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BD Invacare Safe-Clip Insulin Syringe Needle Clipper

BD Invacare Safe-Clip Insulin Syringe Needle Clipper

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of BD Invacare Safe-Clip Insulin Syringe Needle Clipper.

  • For needle disposal
  • Securely clips and shops up to a two-year supply of insulin syringe needles
  • Basic clipping action snips off and keeps needles within clipper
  • Satisfies federal government guidelines on correct technique of at home insulin syringe disposal
  • Compact and portable

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More Info:

Here are some more information on BD Invacare Safe-Clip Insulin Syringe Needle Clipper.
The BD Safe-Clip Needle Clipping & Storage Gadget gets rid of insulin syringe needles and pen needles securely and quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on BD Invacare Safe-Clip Insulin Syringe Needle Clipper.

Question Question 1

It States 3 Depend On ThisProduct Does This Actually Shipped 3 Gadgets?

Yes, there are 3 gadgets shipped.We offered one to a relative who required one.

Question Question 2

Description States Invacare However Image Reveals BdClipper Which Is It?

It’s a BD clipper and works excellent, even on much heavier needles that require to be clipped.Great for disposal, holds a great deal of clippings.

Question Question 3

Will It Cut 22 Gauge 1 1/2″ Needles?Thanks?

no. this product can just utilize 28 through 31 gauge 3/16″ through 1/2″ needles just.

Question Question 4

Does Anybody Usage This With 1″ Needles? We Figure It Would A Minimum Of Take The Sharp End Off?

our needles are 5/16 of an inch and it cuts them nearly all the method off. So we think of utilizing this with 1-inch needles would absolutely cut off the idea and more however leave a fair bit of the needle staying. It works well and is extremely simple to utilize

Question Question 5

After Utilizing This Gadget, Can You Then Recycle The Needleless Syringes?

we do not believe so. Although there is no needle after clipping it off, the syringes are still thought about a risk due to the fact that they had medication in them and were utilized to inject somebody.

Question Question 6

Can We Empty It Or Is It Meant To Be Non reusable?

It is indicated to be non reusable.

Question Question 7

Is This Kind Of Needle Disposal Approved California?

As far as we understand yes.

Question Question 8

Does It Clip Off The Whole Needle Or Exists Still Some Metal In Part You Toss In Garbage?

There is approximately 1/8″ or less left on completion of the syringe, which is identified to render the syringe un-usable. Completion of the needle after clipping is kept in the system.

Question Question 9

Will This Clip 18 G And 25 G Needles?

It was working for our 25 G needles, however it broke the very first time we attempted to clip a 22 G needle. It clipped the 22 G, however we needed to utilize a Great Deal Of force to get it to clip. Then we found that the gadget is completely jammed and we can no longer put anything into the cutting hole.

Question Question 10

Exist States Where Is Prohibited To Toss The Syringe In The Garbage After Utilizing This Gadget?

we do not understand. California does not deal with that, simply syringes with needles.

Question Question 11

Description States Invacare However Image Reveals BdClipper Which Is It?

our box appears like this one and states BD on it.we do not believe the real gadget states anything on it.It works excellent though and they last about a year prior to they’re complete.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on BD Invacare Safe-Clip Insulin Syringe Needle Clipper, these may be helpful for better understanding.

If you utilize a syringe, this is for you. These are actually tough to find and we have actually been utilizing one given that we found them here- so grateful they’re still around. We were ravaged when we broke the one offered to us by a nurse that changed the used out metal one we were offered when we established diabetes over 50 years earlier and was still utilizing a glass syringe that was disinfected daily. Young boy those were the days. This thing is extremely excellent for training kids to utilize- you can reach around and utilize your butt or your arms or legs or stomach= extremely, extremely simple. Press a button and flicks it in painlessly without needing to consider it. Thanks a lot. We have actually bought them several times here. They hold up, last permanently therefore grateful they’re here.

Excellent gadget we want we would found out about prior to buying lots of sharps containers throughout the years. Wow, so you can now clip off the little needles from your insulin/tuberculin syringes and toss the utilized syringes in the garbage. How fantastic to not need to bring around a sharps container any longer and need to find a center to get rid of utilized syringes. Now all those harmful needles are kept in a small, simple to bring plastic gadget. Given this gadget is just proper for smaller sized, thinner needles (see plan description for what sizes), however our life is a lot easier keeping this with us on the roadway, taking a trip, one in the house too for day-to-day usage. We have actually not needed to get rid of the container/needle clipper yet however it is little enough (about the size of 2 corks end to end) and is simple to utilize too.

Throughout the years we have actually attempted a variety of various needle clippers. This b-d clipper was the very first we utilized, as it was suggested by the diabetes teacher and our pharmacist also, although there are more pricey ones. Easy to utilize and reliable as a conserve method to get rid of the sharp points. It worked so well we purchased a 2nd one, and they took permanently to end up being filled. Ultimately we attempted a number of other types and likewise bought sharps containers. The containers have actually been a really, extremely bad choice given that there is no conserve and eco-friendly method to get rid of them. We have not found a health center, medical center, or recycling center that will take them, nor drug stores and so on. Other clippers either stopped working eventually (generally quicker) or were rather awkward to utilize. We have actually adhered to b-d clippers due to the fact that of their durabillity (just one has actually ever been an issue) and security (never ever had a mishap). We are comfy dealing with them in the garbage due to the fact that they use up so little volume, then we put the other parts of a syringe in recycling. Functions out well.

The quality wasn t rather what the originals were however the sure volume of needle elimination is exceptional. We have actually been utilizing these daily for several years and used out the trimmer prior to we needed to change and get rid of this. Found them years ago when we were taking a trip the world and it was a lot simpler to make the needles safe by clipping them and after that we might get rid of the syringe. Certainly a true blessing and a genius concept. Still a 5 star product, in general, however we are fussy.

These safe-clips were purchased for our moms and dads, and this is what they needed to state about them. This is a fantastic gadget much better than those huge syringe containers. These are much more easy to use. You simply clip off needle which remains in this little gadget, and toss the utilized syringes in the garbage. It is compact; you can quickly take it with you. It saves a great deal of needles. The rate was so excellent; they can keep them in several locations such as work, house, taking a trip bag, handbag, and/or knapsack.

This is among the very best things we have actually purchased, no fret about somebody getting the utilized needles and getting hurt. It is so simple to utilize and not large you can bring it all over. We keep it in a bag with our insulin and needles so its quickly available.

This invacare safe-clip insulin syringe needle clipper holds an incredible quantity of needle ideas and is extremely simple to utilize. We would never ever go without one once again needing to utilize insulin syringes.

In lots of states, utilizing this clip will permit you to get rid of pen needles in the garbage, as it gets rid of the bio-hazard end of the needle. Completion that pierces the pen is still there, however that is not generally thought about a bio-hazard, and the cap makes it not likely that somebody would stab themselves. Nevertheless, it will not cut the lancets, so you still require to get rid of those as a bio-hazard. Since you utilize a lot more pen needles than lancets, that is not too bothersome. Loading this in your needle set will take less space than keeping all of the pen needles for bio-hazard disposal. When it lastly is filled with needles, get another safe-clip. It does leave a really small needle stub, which never ever entered your skin. That stub will be covered by the cap.

Excellent worth. We utilize this everyday. We utilize about 7 syringes a day. We just snip off needle after utilizing and no requirement for a huge large sharps container as this little gadget, is the sharps container. Great for on the go and taking a trip too. We have actually been utilizing theses for about 10 years. Extremely pleased.

The safe-clip is a basic, classy option to the issue of handling utilized “pointy things” like syringes. We utilize the safe-clip to eliminate the needle, rendering the syringe simply another piece of plastic. At that point we can deal with the syringe as regular trash if we do not have a better option.

Great for clipping ideas off diabetes needles. The clipped off ideas are kept within the system itself. It holds a minimum of a thousand ideas. It fits quickly into our palm; we use ladies s size s or m gloves. In addition it is extremely safe as you can t get the needle ideas out of there, due to its building.

Utilized it right after it got here. Easy to comprehend instructions. Clipped off the needle and rolled the plastic syringe in the garbage. More space in the sharps container for lancets.

Excellent product for those people who are type 1 insulin reliant diabetics & need to clip syringes after each usage. The great needle tops are shop in the barrel area of these gadgets, they are little, compact & hassle-free. These were a dazzling buy due to the rate. Wasn’t impressed with the length of time it required to get them, took 30 days for shipment after paying $33 71 aud in postage, sent out a message about the items as had tracking on them however was completely ineffective after the 29 th july, 2013 simply totally droppedout So grateful they got here today, monday 19 th august, 2013 & whatever remained in excellent order.

This is a replacement for the ones we bought when we initially began utilizing needles. We never ever put an utilized needle in our sharps container prior to we cut off the point. The ones we discarded we have actually utilized a minimum of 5 years. They would never take another point. We believe that is unbelievable.

There is a huge issue with utilized syringe needles and to be able to cut the needle off prior to dealing with the utilized needles makes our house much more secure for each one.

We have actually been utilizing these for several years due to the fact that, like some other customers we have actually seen, we have ms and take copaxone injections. The safe clip has actually been an outstanding buddy for us throughout these years and we were simply re-stocking with this purchase. It was suggested to us by a fellow mser when we initially began our injections and we have actually been advising them to others since.

Excellent product. We utilize this for our boys allergic reaction shot which are 2 3 times a week. It’s 8 months later on and still utilizing the exact same dispenser. Impressed.

This thing was a video game changer for our household. We were filling sharps containers left and right. We have actually had this thing for a while now, and it is not even near to complete. This is a should have for the t1d in your life. 5 stars.

What a creative clipper. We utilize 5 syringes every day & this clipper looks after the sharp needle. We toss the remainder of the syringe & security caps in the garbage. In some public washrooms, there is a gadget that does the exact same task. However we do not need to search for one due to the fact that we have one with us in our insulin set. Easy to utilize.

Definitely one the very best purchases we have actually made. If you need to have shots this is a lot better than a sharps container.

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