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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Care Touch Pen Needles, Gauge.

  • Universal fit: Our pen needles work with type a insulin pen shipment gadgets
  • Silicone covered: For a more comfy injection, we have actually covered our needles with silicone and created them with thin wall INNOVATION to reduce pain and take full advantage of better liquid circulation
  • HIGH QUALITY – EO Decontaminated, Non-toxic, Pyrogen complimentary
  • Our Pen Needles are a practical method to get an accurate dosage with minimum discomfort for those with Diabetes.
  • 100 non-toxic and pyrogen-free pen needles, 32 gauge, 5/32 Inches (4mm)

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Product DescriptionOur Care Touch pen needles include a lube finishing to take full advantage of convenience and accuracy for your readings. The multi-facet needle Bevel permits a smooth injection to make it simple for day-to-day usage. Our pen needles work with many Insulin pens and be available in a range of sizes for your benefit. Each box includes 100 individually-wrapped, sterilized pen needles that connect safely to remove pop-off. With such fantastic functions at an excellent cost, you’ll get whatever you require with these pen needles. We likewise provide a range of sizes to make it simple for you to choose out the ideal one for.Manufacturer Contact InformationNot Applicable

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Care Touch Pen Needles, Gauge.

Question Question 1

Do They Fit The Lantus Solostar Pen?

we believe that needles are practically a universal fit.we usage Levemir Flex Touch pens and have actually attempted numerous brand names from.All of them deal with our pens.Honesty we simply buy the least costly brand name when we order.They all work simply as well as the name brand name needles and cost a portion of the name brand name costs.

Question Question 2

Are These Needles Similar To The Bd Ultra Fine Nano Pen Needles 32 Gauge X5/32 Miscellaneous Needles?

Yes and less costly. They work great and we have actually not had any issues with them.

Question Question 3

Do These Deal With Victoza Injection Pen?

we do n’tknow. They do deal with Soliqua and Humalog pens.If it utilizes a basic pen needle, we believe it ought to work.

Question Question 4

We Do Not See Anything Suggesting These Are Sterile. We Dislike To Presume They Are. Does Anybody Know?

Package states that they are “only sterile if sealed and undamaged”, so we presume that they are sterile.Each private needle is sealed and packaged in its own plastic sleeve.

Question Question 5

Have You Gotten The Returned Products?

we put on t comprehend your question.

Question Question 6

Are These Needles Dealing With Oaempic Pen?

dont understand we simply utilize lantus and humlog pens. it looks like all the pens are the very same. however we would find out prior to you invest the cash

Question Question 7

Exists A Routine Syringe That Opts For This?

This product does not require a syringe. It is a cap with a little needle connected that you place on a insulin pen.

Question Question 8

Dothese Deal With Humulin N Kwik Pen?

we utilize these needles with humalog kwik pens along with Lantus solo star kwik pens

Question Question 9

Le Sirbe La Lapiz Lantus Solostar?

we utilize these with a solostar pen and they are fantastic.

Question Question 10

Anyone Know If They Make Routine Syringes( The Kind You Fill Yourself) That Will Fit These Needles?

No. These are pen needles. They do not deal with a syringe, just with a pen, which is a prefilled numerous dosage gadget with one end produced connecting a pen needle.

Question Question 11

We Utilize 2 Kinds Of Pens Novolog Flex And LevemirPen We See These Will Fit?We Are Taking A Look At Purchased 2 Boxes. The Bd Needles Have Been Dull And Hurt.?

Make certain you inject into fatty tisi

Question Question 12

Will These Deal With Humalog Quick Pens?

we do not understand – we have Novolog and they work great – Sorry Ralph

Question Question 13

Are These Sold In Loads Larger Than 1 Box Of 100?

we put on t understand.

Question Question 14

Do These Fit Ozempic?

If it’s a flexpen, yes it should.It fits our Novolog Flexpen simply fine.

Question Question 15

What A Routine Syringe They Fit Those Needles? A Don T What To Utilize A Pen? Ty?

NO they do NOT fit a syringe. A syringe currently has a needle. These are for pen ONLY.

Question Question 16

What Is The Distinction Of 31 G Or 32 G For Pentiips?

32 G mean the guage or density of the needle. While it appear illogical, a 32 G is more fine than a 31 G.

Question Question 17

Where Are These Made?


Question Question 18

Biene Con La Pluma?

Sin bolígrafo, estas child las puntas de aguja desechables.

Question Question 19

Do You Required A Prescription For These?

we have actually bought these at Publix drug store with a prescription and online at without a prescription. we choose to buy whatever we can online with 2 day shipping as long as the cost is equivalent orbetter We do choose the Care Touch brand name when offered.

Question Question 20

Do These Deal With Autoject 2 Pen?

Ought to deal with any insulin pen

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Care Touch Pen Needles, Gauge, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We purchased these for our 10 years of age children norditropin injector pens. Formerly we began with novotwist needles (32 g x 4mm). We are unable to get those from our drug store any longer so we then attempted out purchased on the novofine 31 g x 5mm. Those were dreadful. The needles 9 out of 10 times would be hard to get rid of from the pen and we would need to utilize our teeth to get onto the external edge to get it off the injector. There were likewise various times we opened a brand name brand-new needle to find it was bent within the cap currently. The quality of those were dreadful and our 10 years of age didn’t like the distinction in the gauge and mm either as she stated it harmed more than her other needles. So onto the next needles to attempt. Returned to searching for a 32 g at a good cost online. Found these ones at a cost that can not be beat. Our insurance coverage copay is greater than the expense of purchased these from. Rapidly gotten package with 2-day prime and we have found our brand-new needle brand name now. We like that these needles screw onto the injector simply as our initial novotwist needles did also. Our child was a little anxious attempting another brand-new needle after the previous novofine needles she stated hurt, however these she didn’t feel a thing she stated. Will certainly be purchased these once again in a couple months when we run out of needles and requirementmore Do not hesitate to ask us anyquestions We will do our finest to follow up if you do. If you found our evaluation useful, please click the yes button below to let us know.:-RRB- thank you.

Pros:1. Rate, cost and cost. You can not beat the cost of these pens of bd nano. 2. Compatibility with existing pens. 3. No discomfort – we could not discriminate on injectioncons:1. The plastic utilized to make these are various than bd nano’s. We would state it’s more affordable and a bit lighter however it’s great. The plastic is tight on the pens and we have had a few wish to remain on the pen, however you can wiggle it off without any issue. The threads are likewise a bit inexpensive, so simply beware screwing it on the in the beginning. Once the threads capture on, it’s great. 2. Injection of the insulin – the circulation of the insulin appears to be a bit limited. The bd nano’s appear to be smooth and fast whereasthese Well, no a lot. General: the pro’s certainly surpass the con’s. We will most likely continue to utilize these, however we truly want the insulin circulation corresponded and fast. We took one star off due to the con’s notedabove Certainly attempt a box and see if you can cope with the needles. At about 1/3 the expense of bd nano, we believe they deserve a shot.

We are on our extremely first injector pen, which did not featured even a starter needle. Nevertheless, that aside we went shopping the web for boxes of needles and found the prices to run anywhere from around $13 00 to well over $60 00 for mainly the specific very same thing –100 32- gauge, 4 mm non reusable needles. They fit best onto our victoza pen (as they should do on many other multi-dose pens). Likewise, to our pleasure, we feel almost absolutely nothing when we jab ourself in the abdominal area. These featured a security external case and a within needle protector that we would think likewise keeps the needle bacterium complimentary (our presumption just). The little inner protector gets tossed when the needle has actually been screwed into location and the needle with external case get put in our sharps container for future disposal.

These needles work well and are worth priced. The only criticism we need to provide is that elimination from the pen might be enhanced. That is, you put the cap back over the needle and loosen it. However completion of the needle that permeates the pen mesh often does not wish to pull out totally with the cap. The fit of the cap over the needle body is not tight adequate to make sure the needle pulls out of the pen with the cap. Update 3/19,2017: our initial criticisms stay, however we have actually reordered 3 times and have actually not had a single unusable or malfunctioning needle. The worth that these offer keeps us returning.

So we have actually gone through 3 boxes of these prior to choosing to examine. Around early april we were identified with gestational diabetes and around early might, still extremely early in our pregnancy, they bumped us as much as insulin dependant. They began us off with bd’s 32 g 4mm and it got rid of any concerns we had about injecting ourself. When we required brand-new needles, we were offered a bigger gauge with a longer needle that truthfully have us a lots of stress and anxiety and truly harmed with more injections. We went to to see just how much the bd needles we were usage to costed and discovered these at a considerably more affordable cost. We were a little anxious to attempt them however at the time just $9 compared to the $23 and all of the other great evaluations stating they were so alike we chose to take a leap and attempt them. Now we like them even more than bd. We frequently had the problem of the needle flexing or perhaps winding up as at an angle with bd and with these we have actually never ever had that problem and they feel comfy to utilize.

Initially, let us state we have actually ended up being connected on care touch products given that we started taking insulin 2 weeks back. The needles fit completely on our trisiba flextouch insulin needle. Plus, after going through numerous customer evaluations, we picked care touch pen needles for just $9. 99 over all the other ones provided. Likewise, the expense of care touch verses the drug shop’s cost of $45 deserved gambling on. Likewise, we dislike puncturing our fingertips. We dislike the experience and the discomfort. We choose lancing the big pad on the palm. However for numerous weeks, that skin hasn’t put out a drop of blood for our test strips to check out. Care touch to the rescue as they have an adjustable lance with 10 depth settings. So we purchased that and their box of 300 lances. More fantastic cost savings, too. Utilizing care touch products at their low cost is definitely worth your while. Based upon experience plus their being more expense reliable, we extremely suggest care touch for your insulin and glucose meter and any of their other requirements.

We are extremely happy with these needles. We can not pay for the ones from the drug store so we were searching for an alternative. We utilized these on basaglar kwikpen and it fits completely. We had no issues with screwing it on and off and did not stick or anything. Needle was simply as comfy and the name brand name ones that included the sample. We extremely suggest these pen needles.

These seem made by the very same maker as the bd needles at half the expense. Package was sort of batter in shipping as it was delivered in a bag rather of a box however the needles seem fine. We have actually just utilized a few as we simply got them today however the few we have actually utilized worked completely on our basalag and humalog pens, they have actually likewise been sharp and we have’ t had any discomfort with dull needles yet. If that modifications we will upgrade our evaluation. Hope this assists a few individuals out.:-RRB-.

After getting this product checked needles numerous times to basaglar pen and fit completely. Was formerly going or buy from bd 4mm at $22 + greater, cancelled the purchase due to evaluations; bd needles were made in ireland and bulk of the purchasers specified packages were damaged/opened and so on, from ireland leading us to assume that the needles were undependable product to utilize and being offered. The sellers didn’t appreciate this product having broken/open boxes & offered in the us esp on. Rate point from care touch is unsurpassable and ideal for pen usage esp basaglar pen. Our pharmcy under dr presc charged $13 for 30 bd 5mm needles this is with insur co-pay. Pharmcy is making a killing from these needles. These needles have an impressive cost point for 100 4mm needles. These having actually been made in china have greater quality and is product controlled than those made and delivered from ireland. No requirement to state any longer base upon evaluations check out. Will acquire more from care touch to fill up when required.

We utilized to get the name brand name ones from our drug store due to the fact that our insurance coverage was covering the most significant part of the expense. Nevertheless that altered last january, so we began searching for options. In the beginning, the pharmacist happily offered us his shop brand name at a money cost that was way less than our expense even after what the insurance coverage paid. Then we foundthese We have actually been utilizing them since, with both lantus and fiasp (generic novolog) fast pens, and our sis utilizes them for some other types, neveranottaproblemo and method less $$, with next day shipment too, whats not to like about that.

These insulin pen needles are working extremely well for us. We are brand-new insulin user and was truly amazed at the cost of the needles at our drug store. Without the needles, you can’t utilize the insulin. The very first cost we paid was over $40 for 100 and insurance coverage didn’t cover. The 2nd quote we got was $85 and we declined to acquire them from the drug store due to the fact that we saw these noted on for a lot less. Our order got here in 2 days and we have actually utilized the care touch pen needles for a week now. They work precisely like the more costly ones and expense a lot less. We extremely suggest care touch. Set earnings folks have a hard time to make ends fulfill. Having the ability to acquire a medical need for a sensible cost is such a huge assistance. Thank you care touch.

We bought these for our mom who is tired of spending for the more costly name brand name. We have actually attempted a few various brand names on and our mother appears to like these finest. The quantity of needles you get for the cost is fantastic and our mom states they’re comfy to utilize. She has no problems and will continue to buy this brand name as long as they are offered and the cost remains economical. Extremely happy and extremely suggest this product.

We browsed and simply bought a box of these after getting burned by our drug store in paying $35 for a box of 100 of a various brand name. And felt a more burn when finding out you do not truly require a prescription to acquire particular diabetic products. These fit simply great with our novolog and levemir pens, we have actually had no issue in screwing them on or eliminating them when done. Naturally we will continue to acquire them long-lasting. What a cost savings in between the 2 products; how unfortunate that individuals get gouged in purchasing more costly products to manage their medical requirements. Great product. Thanks, care touch.

Bought these to conserve some cash on the bd needles we normally get. They work truly well and they’re not tough to screw on or get rid of. The only problem is with their gauge: they appear to be a little more narrow than we are utilized to due to the fact that the insulin is more difficult to press through the needle. It might simply be a fluke for our box of needles however it does not stop us from utilizing them either.

We utilize these on our lantus and humalog pens; both fit well. We were utilizing the bd green nano, and have actually likewise attempted the 32 g novofine. The main distinctions we would point out is that on the bd the needle idea is cut on a more progressive taper thanthese So we do feel a bit more of a prick withthese Inadequate discomfort to disturb us or anything. However we can feel the distinction. Perhaps somewhat more swellings than prior to however truly not a lot. The other thing, if you’re inexpensive like me, or in a pinch, you may recycle needles. Though you’re not truly expected to. We do not recommend recyclingthese They dull perceptibly after the very first usage. Versus the bd needles we can recycle a couple times and feel no distinction. Once again, we understand you aren’t expected to recycle them so truly it’s a good idea due to the fact that we wont reuse these due to that and they’re inexpensive enough that we do not mind them being one and done. However if you’re somebody who likes to recycle them you’ll most likely observe this if you attempt it. In general an excellent worth, great cost, very little pain.

You can not beat the cost and quality of the care touch pen needles. In this daily motion to increase medical insurance coverage expense to consist of diabetic products it is fantastic to find a product that works. Particularly when we get these and conserve 75% usually over the insurance coverage deductible. When we see products noted at a better the typical discount rate we often believe this is to great to be real. With the care touch we found it to be simply as great and comfy as the other name brand name products that cost two times as much.

Our pharmacist was filling our script with care one needles. The protective real estate was substantial however these were closer to the size of bd needles. Our old needles were 5mm length and was getting black & blue at the ijection website. Up until now these are more comfy and with the much shorter needle are not leaving any website inflammation or black abnd blue locations up until now. There are more affordable tyhan the co pay on the needles from the drug store. We will begin utilizing these from now on.

When you initially open the bundle and see how big the determines are, you believe the needle is substantial. Particularly when you do not check out the description. The needles are little, the entire system is simple to utilize. What more can we state about needles? it works and harms as much as any needle does. They are simple to get rid of if with a big external needle cap, and a smaller sized one that goes straight over the needle. The big one is for managing preand post injection, and the little one is to cover the real needle.

Bought these for our hubby’s lantus solostar insulin pen to attempt in location of the ones he had actually been utilizing. Was a little anxious to acquire ones various from what his physician had actually recommended however seriously got 100 of these needles for the cost we were spending for 30 of the other ones and there is no distinction. Will be purchasing these from now on. Order came extremely rapidly and was packaged well. Our hubby can be extremely fussy when it pertains to needles (who would not be) and he is extremely delighted withthese If our hubby enjoys -we enjoy.

We were anxious due to the fact that we are so utilized to the bd nano pens which are practically pain-free. Chosen to attempt these as bd is now over $60 at our drug store and online bd product packaging is various and identified “mail order only” which problems us also. We have found these to be simply as pain-free as bd nano. That stated, they do not screw on/off easily. Bd screws on/off quickly. These appear to wish to go on and off cockeyed. (a minimum of on our novolin pens) minor inconvenience however something they truly ought to deal with.

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