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  • Optimum result Less discomfort

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EasyFlowTM Innovation for less effort to inject PentaPointTM Convenience for a smoother, gentler injection experience

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on BOSTITCH BD microfine.

Question Question 1

Which Syringe Fits These Needles?

we do not utilize a syringe.we usage the insulin pens, and these needles fit excellent.

Question Question 2

Will This Deal With Balasgar?

we wear t understand precisely however we have actually utilized numerous Insulin pens and all BD needle ideas have actually worked completely.

Question Question 3

Will This Deal With Saxenda?

This we do not understand. we just understand it deals with our present insulin, Tresiba (Xultophy) and our previous insulin, Lantus Solastar.

Question Question 4

Will This Deal With Ozempic Pen?

This pen is not in the list of suitable.

Question Question 5

Are The Needles 32 G X 5/32 The Like 0.23 Mm X 4Mm?

Hey There JerryBD Nano Ultra Fine Pen Needles 4mm 32 G belongs to the Ultra-Fine household of BD needles, made by. thinnest insulin pen needle on the marketplace, determining just 4mm (5/32 inch) in length with a gauge of32 Compare that with the BD Initial at 12.7 mm (1/2 inch) and 29 gauge. Hey There JerryBD Nano Ultra Fine Pen Needles 4mm 32 G belongs to the Ultra-Fine household of BD needles, made by. thinnest insulin pen needle on the marketplace, determining just 4mm (5/32 inch) in length with a gauge of32 Compare that with the BD Initial at 12.7 mm (1/2 inch) and 29 gauge.Thanks & concerns–

Question Question 6

Will These Needles Fit A Basaglar Kwikpen?

They fit many insulin pens with great threads, we have actually utilized them with humalog, novolog, lantus, levemir and tresiba. our company believe humalog is available in the kwikpen.

Question Question 7

Does It Fit Norditropin Flexpro Pen?

We advise utilizing with BD pens. You can find comprehensive information on the BD site.

Question Question 8

Where Are These Needles Made And Delivered From?

Made in Ireland. Delivery from Ukraine.

Question Question 9

What Is The Distinction In Between This And Bd Nano Pen Needle – 32 G – 0.23 Mm X 4Mm? Can It Deal With Lantus Pen And Humalog Pen?

Baffled by NM’s response as the Nano and this one are both 4 mm long.They’re the very same simply made/sold in various countries.The.23 mm describes needle size not length/depth. Nano is likewise.23

Question Question 10

Is This The Like The Bd Nano Ultra Fine Pen Needle?

No, however the BD website doesn t make the distinctions clear. Possibly this nano variation is a more improved variation ofmicrofine This variation works fine for our requirements.

Question Question 11

Will These Deal With Both Levemir And Humalog?

Functions with Lantus and NovoLog therefore it most likely will

Question Question 12

Will These Needles Fit The Novolog Pen?

Plan states it will fit Novolog pens.

Question Question 13

Are The Micro Fine Pen Needles The Like The Ultra Fine Pen Needles?

Yes, they are. we have actually utilized them everyday and am totally pleased. You ll see the needles are packaged for worldwide sales however they are authenticBD Regularly sharp and quality level. The distinction = about $20 per 100.

Question Question 14

Are The Needles Like.25 X6Mm Novafine?

They are much shorter and thinner.

Question Question 15

The Number Of Pen Needles Remains In Package? Is It Deal With Tuojeo Insulin?

There are 100 pen needles in each box.we can not state for sure whether they deal with Tuojeo, so we would call their client service and validate with them.we can state that they dealt with our Lantus and Soliqua pens, so our guess exists is a universal suitable for all insulin pens.

Question Question 16

Where Are These Made?

Becton and Dickinson (BD) are made in the UK (that’s what package states)

Question Question 17

Will These Deal With Both Humalog And Levemir?

Any inject-able insulin will deal with these syringes.

Question Question 18

Will It Deal With Levimir Pens?

Hey There Layden, Yes, the BD 4mm 32 G Pen Needles work with Levemir Pens Hey There Layden, Yes, the BD 4mm 32 G Pen Needles work with Levemir PensThanks.Need It Rapidly

Question Question 19

Is This Hsa/Hra Qualified?

we believe so typically when you examine out on if you go through the evaluation order area it will inform you if something is HSA eligible.

Question Question 20

Va Sends Out United States Bead 31 G X 8Mm For Levemir And Novolog Pens.Would This Be A Great Replacement?

we browsed in google and found a chart that reveals what pens can utilize the BC Nano Ultra Fine needles 4mm x 32 g: https://www.bd.com/resource.aspx?IDX=26621Hope your response remains in there.The costs on for the micro needles can’t be beat.Good luck.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on BOSTITCH BD microfine, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

What a joke. Very same precise needles as our routine drug store however half the rate and no insurance coverage required. Something is extremely incorrect with the pharmacy/insurance system here. We relied on that we were getting a reasonable offer all these years. We were being swindled.

These utilized to be called nano size, now called micro-fine. Finest pen needles around, excellent rate. We are repeat customer.

We have actually utilized the “generic” needles, however we will constantly return to bd. They are not thin, and are recommended by our medical group over seas. They cost a little more, however are well worth it. We do not toss after each injection due to the fact that we have found that these last approximately 3 usages. So bang for dollar with me. We get more usage, and simply feel better utilizingthese We are not a doctor, however we have actually had type 1 diabetes for practically 34 years now. Will never ever utilize anything however bd.

They are excellent worth for a box of good quality pen needles. As the diabetic, she informed us that bd are quite constant needle ideas compared to other brand names she has actually attempted. One note and the factor for the 4 rather than 5 stars is that these are not all 4mm so if that is important to you, know. We need to guarantee we completely place and at an ideal angle to her skin rather of the small side angle that has actually been typically more comfy for her. Like that we do not need to keep promoting a different needle script and handle that with the doc’s workplace either. It’s a win win purchasing these on line. These are far more cost-effective alternative than the outrageous copays at the drug store (on the order of 1/3 to 1/2 the expense of the copay). Still uncertain what the insurance coverage covered if this is the rate however maybe the drug store markup is truly high???.

It’s difficult to discriminate in between the ones we obtained from the drug store with our rx andthese In the image the one on the right is the one from the drug store and the one left wing is this product.

We bought these 2 different times – the very first time the seal on package was broken, however there were 100 pen needles, and all were separately sealed. The 2nd time the seal on package was undamaged, there were 100 pen needles, and all were separately sealed. The bd name brand name works best with our victoza pen – we have actually attempted 2 generics and had problem depressing the plunger. These make it so we can utilize the pen one-handed. (note: we remain in our 30 s and a passionate garden enthusiast; finger strength wasn’t the concern) excellent product and we will be purchasing once again when we require more needles.

These are regularly excellent quality, the majority of the time are totally pain-free, and the rate is great, less expensive to buy them here than through our insurance coverage. Some individuals grumble that when getting rid of the needle from the pen the cover does not grip the needle tight enough, however thats a non concern. They work, they are mainly discomfort complimentary, and after numerous boxes worth, the quality is excellent and constant. Extremely advise.

After seeing costs of $60 for a comparable box @ our regional drug store, we examined online and gone for some less expensive off brand name needles. They harm more, and far frequently, bent without permeating. We did some research, and check out enough excellent evaluations for bd brand name that we needed to attempt them. Nearly no discomfort, not a single bent one yet, and the plunger appears to work much easier withthese Better circulation? possibly it’s genuine.

We like the expense compared to what we were paying through a federal government system. We might utilize this as an example on how we are likewise overcharged on medical products. We hope we can continue to order these pen needles at this rate or lower for our levemir flextouch pen.

We have actually primarily utilized bd all these years. When we changed to care touch, however we had a great deal of problem getting them on and off the pen, so we returned to bd. This is a deal rate for quality needles, and getting much faster shipment recently is a plus. Boxes are bit lightweight, however we have not had a problem up until now.

If you utilize pin needles, these are the very best. The majority of comfy we have actually utilized over the last 15 years. Need to buy them ourself, reveal scripts does not care how they cover clients.

We changed to this product as our insurance protection on the “preferred brand” was 3 times as much. We were a little anxious about this as our 12 year-old is our t1d, and we didn’t desire her to have any obvious pain. Well, she didn’t, and this was our 2nd time acquiring this product.

This is an excellent compromise versus other brand names more costly. They work extremely well with the insuline pens and to inform the reality we did no see diferrence versus the most costly one.

These are very same pen needles marketed by bd in the us other than method more economical. We value the cost savings on something we should have.

These are the precise very same needles we were getting at the drug store for over two times the rate. Get these so you can pay less and have them provided to your door.

These sharps turned out to be precisely the very same kind that we had actually been acquiring at our regional drug store at a greater rate. They are absolutely simple to utilize and there is no discomfort associated with utilizing them despite the fact that our stomach is the injection website. We have actually been utilizing this brand name for a very long time and we constantly rely on that they will be exactly what we require plus we are delighted we can get them for a better rate from.

Nearly end up package. Found one needle that was obstructed. Pity to see the insulin lost. None of it entered.

Our only grievance about this product is that it was available in a harmed box. It s likewise not in english do most likely worldwide business. The needles nevertheless deal with our novolog pen and are extremely brief and pain-free. We will like reorder.

The anti tampering seals on the needle container is more relying on and genuine. It’s made in ireland. A minimum of a nation we can rely on. Other brand names container seals made in the communist celebration of china are doubtful.

Jeopardized by underlying medical concerns, we might not leave our house without the needed masks. The expense of $38 00/50 masks is spending plan breaking on social security. Delivering was 2-day on prime and much valued. Thank you.

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