that answers your query, please tell us when you have any additional questions.Jennifer, RN, CNRN

Question Question 15

Does This Inform If A Individual Is O+ And A+ Blood Type?

Sure it does. It s an easy to make use of take a look at package.

Question Question 16

How Many Test Can Be Made With Solely One Pack ?

Only one take a look at per pack.

Question Question 17

So This Doesn’T Test For O Blood Type?

An O blood sort would not have the A or B antigens. There isn’t any O antigen. If the assessments don’t take a look at optimistic for both A or B then you have got an O blood sort.

Question Question 18

How A lot Blood Do You Want?

You require solely a really small quantity of blood which might be simply obtained through the use of the protection lancet which is enclosed in every pack.

Question Question 19

Is This Package Fda Authorised?

Eldoncard take a look at kits are registered and accepted by European, American, Chinese language, Indonesian, Indian and Canadian Well being Authorities

Question Question 20

What Transport Service Do You Use?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based mostly on our personal expertise after buying and utilizing the product, or based mostly on some research work) on Eldoncard Blood Type Test (Full Package) – Air Sealed Envelope, Safety Lancet, Micropipette, Cleansing Swab, these is likely to be helpful for better understanding.

This blood take a look at works completely. We now know that we’re o+. We learn a pair different critiques although that basically had us scratching our head. This product works- the one cause it will not work is in the event you do not learn the instructions. One individual on right here posted an image of her playing cards, during which not one of the circles reacted, and claimed her card was defective. Nicely, if that they had learn the instructions, they might have recognized that meaning their blood sort is o-. We really feel prefer it’s improper to evaluate this product based mostly on critiques from individuals that may’t observe easy instructions or select to not learn them solely. It is a nice product and can work in the event you observe directions.

We now have all the time needed to know our blood sort, however we do not weigh sufficient to donate blood, and we did not need to go to a health care provider’s workplace simply to see what blood sort we’re. We needed one thing inexpensive and one thing we might simply do at house. We noticed some youtubers use this take a look at, so we went forward and acquired it for ourself. We acquired this within the mail, and it was effectively sealed. The take a look at card itself was air sealed, the lancet had a plastic nub you need to take off earlier than use, and the little white sticks had been in a small ziploc bag. The instructions had been fairly easy, however we actually ended up placing an excessive amount of water on the sections, so we had been a bit of frightened. You solely have one shot at this, and although it is easy, we will see some individuals having to order more than one take a look at. Fortunately, the whole lot went effectively, and we acquired the outcomes we needed. The lancet did give us anxiousness, however after making an attempt different strategies to get ourself to bleed, we acquired pissed off and ended up utilizing the lancet with no drawback. It isn’t painful, only a fast prick. We found the little white sticks to not work all that effectively. The take a look at requires you to provide at the very least Four full drops of blood from one tiny lancet prick, which was fairly arduous. We undoubtedly bled sufficient, however it simply smeared on our finger and did not need to drop down onto the sticks. The sticks nearly appeared to repel the blood, however we acquired a tiny bit on there and simply smeared it round on the take a look at. The additional water we ended up placing on the take a look at actually labored in our favor for the dearth of blood we supplied. Anyway, we tilted the paper round and acquired our outcomes. One factor to notice is that there is a probability you will not get clear, robust outcomes. If that is the case, the take a look at says you need to order one other one and do it once more. We won’t say if the take a look at was correct as a result of we’ve by no means gotten examined wherever else, however seeing that we acquired the identical blood sort as our mom who actually acquired examined, we really feel that it was correct.

We lastly know our blood sort. This take a look at was tremendous simple to make use of, all you need to do is learn the directions earlier than hand as soon as and take your time. The outcomes had been practically instant and the lancet was actually painless (weirdly). We acquired clear readings from all Four circles, so we all know surely what blood sort we’re. One factor to remember for these of you who’ve seen photos of others’ assessments reviewed right here is that you have to do issues gently and methodically. Do not rub the blood into the paper, and do not use the identical stick for a number of circles. With that you will do nice. We extremely advocate everybody that does not know their blood sort to buy this take a look at. Even additional, we might say colleges/lessons ought to use this as an illustration of the immune system/antibodies/antigens. Very cool.

So we did not precisely go along with the directions, however we nonetheless acquired an correct studying lol. We had been too scared to make use of the massive spring certain finger prickers that include the package, so we used our tiny guide prickers we acquired awhile again. Prob would have gotten the take a look at achieved a lot faster had we used the massive prickers lol, we had hassle getting sufficiently big drops and needed to prick ourself again and again. Lastly acquired over the concern with the tiny ones and dug it in, massaged the finger until we acquired a sufficiently big drop to place in every take a look at circle, outcomes had been fast.

This was a enjoyable little experiment we did at house as a result of we had been interested by our personal blood sort. We’d truthfully most likely do one other one simply to make certain, however it was fairly simple to observe the directions. That being mentioned, observe the directions. For those who get an odd consequence, it is most likely since you did not. Additionally, the little needle supplied is a one shot deal–if you miss, have a backup plan. We’d say it is a bit of simpler to have a buddy that will help you with processing the pattern, which includes placing blood and water on 4 separate circles, then mixing them with a supplied stick. It is a bit of unwieldy to do when you have a bleeding finger, plus every pattern must be stirred for a particular period of time. Couple issues when getting a sample–make certain your fingers are heat. For those who simply got here in from being exterior in chilly climate with out gloves, it is method tougher to get a pattern. Additionally, it is a lot much less painful to make use of your ring finger form of on the facet of your finger pad. For those who stick your self in the course of your finger pad, certain you may get pattern however it hurts like loopy. Merely push the pores and skin of your finger pad over towards the sting of your nail mattress and zap your self on the facet close to your nailbed. As a result of your ring finger is not a dominant finger, it will not damage fairly as a lot after you do the deed.

We fudged the primary take a look at package we ordered as a result of we acquired a bit of too excited and did not completely learn all of the directions earlier than we began poppin off on the tester card, so needed to get a second one. General, the package may be very secure and simple to make use of so long as you might be meticulous in following directions. Additionally, the little inexperienced self-software needle freaked us out initially as a result of we’ve a crippling concern of needles so we felt extraordinarily anxious and hesitant, however took a minute to mentally put together ourself and simply swiftly and rapidly pushed it with a medium drive and actually barely felt it. It pricks you simply sufficient so that you can draw possibly a few drops of blood irrespective of how arduous you press that factor so simply maintain this in thoughts whenever you re psyching your self out for the ache since you barely really feel something. We now have gotten paper cuts that had been faaaaar more painful than this needle. With that being mentioned, as a result of the needle is shallow sufficient to not damage, it barely pricks you simply sufficient to attract possibly like 2 good sized droplets of blood so we needed to do a second prick (which did not psyche us out in any respect as a result of the primary one was really easy and painless) which additionally did not damage. We guess they embody 2 both simply in case you by chance don t pull the highest out proper for activating the applicator earlier than pricking, or in case you don t draw sufficient blood to finish the take a look at. It is vitally vital so that you can not cross contaminate the blood with stirring sticks or by straight toughing the testing card circles. Make sure you utilize a unique stick for every finger, and don’t place a used stick straight again in your finger/blood to get more blood or else your take a look at is not going to be correct. General, regardless that the consequence appears a bit of unclear initially, in the event you get sufficient blood for every take a look at circle, observe the instructions to a tee, and keep away from cross contaminating, you’re going to get your outcomes.

You’ll want to observe the steps pretty fastidiously however they don’t seem to be actually tough. The corporate additionally has a video on-line in the event you d somewhat see the steps achieved than learn them within the multi step brochure. Given that there’s some proof that covid19 could also be worse for individuals with sort a blood, we had been interested by our sorts. Because it turns out, a lot of the household was o sort and one was a sort. The outcomes had been fairly clear. It couldn’t have been any clearer which circles had been reacting to our drops of blood as we combined them. Then we found out later that in a document, we already knew the kind of one in all us, and this take a look at matched it precisely. We’re happy with this easy take a look at and imagine it labored effectively for giving a transparent reply. From what we learn, there are some individuals with some mixture of blood proteins the place it may be tougher to get a transparent studying and assessments should be achieved professionally, however that’s apparently not most individuals. And, there was no ambiguity concerning the 4 of us.

Our husband and we had been curious if what our dad and mom instructed us about our blood sort, was appropriate. We all the time believed we had been ab+, our husband, o-. So we determined to buy an eldon take a look at card for every of us. The package got here with a set of directions, lancet (2 of them, in case you get scared and pull the set off early), micropipette, alcohol swab (husbands was dried up) and the eldon card. No matter you do, learn the directions first, and ensure you perceive them. We now have learn many critiques on right here had been individuals claimed the take a look at was defective. We imagine 75% of these individuals did not observe the directions. Learn the directions, and in the event you aren t certain you perceive them, watch a youtube video on find out how to do it. (https://youtu. Be/h0y9an0doq8) you may then proceed after you realize what you might be doing. It was actually actually a enjoyable course of, minus being a hen concerning the lancet. We will guarantee you, this lancet is not going to go too deep, and it most definitely is not going to undergo the bone and out the opposite facet of your finger. It helps to therapeutic massage your finger from base to tip to get the blood flowing. Our card had a direct response as quickly because the blood hit the a circle, however was puzzled when the b did not react. The rh reacted as effectively, so right here we spent 37 years of our life believing we had been ab+ when actually we had been a+(circle a and c reacted, whereas b and management didn’t, making us a+). Our husband was shocked when his outcomes confirmed that he was not o- as he thought, he was actually b-. ( solely b reacted, whereas a, c and management didn’t, making him b-. ) he thought the cardboard was defective, however we’re sure it didn’t, as a result of we adopted the directions to the t. We’re very glad with the outcomes. Our husband although, ordered one other one simply to substantiate. For those who really feel your card was really defective, both order one other, or simply merely ask your gp, and they need to be capable of inform you. We’d extremely advocate anybody shopping for this, so long as you. Observe the directions. :d.

Had factors so this package value us $1. 86. Obtained it every week later from uk, opened it and did the take a look at. Learn the directions first, put together all objects after which pinch your finger. The pincher is a tiny needle that truthfully, we did not even really feel it. We had been anticipating a musquito chew however you do not really feel something. Outcomes are there in the event you do what it says.

We tousled the primary take a look at as a result of we didnt use sufficient blood. It is vitally arduous to get the blood in the long run if the little stirring sticks. So the second take a look at we massaged our finger actually good earlier than poking it and as a substitute of amassing the blood within the stick we used the dropper. We needed to maintain squeezing more out and sukcing it up with the dropper however it labored nice. It solely comes with two lances and so they solely work as soon as every. So we reccomend utilizing a lance that you just get for blood sugar, so when you have yo lance more than as soon as you may as a result of it is vital to get sufficient blood. Additionally you dont should stir the blood to cowl your entire circle a smaller circle will do.

It took us a number of months to get the braveness up to make use of this just because we had been afraid of how sore our finger could be after utilizing the lancet included. (it got here with two lancets. ) with a member of the family beside us for ethical help, we positioned all of the objects within the order we would want them and started. Taking one of many lancets, we eliminated the protection cowl (pull straight up and out), selected the ring finger on our non-dominant hand, and click on. No ache-at-all. Not even any soreness the times afterword. Solely a slight bruise the place it punctured within the upcoming days, however it nonetheless did not damage or ache in any respect. We expect by holding the pores and skin taught because it describes to do, helped with that portion. It actually does look like the droplets are going to slip down the cardboard whenever you tilt it because it states to do, however they did not. Be sure to depend one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, and so forth. As you wait the ten seconds. We now have seen a few movies on these kits and portion of these individuals aren’t ready lengthy sufficient, nor are they mixing the reagents with the water/blood droplet lengthy sufficient. At any price, we’re going to be taking this pattern with us to our subsequent dr’s appt. And see what his opinion is on the matter. We now have by no means had our blood sort examined just because after we asked our dr he instructed us there is no such thing as a have to know. They may sort it on the spot if we ever discover ourself needing a transfusion. This didn’t bode will with me, that response and so we bought this package and am extraordinarily pleased that we did. The “accuracy” ranking is simply Four stars as a result of we’ve not but had our blood typed by a medical dr. To seek out out if this take a look at is correct.

We learn an article concerning the covid19 research the place they found that individuals with sure blood sorts had been much less prone to have extreme signs from covid19. After that we couldn’t cease questioning what our blood sort was. This package put our thoughts relaxed. We won’t imagine some individuals complain that it’s sophisticated. The directions also have a hyperlink to the web site the place you may see an illustration on find out how to use it. It took us 5 minutes to get courageous sufficient to poke ourself after which one other minute or 2 to set the whole lot up. At first we did not assume the lancet labored as a result of we did not really feel a poke. However after massaging our finger there was loads of blood coming out. It’s important to therapeutic massage the blood out a bit however we had no hassle. Outcomes had been simple to learn. For those who do not need to learn the directions then simply go to the web site and watch the demonstration.

This was a terrific package. It was easy and ache free to make use of and simple to learn. We experience a motorbike nearly each day and needed to have the ability to put on a blood sort identifier patch however did not know what sort to order. This solved that drawback with out a go to to the physician. Additionally after discovering out our blood sort and doing some research on-line we’ve realized that sure sicknesses, arthritis, thyroid issues, and plenty of different issues can should do with blood sort. The excellent news is there are issues to do and meals to eat that assist as soon as you realize your sort. But it surely all begins with this package.

We won’t communicate to the accuracy as we have not professionally examined our blood typebut these had been comparatively simple to make use of. We advocate wanting up a video to know the instructions a bit of better. The mechanism barely pinches and it goes rapidly. We needed to poke ourself twice as a result of it was really helpful to poke the facet of our finger. We advise poking the middle of your finger, the ache lasts possibly 10 minutes and appears like a minor bruise however you may get more blood that method. General was enjoyable and fascinating .

We had been a bit nervous to make use of this at first as a result of we’re fairly afraid of needles, however we will guarantee you that the lancet is painless and simple to make use of. In case you are nonetheless afraid, we extremely advocate having another person do it for you. The one cause why we’ve given this product 4/5 stars is that our outcomes weren’t as simple to inform. Nevertheless, we do understand it is a fault on our half as effectively. If you end up doing this, ensure you have as a lot blood as doable, we can not stress this sufficient. Had we used more we’re certain our outcomes would’ve been more clear. You need to guarantee that the circle turns into as pink as doable out of your blood droplets. To date, we’re at the very least 99. 9% certain we’re rh+. General, very good and simple, however in the event you make a slight mistake you can pay the value for it. As in having to buy a brand new one :p.

We aren’t certain on how correct it’s we’ve heard it s fairly shut however it wasn t arduous to make use of we watched the video and browse the directions. We try to persuade our husband to do it so we all know his blood sort additionally.

This product was nice. We’re pharmacist and we knew what to do, however we nonetheless learn the instructions. It’s essential to learn the instructions first after which observe them, step-by-step. You additionally should place a big droplet of blood onto the stick. For many who have used diabetic glucose screens, you are going to want rather a lot more blood for every pattern. For those who do not use sufficient blood, you will not be capable of learn your outcomes simply. Thanks for such a terrific product.

Our husband, on the ripe outdated age of 29, did not know his blood sort. We’re truthfully undecided how he acquired that far in life with out figuring out it, however that was the case. We figured the value of this merchandise was low sufficient to justify. The merchandise is available in a number of layers of packaging to guard sterility. The directions are very clear, and embody photographs to assist us common folks function as a lab tech. The objects inside had been practical. As soon as the blood dried on the take a look at card, it was simple to inform our husband’s blood sort. There wasn’t a lot room for ambiguity, once more, due to the producer’s excessive-high quality directions.

There is not a-detrimental factor to say about this product. We give this an a-optimistic overview. Im 23 and reside alone. It is a cry for assist.

This was a extremely cool product to get, we do not weigh sufficient to provide blood and most insurance coverage would not cowl the price to find out blood typing by means of a clinic so we found ourself on checking out the at house choices and was not disillusioned. Ordered our package and acquired it the very subsequent day. We are going to say we’ve small palms and after having been bruised from different lancets previously we determined to try to get a draw from our thigh as a substitute to keep away from any potential points and it labored simply superb. We aren’t certain how correct this take a look at could be in comparison with a clinic testing it , however it was handy non the much less.

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