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BD Multi-Use One-Piece Sharps Containers - Regular Funnel Vented Cap

BD Multi-Use One-Piece Sharps Containers – Regular Funnel Vented Cap

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  • B- D Multi-Use One-Piece Sharps Containers – Regular Funnel Vented Cap, 3.3 Quart – Design 305488 – Each
  • Maker: B- D. Design Number: 305488
  • Color: Red. Size: 3.3 Quart. Offered by: Each. Classification: Needles/Syringes/Disposal >> Sharps Disposal

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Here are some more information on BD Multi-Use One-Piece Sharps Containers – Regular Funnel Vented Cap.
Size: 3.3 Qt (305488) Multi- utilize one- piece sharps collector. Practical vertical “point first” drop, these robust sharps collectors are preassembled and use a trademarked one- method funnel to reduce needlesticks and overfilling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on BD Multi-Use One-Piece Sharps Containers – Regular Funnel Vented Cap.

Question Question 1

Is This A One- Time Usage Container Or Am We Able To Open And Deal With The Syringes (Our Medical Professional Takes Our Utilized Ones) And Reuse This Container?

There is no factor you can’t utilize this Sharpe’s container several times. In our neighborhood they enter into the regional land fill and if your physician has actually provided to manage the disposal correctly, take the deal.

Question Question 2

Is The Opening Big Enough For Pre- Filled Syringes? Like Those That Lovenox Comes Is?

Yes, it is plenty huge for these syringes.The opening is most likely around 2 inches in size.

Question Question 3

Which One Is The One For Sale?

BD 305488, google it

Question Question 4

Is The Opening Of This Container Big Enough For Pre- Filled Syringes?

Yes, the opening procedures 1 7/8 by 2 1/4 inches. It ought to work simply great for you.

Question Question 5

How High Is The 3.3 Quart Container?

we did not buy the visualized container.

Question Question 6

Does The Container Have A Screw- On Top?

No screw on top.It has a one method breeze on top.Once you snap it closed it is really tough to re- open.So put on t snap it closed till it is complete.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on BD Multi-Use One-Piece Sharps Containers – Regular Funnel Vented Cap, these may be helpful for better understanding.

It’s a sharps container that should hold a number of hundred utilized syringes. We enjoy it. And bd is among the leading producers of sharps containers (and naturally, syringes we toss into them). Now, we would not utilize this sharps container if you’re a diabetic in a house with kids, since they can quickly reach down into the mouth of the container. Likewise, this most likely should not be utilized in any healthcare setting where somebody might enter it when nobody’s seeing. It’s simple to eliminate the utilized syringes. Bd makes (and offers them) more pricey sharps collectors that make it really tough to eliminate the utilized syringes. We do not have children around, so this is plenty safe. And it holds a ton of utilized sharps, so our journeys to the state medical garbage disposal center is less regular. No, you need to not toss this into your garbage when it’s complete. Edit 10 july 2016 we have actually simply purchased our 3rd among these from. Simply us alone, putting in syringes, lancets, and empty vials of insulin (not actually needed, however really safe), we get about 5- 6 months of usage. Your mileage might differ naturally. You’ll get more utilize if you do not utilize it as a garbage container for your syringes. Caps, paper overwrap, and other non- syringe/non- needle gadgets should not enter here. Keep in mind, it’s prohibited in a lot of jurisdictions to deal with needles in your garbage. That’s a threat for great deals of individuals. And putting them in an empty coke bottle does not assist either. Utilize a container like this, and when it’s complete, take it to your contaminated materials center, which nearly every county in the U.S.A. has. This is a well constructed container, with the leading brand name in sharps disposal.

Here is the distinction in the 2 sizes. Larger is 8. 2qt & the smaller sized is 6. 9qt. We have actually been utilizing the smaller sized one for several years however chose to attempt out the bigger. Hope the picture assists you for your requirements. We are on insulin pump so we utilize it every 2- 3 days.

We purchased this for our diabetic feline. Finest deal when comparing the expense per the size. To find this precise product you should copy and paste the name of the particular product otherwise it doesn t bring up at all, that s irritating it should be done that method. Our regional drug store was charging us $35 so this was well worth it.

This sharps container is the very best size for usage in a bed room or restroom setting. These containers hold roughly 4 months worth of pen needles, needle caps, and utilized test strips for the typical diabetic. Extremely simple and safe disposal of your utilized needles and materials. As soon as complete simply seal the consisted of cap and drop in your trash can or hazmat disposal center. Affordable and safe technique to keep kids and others from utilized needles.

Precisely what we required. We just do shots once a week so this thing will last a very long time. Any trans people reading this. Get it. It s well worth the $$.

Extremely simple to utilize sharps container and not too huge on our cabinet. Residing in a house this is ideal. Holds even complete size insulin pens.

Very little to state other than they work for the function of gathering sharps such as needles which is what they were acquired for.

This container is the best size for the pre- filled trulicity injections. Chosen to get the larger container to last longer. Pleased with the product.

Fantastic syringe disposal. Cover is a bit large so young child hands might suit the opening. Simply keep out of reach. Love the size since utilizing 4 syringes a day build up.

Our mommy’s feline has diabetes, and requires 2 shots daily. The veterinarian charges roughly $35 00 for a smaller sized variation of this. We comprehend there is a disposal charge, however that’s an absurd cost. This was a terrific alternative. It holds a great deal of needles, so it ought to last a very long time.

We utilize these constantly. This is a terrific product. The shape makes it suit numerous areas quickly and without being meddlesome.

These collectors are much bigger and more affordable than you find at any drug shop or discount rate home. Much bigger and more affordable. About 1/4 of the expense and about 8 times as big. It is simple to utilize, too, with a big cap. We certainly suggest this for all of your sharps requirements.

Great for our desired function.

It fills its specific niche, once we found out we might recycle laundry soap bottles for this function in our strong waste district, no requirement to. Buy any longer.

This is a utilitarain product that supplies fo rthe safe disposal of sharps. It holds a great deal of utilized needles and test strips. A little big for taking a trip however fantastic for house usage.

It works rather well for insulin syringes.

Simple. Safe. Excellent size and quickly functional. Will last us a minimum of a year. Suggest.

Actually like the size (8. 2) of the bd sharps container, works ideal in a hectic medical workplace.

It s the ideal size and will last for a whole year.

Fantastic size for our sharp container.

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