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Covidien/Kendall Sharps Container Wall Mount

Covidien/Kendall Sharps Container Wall Mount

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Covidien/Kendall Sharps Container Wall Mount.

  • Functions with Kendall 5 quart 8506 SA, 8507 SA and Kendall 2 quart 85021, 85031

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Installed wall enclosures safe and secure sharps containers, keep counter area clear, and assist avoid access to contents in high traffic locations. Contents can be seen by health center workers, however unpleasant products are not completely noticeable to clients and visitors. These durable enclosures are made from ABS plastic – the very same product utilized in football helmets. Optional glove box holders keep gloves easily offered.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Covidien/Kendall Sharps Container Wall Mount.

Question Question 1

How Can We Get A Replacement Secret?

Please call Covidien to get an extra secret. Lots of thanks

Question Question 2

Are We Able To Purchase 24 Keyed Alike?

They all have the very same secrets. we got 2 set and all 4 secrets are the very same.

Question Question 3

Will It Deal With Oakridge 5 Quart (We Currently Have A Few Of Them)?

This is the specifications we obtained from the maker: Functions with Kendall 5 quart 8506 SA, 8507 SA and Kendall 2 quart 85021, 85031 These are the only products that can deal with this product. Thanks

Question Question 4

Are These 5 Quarts And Does It Include A Non Reusable Red Container?

No red container. Attempt this: B001 ANOLTM (it is around $10 on.com)

Question Question 5

Can A Glove Box Be Connected To The Bottom Of This Sharps Container? If Yes, What Product Number Is The Glove Box Holder?

Yes there is a glove box for this product however we do not equip them

Question Question 6

Dosage Product Hold Fda Approval?

we do not understand

Question Question 7

Does The Container Include Actual Mounting Hardware?

This container does NOT included installing hardware.

Question Question 8

Does This Hold The 2 Gallon Covidien Container?

Nope. It does not.

Question Question 9

We Purchased 3 Of These And It Did Not Include Anything To Anchor Them To TheWall What Do We Buy To Anchor Them?

They do not included installing hardware

Question Question 10

What Are The Dimensions And How Precisely Does It Get Hung On The Wall? The Number Of Screws And In What Locations On Package?

Almost 8×10 and a number of holes to mount to the wall from inside package.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Covidien/Kendall Sharps Container Wall Mount, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We do not have kids in your home, however we do have animals & we wished to guarantee our needles sit tight. We enjoy package. It is extremely durable & ruble looking. It accommodates the sharps containers of the very same brand name & some others (we acquired kendall/coviden containers & another brand-both work). We put the secret on our keychain & will open it just when the bin is complete & all set to be dropped off for disposal. This box is well priced thinking about the extraordinary quality inn style & fabrication.

Functions well. Nevertheless anchors they send out are not excellent. We would get better ones so you wear t have a lots of holes.

Love it. Usage at our group houses. Easy to set up.

We wear t understand what other things this features however when we seen the product and the photo online reveals a deal with and the plan has no h.

It s a sharps box cover. Durable style. Great when held on the wall.

Needs To have.

It keeps the sharps container safe and out of the method on the wall.

Truly great holds up well and looks actually expert.

Functions as marketed – for usdical usage just. Great product. Requirements inner box purchased individually.

Outstanding product and product packaging. Advised, thanks much.

Does what you anticipate.

Fantastic product.

Awsome works excellent extremely long lasting.


Product got here rapidly however did not included wall installing tools.


Functions excellent.

Like what healthcare facilities/ centers utilize. Really durable and locks with ease with consisted of secret, installs to wall quickly (installing hardware not consisted of). Bought this for our diabetic mom, she could not be better. Sharps insert container is not consisted of.

You get what you see, absolutely nothingmore It s a box to hold your sharps container. Fits basic 5q. Secret inside taped to package. There is no installing hardware & does not have any clear installing directions. It s sort of a do it yourself installing procedure through the slats. There doesn t even appear to be a mount to acquire. Ehhh. It s ok. Delivered on time and in excellent condition.

Perfect for what we require it for. The photo is misinforming due to the fact that we just recieved 1 secret. No problems here.

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