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Easy-Touch Glucose Test Strips

Easy-Touch Glucose Test Strips

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Easy-Touch Glucose Test Strips 50 count (3pack)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Easy-Touch Glucose Test Strips.

Question Question 1

Does This Strip Deal With The Cvs Brand Name “Health Advanced Glucose Meter”?

we have an east touch cvs excellent next-door neighbor system which’s what they deal with.

Question Question 2

Will It Fit The Routine Shape Meter?

No. These test strips are solely for EasyTouch Blood Glucose Meter.

Question Question 3

Will These Deal With A Henry Schein Meter?

No. They just deal with simple touch meters

Question Question 4

Will This Deal With Shape Next?

Sorry Uncertain. we never ever utilized the shape. our suggestionis either buy 1 box or buy the meter setwe believe for$1000 unless it increased

Question Question 5

Will They Deal With The One Touch Ultra2?

Oh NoThey deal with the simple touch meter

Question Question 6

Are These Suitable With The Sam’S Club Members Mark ‘Easy Touch’ Meter?

Needs to be as long as they are both simple touch brand name.

Question Question 7

If We Purchase These Today, What Would Be The Expiration Date For Each Box?

our expiration dates state Oct 2020

Question Question 8

Will These Deal With The Onetouch Verio?

we utilized to have a One Touch and when we changed to the Easy Touch, the pharmacist informed us that we needed to utilize the matching strips.

Question Question 9

Do They Deal With Freestyle Glucose Maker Test?

Sorry we wear t know.we have a easy-touch meter that we purchased on.we have actually been utilizing these strips for about a year now and both the meter and strips work well.

Question Question 10

What Is The Experation Date On These?

One offered by us (SNZ Enterprises) presently have an expiration date of December 10 2019.

Question Question 11

Are These Suitable With The Shape Next Maker? Our Partner Simply Got An Insulin Pump Which Maker Pairs The Bg Straight To Pump However Strips Are?


Question Question 12

Are These Suitable With Truetest Strips? They Look The Very same.?

Uncertain of this, however if you get 1 boxyou can attempt it.we woulddouble check you test outcomes with every one for your own security.

Question Question 13

Will These Deal With The Easy Max Meter?

we do not understand for sure When we acquired these test strips we purchased the meter that was offered together with he strips and our company believe it is called simple touch meter

Question Question 14

What Is The Expiration Date Of The Boxes Of Strips?

Our present stock has expiration date for 9-5-2019 S&Z Enterprises is the supplier for EasyTouch, HealthPro & Penetran Plus products and our things is straight originating from the maker and as such our stock is constantly the most just recently made product with the outermost expiration you can find in the market.

Question Question 15

What Is Expiration Day For This Test Strips? Today Is June 20 Th?

our test strips end 06/20 The date can be found on the bottom of package beside a photo of an hour glass.It does not have the words “expiration date”.

Question Question 16

We Heard 2 Various Reactions Regarding Whether These Strips Will Deal With Shape Total Gadgets?

we do not understand as we do not utilize a shape system

Question Question 17

Do These Deal With The Ketone/Glucose Meter Or Simply The Glucose Meter?

These test strips are just for EasyTouch Glucose Meter Design #807001 SNZ Enterprises, Inc (Supplier)

Question Question 18

Do They Deal With Shape Next Ez?

Not that we know. we woud contactthe business that you get the shape from

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Easy-Touch Glucose Test Strips, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Excellent test strips for a fantastic display. Our insurance coverage does not spend for strips and young boy are some of them costly. And getting them provided to our mail box is best.

Pros: these appear to need less blood than other test strips. Cons: we do seem like we need to retest a little more frequently (though that normally takes place when our hands are cold). We made the switch to an easytouch display, and the much lower expense of strips vs. Our old one makes the semi-monthly retest worth it to me.

Our mom and we both usagethese They are simple to utilize. They are more affordable than a lot of glucose meter test strips we have found.

Basic evaluation. They work and are simply as precise as the stops you pay 3x as much for at the rx. Buy them.

We utilized to acquire this product, is high quality.

Great rate and they wirk.

We choose the simple touch to other meteres we have actually utilized and this is the very best rate we have found for the test strips.

Great worth.

Excellent rate and it works.

Came as explained, on time.

Our other half just orders these strips.


Cant live without.

We buy these every 2 months no issues.

What can we state other than they get the job done and we never ever need to stress over quality or precision.

Great product.

Even throughout this attempting time, we were informed it might be a little late in shipment. The bundle was set up to show up on thursday and to our surprise it showed up on wednesday. Thanks a lot.

These are excellent test strips at an excellent rate.

Accurate and affordable.

The rate was beyond terrific was available in 24 hrs. We will constantly duplicate thisbuy Thankyou.

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