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Cozy Ankle Men's Extra Wide Adjustable Diabetic Recovery Slippers Edema

Cozy Ankle Men’s Extra Wide Adjustable Diabetic Recovery Slippers Edema

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Cozy Ankle Men’s Extra Wide Adjustable Diabetic Recovery Slippers Edema.

  • Rubber sole
  • EASY TO PUT ON AND OFF – Extremely adjustable uppers offers secruity and convenience to forefoot with velcro closures, extra large range of modification is perfect for different degrees of swelling. Merely position your feet on the diabetic slippers rather than pushing your feet and having them to be pushed into routine shoes by shoe horn.
  • Have delicate feet? Our soft, non-binding upper with, extra depth style and wide toe box removes pressure on bunions and hammer toes. Soft, seam-free interior lining, padded with memory foam, removes pressure points and provides exceptional convenience and security for those who struggle with diabetes, neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • If you addressed YES to the questions above, then you just need to attempt our Cozy Ankle shoes options crafted to comfort Foot Discomfort, Heel Discomfort, Arch Discomfort, Knee Discomfort, Ball of the Foot Discomfort, Metatarsal Discomfort, Knee Discomfort, Pain In The Back, Delicate Feet, Diabetic Feet, Arthritic Feet, Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, Pronation, Metatarsalgia, Morton’s Neuroma, Bunions, Corns, Hammer Toes Today.
  • Target User & Event: Diabetic Clients, Pregnant, Medical Professionals, Soldiers, Nurses, Educators, Grownups, House, Workplace, Plane, Healthcare Facility, Indoor and Outdoor, these comfy shoes will bring some assistance to inflamed feet, flatfoot, Talipes Valgus, Hallux Valgus, splayfoot and more.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Cozy Ankle Men’s Extra Wide Adjustable Diabetic Recovery Slippers Edema.
Requirements: Your feet are worthy of COZY ANKLE Our soft and breathable slippers are made from exceptional quality light-weight products with antimicrobial innovation offers security versus smells and discolorations. Easy to open adjustable Velcro straps make a thoughtful present for your partners, moms and dads or grandparents for Christmas, birthdays, and any unique. celebration where you wish to reward an enjoyed one for investing a long day on their dissatisfied ankles. Adequate and adjustable space to accommodate routine to a little inflamed feet. Easily device washable. Includes: Insoles are formed to feet and the rubber shape heel offers more convenience and versatility. With tough dual-density rubber outsoles, our skid-resistant home shoes keep you from moving on tile, wood or vinyl floorings. Antimicrobial innovation offers security versus smells and discolorations. Perfect for individuals with decreased hand mastery Seasons: Suitables for all seasons – Spring, Summer Season, Fall, Winter Season, Thanksgiving, Dad’s day, Mom’s day and presents for all vacations Sizing Guide: United States Men’s 7.5|Length:9.97″|Length: 253 mm United States Men’s 8|Length: 10.09″|Length: 256 mm United States Men’s 9|Length: 10.28″|Length: 261 mm United States Men’s 9.5|Length: 10.48″|Length: 266 mm United States Men’s 10|Length: 10.64″|Length: 270 mm United States Men’s 11|Length: 10.84″|Length: 275 mm United States Men’s 12|Length: 11.22″|Length: 285 mm United States Men’s 13|Length: 11.62″|Length: 295 mm Plan consists of: 1 x Set Diabetic Slippers

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Cozy Ankle Men’s Extra Wide Adjustable Diabetic Recovery Slippers Edema.

Question Question 1

Description States For Wide Inflamed Feet However All Of The Sizes Provided Are M And Not Wide Width?

my own dealt with a bandaged foot easeily

Question Question 2

Size States M However Are These Actually Wide? Our Other Half Uses A Eeee?

HiBecause these slippers have Velcro on the leading and on the heel they can accommodate a wide foot. They are well made and certainly worth the cash. These are the only slippers our daddy can use because his feet have actually gotten larger. He s88 Hope this assists. Delighted New Year.

Question Question 3

We Have Check Out A Number Of Evaluations About An Bad Smell. Do They Actually Odor That Bad.?

we believe we keep in mind a small smell of plastic when we took them out of the bag, however it wasn’t bad at all and it was never ever strong enough to make us offer it a doubt.

Question Question 4

To The Seller. Why Is A Size 10 Qualified For Prime However A Size 11 Is Not And Delivering Charges Use?

havr no concept

Question Question 5

Is The Insole Removable?


Question Question 6

Where Is This Made?


Question Question 7

We Have Check Out A Number Of Evaluations About An Bad Smell. Do They Actually Odor That Bad.?

we do not understand about smelling bad?Perhaps that is the user’s feet.our dad definitely enjoys these shoes because his feet slip out of lots of shoes due to neuropathy.These have actually been a life saver for his diabetic foot problems

Question Question 8

We Have Check Out A Number Of Evaluations About An Bad Smell. Do They Actually Odor That Bad.?

Bought these for our senior dad and have actually had no smell problems at all. we suggest them.

Question Question 9

Are These Helpful For Ankle Assistance?

No, not for ankle assistance. These slippers are terrific for swelling issues from excessive water in the system triggered by salt retention. we believe that they would be excellent for diabetic foot issues too. we hope this will assist.

Question Question 10

Any Answers Yet Regarding Cleaning Instructions?Mine Are Covered In Mud (Long Story). Can We Put Them In The Washer?

Yes. we put them in with a mild cycle and cold water.we let them air dry.

Question Question 11

Are These Device Washable?

Perhaps on mild and air dry.we have actually not tried to clean them.

Question Question 12

Are These Shoes Slippery On Wall To Wall Rugs?

They have rubber soles so they are great on any surface area.

Question Question 13

Is The Insole Removable?


Question Question 14

Is The Insole Removable?

Dear Sir/Madam, Thanks for your interests. Dear Sir/Madam, Thanks for your interests.Kindly inform you that they do include memory foam insole and they are detachable. Since of the extra wide with Velcro straps created provides you a lot of space to insert more insole for your comfort.LizzyCozy Ankle Production

Question Question 15

How To Identify Size?

we purchased the shoes for our dad the very same size as his routine shoes. They fit great

Question Question 16

Are These Memory Foam?

we do not believe so.

Question Question 17

Refund Policy???

sure often

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Cozy Ankle Men’s Extra Wide Adjustable Diabetic Recovery Slippers Edema, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Our daddy is diabetic and on dialysis. We got worried when other shoes were pinching his toes as was his nurse. We purchased these and daddy stated they are simply great however the nurse states he enjoys them and they are ideal for his condition. We are pleased we invested the cash on something good that assisted. Quick forward to march 2019 and our daddy has actually used these shoes practically every day and enjoys them. His foot problems are gone and they still look fantastic. We will be purchasing him the mesh set for summer season.

After having a hard time for some time to accommodate our hubby’s edema-swollen feet, we foundthese The 2 fasteners supply extra space where required. We did get these a size bigger than his normal due to the inflamed feet, however purchasing his routine size would have been better.

Our hubby has no sensation in his feet due to diabetes. These slippers are extremely simple to get on and off. The shoe opens and folds back to place the foot. The velcro straps make modifications simple likewise. Our only grievance would be the odor of the material they are made from. It has a petroleum odor to us which we hope will vanish in time. In general we are extremely happy.

Our hubby was delighted with this present. He normall has extremely wide feet. Eeee and with having 2 surgical treatments on one foot for charcot foot, that foot is constantly extremely inflamed. There are days he can not get his shoes one. He usually uses a10 5 however to be safe we purchased an11 Being that they are so adjustable, they work for both feet. And, he might use these out of your home if essential since they appear like suede shoes. Extremely happy.

These slippers are truly comfy and not to light. The sole is strong and not lightweight at all. We purchased extra wide which s what we got. Next time we will buy not so wide. They remain on our feet and do not flop at the heel. Suggested.???????? out of 5 stars.

Our his hubby has edema and these were so comfy that he delighted in strolling therefore getting excercise. We will buy another set when these wear out,.

This is the only brand name that fit our grandpa and he enjoys it. Comfy, simple to place on and adjustable for all widths.

93 years of age dad with inflamed feet. Having a tough time discovering foot wear. Saw these here on and had excellent scores other than for smell. Yes there is a smell of color. When yo7 initially open them up it is extremely strong. We simply frebreezed them and the smell diminished. Excellent shoes. Excellent modifications with velcro.

They smell nasty. Right out of package they simply smell cool. Not gross feet cool, however nasty artificial products nasty. We are 5 6, we can constantly smell them. They fit fantastic, they are the most comfy slippers we have actually had for our plantar fasciitis.

These are outstanding adjustable slippers. Our dad has inflamed feet and one foot has an ace plaster in addition to the swelling. He might not get his shoes or slippers on. These slippers open totally up, the top of the shoe turns up and out of the method the instructions of the toe. They secure once again with velcro. The heel likewise has velcro and can be loosened up or tightened up. We found the size was specific. Initially we purchased 2 sizes bigger and they were falling off. Then we attempted a half size bigger and it was a half size too big. Lastly his specific size of 9 fit completely. They have rubber soles, so can be used outside. They even have a little arch assistance and gel heel cushioning. The product is a wool-like material that is breathable. They could not be better.

Bought for ailing dad. Might hardly stroll. Had bad pressure ulcers on his feet. These were the only shoes we might get to remain on his feet. There good resilient. Okay looking either.

These slippers are fantastic. Our hubby, who has neuropathy and edema that differs with the day, required shoes that were adjustable however still have some assistance. These slippers are fantastic. You can likewise put insoles in these for extra assistance.

Functions fantastic for our mom. She is diabetic and has inflamed feet. And they were covered in ace plasters. This healthy her ideal. We got a measure than her regular shoe size due to the plasters. It got excellent then. And now that they are off, it is too huge.

Our hubby has one inflamed foot from edema and we might not find slippers to fit. These have actually supplied both warm and adjustable fit. Perfect.

Prior to he passed away, our daddy’s ankles and feet swelled. He had no problems about these shoes, and neither do i. They were simple to place on his feet.

For anybody with a foot issue, these slippers are the response. We were looking for a slipper or shoe that our relative might use in convenience. This product is adjustable for swelling or water weight gain. The soles are thick adequate to be safe. They actually fit a wide foot thank you a lot. Marilyn carter.

We like these slippers. Easy to get on and off due to velcro straps. The souls are little and the heavy side.

Our handicapped kid enjoys them and he states they are extremely comfy.

Extremely good slippers for a diabetic, and for foot swelling. Adjustable to permit swelling variations. Easy to place on and remove.

The ease of usage is outstanding. This slipper will be fantastic while our hubby goes through the transplant procedure.

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