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Contour Next EZ Glucose Meter Kit

Contour Next EZ Glucose Meter Kit

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The Bayer Contour Next innovation examines a single sample 7 times for incredibly precise outcomes. Consists Of: Bayer Contour Next EZ blood sugar meter, user guide and fast recommendation guide, Bayer’s microlet 2 lancing gadget, 10 microlet colored lancets, logbook, bring case

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Contour Next EZ Glucose Meter Kit.

Question Question 1

This Display Has Balances So Am We Appropriate To Presume It Saved Test Results.Can One Usage The Outcomes With Bayer’S Software application?

Yes it does undoubtedly shop test results, and yes the test results can be utilized with Bayers software application. we have actually had excellent use with this product.

Question Question 2

Does This Meter Include The Strops?

Mine did not featured strips nor Lancet.Just meter and case.

Question Question 3

What Can Be Found In The Plan?

This is a total KIT will feature Meter Lancets 10 Load, Logbook, Lancet Gadget Guarantee card ANd totally free 10 pack of Test strips. This is a total KIT will feature Meter Lancets 10 Load, Logbook, Lancet Gadget Guarantee card ANd totally free 10 pack of Test strips. And most Notably it will Feature A fantastic Smile from our Personnel Thank you

Question Question 4

What Can Be Found In The Plan?

It’s a complete starter kit with 10 lancets and test strips,, the reader-machine and log book together with a nylon case

Question Question 5

Does This Kit Contain The Lancing Gadget?

we have a USB variation of the meter. The USB variation kit does have the lancing gadget.

Question Question 6

Why Does The Meter Not Have A Box?

Box?The meter worked when for us and never ever worked once again.

Question Question 7

Will These Deal With Our Product?

On your products? Your question make no sense to me.Sorry.

Question Question 8

Does This Device Program Ketones?

Not this is not a blood ketone meter. It is likewise not an A1C meter. It will determine your blood glucose readings and offer a 14 day average. It extremely basic to download your meter readings to a computer system.

Question Question 9

Does This Device Program Ketones?

No. The Bayer Accuracy does ketones and glucose. we utilize the Nova Max for ketones. The strips are less costly for ketones thru the Nova Max too.

Question Question 10

Do We Required To Pinch Our Finger?

we presume that your question associates with blood extraction after lancing. Yes, permeate the lance needle just half and withdraw. Then pinch till the blood exudes to a drop not flowingstandstill. The test strip requires extremely little blood to capillary to the meter for usasurement.

Question Question 11

Does This Kit Still Include All The Materials To Do 10 Blood Glucose Tests? We Are Trying to find An Entire Kit To Do 10 Tests.?

It does feature sufficient materials for 10 tests. You’ll need to buy more lancets and more test strips after that.

Question Question 12

What Is The Size Of The Blood Sample You Required For This Meter?

Really little. we are constantly astonished by the little dot of blood it requires rather than other glucometers we have actually attempted. we utilize the thinnest needles and hardly ever have a concern.

Question Question 13

Exists A Kit For Checking Glucose Levels Without Strips? We Do Not Have Diabetes However We Typically Get Ill For About 12 Hours After Consuming Any Sort Of Sugar?

You can utilize standard urine screening by tasting on a finger.

Question Question 14

Can You Download The Stored Information To Your Computer?Then Print The Date Variety Of The Outcomes You Want?Our Previous Onetouch Ultra Meter Would.?

Simply link a USB to both, open and you get options.

Question Question 15

Why Doesn’T Meter Be Available In A Box?

This naturally can be found in a paper container box with an unique pocket inside produced to defend against transit damage. Over and above Bayer sent us a beautifulpouch totally linedwith foam to secure it from shock throughout travel with additional pocket for bring consumableslike Test Strips and Needle assemblies.

Question Question 16

How Can We See Lead To Mmol/L?

Yes, take a look at the directions on line and it is simple to change from mg to mmol.

Question Question 17

Does This Kit Usage Any Strips?

cant recall, we believe it has a few.

Question Question 18

Any Body Familiar With A More Accurate Meter, That Is Not Made In China? Ok If It Is Costly. Hypoglycemic Requiring Precise Readings. Thank You?

Bayer Ascensia Contour is precise and not pricey. It is made in Japan. The readings are repeatable.we do not like the Bayer next.Its readings vary and typically not precise. Another meter that is precise is the Freestyle LYTE however it is more pricey and the strips are expensive.we do not understand where it is made.

Question Question 19

Can Evaluate Outcomes Be Downloaded By Our Diabetes Dr.?

we have actually never ever attempted it.initially you can keep a log which is consisted of, and send to your physician. and here is the telephone number for technical assistance where you can request assistance:1 800 348 8100 (8: 00 am to midnightest.

Question Question 20

Can This Be Utilized On Animals?

You would need to ask a veterinarian if that is possible.we personally truly like utilizing the Contour with their test strips that choose it.The test strips appear more comfy to utilize.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Contour Next EZ Glucose Meter Kit, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Bought these for our t1 diabetic spouse, a switch from the one touch that he’s been utilizing for several years. The contour next is terrific due to the fact that it needs less blood on the test strip. We saw great deals of evaluations on this of customers that were upset due to the fact that theirs did not featured test strips, however we purchased 3 of these and all of them featured test strips. Battery life has actually been excellent up until now too. No grievances. We would suggest it.

We truly like the contour next meter. It offers constant readings and could not be much easier to utilize. It includes a great case to keep whatever together, and quickly suits a pocket. Outcomes come quick and it does not require much blood for screening. Simply ensure you buy contour next strips and not routine contour strips with it.

Had a question asked people for this and no chance we can publish it up in the q & ato have the ability to set up the answers hope folks can find it in here. Here’s all the mistake codes from the manuele1: temperature level out of variety 41 -113 fahrenheite2: test strip underfillede3: meter noticing utilized test strip/ incorrect control option usede4: test strip placed incorrectlye5/e6/e8/ e9/e12/ e13: possible hardware or software application problem; retest with brand-new strip continuing problems call bayer 1-800-348-8100 e7: inaccurate test strip, check bottle what are you using?e10: void time or date; reset it on meter problems contact bayere11: irregular outcome; retest with a brand-new strip, check container right strips?.

Came without delay with whatever (meter, control option, lancing gadget,10 lancets,10 test strips, user guide, log book and bring case) required to evaluate blood glucose. Easy to utilize. Test results appear precise. Registered the meter for 5 year service warranty, totally free batteries for life and will get present of updated wallet that holds the meter and materials. Lancing gadget worked well. Really pleased with this order.

Meter ok, spouse does not like the important things that sticks your finger. He’s still utilizing his old one. Can’t find strips for old one, that’s why we purchased this meter.

Fantastic kit for the cost. Included: meter (batteries consisted of), 10 silicone-coated lancets, control option, 10 test strips, lancing gadget, user guide and bring case. Can’t beat that for the cost.

We acquired our contour ez 2 months earlier. We are brand-new diabetic and desired something simple to utilize, and this glucose maker is extremely simple to utilize, and is precise compared to our laboratory tests and dr workplace maker. We would extremely suggest this maker to anybody, likewise the cost was excellent too.

Perhaps it’s me, however we can’t appear to get the last reading if the meter timesout We can get 7 day average, 14 day average, however not a list of readings in rising order. Other than that it’s great. We will attempt and call somebody.

Have actually never ever utilized a meter in the past, however had no problem figuring out how to utilize this one. Have actually been utilizing routinely, however have actually not had a current test at our physician. Ideally it will be close to what his tests reveal. Really pleased with outcomes up until now.

This was purchased for an additional in case the 1 in the huge kit did not work, gladly they both do.

Functions excellent. We conserved the cost of the meter from the void strips we utilize to lose in our old system.

It’s a meter. It meterizes. At an excellent cost. What more could we desire?.

Fantastic product works quick a simple to utilize.

We utilize this today sure this this the very best. We have actually not utilized it long.

Can inform any distinction and enhancement from the last variation.

Really fairly priced verses the out of pocket cost utilizing our bcbs.

Excellent product. Bought it for a medical objective journey and it worked well.

Whatever you require is consisted of in package. 1) glucose meter2) lancing device3) lancets4)10 test strips5) zippered pouch to keep all of it in.

Exceptional, shown up on time and is working excellent.


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