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Bayer Bluetooth Glucose Meter

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Bayer Bluetooth Glucose Meter.

Question Question 1

Is The App Suitable With The Iphone?

Yes. SHAPE DIABETES app (United States) by Ascensia Diabetes Care United States Inc.https://appsto.re/us/l9q-fb.i

Question Question 2

Does It Have A Lit Up Show And Brightened Test Strip?

The display screen and test strip entryway is brightened. The strip itself is not.

Question Question 3

What Is Available In Package?

This is a starter SET, it will include All products you require consisted of One sample pack Of Shape Next 10 pack. Control service Is not consisted of

Question Question 4

Does This Usage The Very Same Test Strips As The Shape Next?

we have both the Bayer Shape Next and Bayer Shape Next One. they both these strips. Much better than the expense in shop and provided to you.

Question Question 5

Do You Need To Do Control Test?

You ought to however you do not need to. If outcomes are not in the variety you usually have check it or other than that do it when do it every 300 test or two

Question Question 6

Does It Sync With The Medtronic Paradigm 523 Insulin Pump?

we believe that a person your trying to find is called the Shape Next”Link” Unsure if this one will deal with that system.

Question Question 7

What Are The Very Best Lancets To Buy To Utilize With This Meter?


Question Question 8

Does The App Sync With Apple We Health? Can You Sync With Other Apps Like Oursugr?

To our understanding, just synchronizes with shape app

Question Question 9

Is A Prescription Required?

No prescription required for the meter however test strips you may require one or buy on line more affordable

Question Question 10

Can You Please Inform United States If This Remains In A Sealed Box And What The Expiration Date Is?

yes sealed bo expiration 10/2020 for mine replacement till 20 for 100

Question Question 11

We Wished To Utilize This Meter With Our Lg G5. We Don’T See It Here (Http://Compatibility.Contourone.Com/). Does That Mean Incompatibility?

Unsure. Finest thing to do would be to call the maker of the meter. They will understand. They will likewise understand if something can be done to make it deal with your phone.

Question Question 12

Does The Contour-Next Bayer Blood Glucose Test Removes Deal With The Shape Next One Meter?


Question Question 13

Does It Step Ketones?


Question Question 14

We Curently Have Contur Next Link, That Hyperlinks To Our Medtronic G670 Insulin Pump, Will Contur Next One Have The Ability To Link To Our Insulin Pumpas Well?


Question Question 15

Are These Meters Covered By Medicare?

Depends Upon what Medicare you have.If you have an HMO or PPO it’ll be what remains in the formulary.If it isn’t there you may call the insurance coverage and see if it’s covered as long lasting medical devices that you would send by mail order.( Order online, the physician would send them a script) You can change Medicare strategies each ye Depends on what Medicare you have.If you have an HMO or PPO it’ll be what remains in the formulary.If it isn’t there you may call the insurance coverage and see if it’s covered as long lasting medical devices that you would send by mail order.( Order online, the physician would send them a script) You can change Medicare strategies each year, so you can contrast store what each covers at that point.Probably Medicaid handled care on Medicare covers the least.There is a voucher that generally shares of your copay for the strips and you can get a meter, or, that business has a fascinating setup with 2 cost structures, among which is for individuals without insurance coverage so 50 strips cost $25 or something.If you have conventional medicare we believe they need to cover almost whatever, with your 20% coinsurance and whatever donut hole might still existThis meter deserves it, it is much more precise than the others.

Question Question 16

Can We Match More Than One Meter To The App?For Example A Meter At Work And A Another One In Your Home Both The Very Same Design.?

we presently have 2 and both are sync with the exact same app.we simply bought another which will make it 3. we have one in the house, one in our camper and one in our travel bag.You are best if you utilize various name so you understand which meter you utilized, otherwise it will utilize we believe the SN of the system.

Question Question 17

Is The Usb Cable Television Consisted Of?

No USB cable television is consisted of.

Question Question 18

Can It Be Utilized With Multi Website Or Simply Fingertip?

The meter consists of a clear endcap for alternative website screening. It encourages utilizing your palm and likewise just under your physician’s direction.This info is found in the User Guide for the meter.

Question Question 19

Can It Utilize Generic Strips?

Not that we understand. we simply buy our strips here on. we believe the last ones we purchased were around $23 for 100 strips. Muchbetter than retail drug store costs.

Question Question 20

Is This The Actual Bayer Shape Next?

Yes. Mine was OEM, sealed in box.Full set with case, meter, sample strips and lancets and lancet device.FANTASTIC OFFER.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Bayer Bluetooth Glucose Meter, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Without a doubt our favorite. Love how simple it is to test. Really little blood required. Easy to include, waits on us rather than canceling out the test like their previous variation. Low-cost strips likewise readily available in this site. The bluetooth is valuable. Synchronizes with our meter in the workplace and the one in our handbag and the one on our sink. The predictabive function of what type of test it is– pre or post meal or fasting. We simply push a button given that it currently understands cause we established the app to understand when we normally consume. We just want we might select number if hours for after consuming. A huge group reversing diabetes on fb has actually had terrific experience with the brand name and specifically with this most current design. Get it and take control.

After investigating glucometer precision, we arrived on the shape next one as the most precise readily available. It was available in rapidly and carries out as promoted. The sync to the shape app on our android mobile phone is perfect. We actually desired the capability to log the outcomes and this function alone deserves the upgrade. Update 5 weeks later on: still working terrific. No problem with the sync to our phone (samsung s7). If the app on the phone is running (on screen or in the background), the reading appears instantly. If the app is not, whenever we do open the app on the phone and the meter is on, all the “new” (actually saved and not yet synced) readings can be found in. It could not be much easier. The capability to see the averages and trending are extremely helpful.

Exceptional meter, outstanding app, rock strong bluetooth connection and syncing to your iphone. Functions method better than the ihealth meter and app we were utilizing in the past. Keep in mind: the test strips are extremely costly if you buy them at a drug store. Our regional cvs desired $140 for 100 strips. However, you can buy them here on for around $25 for 100 strips– and they are fresh with expiration dates in 2019.

Love this meter. Checked it versus 3 other meters we have and it matches within 5 2 of them. Really precise as far as we can inform. Love the truth that if we do not get adequate blood it waits on us to include more, where most other meters will stop working and squander a strip. We have it coupled with the app on our phone and we actually like the truth that we no longer need to tape-record our numbers by hand. We would suggest this meter to anyone/everyone.

This is the ascensia-built product. Notification that bayer is no longer connected with the product. This might have been the intent of the low priced systems ($ 4. 50 rather than $21 00) to present the brand-new shape next one’s.

We got it since it might get in touch with an app on our phone and keep records. It does not do a fantastic task at linking and taping each time.

Excellent meter, simple to utilize. We like the little slim size which outcomes are published on our iphone for simple information evaluation. When utilizing the optional control service is a little complicated that appear not to create precise outcomes. Customer service did change our meter at no charge and relatively rapidly as the control service logged and entry as a genuine sample. The app is excellent however would be great if you had the ability to erase bad readings. The charting software application is okay however simply shows averages which is great however might be enhanced. Good function that you can send out a raw information file (csv) for additional analysis. We want that we might centralize the information with our other wise meters such as quardion high blood pressure gadget. In general, does a fantastic task and supplies assurance to keep track of glucose levels and associate to foods you consume. It s assisted our sugar level awareness a lot in the little portable plan.

We are not utilizing this how it was planned. We have a feline that was simply detected with diabetes. Human meters might be a bit off from animal meters, however this one works well for house checks. We like how it offers you a 2nd possibility to get adequate blood. Sadly our feline isn’t extremely certified at the minute. It synchronizes well to our phone in the meantime. We log it into a spreadsheet later on given that we saw that it in some cases loses info after updates.

We have actually utilized a few various blood sugar keeps track of over the previous number of years, however this one is the most compact and practical one without a doubt. It’s simple to bring together with me, inconspicuous to utilize and runs with ease and rapidity. It synchronizes with our iphone and the app easily tapes both readings and notes. We have actually suggested it to 3 pals who have actually likewise acquired and valued it. Our only desire is that the battery were rechargeable by usb.

We have had numerous accu-check meters and we will never ever return. We like the brand-new shape next. Easy to utilize, more precise, does not consume through batteries, and among the very best functions.? if you do not get rather adequate blood on the test strip, it will inform you and permits you to includemore No more losing test strips. We have found this meter to be more precise, and if you are medicating yourself with insulin, you actually do require a precise reading. We have actually been through 4 accucheck meters and have actually had numerous problems with every one. Having the shape one is fantastic. We do not desire any other meter.

This has actually been exceptionally simple to utilize and is extremely precise. We have not attempted the lancet gadget that featured it. We saw rather a few customers didn’t like it and we had a surplus of lancets for our old gadget which we like so we are utilizing that rather. We acquire 2 of these, one for us and one for hubby so we can quickly buy the test strips from. However in case we forget to put the order, we have found a number of drug stores in our area that bring these strips. Excellent to understand in case of emergency situation. Certainly would suggest this.

Excellent meter, like it. We changed from a one touch ultra, to this. More affordable strips. The meter is great, little, simple to utilize, set and check out. No guess work and the bluetooth/app assists us keep us on track. The only think we didn’t like, is the lance. And the bottles for the test strips might be much smaller sized. The lance looks dreadful. The case is a blue. We would rather whatever be black and less apparent. Otherwise, quick, terrific display.

We like the meter itself and in a current upgrade the designers repaired the problems that triggered us to offer a bad evaluation to this product. The brand-new mobile phone software application incorporates with healthkit on our iphone and is miles better than the old software application that operated on our computer system. We had the ability to print helpful charts from it to show our doctor. Bluetooth is much better than the old usb connection system. The lancing gadget is better than the one in the previous shape meter – we especially like the lancet ejector. Thanks to bayer for the enhancements.

Our accu-check passed away and they no longer support the exact same design. The replacement was costly. Attempted shape as an alternative and while the preparation is more handbook than accu-chek’s auto-strip-feed, the meter is precise and expense reliable. We had the ability to buy 2 meters for less than the expense of 1 accu-chek. Strips are far more affordable too with the exact same precision outcomes. Pleased.

These systems are so economical, that after utilizing the very first one for a while, we bought a 2nd one for our workplace. They work well and appear to be precise. We filled the android app on our phone and it linked quickly and we like the interface of the app. Likewise, the app supports syncing numerous gadgets, so including the 2nd glucometer was a breeze.

We normally utilized the freestyle lite, however their strip were unbelievably costly, so we are trying to find an alternate. This one worked terrific other than when we evaluated it utilizing 3 various strip at one time the outcome were never ever constant. There has to do with 10-30 pint various in between each test. The advantage is the bluetooth can move the information to our ipad immediately with their applications, so it is extremely benefit.

It appears to be working quite well, however the batteries that remain in it needs to be old. Because the very first time we turned it on, the battery meter was down to one line. We do not understand how that can be with a brand name brand-new system. Modifying our evaluation and bumping approximately 5 stars. We got in touch with the seller (diabetic corner) about the battery problem and they sent us brand-new batteries. Exceptional customer support. We like this meter and how it synchronizes up to you’re phone. Makes it so simple to keep track.

We purchased this meter for its reported precision and on day 1 it showed itself by properly reporting a low bg level. Our old meter, from the exact same blood drop, didn’t. So we are well pleased with the meter. The lancing gadget is an overall non-starter as its front suggestion is unclear to let you see the size of the blood drop. It’s currently in the recycle bin. The case either requires to be greater to better accommodate the big vials of strips or the vials require to be lost weight a bit.

We purchased this package to monitor our glucose, we are not diabetic however we understand we have a household history. The app is terrific, we like the choices of fasting, prior to meal, or after meal. We did battle in the beginning with getting adequate blood on the strip. We want the test strips were more affordable, one bottle of 50 expenses more than the whole package.

Functions terrific. We are brand-new to diabetes sugar screening in the house. Just recently was informed by physician to begin screening in the house. This appeared the very best gadget with bluetooth connection to our iphone. Utilizing it for 2 months or two now and its actually excellent and links to phone flawlessly and records information. The app might be a bit more much easier to utilize however the gadget is outstanding.

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