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AUVON DS-W Blood Sugar Kit

AUVON DS-W Blood Sugar Kit, High-Tech Diabetes Blood Glucose Meter

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of AUVON DS-W Blood Sugar Kit, High-Tech Diabetes Blood Glucose Meter.

  • EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS. Inadequate blood used to evaluate strip will lead to incorrect readings. Please hold the lancing gadget strongly versus your fingertip for sufficient sample. View our training videos in our listings to enhance your screening outcomes. Our friendly customer assistance will constantly be here to address your questions and assist to solve your issues. (30 Day Refund Assurance)
  • SURPASSES INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS. AUVON BGMs can operate within 10%, or 10 mg/dl of lab worths over 95% of the time, which is far beyond ISO 15197: 2013 passing basic (within 15% or 15 mg/dl). The maker is licensed with CE mark, GMP, ISO 13485: 2016, and ISO 15197: 2013 without having any recall on the marketplace in the past 14 years.
  • CUTTING-EDGE TEST STRIPS. We utilize advanced test strips enzymes for blood sugar measurements. Our test strips are produced with distinct Automatic Carbon Printing Method to make sure that the quality of each batch of strips might be relevantly much more steady, exact and precise. Furthermore, GUARANTEED 0.15 USD/pcs would keep you no pressure to repurchase.
  • MONITOR DATA. Shop your test results with time and date assists you track and handle your health while likewise keeping a constant 7/14/30 typical outcomes. Automatic off indicates our gadget works longer without needing to stress over losing battery life.
  • ALL IN ONE: 1 x AUVON DS-W Blood Glucose Display, 1 x battery, 100 x Blood Test Strips, 25 x 30 gauge Lancets, 1 x Lancing gadget, 1 x Meter User Guide, 1 x Test Strip User Guide, Our Exclusive Life Time Service Warranty and Technical Assistance and Friendly Customer Service.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on AUVON DS-W Blood Sugar Kit, High-Tech Diabetes Blood Glucose Meter.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on AUVON DS-W Blood Sugar Kit, High-Tech Diabetes Blood Glucose Meter.

Question Question 1

Can We Recycle A Lancet If We Are The Only User Of The Device?

we recycle my own till we feel them getting dull. we were our hands prior to usage and clean the location with alcohol. we recuperate the needle when done. we do not clean up the lancet itself with alcohol as our company believe they have a silicone finish that alcohol will get rid of therefore triggering them to dull quicker.

Question Question 2

How Rapidly Do The Test Removes Expire?We Are Not Diabetic And Just Test Our Blood Sugar Regularly.?

we purchased our test strips a few days earlier. The expiration date on mine is 06-08-2020

Question Question 3

Que Es Tiras De Pegamento?

Boy las que se utilizan para depositar la muestra de sangre

Question Question 4

Does This Product Need A Control Solution?If So, Is It Consisted of In The Order?

No control solution.Not consisted of.

Question Question 5

The Lancets Sent With Gadget Are Too Huge. They Will Not Fit?

my own simply fitted right, got ta contact the seller

Question Question 6

Where Is This Product Made?

Test strips are made in Taiwan and we think of the meter is made there as well.we actually like mine and it appears to be really precise.

Question Question 7

Does This Meter Offer Read-Outs In Mmol/L In Addition To Mm/Dl?


Question Question 8

How Do We Utilize A Square Lancet In Round Hole?

simply place it in, doesn t matter if it s round or square

Question Question 9

Does This Tester Keep An Eye On Test Results?S?

Thank you for your question. we hope we can assist. It does monitor you previous readings. Likewise offers you an average, however we did n’tfind that much use.Very excellent reader for the cost, and benefit from the complimentary deal. Be safe.

Question Question 10

What Are The Actions Reset Date And Time?

Press black settings button besides battery cover. See flashing year, press till this year. Repeat action 2-3 to set month, day, hour, minutes. when done, press black setting button once again. Screen will show off. we hope this is valuable. Be safe.

Question Question 11

Can You Utilize Any Brand Name Test Removes Or Does It Required To Be A Particular?

It requires the Auvon test strips.

Question Question 12

Is The Logistics Updated In Time?

Thanks for your question. Sure, we utilize’s satisfaction service and looks after all shipping services to upgrade the logistics in time. Any more questions, please do not hesitate to call us and let us understand some moreinformation (Email: support@iauvon.com or phone:1 (678) 829-7256):-RRB-

Question Question 13

?Where Is This Made?

we tossed package away however the sticks are from Taiwan and the display is from Georgia. we believe package would have provided us moreinformation we weren’t knowledgeable about examining blood sugar. This display was simple to utilize.

Question Question 14

Can This Inform You Your A1C Also? Exists A Nig Distinction?

Thank you for your question. It’s 2 various type of Meters. AUVON Blood Glucose Tracking System just checks your blood sugar level with fresh fingertip capillary entire blood.:-RRB-

Question Question 15

Does This Device Check Out In Mmol/L?


Question Question 16

How Acurate Is This Glucose Meter?

The test kit contradicted our DATE, TIME.Therefore, we were not start to utilize the start to utilize this Test Kit.

Question Question 17

Does This Procedure Ketones?We Saw A Ketone Indication, However It Never Ever Revealed Any Readings.?

It does show the existence of ketones

Question Question 18

Does It Check Out Over 600?

Thank you for your question. Sorry that the meter might not check out over600 If your blood sugar greater than 600 mg/dL, the screen will reveal HELLO. Any other questions, warmly welcome to call us. Our e-mail is support@iauvon.com. Have a good day.:-RRB-

Question Question 19

Is This Meter Suitable With On Call Test Strips?

we did have unused strips from a previous meter, however given that they consist of an adequate supply with this meter we simply utilized the ones that included it. The majority of meters have their own codes to be utilized to be utilized with their meters, so to be precise, we would not utilize other strips. we hope this assists. Be safe

Question Question 20

Can You Utilize Any Control Service With This Meter?

we have actually checked out the user handbook. You do not need to code this meter. From what we see no services are utilized, it states it can ruin the meter. You just clean up the outside of the display. Up until now our boys readings have actually been right on point.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on AUVON DS-W Blood Sugar Kit, High-Tech Diabetes Blood Glucose Meter, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We enjoy this blood sugar kit. we determine our blood 3 times a day which assists us to keep our sugar under control together with a healthy diet plan. we get lead to no time at all and with really little blood. The lancing gadget is terrific too. we hardly feel the lancet puncturing us and sometimes do not feel it at all. the meter is quite precise, as compared to our old one. We extremely suggest purchasing this kit. It features whatever you require. It’s a respectable cost and serves the exact same function as the costly ones.

We use a dexcom system. Every 12 hrs you require to do a blood check and this meter is within 5 or less less varieties of the reading on the dexcom. Strips are likewise low-cost, simple to get.

Quick and easy to utilize. We utilize to as another marker for keto. It works terrific.

Functions as anticipated. There is a time the strip is not signed up, and we get in touch with the client service and they assisted us found out the we require to keep the device off very first then place the strip. Other than that, the outcome is quite precise for us. Will suggest.

Upgraded: client service reached out to us without delay and assisted us stroll through our problems. Upgrading to offer 4 stars. Still put on t believe it is instinctive however the product does work. The strips did not sign up on the meter. We found the instructions tough to comprehend. Not instinctive. Would buy a various glucose meter.

Got puzzled when establishing the time however their client service is really valuable and direct us through the setup procedure. The setup is not instinctive sufficient however make good sense to me. The year and time require to be established to have the very first measurement. It is rather precise and gets the outcome quickly, will suggest.

The product was a present to a member of the family. In inquiring about the product they enjoy with it, it s simple to utilize and a great supply of screening strips. It has actually motivated them to wish to evaluate their levels more regularly and on a schedule. They enjoy with the product.

The kit features definitely whatever you require and for the cost we purchased it we are actually amazed. It appears to be precise which is the most vital part. This was our very first time purchasing a diabetes kit so we were fretted we would not understand how to utilize it however package features simple to comprehend directions so we were relived about that. Likewise we were fretted that the lancing procedure would harm or be unpleasant however it truthfully simply seemed like a prick and there was actually not a great deal of blood so we sort of needed to sueeze a little on our finger each time to get someout In general we are actually delighted with this.

We do not have diabetes up until now however purchased this one to keep track of due to household history. It is really simple to utilize, we just saw a 2 minutes video from youtube on a comparable display (not the exact same brand name), then understand how to utilize it. Later on we found the note printed inside the plan box about a complimentary surprise present. So we emailed them (with our order number) and they sent us another one, free of charge. We provided the second one to our mama. In general, excellent worth.

Please do not squander your cash in more costly meters. We waited to compose an evaluation to ensure. We compared readings to our” costly” one. Distinction of just 5-7 numbers and we will put our moneythat this was the more dependable one. You can not beat the cost and its really precise. Extremely delighted.

We purchased this as a back up test meter. We like that it features whatever. It is really affordable and offers us piece of mind understanding we have a back up. Unlike our routine meter (complimentary design lite) the sample size for this meter is bigger. We evaluate 4 times a day so that ends up being a problem. However as a back up meter with test strips and whatever required, it is a terrific worth for emergency situation circumstances. This meter likewise seems constant with our complimentary design meter readings utilizing the exact same blood sample. We inspected it versus our meter 3 times to ensure it was a great back up.

Easy to utilize. Accurate. Great worth. After looking into for a while we picked this one and we are grateful we did. Simply keep in mind to touch the leading suggestion of the applicator with your finger rather of putting the blood straight on top of the suggestion or it wont register. We enjoy that this kit has whatever you require consisted of for a while and likewise tapes the worths.

Update: we have actually purchased our 2nd time and still terrific. We have actually utilized 175 strips up until now and have not had any mistakes or broken strips. Easy to utilize and feels excellent quality. We like yhe screening strips. They feel more strong than our previous ones and the cost is outstanding. We were just able to compare the radings versus our old more costly meter as soon as since we just had one strip left on that one and at about 1 minute distinction this one read 15 systems lower. That’s appropriate for us.

This glucose meter has actually been a lifesaver, we were utilizing a low-cost glucose meter from wlmrt. Which was okay. However discovered we were not getting precise readings, in contrast with our doctor meter. We chose to offer this meter a shot plus was provided the really next day. The distinction is impressive. The readings from this meter are incredibly precise. No more to state. We suggest this meter to everybody even our own mama who has actually been a diabetic for more than 30 years. Buy with self-confidence.

Had an issue with tester however business changed really pleased. Would suggest this business and tester. This is our evaluation after replacement.

We got this blood glucose meter today. We attempted it out very first thing. It actually excellent. Work terrific. And with test strips. We would suggest purchasing this.

We will be utilizing this set to evaluate for blood glucose levels. We completely want that the meter was simpler to establish with date and time. We set it and it appears to alter on it’s own. However the readings appear to be precise. The product utilized to poke our fingers is okay, however it makes us fumble getting the blood onto the test strip. This is a subjective observation. We are brand-new at this. The cost is terrific.

Love this device senior friendly.

We tend to do a great deal of research prior to making purchases for usdical usage. This product is for our grandpa who has diabetes and requires to carefully monitor his blood sugar. As a medical assistant it is really crucial to get fast and precise outcomes. We enjoyed the auvon kit. It provided us results within 5 seconds and features simple to utilize test strips, actually just one drop of blood. Thank you auvon. Will buy once again in future.

Have actually utilized like products in past, however this is among the very best. Easy to utilize and all in one plan. At a terrific cost and lastly out of those high insurance coverage claims. Better yet, we took pleasure in the bogo function with very first purchase.

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