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Apollo Walker Insulin Cooler Travel Case Diabetic Medication Cooler

Apollo Walker Insulin Cooler Travel Case Diabetic Medication Cooler

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Apollo Walker Insulin Cooler Travel Case Diabetic Medication Cooler.

  • TEMPERATURE LEVEL CONTROLLED-Comes with 2 multiple-use gel ice bag that are non-toxic, latex-free, SGS authorized to keep all of the bag s contents cool and safe.
  • BETTER DESIGN-Durable polyester building, zipper closure, elasticated product loops guarantee that products are kept at the optimum position in the bring bag.
  • EXCELLENT INSULATION-This Insulin cooler travel case is lined with lovely, cushioned & quilted layers of specialized product that offers a thermal insulating barrier, keeping warm things warm, and cold things cold.
  • WATER RESISTANT-Cleanup is simple. Area tidy with an infant clean or damp fabric.
  • MEASUREMENTS: 7.9″ x 3.5″ x 1.6″; WEIGHT: 6.4 ounces.Choose from sky blue, gray, purple and navy.With 30 days cash back, 1 year service warranty and easy-to-reach client service.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Apollo Walker Insulin Cooler Travel Case Diabetic Medication Cooler.
TAWA has actually introduced an amazing brand-new branding method for2003 Your total fulfillment is our supreme objective, and every member of our TAWA household understands that we require to make the right to your company each and every day. We are devoted to making and keeping our consumers delighted for life. Thank you for selecting TAWA Household of Brands. TAWA Insulin Cooler Travel Case with 2 Ice Bag Measurements: 7.87 * 3.54 * 1.57 inches (L * W * H); Weight: 6.4 ounces; Bundle consists of: 1 piece insulin bag + 2 piece ice bag (New) Portable style, expert for insulin/ epipen travel case Our bags make the ideal Auvi-Q case, EpiPen case or diabetes supply bag. High quality insulation and external Oxford material integrated with a strong zip for opening, makes it simple to utilize. Read more Features One Set of Ice Bag Consists Of 2 x Ice bag which uses a longer cooling impact and resilience throughout regular usage,1 x Buffer pack which takes in extreme cold and safeguard products from over cooling. Constantly freeze your gel loads for a minimum of 12-14 hours in a domestic freezer prior to utilizing them in your medication bag. Constantly keep your cooled medical bag closed unless you require to access your medication. Never ever put your medication in direct contact with the frozen gel pack. Take care not drop your ice bags whilst frozen. Read more Excellent Insulation Result This Insulin Cooler Case is lined with lovely, cushioned & quilted layers of specialized product that offers a thermal insulating barrier, keeping warm things warm, and cold things cold. Lining is water repellent to quickly clean away spills. Read more With concerns to taking a trip with your bag, the following is encouraged: Travel with a copy of your prescription AND a letter from your physician with information of your medication (including its generic name, not simply the brand and the name of the health condition that you require the medication for). Along with assisting you prevent any issues at customizeds, this will work if you require medical aid while you’re away. It might deserve getting the information equated into the language of the nation or nations that you’re checking out. Constantly have the ice bags in their frozen state. Constantly consult from the airline company you are taking a trip with or the departure/transit airport authorities concerning taking a trip with cooled medical bags or cooling gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Apollo Walker Insulin Cooler Travel Case Diabetic Medication Cooler.

Question Question 1

The Length Of Time It Can Keep Insulin Cold?

It has actually kept my own cool for an entire day in our van (kept out of direct sunshine). we hope this assists.

Question Question 2

The Number Of Trulicity Pens Will It Hold?

we took a trip with 6 pens, several needle caps, additional lancet needles, and additional alcohol pads with space left over.

Question Question 3

Is It Insulated? What Is The Size Of The Bag?

Yes, the bag is insulated within. It determines 8 inches long and 3.5 inches large, and 1.6 inches in height.

Question Question 4

Does This Have A Carry Strap?

Yes, it has a shoulder strap that clips on.

Question Question 5

The Length Of Time Does It Stay Cold?

it will keep the insulin cold over 8 hours with 2 frozen ice bag.

Question Question 6

Can We Buy Additional Ice Bags?

we have not required additionals, since yet, however we have seenice packs offered independently.

Question Question 7

The Number Of Hours Will Medication Stay Cold?

8 to 10 hours with both freeze crams in the case.

Question Question 8

The Length Of Time Will This Keep Drugs Cold, Like In Fridge?

we have actually taken a trip on an aircraft with the cooler.Keeps it cold for 4-5 hours if not outdoors. When we are where we require to be, we get in in the fridge. In general, it does a great task.

Question Question 9

Will This Product Keep Contents At Fridge Temperature. 35-42 F For A Few Hours?

this would be OKAY in a fridge for a few hours.

Question Question 10

Would This Likewise Keep Insulin Warm If Being Utilized While Doing Outdoor Winter Season Entertainment?

If you would put warmers in we wouldn t see why not, however we have actually never ever attempted it.It works incredibly with the ice bags offered with it and lasts 8 hours on a hot damp day.

Question Question 11

What Is The Size/Volume Of The Ice Bag? Can They Be Taken Through Tsa Security Checks?

They are appropriate sufficient to hold our 4 of our insulin pens plus materials. And yes they can be taken through tsa security. we have actually gone through two times with insulin cooler. It’s why we purchased them.

Question Question 12

Can It Hold 5 Insulin Pens?

we hesitate not.It can just hold 2 insulin pens in the center pocket.

Question Question 13

It States Its Temperature Level Controlled. How Can A Thermostat Shut Down An Ice Bag?

There isn’t actually temperature level control. It keeps it cool for around 8 hours. After that you actually must put the packs back in the Freezer. However this is ok for many insulin since many can remain out of the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Question Question 14

We Purchased The Bag Any Idea On How We Can Get More Freezer Pouches Tsa Authorized?. We Love The Ones With The Bag, We Desired More To Be Safe Remains Cold?

The pouches that’s consisted of with insulin holder must be okay with tsa. we likewise bought an additional set of puce”2-pack therapy icepack, by ONEGenug” we hope that assists.

Question Question 15

Will This Case Hold Lantus Solostar Insulin Pen resembles 5?

we purchased the smaller sized light blue one with the stripes on the bottom. If you take out the middle insert you must have the ability to get at least 4 pens in there if not 5.

Question Question 16

Does Anybody Have Any Information About The Temperature Level These Can Preserve And For The Length Of Time?

we are not exactly sure of a precise temperature level, however with the ice bag, it remains quite cool for a minimum of 24 hrs. Supplying you keep it out of direct sunshine. we hope this assists.

Question Question 17

Is It Water Evidence?

This is simply a basic zipper closure, so no. we would put materials in a Ziploc bag if you are worried about water.

Question Question 18

The Number Of Hours Will Medication Stay Cold?

we have actually had our insulin remain cold in it approximately 5 hours. That s the longest we have actually utilized it far from home.it gets so cold our meter wouldn t work trigger the meter was too cold. Great product.

Question Question 19

For Each Ice Bag, Just How Much Gel (In Oz) Does It Contain?Does It Satisfy Tsa Requirement?

yes – we have actually taken a trip with it.However, it is NOT advised for long distance.It will not stand up to quite heat for long time.For example, we went from U.S. coast to coasttwice (4 journeys overall) and the gel packs were practically entirely melted, however fortunately the insulin was still cool.

Question Question 20

We Have A Square Box 4 X 3 Inches Including Vials – Will It Fit In Addition To The Icepacks Please?

Yes it will fit 4 X 3; nevertheless it is just 1 1/2 inches high. You did not discuss how high your box is.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Apollo Walker Insulin Cooler Travel Case Diabetic Medication Cooler, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We purchased this case to keep our forteo cold, while taking a trip. The forteo pen fits without any modifications to the case, and we likewise have a 5 long taylor thermometer with a 1 face, that can remain in the case to keep an eye on the temperature level. The case is relatively tight after the ice bag and forteo are within, so there s actually no additional space for needles, however we can cope with that. (taylor accuracy products basic grade thermometer 1″ dial) $9. 85 on the building of the case, and gel packs, is rather excellent with a smooth zipper. The exterior is a long lasting jeans material. We did some relatively comprehensive screening to see how well it kept things cool. Our screening exposed that the internal temperature level plunges after the frozen gel packs are placed, to near to freezing, for about 45 minutes, so put on t insert the forteo right now. After that time it s normally at the advised minimum forteo temperature level of 36 degrees, and it s safe to place the forteo. It will remain within the advised series of 36– 46 degrees for about 5 hours. After 6. 5 hours, it was still about 60 degrees, which is greater than the advised temperature level, however still below space temperature level of 77 degrees. We make sure many people would choose that it kept temperature level longer, however the efficiency of this case is most likely on par with the majority of the comparable ones on. Don t forget that lilly states that the forteo pen can stand up to a 77 degree space temperature level for approximately an overall of 36 hours, when taking a trip. We likewise did a test where we cooled the case, believing it would keep a cooler temperature level for a longer period. It just dropped the preliminary temperature level to well below freezing, as soon as the gel packs were placed, which indicated that the forteo could not be put in till closer to 1 hour later on. The time it kept the perfect series of 36– 46 degrees, was essentially still about 5 hours. One last note: if you put the case in a fridge or cooler, with the gel packs and forteo in it, the temperature level will drop quickly, to near to freezing or below, so keep an eye on carefully. If the forteo freezes it s no longer functional.

We have some intensified medications that melt actually quickly, so we keep them in the fridge. Was taking a trip to/from costa rica and phoenix and we forgot to put the ice bag in. Our medications made it securely to and from both the dry heat of phoenix to the hot, damp environment of costa rica (4 days in the pack, not cooled) and the pack remained cool without the ice bag. Absolutely advise for travel.

We believe the case is created more for the insulin and insulin-like (victoza, etc) pens however works ok for our functions. We utilize humilin u500 which is available in a large bottle so a basic insulin needle set will not work. Searching around we lastly found this one and provided it a shot. It works quite well. We utilize the slot planned for a meter for our insulin bottle and the taller pocket on the opposite side for needles. We put utilized needles in the center slot created for the pens. Let’s talk cooling. The ice bag work well, within factor. The insulation of the cases are not igloo cooler level and should not be anticipated work as such. You can not anticipate the case insulation and little ice bag to carry out wonders. It will keep the insulin cold to cool depending upon the ambient temperature level and the direct exposure time. Continuous refrigerator level temperatures? nope. Below the 85 * optimum advised for insulin for the majority of a day? yes. In some cases ya simply need to break out a genuine cooler if you are going to be on the field all the time.

Love this. Compact and well made. Held our insulin pen, epi pen, alcohol swabs and pen needles for a week. Had no problems with tsa, simple for them to examine without any hold-up. Would offer it 5 stars however we can utilize considering that we lost the ice bag while taking a trip. Recommend they use replacement ice bag or consist of 2. Extremely advise.

Our boy has type 1 diabetes. Any journeys to the beach or aircraft trips are constantly a tension, attempting to keep the insulin cold. The style of this works terrific, and is really resilient. The travel case is bigger than we believed, so does not actually suit our handbag however quickly suits our knapsack. Would extremely advise for comfort.

We enjoy it. Somebody on here asked us if a glucose meter might fit inside it. We informed them we did not believe so, however we were incorrect. A little glucose meter and the devices for it, will fit inside it. If it is a little meter.

We have actually utilized this a number of times while taking a trip. Does keep frozen for a minimum of for or 5 hours. Continues to remain cold for another long while. We will reorder this when required.

This is precisely what we were trying to find. We required to keep our insulin cool on flights and brief journey. This is the ideal option. The bag is adorable and the 2 freezer loads remain cool for hours. We can quickly fit our pen, needles and other materials in the zippered case.

The case is resilient with an inset enabling storage of various products. The leading and bottom of the case has 2 inner pockets created to hold the freezer loads (consisted of) to keep the medications cool. We take it anywhere we go that we require to keep a medication at a cold temperature level.

We have actually not had this long however we utilize it every day to keep our epi-pen as we tackle everyday regimens. We have a knapsack loaded with music and music associated stuff, drum sticks, 7 harmonica case, tablet holder for microphone stand, and so on. So as not to lose our pen in the hodge podge we keep it in this case and on hand at all times. It is effectively built and we will utilize the freeze loads to see how they do. Im really delighted with this up until now and we make sure you will be too. Update: we have had it a few weeks now the ice bag work, ok, do not anticipate several days however keep things cool for a number of hours while taking a trip or flying someplace. If required to keep for longer you might take out the inner pouch lay in 3 or 4 insulin pens and an additional thin difficult freeze pack, we have a couple that fit. Still over all we actually like it.

For many years, we have actually tossed an ice bag into our handbag to keep our insulin cold. Why did we not understand about this?.? in our minimal research, this is the tiniest cooler out there that efficiently cools your medications for a prolonged amount of time. We have actually utilized it on airplanes, in the southern heat, at beaches, etc – and it never ever stops working. A few times, we have actually opened it after almost a complete day of usage and the ice bag have to do with 90% melted; nevertheless, this seeks a complete day of calling. And our insulin is still cool. Unsure how we handled without this. Extremely advise for anybody who requires to keep medications cool in warmer temperatures.

Got this for our mother to take with her on the aircraft to california and she enjoyed it, fantastic product and she still utilizes it to travel even if simply for a field trip. Desire they had more products.

Great deals of space for all your medical materials. We like that the cold pacts are on both sides of the materials. Depending upon just how much “things” you however in this bag, there is most likely space for another little ice bag in the middle. We would absolutely advise this bag. When we fly, we constantly inform tsa we have medical materials with ice bag. They rapidly inspect it out and we are on our method.

It’s a tight capture for our flex pens and our meter. We are going out of the nation for about 3 weeks and we take 2 kinds of insulin. Needed to eliminate the insert for our meter and test strips, however the case and ice bag must be all we require. We have a little pouch we utilize daily. We will keep our meter and materials there, however it’s the freezer that we seek. This will keep at least 6 of our pens cold, easily. We are okay with that.

Bought this for our kids medication so we didn’t need to bring a huge cooler type thing for a syringe. This is better than anticipated and even on those hot summer season days it did not let us down with keeping his medications cool. Never ever left it lay in the sun constantly had in a diaper bag so that most likely assisted however the ice bag remained frozen for 8+ hours. We followed the directions to freeze the packs for 8 hours prior to usage. We would advise this.

We have crohns illness and take an everyday probiotic that requires to stay cooled. We are likewise a world tourist who is a great deal of times without a refrigerator or location to keep cold our medication when taking a trip. This little travel case with ice bag inserts has actually altered whatever and made it a lot simpler for us to travel without stressing over our medication getting warm and losing its strength. We basically our medications in a little ziploc and pre-freeze the ice bag and put them in the event when it is time to go. So happy for this product.

We utilize this for allergic reaction shots so it s a little confined with epipens and syringes however it s ideal for bring one days dosage. We likewise keep our needle clipper and alcohol wipes in it.

Really great product. Well made and quite. All our insulin materials fit well within. Just problem we had was the ice bag didn’t remain cold enough for longer journeys. They were terrific for 4-6 hour journeys, however not longer. Otherwise, terrific to take your materials when you go out to supper or much shorter journeys out.

This is our 2nd one– we left the very first one in the hotel. The gel pack kept our medication great and cold even when taking a trip all the time. We utilized this 5 times this year and it never ever dissatisfied. We are so pleased to have both the larger case and the think case.

This is ideal for our subcutaneous injectable medications that require to stay cold when taking a trip. The other cooler & ice bag we had were bigger and really large, more difficult to travel with. This one is ideal and fits right in our knapsack without using up a lot space. Keeps our medications cool for over 8 hours.

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