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D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition Home Blood Type Testing Kit

D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition Home Blood Type Testing Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition Home Blood Type Testing Kit.

  • Budget-friendly kit
  • Easy Efficiency and directions
  • Test leads to less then 6 minutes

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Here are some more information on D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition Home Blood Type Testing Kit.
d’Adamo Personalized Nutrition Supplements are developed to mold to your diet strategy and ensure your fulfillment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition Home Blood Type Testing Kit.

Question Question 1

Does This Program Rh Aspects?


Question Question 2

Does This Program Favorable And Unfavorable Blood Types Too?


Question Question 3

Will This Program Recessive O For A And B Dominant Blood Types?

No. This test simply informs you whether you re A, B, AB or O. If you re A or B, it does not inform you whether you re AO or AA.

Question Question 4

If We Have Bonus Lancelets Exist Enough Reagents To Do 3 Tests?

No. The reagents come currently on the card stock. You include a drop of blood to the paper and look for agglutination. You will not have sufficient space to do 3 tests unless you buy 3 tests.

Question Question 5

Exists A Technique To This?We Have Actually Gone Through 2 Of The Lancets And Changed To A Security Pin. We Simply Can’T Get Enough Blood From Our Finger Tips.?

Attempt warming your finger to increase blood flow.

Question Question 6

Where Is This Made?

Hi There Heather, the business that owns this is eldoncard dot com and they are Danish we believe. They do not divulge in their site where they make their cards. You can call them to ask on their site. Hope that assists.

Question Question 7

Is It Accurate?

Yep. As long as you follow the instructions precisely, it s precise

Question Question 8

Is This For Testing Vitamin D Levels?


Question Question 9

Will It Spot More Unusual Blood Types? Rh And Others?

It didn’t work for us

Question Question 10

I Currently Know Im Rh Unfavorable Simply Wish To Identify If Im A Or O And Likewise Evaluate Our Other Halves For His Type, Do It Inform The Rh Aspects Too?

Yes it does.

Question Question 11

We Notification Pictures That State Anti-A And Anti-B. Which These Blood Test Kit Inform United States If We Are Favorable A Or B Or Unfavorable A Or B, What Is The Acronym?

our company believe the acronym here is describing antiglobulin. If you do a Google search on using antiglobulin in blood typing it will describe why it is necessary to even identify our blood type to provide or get blood, and or take note of what we consume. Hope this assists.

Question Question 12

Will It Spot More Unusual Blood Types? Rh And Others?

It will identify ABO and Rheus-D Systems. Regards, Right For Your Type.

Question Question 13

Is This Kit Fda Authorized?


Question Question 14

Does It Inform You If You Are Secreator Or Non-Secreator?

No, it’s an actually basic test and just informs blood type.

Question Question 15

Does This Test Feature A Lancet?

Yes it does.

Question Question 16

The Test Stated Undetermined. Exists Something Incorrect With It?

This took place to us the very first time. It was user mistake. we needed to duplicate the test with another kit.

Question Question 17

False And Inaccurate. We Did Whatever Properly And It Informed United States We Are B+ When We Are O+.?

This isn’t a question. we have actually done various tests utilizing this product on ourself and member of the family and it was proper each time.

Question Question 18

Does This Kit Feature Anti Antigens?


Question Question 19

How Do You Know If You Are Secreters Or A Non-Secreters?


Question Question 20

Is This Accurate?

Accurate and simple to utilize

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition Home Blood Type Testing Kit, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Does what it states on the tin. Simply make certain you do not utilize excessive water, or your samples may bleed into each other. We will not excuse the pun.

Functions simply how it should. We purchased 3 packs for worry of messing it up. Which we were best to do. First off, we understand our blood type however would like to know our hubby’s for if there ever is an emergency situation where he requires blood. We wound up breaking the needle from the very first pack, so we utilized a stitching needle to pierce our finger to still utilize the card. So we attempted utilizing the little cups to put the blood on the card however we seem like that blocked the outcomes as insufficient blood got on the card. So we pitched that card and attempted once again. For the 2nd pack, we didn’t break the needle so we utilized a various finger, and squeezed a drop of blood straight onto each of the circles and utilized the little cups to blend it around. Doing that, we got the outcomes on the leading card imagined. We understood we were a+ so when we got those outcomes we understood we had it right this time. We did the like we finished with the 2nd pack with the 3rd pack for our hubby and got the outcomes on the bottom card imagined for him. So now we understand we are both a+ blood types. We do not advise utilizing the little cups to put blood on the card as we didn’t get sufficient blood onto the circles. However that might likewise be since we utilized a stitching needle due to our breaking the sterilized needle offered from the very first pack. As long as you follow instructions, you need to get a great outcome.

Easy to utilize and we can verify precision. Said we were o neg and we are. For those who state 1 star since it was broken, then return it to get one that’s not. It’s not a bad product sheesh.

Both worked well. Just recently opted for a physical and was going to get our blood drawn for an examination. We queried our dr to inform us what our blood type was and he mentioned it would cost over $200 more dollars for them to do it. We asked if we might simply buy a microscopic lense and he considered the question and when online where we found these packages for less than $10 dollars. Keep in mind: while we were getting our blood drawn, we asked for a vial for ourself. The nursey required and filled a vial for us, put our name on it, and put it in a bag too. Recommended we keep it in the fridge for an optimum of 7 days. The blood in the vial will separate while in the refrigerator, so shake it up prior to utilizing for the test. We bought this test and it showed up on time, and the test worked and we conserved $190 (or more) and didn’t even need to poke our finger.

We can t state if precise or not however we did view the video, checked out the evaluations, and after that did the test to make certain it was done appropriately- 1 drop lukewarm water on each circle, and so on. We did all our 6 kids. After checking out the book – we understood precisely who would be o and who would be a s. We could not do 1 since the lancet was not consisted of as lots of other customers mentioned. We called the maker of the product and they the good news is are sending us one. Please validate all packages have all products required oh and one package didn’t have the alcohol swab either. We had the ability to do 5 and got an o-, o+, and 3 a+ – now we will be more mindful of the foods however our o+ currently understood the foods that didn’t agree with her since she has bad responses to them. The a+ do have concerns with a great deal of the prevent foods also. We were vegan which is clearly bad for the o blood type and we charge beat with some fish so this is gon na be excellent. Thanks.

Easy to utilize and works simply great. Didn t have any concerns other then being a chicken to poke our own finger lol.

This was excellent. Easy directions and there s actually no chance to screw up on this. There s no misinterpreting the outcomes either, you can inform nearly immediately. We lastly understand our blood type.

We are really pleased with this. Don t listen to the evaluations that state the needle is broken. We believed my own was broken, however we weren t lowering hard enough. We attempted lowering harder on our table and it ejected the needle simply as it should. We wound up needing to utilize an insulin needle to draw the blood. It was reasonably effort, so make certain you wear t chicken out and not press hard enough on the lancet. Test smart, it stated we are o unfavorable. We have no chance of stating if this holds true or incorrect, however that is our outcome. It appears really clear. We liked it a lot and am going to buy more for the household.

Checked ourself and our 2 children. Each people had a various blood type. It was rather interestingactually It worked simply as explained. The prick didn’t injured doing it in the place they recommend, unlike the physician workplace when they do it at the suggestion of your finger. Extremely advise. Now to see if this diet plan actually works for us.

So simple to utilize, and really clear directions made what we believed would be made complex a task. Took all of 5 minutes.

So it’s a lancet so take care (small razor blade) ok so very easyclean fingeruse your 3rd or fourth finger without callous. Tidy with alcoholwipe away very first drop of bloodpoke 3rd or fourth finger someplace on the side. Clean first drop away. Squeeze finger work really fastuse white stay with spread out bloodboom bam done yay. Follow instructions please to the t.

It worked. If you follow the directions thoroughly, the outcomes are simple. Analysis chart consisted of was really valuable in identifying outcomes. The blood collection spoons were a bit uncomfortable to utilize, or the directions weren t the clearest for this part, otherwise it s ideal. Would certainly buy once again.

Aside from our lancing gadget being broken when we got the kit, the test worked simply great. We lastly found out what our blood type is, and the test was basic and (fairly) pain-free.

Our sibling and we did this and it was very simple. We got excellent outcomes. The directions were exceptionally simple to comprehend and follow. All that was available in the plan worked. We would advise doing this with another individual near by since it is kinda tough to put your blood on the page on your own.

The printed directions are simple to comprehend, or you can view an educational video. It didn’t injured at all. According to our mom, our blood type is o+, and this test verified it. We simply acquired another kit as a present.

We purchased this to find out what our hubby’s blood type was. We understood mine and utilized that to see if the kit actually worked. It did, it was very basic to utilize and pain-free. We recommend purchasing one more than prepared, we simply required 2 however we understood one test was going to messed up in some way.

Actually practical kit. Outcomes were clear. Really cost effective versus including a laboratory to do the work.

Easy to utilize other than instructions wear t state to damp the circles initially prior to you put blood on them and video does. So damp the circles very first w dropper. Absolutely worth it however. Medical professionals charge method excessive and most won t even do it.

We do not care a lot about the nutrition lessons from this. We simply would like to know for ourself and our household what blood types we have if the requirement to understand ever turned up. This was basic, insane quickly, and simple to check out. Blood sample clumps it’s not suitable (why an incorrect blood transfusion will eliminate you, didn’t understand till we seen the clumping. Lol), if it mixes it a match. Crazy basic.

The youtube video was really aided with the procedure. The instructions were okay nevertheless a lot simpler to view a video. Had the ability to figure out blood type so it worked. Was stressed after checking out other evaluations about how it didn’t work for the customer.

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