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BD Safe-Clip Insulin Syringe Needle Clipper

BD Safe-Clip Insulin Syringe Needle Clipper

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of BD Safe-Clip Insulin Syringe Needle Clipper.

  • For needle disposal.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on BD Safe-Clip Insulin Syringe Needle Clipper.
For needle disposal. Securely clips and shops up to a two-year supply of insulin syringe needles. Basic clipping action snips off and maintains needles within clipper. Satisfies federal government guidelines on appropriate technique of at home insulin syringe disposal. Compact and portable. Locks closed for travel and storage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on BD Safe-Clip Insulin Syringe Needle Clipper.

Question Question 1

After We Cut Off The Sharp Pointy Part, How Do We Get rid of The Remainder Of The Thing?

Once the needle is gone, the rest can be included the trash.That’s what we like about it – no Sharp’s container required at all.

Question Question 2

Will This Work For 29 Gauge Kineret Injection Needles?

As a matter of truth we conserved package, it declares it deals with 28-32 gauge needles. So you need to be great with this.It’s a lot easier to deal with the needles with this clip. our medical professional stated simply put duct tape around it a number of times and toss it in the garbage.

Question Question 3

Can It Clip And Shop 25 G Needles?

Needle gauge is the size of the needle (width, not length). You will see specs for the needle such as 32 G 5 mm, implying that it is 32 gauge (little size) and 5 mm in length.At 25.4 mm/inch (exact.), 55 mm is 0.1969 inches, or about 3/16 inches.

Question Question 4

Will This Deal With 4 Mm Length Needles. Pen Needles?

Functions simply great with pen needles.we have pens for our insulin and we are on our second clip.

Question Question 5

The Number Of Does It Hold?

our company believe it holds up to 1,500 needles.

Question Question 6

Will This Work To Clip The Needles And Cannulas From Insulin Pump Insertion Sets?

He’s works well

Question Question 7

Sound When Shaking New Gadget? Does That Mean It Was Utilized Prior To We Purchased It?

we do not understand whether they evaluate every one after manufacture; my own rattled too prior to we even utilized it.Since the clipped needles are totally confined, we didn’t stress excessive about it.

Question Question 8

Hello There The Number Of Security Clippers Can Be Found In Package?

There is one clipper in package.

Question Question 9

Will This Device Clip 5Mmx32 Mm Pen Needles And 28 Gauge Lancets?

Sorry, Tuejeo, insulin syringes and lancets utilize finer sharp so can’t resolve your particular needle guage.It works fantastic for all 3 of mine. If it works so well on Lancets length will not matter however we have absolutely nothing 28 guage.It has actually been really slick and holds 1500 sharpes.

Question Question 10

Will This Cut 8Mm 31 Gauge Needles?

These will cut 28 G – 31 G and length 3/16″ – 1/2″

Question Question 11

How Do You Get rid of It As Soon As Its Complete?

we toss our filled clip in the garbage.

Question Question 12

After Just A Half Lots Utilizes, The Needle Will No Longer Insert Into The Hole. Exists A Method To Repair This?

Never ever had this concern with mine. Been utilizing it from months 2x daily. You should have one stuck. Either the needle is to big or too long. Most likely need to tap it on a table to get it lose. our company believe it’s entire point is it does not open.

Question Question 13

Will This Clip 25 G Needles? They Are 25 Mm/1″ Long?

we can’t remember the size. our needles were little and both clippers we acquired broke after 4 times. Not worth the cash.

Question Question 14

We Need To Do Subcutaneous Fluids For Our Feline And Usage 18 Gauge Needles.Will This Device Cut Something That Thick?

This gadget can just cut needles from 28 G through 32 G

Question Question 15

We Have 8 Mm Which It States It Functions For However After We Clip There Is A Little Sharp Nub Left. Is That Regular?

In our experience, it does happen.Sometimes a really small nub is left, however we toss the syringe right now so no factor to observe or be worried IMO.

Question Question 16

Can This Clip And Shop 25 G Needles? They Are 25 Mm/1″ Long Needles. Thanks.?

This SAFE-CLIP will take 28 G-32 G needles with lengths of 4mm-127 mm (5/32″-12.7″). So, the response, we hesitate, is”no” You’re really welcome.

Question Question 17

As Soon As You’Ve Cliped The Needle From The Syringe, Can You Get Rid Of The Syringe In Your Routine Trash?If So, The Number Of Needles Will One Clipper Hold?

Yes, it’s totally disposable.we have had the clipper for a number of years and it isn’t complete yet.we insert 2 syringes daily.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on BD Safe-Clip Insulin Syringe Needle Clipper, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Do not comprehend why drug stores/supercenters/walmarts do not bring this clipper. So outstanding for dealing with needles without the horrendously big (and awful) sharps container. Outstanding for travel without disposal concerns. Simply purchased a brand-new one as the one we purchased in 2013 is nearly complete (one insulin syringe a day plus random pen needles when cap is dropped. ). Keep in mind: as one customer pointed out, a little nib stays after clipped. Press it on the side of the clipper and it enters to the syringe– nib is 1 mm.

Functions well on the 31 g, 8mm needles our medical professional recommended for allergic reaction shots. For folks grumbling it can’t be cleared: that’s the point. Utilized sharps are bio-hazard. This includes them and enables you to securely put them in the property garbage stream without threatening anybody else. Much smaller sized than a big sharps container developed to take the entire syringe.

We have 2 cat felines that are on discomfort medication and produce 4 utilized syringes a day. Have actually been hoarding the utilized syringes for a long period of time since we didn’t understand what to do with them. Come across this needle clipper and all issues are fixed. Amazingly basic to utilize, efficient, and now our issue syringes are being securely and rapidly trashed. We would provide this little gizmo a minimum of 6 stars or more.

This is quite little, much like the photo. It is incredibly practical. We believe individuals who have problem with their grip would find this much easier to utilize then anticipated. It conserves a great deal of area since we do not need to have a bigger recepticle for biohazard product. The needle suggestion is clipped off with severe ease, then you toss the staying plastic part of the needle in the garbage. Once it’s complete it is very simple to put this little container in a biohazard receptacle at our drug store. It takes a long period of time to fill so it’s a journey you do not require to make typically.

As a type 1 diabetic, we enjoy having the ability to snip the needles off our syringes as soon as utilized. By doing this we can toss our syringes away w/o needing to handle the harmful product red bin which was simply essentially a discomfort. Plus, anybody in our household will not be inadvertently poked. We have about 5 of them all over and in our handbag. So delighted had them considering that our other half does not desire us going to a pharmacy for the few more we desired.

We got 2 of these for our other half, as he requires to take an injection to treat his ms every day. We utilized to have a 2-liter soda bottle as a sharps container, then “graduated” to a wall-mounted red sharps container that was handier to utilize, however awful. His brand-new nurse informed him about this product, and it’s just wonderful. It clips the needle off the syringe so that you can dispose of the syringe in the routine garbage. The clipper holds the needles internally (and holds a great deal of them. He’s still on his very first one, and it’s been most likely near a year), and this small clipper is all that requires to be dealt with as sharps. Extremely advised for those who require to handle regular injections.

If you require to do injections regularlies this is the very best thing you can have around your house. It’s low-cost and will deal with approximately an 8 on needle size (can’t appear to clear a size 10 needle). This is a should if you have kids or simply wish to guarantee your things is safe later on.

We were needing to get a brand-new sharps container every other month due to our everyday everyday medication. With this needle clipper, we can simply clip off the needle point and toss the remainder of the syringe away. Stupidly basic, however incredibly practical.

This product is simply what we require. It is little and quickly saved with our feline’s diabetic materials. We have actually been utilizing it for a few days now and it works fantastic and uses up much less area than saving all of the syringes in a huge large sharps container. We utilize it on 26 guage syringes. We simply clip off the needle, toss the syringe in the garbage and shop it with our other materials.

For more years than we can count we have actually been dealing with our utilized syringes in a 5 gallon pail. Our other half glues down the cover and after that protects it with bolts. We cut a little flap in the leading so we can drop our syringes in it. We lastly discovered this, which works magnificently to easily clip off the needles on our utilized syringes. What an area saver and convenience. We purchased 2, one for an extra for when we need to reorder and we will never ever return to the old method. A should have for any diabetic.

Functions well. Don t get freaked out by other s evaluates mentioning that it was currently utilized or something like that. It s called quality assurance. They evaluate every one to validate they work. So yes, you will hear a rattling within, however no they are not utilized.

Quick and easy. Have a pet that gets allergic reaction shots two times a week and when she hears the rattle of the clipped needles when we get this out of the cabinet, she understands it is shot-time:( we lost the last one (we swear she needs to have gotten it and buried it in the backyard in a desperate effort to stop the shots), and needed to disable the needles by flexing them and was constantly scared of sticking ourself.

We have no concept why these aren’t cost all drug stores. The benefit of clipping off the needle and dealing with the plastic part of the syringe is exceptional, and the portable size of the clippers makes them perfect for bring in your handbag or luggage. It clips both syringe needles and pen needles, and each clipper lasts a year or more prior to filling (even with injecting a number of times a day.) since the utilized needle storage is tamper-proof, you simply toss the clipper away when complete. Really practical.

Functions fantastic. Super easy, very low-cost, and lasts a long time. (you need to toss it away after clipping 1500 needles, since it holds the clipped sharps in its resevoir, and you can’t clear it, so when it gets complete, you require to buy a brand-new one. ).

Fantastic when you re utilizing needles on the go and put on t have a container to drop them in. We have actually got youngsters so we constantly ensure to clip our allergic reaction syringes as quickly as we are done, even if we are putting them right in a sharps container.

We have actually been utilizing this gadget about 3 years now to security clipped our needles. Bd is a really credible business. We rely on the quality of theirproducts This is the very first time we bought from. Com, and from this vendor-medical for you. What can we state?. We want we would bought this from. Com 3 years earlier. The rate published was less than what we paid 3 years earlier. The service is blazing quick. It was quicker than our previous diabetic materials business. Needless to state, we will buy this product from. Com from now. Both the product and the supplier deserve our 5 stars.

The clipper works really just: press to open the clipper, place the needle into the small hole in the side, and snap it closed. The needle breaks off really near the syringe, so there’s nearly no opportunity of a leak. After usage, leave the clipper closed up until you’re all set to utilize once again.

This proct does a terrific task of cutting the sharps off the needles and lancets. No requirement to save the whole products. Just lasted 4 months, 1000 sharps.

Remarkably simple to utilize, holds more that a years worth of needles. Uses up actually no storage area. Fantastic worth too.

We have actually utilized this product for several years and am really pleased. We clip about 3 needles daily and require to change the clipper every number of years or two when the cutting edges gets dull.

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