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Ecosox Diabetic Socks - Large - Crew w/Arch Support

Ecosox Diabetic Socks – Large – Crew w/Arch Support

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Ecosox Diabetic Socks – Large – Crew w/Arch Support.

  • High-Performance Socks: crew length diabetic socks are specially designed for people suffering from foot fatigue, pain and irritation in the limbs due to underlying conditions like diabetes
  • Fabric: diabetic socks are made from high-grade viscose bamboo fabric. Temperature regulating property of bamboo keeps the feet dry critical for people suffering from diabetes-induced foot diseases. This also prevents blisters and scar formation
  • Diabetic Socks: these crew length socks are at par with medical-grade socks. Socks for diabetics have seamless closure to prevent irritation. Gradual compression helps to prevent constriction of blood flow, alleviating swelling or inflammation
  • Versatile Socks: high cushion socks can be used in multiple ways. Extra arch support makes it useful for anyone with a history of deep vein thrombosis or arthritic pain. Gradual compression socks improve blood circulation
  • Active Wear Socks: these are the softest pair of diabetic socks you can find. Ideal for all types of skin and all age groups. Unisex socks come in Medium (9 11) fits women s shoe size 6-10.5. Men s shoe size 5- 9 Large 10-13 fits women’s shoe 10.5-14 Men’s shoe 9-12.5. X-Large women’s shoe 14+ Men’s shoe 12.5-14.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Ecosox Diabetic Socks – Large – Crew w/Arch Support.
Diabetic crew length socks by Ecosox are a perfect pair for people suffering from diabetes. High quality diabetes socks reduce pressure along the lower leg and foot, keeping you relaxed. These high-performance socks help preventing problems associated with diabetic pain the legs. Ecosox crew socks keep the feet warm and improve blood circulation very beneficial for the skin and health of nerves in diabetic feet. Manufactured with Bamboo Viscose, these compression socks help to control moisture, keep away odors and provide extra comfort. Diabetic crew socks are environment friendly and quite fashionable. Designed with deep cushioning, these active lifestyle socks protect the foot from heavy-duty impacts associated with the outdoors. Trendy socks can be used as a substitute for hiking, running or athletic socks as they provide maximum comfort to the feet. Viscose bamboo socks are available in multiple sizes that fit both men and women. JAFFO LLC appreciates your business THANK YOU

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Ecosox Diabetic Socks – Large – Crew w/Arch Support.

Question Question 1

We Received Our Sock But The List Says 3 Pair, We Only Received, One, Which Is Correct?

Jaffo LLC sends out 3 pairs of socks on this listing . we would check to see who you bought from

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Ecosox Diabetic Socks – Large – Crew w/Arch Support, these might be useful for better understanding.

The best diabetic socks yet for sure. We have no more marks on our leges, like other so called diabetis socks. They are little thicker then dress socks. The fit is great, we tryed the first pair for 24 hrs straight, to see if we would have a ring around our leg from the top of the socks. Not a single mark and they do not fall down on our legs. We just made a order for another three pairs. This is the first time we ever tryed bamboo socks. The other #1 thing we like is they are manufactured in the usa.

Love these socks, work all day and our feet feel good at the end of the day.

Outstanding medium thickness socks – better than the other brands on including dr. Scholls and others. You won’t regret this purchase. So happy to have found them for our 84 year old father. He wants more in different colors – but we can only find black.

Kicked out all other socks except a couple pair of fluffy poly socks and all our beloved hand knit socks given to me.

Comfortable socks period. If you have a problem with very tight elastic at the top of your socks that choke your calfs, these socks don’t do that and they maintain there shape and don’t sag down.

Best diabetic socks out there. Made in u. S. A.

Socks fit very well and they do not droop. Very soft and comfortable.


Great fit non binding.

Great socks.

Great sox.

We are diabetic and the socks have helped us immensely. We would recommend them for everyone, diabetic or not. The comfort and support is wonderful. We have got three pairs that we bought at retail a few years ago, and they still hold their shape well, and are still as comfortable as when we first bought them. You will not go wrong with these.

Bought these for ourself. We have worn bamboo socks before and really like the quality. We got the large because we usually take a 91/2 shoe. These fit us just right. They have stayed up and are not tight at the top.

You don’t have to be diabetic to enjoy the comfort of these socks. All year ’round.

Anyone who doesn’t like a sock that constricts around the ankles will love this sock. It fits smaller shoe sizes as well and even women, as we borrow our husband’s socks on occasion and love these socks. Our mom’s friend we bought these for and he likes them after trying many pairs and having been in the shoe business for a lifetime.

Excellent quality.

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