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Best Diabetes Carry Case

Looking for best diabetes carry case? Check these top products from diabetes category.

Recommendation No. 1
Luxja Diabetic Supplies Travel Case, Storage Bag for Glucose Meter and Other Diabetic Supplies (Bag Only), Purple
  • Made of heavy-duty nylon, more durable and scratch-resistant.
  • Thick padding sandwiched between layers of material, which helps keep the diabetic supplies in good condition.
  • Two zippered pockets on top for storing lancets, testing strips, alcohol wipes and other diabetic testing accessories. A flap in the middle has 2 pockets and slots to store lancing device and insulin pens.(Please note this bag doesn't keep pens cool.)
  • Two removable storage pouches in the bottom are used to store blood glucose meters and glucose pills. (The pouches are fastened by adhesive straps, which make them stable.)
  • Compact Size: 8.9" x 5.5" x 1.75". Also comes with a detachable hand strap for convenience. Good for daily use or keeping in the backpack on vacation.
Recommendation No. 2
BOVKE Travel Case for Diabetic Supplies, Storage Case for Insulin Pens, Glucose Meters, Test Strips, Medication, Lancets, Syringe, Pen Needles and Other Diabetic Testing Accessories, Black
  • Case Only! (Accessories are not included)the diabetic case is made of PU leather which is durable and wipeable, easy to clean and maintain. hard EVA materials of this diabetic organizer case Shields all your diabetic accessories from impact, especially while you are on the move. soft fabric lining prevents scratches to your blood sugar testing supplies.
  • Plenty of room meets your needs for large capacity. the big mesh Compartment on the top is suitable for cotton swabs, sharps containers, disposable lancets and other accessories. durable elastic bands on the middle padded layer are for insulin pens, glucagon pens, pen needles lancing devices. and the small mesh pockets are the place for alcohol wipes, note pads, patch adhesives and more.
  • The durable diabetic organizer case is equipped with adjustable divider pieces, you can adjust the dividers to get the perfect Compartment according to your needs.it can easily store test strip containers, blood sugar monitors, insulin vials, etc. extra Velcro keeps the diabetic supplies neatly.
  • Great diabetic supplies storage case for travel, it comes with a sturdy hand strap for better carrying. good for daily use to store everyday diabetes supplies, Convenient to pack into your handbag, luggage, suitcase and backpack when travelling. Extra gifted Carabiner clip makes it easier to carry.
  • External dimensions: 8.96 x 5.4 x 3.12 inches, internal dimensions: 8.36 x 4.9 x 2.72 inches, Contains all diabetic supplies in one place, diabetic glucose tester, infusion sets, pens and monitors, pump supplies, alcohol pads, daily pills, spare syringes, lancing device and lancets, thermometer and so on.
Recommendation No. 3
4ALLFAMILY 72 Hours 7 Pen Medical Insulin Cooler Travel CASE USB Charger + BIOGEL Ideal Diabetic Medicine Portable Insulina Carrying Bag TSA Approved Medication Bottle Diabetes Storage Vial (Blue)
  • ✔️【3 COOLING METHODS】 Unlike any other product, this medicine organizer OFFER 3 COOLING methods for diabetes that can sufficiently accommodate all your needs, starting from most basics trips around the city to the most extreme condition 🐪 environments. The Insulin travel case medication organizer you need.
  • ✔️【PORTABLE INSULIN COOLER STAINLESS STEEL 304 FOOD MUG】: OUR PATENTED INSULIN COOLER TRAVEL CASE is easy to carry, classified in the tsa approved travel containers and tsa medication bag category, making it amongst most preferred insulated diabetic carrying cases for pill ,testing kit and insulin.
  • ✔️[ SUPER VERSATILE] By switching the lids you can easily transform the bottle into a fridge that is able to keep temperature inside the unit 50-59 F lower than the outside temperature, without ice. All this is achieved without loosing portability. The biogel that serve as a cold packs for cooler in order to keep insulin pen case, insulin needles and insulin pen needles safe, comes as a standard,
  • [LARGE insulin cooler travel case usb container for diabetic supplies ]: With a 3.3" diameter and a gross volume of 900ML, our insulin pen cooling case offers a significant amount of storage for your medicines. As a vial holder diabetic travel case , it can keep 6-8 vial safe. Due to the fact that it so versatile, the space for vial organizer can and be easily adjusted by setting different configurations which makes it a vial safe insulin protector, or a vial case. .
  • 🕊️[ Our aim is to offer GREAT QUALITY PRODUCTS AND EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE] . We aim to give peace of mind for any customer. For any issues about our medical diabetic bag contact us and we make sure cases get resolved in LESS THAN 12 Hours.
Recommendation No. 4
4ALLFAMILY AUTO SHUT OFF USB TSA Medication Cooler Travel Case Keeps Fridge Temp 36F-46F + Biogel Ice pack |Perfect Medical Cooler For Diabetes Insulin Eye drop Arthritis Growth hormones injectables
  • ✔️ [Innovative Medical cooler] -->This new 4ALLFAMILY medical cooler is masterfully designed to keep your expensive supplies SAFE. The new USB lid can deliver an outstanding maximum temperature drop of 50 Fahrenheit compared with outside temperature.
  • ✔️[ANTI FREEZE SECURITY] -->You CANNOT RISK FREEZING YOUR MEDICATION. The 4ALLFAMILY Cooler is built with some high tech features that allow it to safely detect temperature fluctuations, and thanks to the auto shut off / on option, it automatically adjust the power so internal temperature stays in 36-45F range all the time.
  • ✔️[TEMPERATURE DISPLAY] -->Not only does the cooler works in silence to maintain the safe range (30db), but also it is equipped with a display that shows the inner temperature in real time
  • ✔️[ High Capacity]-->Performance is not the only ascpect this cooler shines. The inner tube has a large refrigerated space that has enough capacity to fit 7 insulin pens and other medications as well
  • ✔️[ Ensures a safe experience transporting medications]-->4ALLFAMILY COOLER is so practical and easy to use for long trips. It`s usb feature can be used in cars, planes, trains, car lighters, and power banks.
Recommendation No. 5
ChillMed® Elite - Weekly Diabetic Travel Case - Insulin Pen & Glucose Meter Organizer with Reusable Ice Pack - Up to 14 Hours of Cool Time (Slate)
  • ELITE ORGANIZER: This bags size is perfect for organizing ALL of your diabetic supplies in one place. A chilled side provides organization with a pen holder and vial holder. A non-chilled side to hold your glucose meter, lancet holder, glucose tablet holder, pen tips, syringes, snacks, alcohol wipes, pills, pumps, and many more supplies.
  • COOLING & CONVENIENCE: The Diabetic supply bag includes a Polar Tech Re-Freez-R Brix 16 OZ foam pack which gets up to 14 hours of cold time. Reinforced zipper pocket to hold the Gel Pack. A convenient detachable carrying strap make this the perfect diabetic bag for travel and everyday use.
  • WASTE POCKET: Most bags don't offer a solution for your used syringes or used pen tips. This Diabetic case does. The the removable heavy plastic zippered pocket is attached to the bag with Velcro straps. Once full of your used supplies it can be removed, emptied, and washed.
  • HIGH QUALITY & INSULATION: The quality material is built to last and will keep your medication and supplies secure. The walls of this insulin travel case are insulated and have multiple layers of different materials to act as a insulin vial protector and to hold cooling with in the supply bag.
  • DIMENSIONS: ChillMED Elite Diabetes Case Measures: 9.5" x 6" x 3.5"
Recommendation No. 6
Glucology Diabetic Travel Case - Organizer for Blood Sugar Test Strips, Medication, Glucose Meter, Pills, Tablets, Pens, Insulin Syringes, Lancets (Black, Regular)
  • ✅ STORE ALL YOUR NECESSITIES - Need a reliable diabetic supply travel case? Our organizer case is large enough to carry sharps containers, medicine, alcohol wipes, blood glucose meter, and other supplies.
  • ✅ KEEPS CONTENTS SAFE - Our diabetic organizer case features a protective hard shell cover. Shields all your delicate accessories from impact especially while you are on the move.
  • ✅ STORE MORE SUPPLIES - Need more storage space? Our diabetic travel case is available in 2 variants: standard and plus. Store as many supplies and medication you need for easy access and transport.
  • ✅ COMPACT SIZE - Our diabetic travel pack boasts a discrete, stylish, and handy design, which allows you to fit it easily inside your car compartment, backpack, suitcase, school bag, or hand bag
  • ✅ 12-MONTH WARRANTY - If you are not at all satisfied with the quality and design of our diabetic travel case, let us know within 12 months of purchase so we can provide a complete refund.
Recommendation No. 7
ChillMED Type 1 Daily Diabetes Case - Insulin Cooler Bag for Traveling & Everyday Use -Includes Reusable Ice Pack - 6 to 8 Hours of Cool Time (Blue)
  • » TYPE 1 - The ChillMED Type 1 will help you keep your diabetic supplies organized while on-the-go! With a chilled side, a non-chilled side, and a removable zippered pocket, there is room to store all of your essentials and keep them organized.
  • » COOL TIME - The bag includes a re-freezable 6 oz gel pack that offers up to 6-8 hours of cold time! Cold-Pax is a specially formulated leakproof, long lasting, gel pack that is made with non-toxic ingredients.
  • » PERFECT SIZE - This medium sized bag is great for daily use. While there is plenty of room to carry your essential medication and supplies, this bag doesn't feel bulky and can be carried on its own or packed in a bag.
  • » ORGANIZATION - The bag feasures two distinct sides. The chilled side has a place for the ice pack and sevreal straps to cary vials and pens wehre they will stay cool. The non-chilled side has room for a glucose meter, syringes, alcohol wipes, glucagon, and more!
  • » SIZE & COLORS - Dimensions: 7.5" x 5.5" x 2.75". The bag comes in the three signature ChillMed colors: Red, Blue, and Slate.
Recommendation No. 8
ChillMed® Companion Glucose Meter Case Diabetic Supply Bag an Organizer for Travel and Carrying Insulin and Other Diabetics Essential Supplies - (Slate)
  • FEATURES: The Diabetic Case features a slot for your Insulin Pen, Velco Meter Pocket, quality elastic band Lancet Holder, a second larger elastic band to hold test strips. There are also two heavy duty zippered pockets for other supplies, such as used test strips, pen tips, pump supplies, snacks, alcohol wipes, lancets, glucose tabs, an much more.
  • PROTECTION: Each pocket, zipper, or elastic band was designed with security in mind. We used very high thread count materials in the areas the bag that will see the most movement from supplies coming in and out for testing. The Exterior is reinforced and padded to offer protection of the items inside with out being hard-sided offering a nice feel.
  • SIZE: The compact size makes this insulin travel case easy to take with you and keep Concealed from prying eyes! This diabetic supply case organizer kit offers an unique meter pocket design is built to fit any sized Glucose Meter. BAG DIMENSIONS - 7.5" in Length 4.5" in Height 1.75" in Width
  • QUALITY: The exterior of the diabetes supply case is good-looking with a durability that is made to last. After function our second priority was quality. We added more stitching, re-enforced edging and the use of heavier materials than any of our other bags before it. We've gone above and beyond the industry standards of quality on this one!
  • FASHION: Designed with you in mind, it is the perfect daily diabetic travel case. It will make your life easier and more organized while looking great! You can get the diabetes bag organizer in any of our ChillMed signature colors that are great for men or women. RED, BLUE or SLATE GREY
Recommendation No. 9
Eva Hard Protective Bag Travel Case Organizer Holder for Diabetic Supplies, Diabetes Testing Kit, Blood Glucose Meter Monitor, Test Strips, Syringes, Lancets, Needles (Black)
  • Lightweight Diabetic Supplies, Eva hard sell bag ensures the best protection for all of your supplies in our diabetic travel case. Its light weight allows you to easily bring it anywhere without trouble.
  • Waterproof Diabetic Organizer Carrying Case, Roomy interior measuring 8.5 x 5.5 x 1.2 inches provides plenty of space for insulin, glucose meters, syringes, test strips, cables, flash drive and so on.
  • Travel Glucometer Case, Fits in glucose monitoring system, blood sugar test strips, medication, pills, tablets, pens, swabs, etcs
  • Protective Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems Kits, keep diabetic testing kits when you outing, traveling, working and sporting.
  • 100% Safe, The Hard case is Shockproof, Dustproof and Semi Waterproof to protect your supplies. Classic zipper convenience for easy in Opening and Closing (NOTICE: Please confirm with your Diabetic Supplies with our Interior dimensions before purchasing. Not fit to all typies Diabetic Supplies).
Recommendation No. 10
4ALLFAMILY Nomad 48H 3 Insulin Pens Cooler Travel CASE Medicine Cooler Box EpiPen Carry Case Medical Travel Cooler Bag TSA Approved Diabetic Travel case Insulina Bottle with Biogel Ice Pack
  • [KEEP INSULIN COLD]-->Our Cooler is a designed in a special way. By building two vacumm cups on top of each other, the space between the cups serve as the first barrier to keep the heat away. Additionally our biogel has great cooling capacity, ensuring that insulin would be kept at fridge temperature for at least 24 hours, even when outside temperature is 104F is actually a vacuum cup inside biogel can keep insulin at fridge temperature for at least 27 hours
  • [TSA APPROVED]-->This cooler is so discreet it can be easily pass any security checkpoints
  • [Perfect solution for daily use]-->You do not always need a heavy duty solution to transport your medications safely. That is why, we have reduced size of this cooler to make it very practical for daily use, such as short trips, going to school, and daily commutes.
  • [GREAT SIZE/ CAPACITY RATIO]-->You can successfully fit 3 insulin pens in this compact medical cooler.

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