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Abbott Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Meter

Abbott Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Meter

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Abbott Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Meter.

Question Question 1

Does It Feature The Lancing Tool?

Yes, however just 5-10 lancing needles and no screening strips.

Question Question 2

Does This Meter Feature A Carry Case?


Question Question 3

Exists A Wearable System?


Question Question 4

Do You Need To Stick Your Finger?

Yes you do.If you do not wish to stick your fingers change to Abbot Libre 14 day CGM.Way much easierto handle your diabetes with a CGM.

Question Question 5

Can This Meter Be Utilized On A Pet?

No. It does not deal with canines or felines. An unique meter is needed for canines and felines.

Question Question 6

Expiration Date?

we do not comprehend the question.we have actually utilized initial meter for several years, still works like new.If your inquiring about test strips, search the plan.

Question Question 7

How Do We Cancel A Delivery That Was Sent Incorrectly To A Various Individual; Address?

Can’t respond to that a person. Sorry

Question Question 8

Does It Check Ketones Too?

No it does not.

Question Question 9

Are The Text Strips The Exact Same For Freestyle And Freestyle Lite?

Yes they are

Question Question 10

2 Questions– First. We Have No Cellular phone, What Will We Required To Check Out The Patches? Second, Are The Patches Replaced Every 14 Days By The Client?

This meter is not the one you believe it is. It is the routine kind with test strips etc

Question Question 11

Can You Modification The Battery? Mine Stopped Working Within 6 Months And Can Not Find out How To Modification It?

The back of the meter has a tab on the battery cover.Push on the tab as you move to the right. It will supply access to the battery. The battery is round and flat.Duracell DL2032

Question Question 12

Freestyle Libre Pro Fo You Have It In Stock,??


Question Question 13

Does This Feature The Software Application To Produce Reports?

Do n’tknow.

Question Question 14

Which Is The Distinctions With The Freestyle Optimum? Which Is Better?

We have actually constantly utilized FreeStyle Lite, as that was the suggestion by our doctor. Maximum seem like it might have more functions, however we can t envision what. You might want to examine the makers site. The test strips are priced extremely fairly for the Lite.

Question Question 15

When Do You Know If The Battery Is Low?

we quits working when you are out of battery.

Question Question 16

Which Test Strips Does This Deal with?

Freestyle lite test strips.

Question Question 17

Does The Meter Feature A Lancet Gadget And Lancets?

It features the Lancet gadget however without lancets so one ought to purchase the lancets together with the glucose test strips.

Question Question 18

Can You Instantly Transfer Readings To A Computer system?

Yes, however you require an unique cable television for that. Likewise the meter shops just the last 30 days EZSync Freestyle USB Cable Television for Abbott Co-pilot Freestyle Glucose Diabetes Meters, EZSync002 information.https://www. com/gp/product/ B00 KF1CKUC/ref= oh_aui_search_detailpage? ie= UTF8 & psc= 1

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Abbott Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Meter, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

The only good glucose meter offered. We utilize it despite the fact that our ins does not spend for it. Constantly works the very first shot. The others particularly accuchek are scrap.

Tiny drop of blood needed. Compact size is simple for older hand to hold. Clear screens.

We have actually been utilizing complimentary design meters for 11 years. We have found these test meters are precise. However we have actually got to state this meter reads 15 to 18 points greater than our other 3 meters. They are all complimentary design meters.

This was a replacement for an older freestyle lite. It works fantastic and is simple to utilize.

The house nurse utilized the meter to check our blood sugar level.

This was a replacement for the one we lost. Functions in addition to the one we had. As as dv.

Aaa + exceptional product would buy this once again.

Excellent quality product and simple to check our blood sugar level, the device just requires a drop of blood on the test strip and reads it right away.

If you re cold or the space you re in is cold, you won t get a precise reading. In reality it won t checked out the strip at all. Trial and a great deal of mistake prior to we got it right.

New meter, shown up in ideal condition. Really quick shipping.

It will check with a small quantity of blood. If you are utilizing another tester you will need to stick once again and squander a test strip.

No problems for the cost.

Our second order.

Functions fantastic.

Outstanding product.

This was bought as a replacement. Excellent cost, quick shipping.

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