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Dr. Scholl's Women's Diabetic & Circulatory Non-Binding Low Cut Socks

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Diabetic & Circulatory Non-Binding Low Cut Socks

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Diabetic & Circulatory Non-Binding Low Cut Socks.

  • 96% Polyester, 3% Other Fibers, 1% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Pull On closure
  • Device Wash
  • 0.7″ high

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Diabetic & Circulatory Non-Binding Low Cut Socks.
The science of Dr. Scholl’s socks. A sock developed for diabetics, those experiencing circulatory concerns, delicate skin or anybody who chooses a soft, non-binding sock. This foot health sock includes a soft, comfy, non-binding morpul top that complies with your legs and will not limit flow. It is cushioned on the bottom and includes an invisibility, non-irritating toe joint to secure delicate feet. Moisture-dispersion innovation keeps feet dry and anti-microbial innovation keeps socks fresh. Resilient and simple to place on, these socks offer the foot health benefits you require every day. Dr. Scholl’s socks are apma authorized and ensured for one complete year from the date of purchase. 1 set per pack.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Diabetic & Circulatory Non-Binding Low Cut Socks.

Question Question 1

The Heading States 4 Pair.Our Checkout Box States 2 Pair?Which Is It?

2 set

Question Question 2

Is It 2 Or 4 Set Of Socks For $9.99?

2 set

Question Question 3

The Number Of Pairs Of Socks Do You Get For The $9.99 Cost?

we got just one set when we ordeted

Question Question 4

How Does A Mans Size Xl Differ In Womens El?

like in shoes

Question Question 5

Do These Contain Latex?What Is Their Elastic Made Of?

Im sorry we cant assist you however check out the supplier; possibly, they can provide you the response; The socks are extremely comfy,

Question Question 6

It States “Imported”, Does Anybody Know Fron Where?


Question Question 7

Dos The Order Contain 4 Or 8 Socks?

8 specific socks (4 set)

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Diabetic & Circulatory Non-Binding Low Cut Socks, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Fits well. No tightness, inflammation, or red marks after using all the time. Feels soft and is breathable.

Our mommy (now 92) & we have actually been using these socks for over 5 years. We choose the ankle design, they do not bind or roll down. The socks sit tight/ up, even after long strolls/ or walkings. Comfy, somewhat thicker product to cushion/ secure your feet. Product is mixed, like costly sports socks, to not just offer that extra convenience and feet do not sweat, even in our 80-90+ hot & damp seaside area of southwest florida. We were them in an underwear bag to secure & avoid pilling, they have actually held up well & some sets are 5 years of ages. The well-known warehouse store beginning with a w, no longer brings this design in our city or online nevertheless, they have other designs and colors too. Found them on and conserved $ too and totally free shipping. Is generally, our very first go to for research on products and we are long term prime member who has actually made numerous purchases for many years however, simply never ever thought of looking for socks on. Lesson found out??.

These were truly good in the beginning. So good that we actually bought a 2nd pack. We definitely dislike socks that bind or leave imprints on legs and ankles, so we buy the diabetic socks for their generous and soft cuffs. These did not dissatisfy because regard. In time and with numerous washings, however, all of these bad socks simply sort of become knitted balloons. They have actually extended out to the point where they actually twist around our feet. Whenever we take our foot out of a shoe, the sock remains behind. Otherwise, they appear to be great quality and comfy.

Our ankles tend to swell if the socks are tight. This are terrific. They do not bind. They are the only ones we will use.

We bought the x-large. We like to clean our socks in hot water and in some cases they diminish. These socks held up well with extremely little shrinking. We likewise have the over the calf socks for winter season. Love them, however they are tough to find in the retailers around here. They do not bind either our ankles or our legs when we use the over the calf socks in the winter season.

We have actually flintstone feet; short, thick and ultra-wide. We are not diabetic however we are delicate to tightness around our calves, ankles and feet. These socks fit precisely right, form fitting however not snug. Excellent product.

They are good, simply desire that they were a wee taller on the ankle height. Some individuals like the shortness and they are good as we stated simply want a wee taller. We believe we would reorder them once again trigger they have cushioning not dinner thin.

We get inflamed legs from chemo treatments, and these socks work best. They are well padded on the soles, and have weave in the product that permits our feet to breathe – they do not get too hot. We extremely suggest for anybody that has actually differed quantities of swelling in their legs and feet. One note – the much shorter socks do not remain on the back of our ankle rather along with the mid length ones do – however we will still purchase these once again to use in summertime.

These are extremely well cushioned, warm socks that enable your feet to breath. We have diabetic and flat feet which swell and have consistent nerve discomfort. The socks are not just comfy they do not leave any marks of tightness on feet or ankles. While they remain on with shoes the only failure is they fall off into slippers. Otherwise they’re terrific and clean well. They did diminish a little however quickly extend back out.

We enjoy low-cut socks, however all those that we had actually had flexible on them, which was extremely uneasy for us. Although we do not have diabetes, we have significant issues with our left foot, and these socks are loose enough that we are entirely comfy in them. We suggest them extremely extremely for anybody who has issues with their feet.

We are not diabetic, however we enjoy that these socks seem like there is absolutely nothing clinging to our ankles – and they keep up splendidly. These were initially suggested to us by a podiatric doctor treating our plantar facieitis. Love them.

We do not have diabetes however we enjoy these socks. We waited a month or more prior to purchasing more as they’re extremely thick and it’s summer season, however these do not appear to keep wetness or stick; we remain in oregon and do not understand how they would hold up in florida, however these are best for us.

These are best because they do not bind our ankles plus the socks provide a little cushion and when you do not use shoes much this makes a fantastic distinction in your feet after walking much of the day. Will buy some white ones and desire there were some other colors offered.

Cost is right; fit is terrific. We suffer frrom dvt’s, and hosiery is an issue. These are best for us. Do not leave marks when the legs/feet swell.

Excellent product. We and our child who simply had a child were both experiencing swelling in the ankle location and these socks were terrific. Minimalizing the cut off sausage look you get with routine socks and offering cushioning where it’s required. We would suggest these to anybody who handles swelling or has delicate feet.

Recently any sock we use leaves a mark around our ankles. Even with low cut socks. These are soft, comfy and leave no agonizing marks.

We purchased them for our sibling. She needs a large and unbinding sock and states they fit her well.

Non binding. Soft product. Great fit.

Use these to bed to assist with the foot nerve damage we have. These socks assist manage the nerve activity in some way when we sleep. Without them, we wake with discomfort & freezing feet. We might not find them in the shops any longer & so pleased that we situated them on. They sure conserve me.

Constantly of great quality, these dr. Scholl’s socks for diabetics are comfy, our best density and never ever bind. We enjoy them and the supplier got them to us in record time.

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